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  1. I must admit, that was petty spot on. Well said Columbiafan
  2. The Alternative Lifestyle Bowl-Key West vs Marathon...
  3. Vaquero, what problems/issues did you have with the officiating? Ha HA I beat you to the punch Jambun!
  4. I know I picked Armwood / Lakeland winner. In fact, everyone I talked to about the game had one of those two making the final. But I am happy as hell I was wrong. Those kids from the "O" are getting it done.
  5. Maybe Polk county. Lakeland, Lake Gibson, evangel, and fort meade or frosproof.
  6. Forget sleeping on em....you've been in a damn coma. MNW has been elite for a long time.
  7. I'm confused. You answered the question of 181pl by saying "no". But then you said "wrong answer". Please explain
  8. The Carlson kid is very underrated. He makes everyone on that team look good. The kid is the real deal.
  9. I think that game went into OT. i watched it on tv when Time Warner had the game of the week on for the Tampa Bay area. That was some good stuff.
  10. Don't respond Jimmyb....Its a trap
  11. Doesn't it always in this series recently
  12. You live there bro? Got first hand knowledge? Im just saying if your going to make statements like that about people who risk their lives everyday I would hope you have some personal knowledge and examples of this. Part of being a man is understanding that what you say does have some power to it.
  13. Good luck to anyone that has to block #88 for Apopka.
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