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2017 All-State Nominations

This form is ONLY for coaches to fill out for nominations for All-State Nomination purposes. All nominations forms will be checked against with each school and coach. A legitimate nomination from a coach will include all information we are seeking with multiple players being asked for consideration (although this may not always be the case for some schools, we are trying to crack down on fraudulent nominations being submitted).

NOTE: Please DO NOT fill out the form on your cell phone or tablet. Instead please fill it out from a desktop or laptop computer.

ATTENTION COACHES: We are currently having issues with the form. If the form returns an error please email your nominations to

General Information

    School & Coach's Information



    Instructions For Nominating Players

  • IMPORTANT: Please follow instructions as provided here. You may either fill in the text box provided or attached a PDF, Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or a Microsoft Excel document (.xsl or .xslx) provided it is completed with the proper information we seek below for each player and their respective positions. Any nominations that DO NOT provide all the information requested will not be considered.

    You may email or call him at (904) 712-4735 to see if your nominations have been received.


    Nominators should include each player’s class, position (Clearly indicate position - i.e. DO NOT just put OL, DL, LB, DB. In order to properly fill the positions, we need to know EXACT POSITION. So if a defensive player plays safety, indicate it, if he is a linebacker, tells us if they play ILB or OLB or if a lineman plays the particular position like center or tackle, tell us. The clearer you are, the fewer questions we will have to ask later on to help us out.), height, weight and 40-yard dash time, any player rankings or other accolades the players has earned, HUDL film link access, along with the following statistics by position:

    QUARTERBACKS: Passing yards, attempts, completions, touchdowns, interceptions, rushing yards, and touchdowns

    RUNNING BACKS: Attempts, rushing yards, touchdowns, yards per carry and yards per game

    WIDE RECEIVERS: Receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns

    OFFNESIVE LINEMEN: Sacks allowed, pancake blocks and blocking grades

    DEFENSIVE PLAYERS: Tackles, sacks, interceptions, pass breakups, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries and touchdowns

    SPECIAL TEAMERS: Kickoff and punt returns, return yardage, touchdowns, field goals attempted, field goals made, extra points attempted, extra points made, longest field goal and longest punt. For Long Snappers include as much information we need to know about your long snapper as well as a link to film.

Player Selection

    How Players Will Be Selected For All-State Teams

  • Players will be selected for our All-State teams based upon nominations from coaches and information from members of the media, including All-Area teams. Production will be considered a top priority for placement. Recruiting factors will be considered, if necessary.

    Teams will be selected with Classes 8A, 7A, 6A, 5A receiving first, second and third-place teams. Teams for Classes 4A, 3A, 2A, 1A will be selected with first and second team honors. All classifications will have an honorable mention section. Teams considered an FHSAA Independent or in the Sunshine State Athletic Conference will see players be considered for the classification their enrollment would place them in based upon 2016 FHSAA enrollment numbers as derived from the student population reports on the FHSAA website.

    Starting this year, we will also have the All-Floridian team. This team will represent the best of the best of Florida's high school football players regardless of classification. This team will receive a first and second team, with no honorable mention honors given. All players placed on the All-Floridian team must be on their respective classification's All-State team.

    There will be some changes in the terms of positions we will be filling in. For the first time ever, we will be seeking nominations for Long Snappers. We have been asked about adding this for the last several years and are making the change to do so. If you feel your Long Snapper, deserves a nomination, please feel free to nominate. Please be sure to include HUDL film for your long snapper so we can observer them snapping.

    Here are the positions that will be filled for each team in each classification:

    Quarterbacks: 2
    Running backs: 3
    Wide Receivers: 3
    Tight Ends: 1
    Offensive Line: 5
    All-Purpose/Utility: 2
    Athlete: 2
    Kicker: 1
    TOTAL: 19 players per team

    Defensive Line: 5
    Linebackers: 4
    Defensive Backs: 5
    All-Purpose/Utility: 2
    Athlete: 2
    Punter: 1
    TOTAL: 19 players per team


    Submitting Nominations

  • Please fill in the text box provided or attached a PDF, Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or a Microsoft Excel document (.xsl or .xslx) with the proper information we are seeking.






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