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    Will be either prime for another deep playoff run prepared for a shot at state or hurt. Either way solid schedule.
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    Gavin Dickey Tallahassee Lincoln UF; played 2-3 years behind some pretty good QB's, then gave up football to play baseball with the Gators.
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    Tallahassee Lincoln over a very overrated Palmetto
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    Ernie Sims III North Florida Christian High School FSU (rated by some the number one recruit in the country . . . picked FSU over Florida) Drafted by Detroit, but played with a few other teams, too. As for the bonus question, I'll go with 4 (even though NFC didn't win a state championship his senior year). But, he probably won a medal in another sport like T&F that I don't know about.
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    Ted Hendricks, Hialeah High, UM, Oakland Raiders
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    According to one internet source, 2% of Columbus' student body, or are about 30 boys at the school, are AA. I guess it is just an incredible coincidence that most of those 30 are on the varsity football team. I am sure it has nothing to do with certain private schools giving priority to minority football players when it comes to handing out financial aid...as opposed to academically deserving minority students who don't happen to play football.
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    We ought to write a county song about this . . . maybe we could call it "Don't Blink." Just an idea.
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    So after a tough tough two weeks today is the day to pay my final respects to a very good friend of mine, a legend to the Dillard high community. his funeral will be private so thousands will not be able to attend because of the virus so yea man just please keep panther nation in prayer I haven’t cried in a few days but I know it’s gonna hit me when I see em today. #SIPBRO #LLE
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    No, I am not. I am saying what Bad Bird said. Punish the adults, not the kids. I am not going to argue with you on the matter. You have your opinion and I have mine. I don't know if you have ever coached, been a player or had a kid on a competitive team. But if any of this applies, you really ought to have a better perspective.
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    If they don't play football this year there is a good chance you will never see it again. I see why you want it
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    If we follow your plan to stay in our houses till we are safe from all future threats there will be no future football and probably no United States. The depression of 1933 will be kid stuff compared to your plan. We will become a third world country ruled by China. We have a new strain of Flu Virus every year and we don't have vaccine's for many of them. Heck, one of us may go out and cross the street and get run over by a bus, or may die in a head on crash on I-95, or get hit by an meteor! There is no way we can predict the future, and there is no way we can stay locked up in our protective bubble for the rest of our lives. Let's get out there and return to normal quickly and take another chance like we do with every other situation we encounter in our everyday lives!!!
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    On top of that, I would add that not all HS football players are healthy or without underlying conditions. Some players do have asthma, diabetes, obesity, undiagnosed heart issues that slip by etc. You are playing roulette with the odds. While most kids won't die or will be asymptomatic I would hate to be the guy who gave the go ahead and 1 kid dies or the coach of that team.
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    If the third and fourth lines were combined into one and it said that this coach "led his team to 14 state title game appearances", you might be right.
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    Darter, I hear what you're saying, but I was actually referring to the first game mentioned, in which Palmetto made the drive up to Tally for an early-season game. When it comes time for playoffs, the weather is usually a little cooler and the players are better conditioned. The long bus ride becomes less of a factor, in my opinion, but it still can have an effect on the outcome of a game. I know, I know, 'take care of business during the regular season' and you don't have to worry about long bus rides. At least in theory.
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    Who Are These Great Teams?

    Vero Beach - 64 wins Lakeland - 60 wins Lake Butler - 46 wins Hardee - 46 wins
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    Palmetto was a good team. The state semifinal was way more competitive than the final. Palmetto gave Miami Central a good game and could have won. Central won the sate title game in blowout fashion.
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    All around pretty sad. When you fulfill your dream, you need to leave that crap behind. No need to be high stakes gambling when NFL careers are short in most cases. Stupid and sad.
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    Lincoln was no joke. They came within a whisker of beating Edgewater which proceeded to put the fear of God into St. Thomas in the 7A final.
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    Brother Reche (a/k/a, Donald)? UF.
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    Not the answer, but coach Jordan Ingman at Port Charlotte just might do this. Hired as a head coach at age 22, he's been the head coach at Port Charlotte since 2012 and has had a winning season every year. 8 seasons as a coach and only 30. Now that Binky Waldrop has retired he becomes one of the longest tenured coaches in SWF
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    How many games suspension would Don Zimmer have gotten this night if he had been a FL hs football coach? Go to 1:40 for the action.
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    Manatee vs Dwyer Playoff Video

    What was the point of that lol. Poor Woody had lost his mind. If he would have just cursed at him he would have got a 8 game suspension by the FHSAA instead of done forever by the NCAA.
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    2014 STA defense was pretty good also lol. They put a running clock on everyone in the playoffs until the state title game. They only won that one by 31
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    Manatee vs Dwyer Playoff Video

    I acknowledged that in my explanation. However, I am pretty sure it was a missed call and, unfortunately, it impacted the final result of the game. I am not saying Dwyer was robbed, just that their loss was impacted by a missed/bad call.
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    Flanagan's 2015 defense wasn't bad. Didn't give up a TD in the first half of any game until the state title.
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    Muck Trivia Question

