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    Cocoa cleaning up on the transfers. Looks like the new coach learned a thing or two from his time at STA
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    Dang bro that's crazy ..I had a few run ins with a few posters on here over misunderstandings but at the end of the day all of you are my bros. We are men at the end of the day so were gonna talk junk make jokes & etc but we shouldnt be taking it personally. Were gonna disagree & have our own opinions which is why this a public forum. He's extremely passionate just like I am only Difference is I'm much older then he is so I know how to let stuff ride or talk sh** right back lol.
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    Cocoa Schedule according to MP. Glades Central and Holy Trinity are the only 4A class or below. The rest are 5A or above. Challenging schedule for the Tigers. 8/23 7:00p Viera (Viera, FL) Location: Cocoa High School 8/30 7:00p @ Hoover (Hoover, AL) Game Details: Freedom Bowl @ Milton, GA 9/6 7:00p Osceola (Kissimmee, FL) Location: Cocoa High School 9/13 7:00p @ Sebastian River (Sebastian, FL) Location: Sebastian River High School 9/20 7:00p @ Heritage (Palm Bay, FL) Location: Heritage High School 9/27 7:00p Glades Central (Belle Glade, FL) Location: Cocoa High School Preview GamePlay video icon 10/4 7:00p Mainland (Daytona Beach, FL) Location: Cocoa High School 10/18 7:00p @ Venice (Venice, FL) Location: Venice High School 10/25 7:00p Holy Trinity Episcopal (Melbourne, FL) Location: Cocoa High School 11/1 7:00p @ Rockledge (Rockledge, FL) Game Details: BBQ BOWL -Rivalry Game
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    Dont be surprised if it's not Mia central
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    Rank, team, class-region, hypothetical spread Jones — (5A-R2) Cocoa — (4A-R2) +1 Seminole — (8A R1) +3 Dr Phillips — (8A-R2) +3 Winter Park — (8A-R1) +6 Mainland — (6A-R1) +8 Rockledge — (5A-R3) +8 Lake Mary — (8A-R1) +9 Edgewater — (7A-R1) +9 Osceola — (8A-R1) +9 Apopka — (8A-R2) +14 West Orange — (8A-R1) +16 Bishop Moore — (5A-R2) +16 Viera — (7A-R2) +16 Wekiva — (7A-R1) +17 Oviedo — (8A-R1) +18 Spruce Creek — (8A-R1) +18 Olympia — (8A-R2) +21 Ranking includes Orange (9 teams), Seminole (3), Brevard (3), Volusia (2), Osceola (1), Sumter (0) & Lake (0) counties. #3 Seminole and #4 Dr. Phillips meet in Sanford week 1. Monster game.
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    Hey everyone! I know I haven't been on here much lately with a lot going on behind the scenes and some exciting announcements to come soon! Tonight around Midnight Eastern, the server is going to be going offline for about 30 minutes to an hour for a server upgrade. At the end of last season during the playoffs, the website started to experience some slowdowns with the amount of traffic coming on to the website. With the season approaching, I knew I needed to do something to increase the memory load on the server and thus tonight, I am having the memory doubled on the server to handle the anticipated load of traffic that is going to potentially come with some of the announcements that are about to come soon. I will be back with you all with more things soon!
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    Awesome jobs I look forward to it all; thank you for all that you do. I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate you bro.
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    I remember attending this game on a bitterly cold Saturday Afternoon in December. This was the last year that the state title games were in Daytona Beach until this year. What an upset. I could be mistaken, but I believe that the Bolles FB was injured very early in this game, and didn't play anymore. I remember going home from this game and watching the VCR tape of the Bill Parcells Patriots coming back to beat the Dan Reeves Giants 23-22, which was being played the same time as this game.
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    Truth of the matter is, the whole I-4 corridor plus Brevard and the counties just north of Tampa should be considered Central Florida. I guess Orlando Metro claims it just because they are also in the middle of the state width wide as well as length wise. But the whole thing is pretty arbitrary.
