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    Yup I’d say so too. Daggum that’s a brutal schedule. But Central & Northwestern are built to handle it.
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    I get the feeling that there is a lot of mutual respect between Northwestern and Central players and fans.
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    Top to bottom, I think Central's schedule is slightly stronger.
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    It's like that too between the 2 schools I'm just not as bad as I use to be. But alot of the fans if not most feel that way. The others just want whoever from 305 to win.
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    Kudos but dwn hea ain’t none of dat lol if you went to ely we don’t Fwu fam No cap. & vice versa ain’t no brotherly love bih. We want to aihh to suffer going 0-10 every year & losing by 80 when you play us. Lol that’s just how it is.
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    Exactly! I hope you guys win all of your games except when u play us lol.
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    Yes there is. We hate each other(not really) but we respect each other. Many of us grew in the same neighborhoods, went to the same elementary and middle schools together, but ended up going to different high schools. With so many schools in close proximity to each other down it happens.
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    Chemistry is important and a bad apple can ruin it (see the big time WR they had a few years ago) however I wouldn't be worried with a place like Lakeland. It is my opinion when you move into a program like that you fall in line.
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    Congrats you beat a team I have nothing to do with. I did attend the first half of that game and it was clear to me Lakeland was the better team so I left. Your DC is a good friend of mine and I actually attended 3 Lakeland games rooting for them. Not sure what your point is. The transferring of players to create super teams has some what ruined high school football for me. Sorry you don't get it.
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    #27 Neal Anderson Graceville #22 John Williams Palatka
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    This is for CatScatch ......so he can lust in his heart...like Jimmy Carter. Layla's out there. https://www.celebtattler.com/layla-kiffin-ex-husband-of-lane-kiffin/
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    #4 Ken Riley ? Great DB. Should be in HOF. Thanks for the hints.
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    It's all love bro, we are rivals so you know how it is lol.
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    Cocoa bumped due to transfers and overall depth. Top 4 are very close IMO.
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    #1 played for Gainesville High. He was the first to be named state Player of the Year for football and basketball. One of the state’s first prolific dual-threat QBs. Passed for 2,053 yards for 9-1 team that missed out on the playoffs in the old points system as a senior. Amassed 4,289 passing yards plus 1,134 rushing yards and 61 TD throws in his career. Played college ball at Georgia Tech. Was second African-American to play QB for a major southeastern university. Had 4,262 yards total offense and 32 TD passes in college career.
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    Tough schedule. I see them going 8-2 this year. Losses will likely be IMG and Central, though I would love to see them upset the Ascenders some time. We’ll see.
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    Miami Central has a tough one too!
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    #6 is Jimmy Jordan of Tallahassee Leon.. First prep QB in the US to pass for 4,000 yards in a season as a senior, was 263-of-471 for 4,098 yards and 40 TDs for 12-2 team that was large-class state runner-up to Hialeah Miami Lakes. Completions, attempts, yards and TDs all set state records in an era when big passing numbers didn’t happen. Passed for 1,176 yards in 4 playoff games. Passed for 4,173 career yards and 39 TDs at FSU in a stretch where the Seminoles went 29-6 and joined the national elite.
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    columbiafan — great guy, avid fan, loose cannon, very high energy the board would benefit greatly with his return


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