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    Muck Trivia Question

    Lake Shore High School Wildcats
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    Larry Little High School - Booker T. Washington (Miami, Florida) College - Bethune–Cookman NFL - San Diego Chargers (1967–1968) Miami Dolphins (1969–1980)
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    On a cold night in Lakeland back in 1984, Manatee, the #2-ranked team in the country at the time, came to town to face the Dreadnaughts in a 4A region final. The year before, Manatee knocked Lakeland out of the playoffs in a close game in Bradenton and ultimately went on to win the state title. Manatee was the big favorite in this game and had steamrolled most of their opponents that season, averaging about 45 points per game and allowing, on average, less than 10. Lakeland was coming off a first round win over Plant, and Manatee blew out Chamberlain in their first round game. Manatee and Lakeland had some epic games back then. For you younger folks, high school games on TV at this time were limited and getting to see one was a treat. Now we take it for granted. The winner of this game went on to face the eventual state champion that year, Pensacola Woodham.
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    Jack Youngblood led Jefferson County to the 1966 Class B title. This guy was very tough. https://www.si.com/nfl/talkoffame/nfl/why-a-broken-leg-couldn-t-keep-youngblood-from-pro-bowl-FfXWX0NtNk2QtXobmL0VRA
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    Jack Youngblood. Played hs at Jefferson County, college at University of Florida, and NFL for the Los Angeles Rams. Called the John Wayne of Football
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    Dang, that one took some work! In 1998, Glades Central scored 3 TDs in the final 6:41 (including the Hail Mary in the closing seconds) to beat Madison County 33-28 for the 4A Championship. So, yes, there was a time when Madison County was in 4A. The QB for Glades Central was Jerry Campbell, who is the uncle of former Galdes Day RB Kelvin Taylor, who also is the son of former Gator/Jaguar, Fred Taylor. At least that's what I was able to find.
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    Not sure what happened to Eddie Davis after high school. Troy had two 2,000 yard rushing seasons at ISU and should have won the Heisman in 1996. Got drafted by the Saints and lasted 3-4 years. Had a great career in the CFL after the NFL. Darren followed him too ISU and had three consecutive 1,000 yard seasons. I believe he also went to the CFL, but wasn't successful. I know Jason led Dade County in rushing his senior year in 1999 and was committed to ISU as well. I don't know if he ever made it to campus. I know he never played a game for them. Darren has a son, Darren Davis Jr., started at Columbus then transferred to Southridge. Not sure what has happened since then. There's another son, Derron Davis that is tearing it up at West Kendall Optomist. Last I heard (rumors) Troy and Darren are both broke living back in Goulds and Allapattah in South Dade.
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    Who Are These Great FL HS Coaches?

    that's why I put Carl Madison I rode down to Orlando in the back of Carl Madison's truck in 1987 for the Florida Georgia All Star game. A few good coaches on that staff. Carl Madison, Al Morrell, George Smith and my pops.
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    By default, it is probably Carl Madison.
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    You can do everything BUT workout. There are rules and all of the coaches should be aware of what they are. Virtual workouts are illegal, virtual coaching sessions are legal.
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    Carl Madison
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    Can you name all 3 of these related players and what high schools they played at? He played for one of the winningest coaches in South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, Dade) He played QB/S He played for two different college football teams He won 2 state championships in basketball He went undrafted, but still played in over 100 games over 7 seasons with 4 different teams. His brother played for a South Florida "powerhouse" that won a state championship (not at the same school as above). His brother also was Mr. Football for the state of Florida His brother played in the SEC where he earned 1st Team All American honors during his junior year. His brother was drafted in the first round, but only lasted 3 seasons There is a third immediate member of the family who played at a different high school than the other two family members who is currently playing at an SEC school.
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    I was hopin you were out there and would see this, muckboy. It is James Jackson of the Raiders
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    Prayers go out to him and his family, as well as you. RIP.
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    Vero Beach 2020 schedule

    Vero fans searching for a QB on a message board. Someone needs to tell the FHSAA. I'm sure the FHSAA will come down hard on this. It has to be worthy of a 5k penalty and a 8 game suspension.
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    Coaches suspended in Manatee County

    Because, if I typed what you asked me to type, I'd be lying. I hate, with every fiber of my body, EVERY last bit of partisan politics. Partisan politics is THE single greatest existential threat we face. Because, every other threat anyone is quick to suggest is a bigger threat is unable to be adequately addressed as long as decisions and stances are taken according to partisan affiliations.
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    Coaches suspended in Manatee County

    Taxpayer $ should only go to schools adhering to the same standards, rules etc. If a school wants to forego taxpayer $ and do their own thing, so be it. Though they should be accredited based on reasonable and objective standards.
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    Pointless for you to comment
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    They didn't play anyone good. It doesn't count. It should be STA
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    This was a classic semifinal.

    Yeah, too bad it won't happen again.
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