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  1. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    You live there bro? Got first hand knowledge? Im just saying if your going to make statements like that about people who risk their lives everyday I would hope you have some personal knowledge and examples of this. Part of being a man is understanding that what you say does have some power to it.
  2. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    Good luck to anyone that has to block #88 for Apopka.

    May I recommend BadBird? He is much younger but is a bit less wiser than Proseteye.

    Dang, Jambun and Proset need to get a room! LOL...Too many signs of public affection
  5. 2019 1st round playoff attendance

    Niceville is one of the best atmospheres in Florida.
  6. FHSAA out of control

    LOL...Way different
  7. You make the Call

    Jambun from what you seen on the video, would you have called holding on that specific play? If not, why? If so, why?
  8. You make the Call

    Not really. He penetrated the B gap with low pads, which is good goal line technique. He made have been the only one actually playing goal line defense. Wow, the trench play on that play was bad for both sides of the ball. Still the penalty should not have been called. Especially in that situation. No holding on that play.
  9. FHSAA out of control

    Jambun, do you have any examples of this from past games? I'm just curious.
  10. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Lakeland is far more talented than anyone on their schedule. They might be in a little bit of a mid season sleep walk right now. But trust me, they will wake up come playoffs.
  11. Clearwater international academy 14 atlantic 3 HALF

    I heard Tom Cruise is the Football Operations Director and John Travolta is the DC.
  12. Miramar head coach suspended for remainder of season.

    Took me a while...Luckily the school gave me a laptop and I Youtubed how to post a picture. Damn it was tough
  13. Miramar head coach suspended for remainder of season.

    I am glad Bad Bird and Jambun worked out their differences
  14. Boca Ciega Beat Tarpon 88-0 in 3 qtrs

    Ati graduated from Tarpon in 1998.
  15. Going into the game Northeast knew they only had 25 players. Don't play the game if you think your kids are going to get hurt. If this is true then they should just cancel the season. As a coach you are doing your kids a disservice if you quit during the game.