Open Letter to our Friends, Fans and Followers from Publisher Joshua Wilson


As Owner and Publisher of, I usually don’t get highly opinionated on the site for one reason or another, but that changes for this moment. Over the last month I have relocated to the Gainesville-area. Not only was this a business move, it was a personal move that meant a lot of changes. There are things I cannot even ... Read More »

OPINION: Time for the FHSAA to cut a classification in football


With the reclassification process coming up once again later this year, that will be effective with the start of the 2015-16 school year, the FHSAA will need to listen to everyone. When we mean everyone, we mean everyone who is now involved with high school football in the state. That includes athletic directors, coaches, players, fans and the media. What is ... Read More »

MVP Premium Content1st & GOAL : Cogdell’s move to West Virginia will have a big impact on South Florida recruiting


1st & GOAL is an opinion column written by Publisher Joshua Wilson Look for more South Florida recruits to leave the state in the coming years. You can thank Damon Cogdell later. The now-former Miramar head coach who is leaving the state take an assistant’s position under Dana Holgorsen will for sure have a huge impact on the recruiting ... Read More »

1st & Goal: The unofficial start to the 2013 season showed us a lot


Welcome to the first edition of 1st & Goal in what hopes to become a weekly column on different thought and opinions from Florida HS Football Owner & Publisher, Joshua Wilson. I welcome you feed back at anytime in the comments section below, sending a DM to us on Twitter @FlaHSFootball or dropping an email to me at This first ... Read More »

Nash’s Notes: 5 new names to know in the upcoming season


On a weekly basis now, I have introduced you to five new prospects in the state of Florida who are going to be making an impact heading into their senior season. While the class of 2014 is filled with magnificent prospects, the class of 2015 and 2016 are just as talented. Through camps, combines, and other off-season events I continue ... Read More »

Nash’s Notes: Five players to get to know for this upcoming season


Every week watching film, I discover some of the best prospects in Florida that don’t necessarily get the proper recognition that they should for all the hard work they put in. They are always dedicating themselves to the great game of football by putting their blood, sweat, and tears in this game. One day their dreams of playing Division I ... Read More »

Nash’s Notes: 5 new names to know for the class of 2014


This past week, two of Florida’s top prospects committed to Michigan and Miami (FL) respectively. Those two prospects were East Lake LT Mason Cole and Miami Central RB Joseph Yearby. Watching their highlight film you understand why they are two of the hottest commodities in the state. This week, I am going to highlight five players who are already committed ... Read More »

Nash’s Notes: Five names to know in the Class of 2014


The best part about Florida High School Football is the fact that everywhere you look, there is a new prospect ready to display their skills. It’s time to get to know some of these prospects who are blowing up college recruiting boards and catching my eye in the film room. The Class of 2014 has Division I talent all over ... Read More »

KOSNITZKY’S KORNER: The Art of Decommitting


As we now embark into the final weeks until National Signing Day on February 6, 2013, the abundance of committals and decommittals occurs at an accelerated rate. The high school athlete who receives multiple offers has the dilemma of not only choosing the right school for himself but ensuring that he does not alienate the other suitors. This especially becomes ... Read More »

KOSNITZKY’S KORNER: All Star Games and the Kids


When I left Orlando after the state finals, my intent was to decompress and focus on the holiday season. However after dialoguing with several coaches in my area regarding the 18th Annual Nike All-Star Game between Dade vs. Florida, I wanted to give my brief take on these events in general. To me these events offer grade benefits if the following ... Read More »

KOSNITZKY’S KORNER: Questions Answered


As we close the season, it seems as if only a few weeks ago, we were focusing on the conclusion of 7-on-7 tournaments instead of all-star games. I look back at some of my questions from August and now can share those answers. Would the large Tampa area schools dominate as they did last year? In my eyes, Plant and ... Read More »

KOSNITZKY'S KORNER: Female Quarterback Shines Light On Gender Equity

As we embrace gender equity and celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Title IX, we open the discussion of 11-8A, South Plantation reserve QB, Erin Dimeglio. Erin’s story was brought to my attention by this well written article from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Many of us learned that U.S. Olympian Holley Mangold, who currently weighs 320 lbs, played football in high ... Read More »

KOSNITZKY'S CORNER: Battle of Top Private Schools in South Florida

In March, I was intrigued to learn that two powerhouse schools in South Florida would open their 2012 season against one another. I am referring to St. Thomas Aquinas and Columbus on Friday, August 31 at 7:00 p.m. Instead of playing at one of the high school area stadiums, this game will take place at Sun Life Stadium which can ... Read More »