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    Osceola KOC vs. Lakeland #2 Columbus (Miami) #3 Cocoa #9 Manatee
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    No, the real shame is that you cannot take a ribbing about your school, laugh with all of us and let it pass. Instead, you feel compelled to debate to the death in this obsession to defend your old high school. Just as I am certain you will be compelled to comment on my words here and defend yourself. You always have to get the last word in. The shame is that this comes at the cost of taking the limelight away from Chiefland High and a great athlete of theirs...read the original post, in case you forgot. Please spare us the "fan of the 90's" stuff. You talk as if you are an old-timer pinin' for the good 'ol days. You have no clue what it was like then other than hearsay and hint, hint, us old-timers have a bad habit of embellishing things from the good 'ol days, so you may not want to believe everything you hear. And if you want to be a real fan of the game, take some advice...you'll learn a lot more asking questions than talking and banging out defensive statements on your keyboard. Not trying to be mean or hurtful with my words. If you are so passionate about defending a cause(which is wonderful), join the Armed Forces. You'll quickly forget about Lake City and realize how unimportant what high school we cheer for really is.
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    Matt Frier Suwannee Guy looked familiar and I remember him speaking at a banquet a few years ago and he played at FSU with Reinard Wilson who was a star at Columbia, FSU and eventually the Cincinnati Bengals Didn't he win multiple state titles at Suwannee as well?
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    A true dark horse I see in South Florida is Hialeah High. They are a perennial 4-6 win team that went 9-1 last season. They lost in the first round of the playoffs to South Dade, but they were a young team led by freshmen and sophomores. They just won the 7 on 7 tournament at UM last week and they have some promising players.
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    His dad Robert "Gator" Cooper played basketball at Mainland and we graduated together.....another shameless homer plug
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    I miss the offseason transfer thread!
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    Oct 4 - Mainland at Cocoa. Good mid season test for both teams.
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    This team will be major stacked on both sides of the ball. They will be top 10 in Florida easy. And top 50 in the nation or lower " Mark my words.
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    Too many people on the AP voting committee don’t put any effort into it. Their preseason rankings are basically the previous season results plus teams with obviously loaded senior classes (see Wekiva last season). The week 11 poll is basically a standings list. That’s the more interesting poll to extrapolate forward to playoff performance. I believe DP was unranked week 11 in 2016 and 2017 (8-2 both years, loaded schedule), and both years they made the title game (won in 17).
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    It was Bolles QB, and that injury was the kiss of death. Bartow saw that Bolles offense couldn't move the ball without him. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
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    Were in the first week of July just a little over 1 more month before kick off of the 2019 season anything can happen from now until next month but if I had to rank south Florida's top 20 going into 2019 it would go as followed. #1 Miami northwestern (2 time defending champ) #2 Miami central (they really loaded up this off season also have alot of talent coming back) #3 Carol City (they were moved down to 4A but still one of the most talented teams in the state) #4 Cardinal Gibbons (defending champs got a few transfers in as they look to repeat.) #5 American heritage Patriots (after a lost to Gibbons twice last year the Patriots will be out for blood this year) #6 St Thomas (the raiders are always one of the best but their quarterback situation is still very much in the air.) #7 Chaminade madonna ( the lions have probably been one of the busiest teams in the state this off season as transfers are concerned look for the lions to be amongst the best again.) #8 Columbus (The explorers fell just short in the state championship game against madrian only lost 2 regular season games and would look to build off that run this year also they have a str8 dawg at the RB position) #9 Deerfield Beach (The Bucks Are Always Talented But will they ever put it all together in the post season when it counts.) #10 University School (The Sharks Again Will Be A Handful to deal with this year as they look to make a run and win it all.) #11. Dillard (The Panthers are coming off their best season since 2008 and were a few plays away from upsetting Miami central in the first round;the Panthers got a few transfers in from Deerfield a quarter back from piper and a few more. We have about 65-70 players right now. We go 4 deep at the qb position all starter caliber we go 3 deep at the rb position And we have extreme depth at the OL AND DL position. And a defense that's just straight NASTY; Add that with HC Eddie frasier taking over fa base fully back involved kids buying in Dillard Will be very dangerous this year.) #12. Atlantic (after a disappointing season last year the eagles will look to claim dominance as the #1 team in palm beach.) 13.Dwyer (the Panthers are loaded this year and should be top 3 in west palm this year.) #14. Western (the Wildcats are not the Wildcats of old as they look to continue to put western on the map.) #15. Miramar (the Patriots finished 8-2) last year but lost a tough game to park vista expect the Patriots to be ready come August.) #16. Plantation (the colonels are another very talented team who can beat any team on any given night.) #17. Southridge (the Spartans is always a team you better respect when you line up against them; how good will they be ? We shall see.) #18. Belen Jesuit (I've been hearing alot of things about them this off season most definitely have to keep a eye out for them.) #19. Mcarthur (The Mustangs will be very talented this year let's see how much noise they make.) #20. American heritage Delray (the stallions reloaded this off season will they be able to get back to Orlando though??)
