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  1. Yes I agree. Most recruiting services have reed listed as a guard. Wouldn't be surprised if that's where he lines up this year at Lakeland. Kid has great upper body strength and outstanding feet for his size. He was a 3 year starter I believe at fort Meade.
  2. May already be listed but 4star OT Cleveland Reed transfers from Fort Meade to Lakeland. Ohio state, Florida and LSU offers
  3. Yes coaching edge to Trenton in that match up.
  4. Newberry may be the bigger team but I agree with original, the team speed on defense for pahokee will make it hard to run. Also depends on what kind of offense newberry runs, Fort Meade had the most success running the ball when they went 4 wide and really spread the defense out.
  5. I fully intact pahokee team still loses to Trenton by 2 scores. Would be a similar game to what what Trenton saw with Madison. Trenton was just to good at what they did.
  6. Yes, Trenton would have served up a big serving of humble pie to them and 98% of teams in 1a-4a. However that was last year, pahokee can make a deep run this year, they are extremely skilled at the skill positions and decently big upfront, with good linebacker play. If they have a weakness it would be coaching, which could be big problems in the playoffs
  7. I'd say fort Meade proved they can run with the big dogs. I'm pretty sure everyone from pahokee thought this game wouldn't be close. I'll be the first to say the refs were flag happy, but it went both ways.
  8. Capt. I agree with you should be a good game. If newberry can limit the chances pahokee gets out in space they can keep it close and might pull out a win. If pahokee gets their atheletes out in space it's a totally different ball game.
  9. From what I saw of pahokee, if newberry has trouble covering the deep ball, they will be in trouble. #2 and #13 from pahokee have great speed but what impressed me even more about them was their route running. Pahokees o line is decent, but there QB doesn't mind standing tall in the pocket and letting it rip even when he knows he is about to take a hit, and he took a couple Friday night. I think pahokee went to the deep ball to much Friday, they didn't use the run to set up the deep ball, or the pass to soften up the run. I know they saw how Fort Meade was playing them on the outside and that probably caused them to throw the ball a little which got them little off schedule with their play calling. On defense pahokee is great against the pass and really puts the pressure on you to run the ball, however they are good enough in coverage to still load the box and man up on the outside.
  10. How does newberry stack up at the skill positions?
  11. Yes they were always considered a part of rual but the travel was what kept them out.
  12. 36 teams for 1a would be good. I believe Moore haven would fall into this as well, the currently play in 2a.
  13. I think it would be wise to start with modified system. Then the FHSAA would have hard data on exactly how the point system effects playoffs and seeding before jumping in all the way. I know we can go back and use the point system on results from previous years, but I think the fans want to see just how this works. Personally, I love the idea of bonus points. For the top tier teams fighting for playoff seeding those bonus points could mean the difference between hosting and traveling. Sure a 3a team can schedule an average to below average 7a team and win, but a 3a team scheduling a playoff caliber team from 6a and winning should be worth more points. Would make for some great match ups during the regular season.
  14. Yes three schools were allowed in, but a school that was in rual went on to win a state championship. The rual division was created so the small public schools didn't have to play the private school powers, and now we're concered about 50 kids over enrollment max. If the FHSAA gave everyone what they wanted then we would probably have more classes, then the complaints of having to many classes would really get fired up. It's not perfect and never will be. If some sort of point system is adopted, I love the fact that every game will mean something. I do think that some of the small school powers will have a little trouble scheduling but you will see great match ups from week 1 through Daytona.
  15. I know they aren't taking outrageous salaries. I was more agreeing with you when you said that they can't do it for free.
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