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  1. I was wrong on the Columbia / Lee. Seems like it will potentially be a rematch in the playoffs, especially with the issues that Bartram is having on defense.
  2. I havent decided yet, but im more interested in Fletcher/Raines.
  3. I wont be unfortunately. I'd like to be there to see it. There are other good games in the area that are a little closer.
  4. I think Lee wins in a close, relatively low scoring game 20-14.
  5. Robert E. Lee High Generals. 2018 District Champs 2018 Region Champs
  6. If I had to create a list of the top teams in NE FL it would be: 1. Lee 2. Raines 3. St. Augustine 4. Trinity 5. Columbia 6. Fleming Island 7. Sandalwood 8. Fletcher 9. Bartram Trail 10. Baker County 11. Clay 12. Ponte Vedra 13. Mandarin 14. First Coast 15. Bolles HM: Bishop Kenny, Oakleaf, Ed White
  7. He was the starter at Terry Parker the last 2 seasons. Good player on a bad team.
  8. Both, he is not as good of a scrambler as Jones, but he is a better passer. Jones was a dynamic player, but he is just as good. I'd encourage you to watch his highlights if you think otherwise.
  9. Lee will be good again. The transfer QB they played with this Spring is as good as Jones, possibly better.
  10. I don't think UC could beat any of the top 10 teams in NE FL, but they are very likely to win state in their class.
  11. Sandalwood will likely be similar to last season. They don't have the same top level recruits this year, but from everything i've seen, they will be similar to or maybe better than last season's team. From everything i'm hearing, Lee is the best team in the area. I didn't get a chance to see them in the Spring. Lee, Raines, Sandalwood, Bolles, Bartram Trail, St. Augustine, Trinity, Ribault are the top teams in the area. I don't know what order they'll finish in, but they are they teams I would definitely put in a pre-season list. Some people throw Columbia in with NE FL since they are part of the Times Union coverage area, but they are definitely in the mix too if you count them as part of the area. Fletcher, Baker County, Oakleaf, Ponte Vedra, Clay, University Christian probably make up the very top of the next tier.
  12. I'll let you know my opinion closer to Spring, there's still some player movement going on in Jax. If i had to go with right now, i'd say Raines, Lee, Bolles, Trinity, Sandalwood, Ribault are the top teams right now.
  13. True, but what are the consequences for a non coach? Is it fair to fine a school for what a minor does? Can you punish a player for trying to get a friend to come to the same school as him? What can you do to little Johnny's uncle who is trying to find some receivers for his nephew, who is the new qb at school Z to throw to.
  14. It seems pretty normal to me for players to recruit for their teams. I don't know if there's anything you can do about it. If it was a coach that sent that message, which it doesn't appear to be, it is obviously wrong to do so. I don't think there is a way to control players and parents recruiting for your school, and those are the avenues most coaches who recruit will go through. Maybe a coach can't entice little johnny to come to school "B", but your players, or parents or friends of the program can without penalty.
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