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    The same plays, over and over again, is what I’m saying. Like they just don’t have the guys to belong on the field with you. And I wouldn’t say it’s bad coaching, it’s just not going to beat teams that are similar to you talent wise.
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    Joseph from Edison.. His brother William Joseph played DT...
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    FOH you think they beating GC lol
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    Sunday night entertainment on floridahsfootball.com!
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    I filled out the ones I knew for sure. I have watched games at all but two of the ones I filled out.
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    8A north has always been one of the most interesting mini-brackets in the state. It used to be 6A north until 2011. Year in and year out there are 5-8 serious state title contenders out of 8A Region 1 and 8A Region 2. This has been my primary focus since ~2011. I focus primarily on these teams as well as other state contenders from 4A up. Here is my list of potentially lethal playoff contenders as well as potential dark horses, with my top 10 in CAPS. Asterisks given to Top 5 - 1 MANDARIN* Sandalwood Bartram Trail 2 SEMINOLE* Flagler Palm Coast DeLand Spruce Creek 3 WINTER PARK* Oviedo 4 LAKE MARY APOPKA WEST ORANGE 5 DR PHILLIPS* Boone Olympia 6 OSCEOLA Lake Nona 7 PLANT* 8 SARASOTA RIVERVIEW
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    PB Post says this is one of the best teams in the counties history (Glades Central has some debates with this)..... ...of the 52 players, 26 played college football, 9 had some NFL experience (J. Jenkins, R. Ash, and P. McPhee are still active) ...they tried to schedule Miami Northwestern (J. Harris team) but the NW coaches said they had nothing to gain...If they win (supposed to), if they lose (WOW)
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    Matt Frier starred as a wide receiver for the Suwanee Bulldogs from 1986-89, finishing his career with back-to-back state championships his junior and senior year. He finished his prep career with a state-record 220 receptions for 3,688 yards and 41 touchdowns. The Orlando Sentinel named him the Florida Player of the Year as a junior after catching 64 balls for 1,035 yards and 15 scores. As a senior, he set the state record with 99 receptions, totaling 1,716 yards and 19 touchdowns. He was also a three-year letterman for the SHS baseball team. After graduating Suwanee, Frier won four bowl games as a starter at Florida State University, culminating in 1993 when he was voted captain and led the Seminoles to the national championship with an 18-16 victory against Nebraska. Thanks to his popularity and success in college, Frier organized two separate equipment fundraisers for FHSAA football programs and was able to raise more than $40,000.
