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  1. FOH with that BS you trippin BTW came in overconfident and got dealt with lol
  2. If that happen I got the Panthers winning!!!! Lol
  3. You gotta pay for that we want free streams lol
  4. Oh yea in 2011 they had to forfeit all their games including their State Title
  5. CLASS 8A Region 1: Apopka Region 2: Osceola (Kissimmee) Region 3: Deerfield Beach Region 4: Columbus CLASS 7A Region 1: Edgewater Region 2: Armwood Region 3: Venice Region 4: St. Thomas Aquinas CLASS 6A Region 1: Escambia Region 2: Gaither Region 3: Palmetto Region 4: Miami Central CLASS 5A Region 1: Wakulla Region 2: Jones Region 3: Jesuit Region 4: American Heritage (Plantation) CLASS 4A Region 1: Bolles Region 2: Cocoa Region 3: Lakewood Region 4: Booker T. Washington
  6. My homeboy from Dade who I work with you can say Im a saleman for Coca Cola and hes a Manager at Walmart he said its gonna be all Dade counties teams in the State Finals and hes from Central and he said he aint thinking about yall its going to be light work lol his words not mine im relaying the message lol
  7. First of all youre addressing the wrong person besides GC already handle Madison County in the State Championship remember lol
  8. I got STA winning big over Atlantic
  9. Should be a good game reminds me of GC vs BTW playoffs games
  10. Do yall play Deerfield next????
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