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    Where are the Mr. Football now for the past 30 years? Where are the Football Coach of the Years now? An explanation of how much it costs to run a program (and why districts can't/don't do more to help). I feel sometimes the public at large doesn't understand the costs associated with sports. Additionally, showing the financial toll of moving games from Friday to Saturday morning (your tweet from one of the Jax games could help show that, especially if you had one from last year). Some one off stories about coaches like Uncle Luke, Lakatriona Brunson, and their impact. Stories about any female players (Bolles had a kicker a couple of years ago, and there was a QB in South Florida last year). Maybe a coaches corner on a break down of a series of 3-4 plays that are designed to look the same and the coach techniques from them. Sean Sal A breakdown of a week of a head or assistant coaches' schedule and how that continues into the off-season. What safety precautions are required during games (ambulances, trainers, doctors) and what is the standard safety precautions? Who has the coolest logo? Who has the pettiest beef of all time? (Catholic vs Convicts of ND vs Miami) or at least the most fun T-shirts mocking an opponent.
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    Successful programs that don’t send kids to college. When Billy Livings was HC at Vero I know he didn’t do anything above average to get kids signed or noticed, where I heard Coach J does quite a bit to help out.
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    Atlantic @Pahokee

    Halftime...Teams are evenly matched...3 Pahokee turnovers (2 muffed punts and 1 unintentional squib kick) have led to 21 Atlantic points.
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    Winter Park vs Wekiva Live Stream Now

    Thank you, sir. Got a multiple TV/computer set up in the living room with a cold beverage in hand. Life is good.
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    Why Does IMG Exist?

    IMG exists so they could torture Columbiafan. First they beat everyone they play and the National people think Florida is good only because of IMG and then they play Columbia in a KOC and let then win and give Columbia false hope
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    Falcons vs Falcons Red white and gold vs red white and gold. Crazy right.
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    SWF high school sports

    Being new to the board, I thought I would give out a shout to my area. Some people blow off Lee County for not having a state championship in football. I totally understand. However, our area has produced many NFL players and a HOF er in Deion. The truth is, our talent is so spread out we can't really get one program to be the all-star team. 2010 South Fort Myers lost to Duke and the Norland team by 21. FM in the early '90s could have won a state title if not for being in the same class as STA. FM hung with STA for a half in '01 but had too many kids going both ways and got worn down. Fort Myers is currently 4th in the state with total wins which means we have played football for a long time, but also have put a nice team on the field most years. Fort Myers' all sports program has won 6A all sports trophy in '15 and '16 and came in second this year. State titles by our girls basketball team 3 years in a row and should make it 4 this year. Softball won state in '16 but lost in the semi-final this year. Volleyball, always tough. All I'm saying is that none of you are going to be impressed but being a Greenie is awesome. I look forward to meeting posters on this site to in Orlando for the State Championships. Oh one more thing. Big thanks to Josh for running his site. It's by far the best I've found.
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    I see no argument with this central does have the resume but they need to win tomorrow to keep the train moving.
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    Twitch live stream roundtable discussion with members of the board.
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    Kudos to Forest Hill

    Saw Forest Hill play once last year, and in week 1 Vs Suncoast. They have some really good backs, 3 or 4 of them. And I think 2 are only sophmores, and 1 is a junior. The QB runs the option really well, if they can find a threat at WR they can give Dwyer a run in the district.
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    Official Week 3 Scoreboard Thread

    Norland 13, Edison 12 (3rd quarter)
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    Zoe Boy

    Official Week 3 Scoreboard Thread

    North Miami 0 Jackson 12 4th Jackson just scored .. Im at the game.. Defensive battle...
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    Davis Hamilton done for season

    Very unfortunate. Davis-Hamilton is a very good footballer with a lot of potential. Personally, if healthy, I could easily see him doing very well at the next level. Wishes for a speedy and full recovery.
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    Wow. You would score more if you threw a Hail Mary on every down. Lol


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