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    Ok, So I've done an analysis of the schedules in Classes 1A thru 8A. I'll be honest, it took some serious digging. Regardless, I'm assuming that all Non-Independent schools will be playing 10 game regular seasons, with the exception of those North Florida schools who also play in the SSAC. Those schools, should be playing a 7 game regular season. As I've stated many before, this is something that just shouldn't require this much research. AD's need to get their acts together, clean this up and meet the FHSAA deadline. The season starts in less than two months. Anyway, this here is what I've found: 2019 Schedules Complete (No Conflicts) Admiral Farragut (St. Petersburg) Alonso (Tampa) American Heritage (Delray Beach) Anclote (Holiday) Andrew Jackson (Jacksonville) Apopka Armwood (Seffner) Arnold (Panama City Beach) Astronaut (Titusville) Atlantic Coast (Jacksonville) Auburndale Avon Park Baker Baker (Cape Coral) Baker County (Glen St. Mary) Baldwin Barron Collier (Naples) Bartow Bay (Panama City) Bayshore (Bradenton) Bayside (Palm Bay) Belen Jesuit (Miami) Belleview Benjamin (Palm Beach Gardens) Bishop Kenny (Jacksonville) Bishop Moore (Orlando) Bishop Verot (Fort Myers) Blake (Tampa) Bloomingdale (Valrico) Blountstown Boca Ciega (Gulfport) Boca Raton Bolles (Jacksonville) Bonita Springs Booker (Sarasota) Boynton Beach Braden River (Bradenton) Bradford (Starke) Branford Bronson Buchholz (Gainesville) Calvary Christian (Clearwater) Calvary Christian (Fort Lauderdale) Cape Coral Cardinal Gibbons (Fort Lauderdale) Cardinal Mooney (Sarasota) Cardinal Newman (West Palm Beach) Celebration Centennial (Port St. Lucie) Central (Brooksville) Chamberlain (Tampa) Chaminade (Hollywood) Charlotte (Punta Gorda) Chiefland Chiles (Tallahassee) Choctawhatchee (Fort Walton Beach) Citrus (Inverness) Clay (Green Cove Springs) Clearwater Clearwater Central Catholic Clewiston Cocoa Colonial (Orlando) Cooper City Coral Glades (Coral Springs) Coral Springs Cornerstone (Belle Isle) Cottondale Countryside (Clearwater) Creekside (St. Johns) Crestview Crystal River Cypress Bay (Weston) Cypress Creek (Wesley Chapel) Cypress Lake (Fort Myers) DeLand Deltona DeSoto County (Arcadia) Dillard (Fort Lauderdale) Discovery (Lake Alfred) Dixie Hollins (St. Petersburg) Dr. Phillips (Orlando) Dunbar (Fort Myers) Dunnellon Durant (Plant City) Eagle's View Academy (Jacksonville) East Bay (Gibsonton) East Lake (Tarpon Springs) East Lee County (Lehigh Acres) East Ridge (Clermont) East River (Orlando) Eastside (Gainesville) Eau Gallie (Melbourne) Ed White (Jacksonville) Edgewater (Orlando) Englewood (Jacksonville) Episcopal (Jacksonville) Escambia (Pensacola) Estero Eustis Evangelical Christian (Fort Myers) Evans (Orlando) Everglades Prep (Homestead) FAMU (Tallahassee) Fernandina Beach First Coast (Jacksonville) Fivay (Hudson) Flagler Palm Coast (Bunnell) Flanagan (Pembroke Pines) Fleming Island (Orange Park) Fletcher (Neptune Beach) Florida High "FSU" (Tallahassee) Forest (Ocala) Forest Hill (West Palm Beach) Fort Lauderdale Fort Meade Fort Myers Fort Pierce Central Fort Walton Beach Fort White Foundation Academy (Winter Garden) Franklin County (East Point) Freedom (Orlando) Freedom (Tampa) Freeport Frostproof Gainesville Gaither (Tampa) Gateway (Kissimmee) George Jenkins (Lakeland) Gibbs (St. Petersburg) Glades Day (Belle Glade) Golden Gate (Naples) Gulf (New Port