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  1. I love it...That center is an animal. Those dudes come off the ball hard as hell.
  2. I get what your saying but coaching>talent at the high school level is more the exception than the rule in most cases. Talent wins more often than not. Coach Johnson and his staff at Treasure Coast has plenty of talent and great coaching. The last few years they have inched closer and closer to closing the gap with Vero. This year they busted through that gap (no pun intended). They stayed consistent in their approach and it finally paid off.
  3. I just want to recognize the job Coach Irvin Johnson has done at Treasure Coast. Coach Johnson and his staff has done an amazing job turning that program into what it is today. I guess my old comment of "coaching is overrated" can truly be challenged now. LOL. That staff has completely changed the culture of the Treasure Coast program during his 10+ years there.
  4. I agree....... I could have just "liked" the comment but I'm trying to get my post count up enough to be considered an "ELITE POSTER".
  5. Two of this boards most "ELITE POSTER'S" favorite teams just lost in back to back weeks against Florida High. I can't wait for the head to head match up of those two "ELITE POSTERS" favorite teams next week. Should be a barn burner...LOL
  6. Exactly....Crazy that they don't have a concrete plan on something that is likely to happen. Kinda disrespectful that they gave the we don't respond to hypotheticals answer. Given the current situation of the last 6 months I don't think that was a well thought out response by the FHSAA.
  7. Wasn't referring to you..but now that you mentioned it
  8. Great post coach....Also congrats on the win last night
  9. I really hope that the above post by me doesn't get deleted
  10. Jesse might leave the board again for a short time period only to come right back. Kinda reminds me of another poster that has stated that he was leaving only to come back after a short hiatus
  11. "With my mind on my money and my money on my mind"
  12. Oh and by the way those three players are still killing it in the ACC. The "undersized" first team all state player is killing it as a student in college and is one of the smartest people I know.
  13. I had a position group that had 3 players on it that went on to start as true freshman at Universities in the ACC Conference. I also had a player in the same position group that was considered too small for big college football. The player that was "undersized" was the only one out of that talented group to make first team all state honors.
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