2017 Coaches Questionnaire

A coach or a designated representative for the coach can fill this questionnaire out for their school.

Please provide us as much information as you can possible so we can have a complete understanding of your program. The more information you can provide, the more we can talk about your team in our previews leading into the 2017 season. The less information you provide, the less information we can talk about for your team, thus leaving fans wondering what their team is going to look like this fall.

For a list of schools, we do not have a completed questionnaire for, please click here.

Items with a red asterisk (*) means the item is required.

General Information

    School & Coaches Information

  • Coaching Records

  • Social Media

  • Team Photographer

  • We may contact your team's photographer to help provide photos of your team's players for inclusion in our previews.
  • We are working to add a newsletter to our tools of communicating with teams, coaches and fans. If you sign up, please make sure to whitelist joshua.wilson@floridahsfootball.com and newsletter@floridahsfootball.com in your email settings.

Team Information

    Returning Players

  • Offense & Defensive Information



    2017 Schedule

  • Please either fill out the text area with your 2016 schedule or use the file upload to upload a schedule to be attached with the form. Please make sure the schedule has all dates the games are to be played as well as kickoff times. Also please make sure open dates/bye weeks are noted as well. All information requested here is important not only for us scheduling who might cover what game, but for the fans as well needing to know who is playing and when.

Player Information

    Top Players & Seniors

  • Use the file upload to upload any pictures or other information in regards to your team's players. NOTE: If you have multiple attachments, please send a separate email to football@floridahsfootball.com. Please note school and questionnaire in the subject line.

Team Outlook


Other Information



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