Richey) Gulf Coast (Naples) Gulliver Prep (Pinecrest) Haines City Hamilton County (Jasper) Hardee (Wauchula) Harmony Heritage (Palm Bay) Hernando (Brooksville) Hilliard Hillsborough (Tampa) Holmes County (Bonifay) Holy Trinity Episcopal (Melbourne) Hudson Immokalee Interlachen Island Coast (Cape Coral) Jay Jesuit (Tampa) John Carroll (Fort Pierce) John I. Leonard (Greenacres) Jones (Orlando) Jupiter Kathleen (Lakeland) Keswick Christian (St. Petersburg) Key West Keystone Heights King (Tampa) King’s Academy (West Palm Beach) LaBelle Lafayette (Mayo) Lake Gibson (Lakeland) Lake Highland Prep (Orlando) Lake Howell (Winter Park) Lake Mary Lake Minneola Lake Region (Eagle Lake) Lake Wales Lake Weir (Ocala) Lake Worth Lakeland Lakeland Christian Lakewood (St. Petersburg) Land O’Lakes Largo LaSalle (Miami) Lecanto Leesburg Lehigh (Lehigh Acres) Lennard (Ruskin) Leon (Tallahassee) Leto (Tampa) Liberty (Kissimmee) Liberty County (Bristol) Lincoln (Tallahassee) Lyman (Longwood) Madison County (Madison) Mainland (Daytona Beach) Manatee (Bradenton) Mandarin (Jacksonville) Mariner (Cape Coral) Martin County (Stuart) Matanzas (Palm Coast) Melbourne Melbourne Central Catholic Menendez (St. Augustine) Merritt Island Miami Norland Middleburg Mitchell (New Port Richey) Monarch (Coconut Creek) Monsignor Pace (Miami) Moore Haven Mosley (Lynn Haven) Mount Dora Mulberry Munroe Day (Quincy) Nature Coast Tech (Brooksville) Navarre Nease (Ponte Vedra Beach) Newberry Newsome (Lithia) Niceville North Bay Haven (Panama City) North Broward Prep (Coconut Creek) North Florida Educational (Jacksonville) North Fort Myers North Marion (Citra) North Port Northeast (St. Petersburg) Northside Christian (St. Petersburg) Oak Hall (Gainesville) Oakleaf (Orange Park) Oasis (Cape Coral) Ocoee Okeechobee Olympia (Orlando) Olympic Heights (Boca Raton) Orange Park Orangewood Christian (Maitland) Osceola (Kissimmee) Osceola (Seminole) Oviedo P.K. Yonge (Gainesville) Pace Pahokee Palatka Palm Bay (Melbourne) Palm Beach Central (Wellington) Palm Beach Gardens Palm Harbor University Palmetto Palmetto Ridge (Naples) Park Vista (Lake Worth) Pasco (Dade City) Paxon (Jacksonville) Pensacola Pensacola Catholic Pine Crest (Fort Lauderdale) Pine Forest (Pensacola) Pinellas Park (Largo) Plant (Tampa) Plant City Poinciana (Kissimmee) Ponte Vedra Port Charlotte Port St. Joe Port St. Lucie Rickards (Tallahassee) Ridge Community (Davenport) Ridgeview (Orange Park) River Ridge (New Port Richey) Riverdale (Fort Myers) Riverview (Riverview) Riverview (Sarasota) Robert E. Lee (Jacksonville) Robinson (Tampa) Royal Palm Beach Rutherford (Springfield) Santa Fe (Alachua) Santaluces (Lantana) Sebastian River (Sebastian) Seffner Christian Seminole (Sanford) Seminole (Seminole) Sickles (Tampa) Sneads South Fork (Stuart) South Fort Myers South Lake (Groveland) South Plantation (Plantation) South Sumter (Bushnell) South Walton (Santa Rosa Beach) Southeast (Bradenton) Southwest Florida Christian (Ft. Myers) Space Coast (Cocoa) Spoto (Riverview) Springstead (Spring Hill) Spruce Creek (Port Orange) St. Andrew's (Boca Raton) St. Augustine St. Cloud St. Francis (Gainesville) St. John Neumann (Naples) St. John Paul II (Boca Raton) St. Joseph (St. Augustine) St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Catholic Stanton (Jacksonville) Steinbrenner (Lutz) Stranahan (Fort Lauderdale) Strawberry Crest (Dover) Sunlake (Land O'Lakes) Tampa Bay Tech