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  1. Northeast High School(St. Pete) Coach was Jerry Austin Lost to St. Thomas Aquinas in '96 and '97 I know that team all too well
  2. Yeah the bowl games were great.A ton of good teams didnt make the playoffs back then because only the district champ advanced.
  3. You bout to be moved to the off topic board
  4. ooooooohhhhhh. He said religion. Sheriff Columbiafan write him a ticket!
  5. Thank you...I appreciate you letting this discussion continue
  6. Inman Sherman South Sumpter Lost to Chaminade Madonna in the 2005 State Finals
  7. A bunch of posters on this message board need to read that post.
  8. Not sure who it is but I am impressed
  9. C'mon man relax...Don't want you getting your feelings hurt and going back into hibernation
  10. C'mon people, Oldschool just threw a juicy steak into the lions den. No ones gonna take it? LOL
  11. Agree. We have to do temp checks on the players and coaches as they enter the gate for summer workouts. It;s kinda nice because attendance is already done before warm ups. So far no one has had a temp over 100. So far so good.
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