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  1. There are local teams (even 4A) defeating STA in their strong years as well. Do you recall in 2016 BTW the 4A team that did not make it to 4A states defeated STA? How about 1st round type 8A teams ? Did you forget all that?
  2. It was ...but then again such 800 pound gorillas do not have two down years in a 4 or 5 year cycle, right?
  3. Posted 53 minutes ago: Considering there was reference to Oxbridge competing with teams statewide and you actually replied to it in a tad of detail , I simply would like you to break down just a tad further to 7A North. No problem if you don't want to, I just did not feel it was too far off topic. All good either way.
  4. So let me ask both of you this- How do you feel 7A North last year would have competed against the 3A North Champion Oxbridge Academy?
  5. But you always prefer to use STA for many examples Transfers is one when there are plenty of other schools like Chaminade-Madonna, AHP, DFB and more getting more and perhaps more talented transfers then STA. Have you ever researched Armwood's dominance in 6A North? Appreciate the work you do but sometimes your posts reflect what appear to be ulterior motives or agendas. I'm just sometimes a blunt person I guess.
  6. Wrong and way off. You obviously did not watch the game or were making reclassification proposals on that day or something. Venice mixed it up but for the most part they beat down BT at the LOS. The Venice QB alone rushed well over 200 yards on at least 40 carries for that game. Bartram Trail's secondary is not the reason they lost that game. BT did show signs of life late but Venice was the better team that important day.
  7. No. Venice got beat down the previous year against a better STA team, they were at Home, hungry and got by a significantly down STA team who had a LB playing QB for that game. You know that is the case. Don't start making excuses now for 7A North towards competing with another program. At least stay on point.
  8. And if there are 3-4 teams in 7A North that are possibly about the same as Bartram Trail what makes you think those teams also would not have lost by double digits to Venice?
  9. So basically all this sums up to: ex·cuse verb 3rd person present: excuses ikˈskyo͞oz/ 1. attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.
  10. Venice. Rural Venice defeated STA last year and for the most part 7A North was blown out again. Why is that?
  11. But is it really just STA? What happened last year and in 2013 when opportunities not facing STA were available to win?
  12. So in 2013 and last year when STA did NOT make it to States, why didn't 7A North take advantage of the opportunity?
  13. Why not? So BTW's run and dominance they had a few years back surely is not as dominant as STA in recent years. Okay...We'll just make pretend that it never happened and that 4A team did beat STA in 2016 when STA beat the piss out of 7A North Plant while BTW did not ever reach 4A states that year. But the problem is surely still with STA not moving up - Not 7A North. Surely no agenda here.
  14. How come you never had a problem with over teams dominating in other classifications? How come there are plenty of other teams in VARIOUS classification that can compete with that 800 lb gorilla in STA? Wait a minute....Last I checked STA did not make it to States in 2017 and 2013. They actually fell to 7A teams.
  15. How do you feel about BTW still being in 4A with all of dominance they have produced over the last few years?
  16. That way the rest of 7A won't have to work as hard, right . Then it fall even farther from 6A and 8A....
  17. An 800 pound gorilla that 1st round 8A teams beat nearly half the time in recent years. So less apply that arm wrestling logic to other sports like boxing and MMA. Let's have Conor McGregor face Jon Jones. Brilliant.
  18. Pennsylvania is welcome to do things there way. BOL. This is Florida football where we produce way more talent and better teams. I simply don't like seeing elite teams cannibalizing one another in the first round while frauds from other regions are going to play for state championships. The BEST teams should be playing for a championship.
  19. I don't know the answer. Last I checked, there were other large metro areas other then Broward in the State. Teams statewide have done it and Venice and Dwyer have figured it out in recent years. What I do know is this is Florida High School football and you had better be elite for your classification if you have the right to play for a State Championship. Are there any teams in 7A North that are as good as 8A Region 4 first round teams like Miramar and DFB? If there is not then the problem is clearly not STA and the system. It is clearly a problem with the classification. It is almost as if you are just saying "Mercy".
  20. And is some cases like 5A South there are elite teams missing out on a trip to Orlando while an incapable team from another Region "earns" the right to play for a State Championship. Just give me 2 of the top 5 teams in each classification at the State Championship and I'll stop whining...Regardless of the score at least I know I got the best of what the classification has to offer. 5A was a very strong classification last year ...What I what witnessed at the 5A State Championship last year was a level of dominance I would have struggled to find with AHP versus a local SFL "good" team.
  21. So let me get this right. It is STA's fault and they are "camping" in 7A? What are you essentially saying about the other top 7A teams compared to 8A and 6A? Agree with the the concept that STA in 8A (or 6A) is a much tougher playoff path. Agree. Now considering the facts that there are 89 8A Schools, 87 7A Schools, and 91 6A Schools and it would be a much tougher road for STA in 8A and 6A - How is the burden of the issue on STA (camping) or the current format? Is it possible the other 86 7A schools are not pulling their weight consistently on a yearly basis? If STA will be more challenged in 6A or 8A with a extremely similar classification criteria , the problem appears to be within the classification - not STA or the format. Is it STA's fault that for some odd reason 7A has been what it is. How about the other 86 7A teams in 7A pull their weight and get on par with the top 6A and 8A programs? I know you like to use STA as an example but what about Armwood in 6A North? Is it their fault of the currently level of those regions?
  22. So with that scenario at the end of the day a team like Baker County nearly every year would have a much better opportunity to win and play for a State Championship then all of those teams. That is a problem that everyone seems to turn the blind eye to. The focus is always around the teams that are consistently loaded and dominant.... Isn’t that the idea on the first place? Win and strive to continue to win? How about more focus on the Regions that are not pulling their weight to compete. I think when many go to Orlando, they hope and expect to see as many FL elite level teams as possible regardless of the region they are from. Elite teams deserve opportunities to win state championships more so then “good” teams. Can you imagine what the 3A State Championship would have looked like if the unorthodox move of putting Oxbridge Academy in 3A North had not happened? It happened and we got a very competitive 3A State Championship. The two best 3A teams met in Orlando rather then one of those teams going home in the second round which would be a disgrace to the ever changing format which I admittedly do not have a solution for. Just give me a format with a likelihood with every classification that I am always guaranteed to get two of the top five teams in the state, not a top team versus the tenth best team. Fortunately, living in SFL I still had the opportunity to watch the true 5A State Championship last year.
  23. Well, not sure what will happen with that OOS game but at the present state of SB and looking at their regular season schedule I would probably see SB winning one game. Not going to be a fun ride driving back from Lakeland on 10/18. I notice South Broward was invited back to Lakeland but Carol City was not. Actually COOPER City was also invited back to Lakeland.
  24. The SB roster was arguably never as strong as last year in the first place. But surely never a good sign when your Senior QB and best player is bailing on you for McArthur...
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