Taravella (Coral Springs) Tarpon Springs Tate (Cantonment) Tavares Taylor (Pierson) Taylor County (Perry) Tenoroc (Lakeland) Terry Parker (Jacksonville) The Villages Timber Creek (Orlando) Tohopekaliga (Kissimmee) Treasure Coast (Port St. Lucie) Trinity Catholic (Ocala) Trinity Christian (Deltona) Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) Umatilla Union County (Lake Butler) University (Orange City) University (Orlando) University School (Davie) Vanguard (Ocala) Venice Vero Beach Victory Christian (Lakeland) Viera (Melbourne) Wakulla (Crawfordville) Walton (DeFuniak Springs) Washington (Pensacola) Weeki Wachee Wekiva (Apopka) Wellington Wesley Chapel West Florida (Pensacola) West Nassau (Callahan) West Orange (Winter Garden) West Port (Ocala) Western (Davie) Westside (Jacksonville) Wharton (Tampa) Wildwood Winter Park Winter Springs Wiregrass Ranch (Wesley Chapel) Wolfson (Jacksonville) Yulee Zephyrhills 2019 Schedules Complete (With Possible Conflicts) Archbishop McCarthy (Southwest Ranches) - wk 11 Boone (Orlando) - wk 10 Bozeman (Panama City) - wk 5 Ely (Pompano Beach) - wk 5 Everglades (Miramar) - wk 4, wk 8 Father Lopez (Daytona Beach) - wk 6 Graceville - wk 11 Hagerty (Oviedo) - wk 3 Jensen Beach - wk 10 Lake Brantley (Altamonte Springs) - wk 3 Lake Placid - wk 1, wk 7 Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton) - wk 1 Lemon Bay (Englewood) - wk 3 McArthur (Hollywood) - wk 4 Merritt Island Christian - wk 1 Oak Ridge (Orlando) - wk 10 Palm Beach Lakes (West Palm Beach) - wk 2 Pine Ridge (Deltona) - wk 3 Plantation - wk 4 Sarasota - wk 3 Seabreeze (Daytona Beach) -wk 7 Seminole Ridge (Loxahatchee) - wk 7 Spanish River (Boca Raton) - wk 8 St. John Lutheran (Ocala) - wk 1 Suncoast (Riviera Beach) - wk 8 Suwannee (Live Oak) - wk 11 Trenton - wk 9 Trinity Prep (Winter Park) - wk 6 Vernon - wk 7 Williston - wk 1, wk 8 or wk9 Windermere wk 6 or wk 7 Winter Haven - wk 3 2019 Schedules Complete (11 Games Scheduled - 1 opponent must be incorrect) Godby (Tallahassee) Lely (Naples) Tampa Catholic 2019 Schedules Complete (contain(s) an unknown or defunct Florida opponent) Cambridge (Tampa) - wk 8 - Citi Christian Academy First Academy (Orlando) - wk 10 Grant Career Technical Ed. Center 2019 Schedules Incomplete (no conflicts at this time) American (Hialeah) American Heritage (Plantation) Atlantic (Delray Beach) Atlantic (Port Orange) Aucilla Christian (Monticello) Bartram Trail (St. Johns) Bell Berkeley Prep (Tampa) Boyd Anderson (Lauderdale Lakes) Brandon Carrollwood Day (Tampa) Champagnat Catholic (Hialeah) Chipley Christopher Columbus (Miami) Columbia (Lake City) Community School (Naples) Coral Gables Coral Reef (Miami) Dixie County (Cross City) Doral Academy (Miami) Douglas (Parkland) Dwyer (Palm Beach Gardens) First Baptist (Naples) Fort Pierce Westwood Glades Central (Belle Glade) Gulf Breeze Halifax Academy (Daytona Beach) Hallandale Hialeah Hollywood Hills (Hollywood) Homestead Jefferson (Tampa) Lake Nona (Orlando) Maclay (Tallahassee) Marathon Marianna Mater Academy (Hialeah Gardens) Miami Miami Carol City Miami Central Miami Christian Miami Jackson Miami Killian Miami Northwestern Miami Palmetto Miami Southridge Miami Springs Milton Naples New Smyrna Beach North Florida Christian (Tallahassee) North Miami North Miami Beach Northeast (Oakland Park) Northview (Bratt) Piper (Sunrise) Raines (Jacksonville) Ribault (Jacksonville) Rockledge Rocky Bayou