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  1. Boca Ciega Beat Tarpon 88-0 in 3 qtrs

    Ati graduated from Tarpon in 1998.
  2. Going into the game Northeast knew they only had 25 players. Don't play the game if you think your kids are going to get hurt. If this is true then they should just cancel the season. As a coach you are doing your kids a disservice if you quit during the game.
  3. Vero Beach beats Lake Minneola

    I heard they got some transfers this past off season. I only know of two but I heard there were quite a few more.
  4. Boca Ciega Beat Tarpon 88-0 in 3 qtrs

    Atif Austin recruited the area I coach in when he was at North Dakota State and still recruits the area now that he's at NIU. I am from the same county as him and graduated the same year as he did. So one time I told him I was happy for him when I heard he got the job at Tarpon. He told me that he loved it their as a student athlete and wished it could have worked out their as the head coach. He left it at that. The dude is true class.
  5. Boca Ciega Beat Tarpon 88-0 in 3 qtrs

    Tarpon had alum Atif Austin as their head coach and then fired him in 2011. Probably the best thing for him as he went on to get a few FCS championship rings at North Dakota State as the WR coach and special teams coordinator. He then went on to get a super bowl ring for the New England Patriots as the assistant running backs coach. He now is the running backs coach and special teams coordinator at Northern Illinois. I think Atif got the last laugh.
  6. Columbia 2019 Schedule

    After a tough four game stretch, AA Christian Academy rolls into Lake City with bad intentions. Could be a trap game. LOL
  7. USA Today Preseason Top 25

    Viera went up to DC to play Gonzaga a few years ago and beat them. I think Viera lost in the second round that year. I watched the film and Viera was by far the most physical team on the field. Although, Gonzaga did have a LB that was pretty darn mean.
  8. Seeking out a board moderator and a couple of changes...

    This has turned into a Soap Opera for floridahsfootball fans. Columbiafan left a broken man, only to return a few days later as a man with power. The screen writer deserves an award for this one.
  9. Venice playing Akelynns Angels Christian Academy

    Venice may not have had much left to choose from when Clearwater Academy dropped them. I'm sure Venice was happy to have a bye week 11 right before the playoffs start. AA Christian may not even be able to field a team come week 11. Not an ideal situation at all. Not sure what week Columbia plays AA Christian but maybe Columbiafan can feed us some info.
  10. FNF Magazine for the 2019 Season is out!

    I couldn't wait for that magazine to come out. It used to cover the entire state and had district breakdown and predictions. It had something to say about every high school program in the state of Florida. Crazy how fast it just went away
  11. St. Thomas may be getting a new QB

    Sorry guys I just saw an opportunity to boost my post numbers with no real insight. Someone has to do it since ColumbiaFan left.
  12. St. Thomas may be getting a new QB

    Or are they???? HMMMMM
  13. St. Thomas may be getting a new QB

    St. Thomas aint messin with no Tulane commit..LOL
  14. A question about these kickoff classic games, IF I may?

    Oh laaaaawwwd. Shots fired....LOL
  15. wow...this dude is on a roll