Christian (Niceville) Sandalwood (Jacksonville) Sebring Somerset Silver Palms (Miami) South Dade (Homestead) South Miami Southwest Miami St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale) University Christian (Jacksonville) Washington (Miami) West Boca Raton West Broward (Pembroke Pines) Westminster Christian (Miami) Wewahitchka Zephyrhills Christian 2019 Schedules Incomplete (With Possible Conflicts) Coconut Creek - wk 10 Coral Springs Charter - wk 5 Cypress Creek (Orlando) - wk 2 Deerfield Beach - wk 6, wk 13 Gadsden County (Havana) - wk 11 Hawthorne - wk 11 Indian Rocks Christian (Largo) - wk 11 Jefferson County (Monticello) - wk 11 Kingdom Prep (Auburndale) - wk 1, wk 4, wk 10 Miami Edison - wk 7 Middleton (Tampa) - wk 3, wk 10 Miramar - wk 4, wk 8 South Broward (Hollywood) - wk 4 2019 Schedules Incomplete (contain(s) an unknown or defunct Florida opponent) Crescent City -wk 2 - Grant Career and Technical Education Center Palm Glades Prep (Miami) - wk 4 - Hollywood Christian Palmer Trinity (Miami) - wk 9 - Northwest Christian Pinecrest Prep Academy (Miami) - wk 1 - Hollywood Christian Somerset Academy (Pembroke Pines) - wk 9 - Somerset Key, wk 10 - Avant Excellence Somerset Canyons (Boynton Beach) - wk 8 - Dade Christian Westminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale) - wk 8 - Somerset Key 2019 Schedules Not Found Miami Beach
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    I know I know!!! But I will wait a day
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    Billy Rolle. Rolle has won a total of four state championships. He led Northwestern to state titles in 1998 and 2007. The 2007 championship with Harris at the helm also resulted in a national championship. Rolle led Killian to its lone state title in 2004. His record-setting championship came when Southridge won the 2016 FHSAA state championship, making it the third different team he led to titles. He also participated in Northwestern’s first state championship as defensive coordinator in 1995.
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    Alonzo highsmith 1987 canes squad ...played defensive end for colombus high school
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    Peter Warwick? North Paulding.
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    Looks like you guys ran off Columbiafan

    HNH intentionally tried to piss people off. HNH was a troll. Columbiafan unintentionally pisses people off. Columbiafan is a FANatic. Both are good people.
  37. 1 point
    Columbia Fan is a good young man whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person. Like everyone on this board, or for that matter, any living individual, he is not perfect. But he loves his Columbia Tigers with a lot of passion and I am 100% sure his heart is in the right place. In life you will always have your detractors. How you deal with them determines what kind of person you will ultimately be. Hope you return HW!
  38. 1 point
    Columbia is the new HNH... good input all the time even if a bit unpolished (he’s a young guy)..... a bit of a loose cannon... then again so am I.... but he’s definitely a good guy who cares about Columbia and HSFB in general. Brings great energy, a pillar of the community... hope to have him back
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    Bill Gierke vs Don Soldinger...talk about a coaching battle. Imagine being that poor kicker.
  41. 1 point
    The short answer is no. The Raiders will have a rematch with the Dreadnaughts in the 2019 title game.
  42. 1 point
    For some reason, I suspect the answer may be Armwood. Although they don't have a lot of State Titles, they have made the title game multiple times since the beginning of this century. And being district champions most years, would have more home playoff games than road ones. Assuming Armwood is the correct answer, I have no idea who last beat them in the playoffs on their home field. Upon reflection, I don't remember for sure, but Armwood and Booker T. Washington had many epic battles when they were in the south bracket of the same classification. They typically met in the semis and it is possible BTW may have one one of those at Armwood. It is not clear to me that the Wood has lost any playoff games at home in the past ten or more seasons on the field. But perhaps I am forgetting a game or two ...
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    Can Hawthorne do it again? No. Losing QB Losing Top 2 Rushers Losing all but 1 receiver Losing nearly 19 seniors on a Roster of 35 As for Chiefland... Another run heavy team that loses their best rusher Another team losing 15 seniors on a Roster of 44 As for Pahokee They might get Booker T Washingtoned due to their difficult schedule. The reality is that it doesn't matter much, because they will eventually have to play Madison County. Madison isn't losing to any of these teams.
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    There are a number of unbelievable stadiums here in Georgia, I thought the stadiums at Hoover and Hewitt Trussville HS in Alabama were nice and spacious as well, The stadium in PA when Manatee played Woodland Hills in PA I thought gave off the kind of message you get from a dying steel mill town type environment from the stadium...(which was still very nice), to the community around the stadium. In as far as the nicest in Florida that I have actually been to......(while I've also heard nice things about the Niceville HS stadium), for me has to to be Bryant Stadium which is of course the home of the Lakeland Dreadnaughts
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    Columbia Aug 17 IMG (Kickoff Classic) Aug 23 Trinity Aug 30 at Oakleaf Sept 6 TBA Sept 13 Pine Forest Sept 20 TBA Sept 27 at Gainesville * Oct 4 at Madison County Oct 11 at Lee * Oct 18 TBA Oct 25 at Middleburg * Nov 1 North Marion Sandalwood Aug 16 at Rickards (Kickoff Classic) Aug 23 at Parker Aug 30 at Fletcher Sept 6 Vanguard Sept 13 at Nease * Sept 20 Ribault Sept 27 Oakleaf * Oct 4 at Raines Oct 11 TBA Oct 18 Mandarin * Oct 25 Bartram Trail * Nov 1 TBA Fletcher Aug 16 Bolles (Kickoff Classic) Aug 23 at Bishop Kenny Aug 30 Sandalwood Sept 6 TBA Sept 13 at Fleming Island * Sept 20 at Palm Coast Sept 27 Atlantic Coast * Oct 4 TBA Oct 11 at Buchholz * Oct 18 Creekside Oct 25 First Coast * Nov 1 at Mandarin Terry Parker Aug 16 at Trinity (Kickoff Classic) Aug 23 Sandalwood Aug 30 First Coast Sept 6 Sept 13 at Bishop Kenny * Sept 20 at Atlantic Coast Sept 27 Oct 4 at Baker County * Oct 11 at Ed White * Oct 17 Middleburg Oct 25 Westside * Nov 1 at Yulee
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    For Old School, or anyone else

    ...a couple of "bonus" questions: What famous player/coach did this fellow play with for the Gators? What other Gator Great from Miami wore the #75 for the Detroit Lions?
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    That's an impressive schedule.
  48. 1 point

    Statewide 7v7 tournament

    This is the 2nd straight 7v7 that Vanguard has won, they beat Rockledge in the final of the UCF 7v7 last week I heard.
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    Henry Bryant III (Atlantic)

    This kid has stood out on every DL v OL camp video i've seen for a few years now. Sucks that recruiting has become such a numbers game.
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    Awww...this is cute!