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  1. Lakeland, George Jenkins, Kathleen, victory christian, Santa Fe catholic, Lakeland christian and that's all I think about at the moment lol
  2. This game might have been apart of the espn geico high school showcase if it was regular season instead of kickoff classic . This game is still huge tho
  3. this is a very interesting list but I like it even tho I think Manatee is a little to low
  4. yes it has. They got a lot of promising young talent out their that will take off within the next few years, a lot of sophomores and juniors this upcoming season, including 2 very promising freshman
  5. Oh yea it's true, he's got it on his twitter page, he wrote a little story thinking the PSJ program and everything and said playing a national schedule that comes with world class training was to good of a opportunity to pass up
  6. just seen this to, 2019 Alabama commit, this kid is big time
  7. News Talk 930 WLSS for Manatee football, they also have on Manateefootball.com the live stream of every game
  8. It would be nice to see some new flavor win state instead of the same teams all the time
  9. you quoted my message saying that, that's why I thought u were mistaking me for somebody else but it's all good though
  10. you must be thinking of columbiahighfan because I never said I wasn't familiar with 98 percent of south florida teams or even thought plantation high was AHP lol
  11. exactly 1 game at a time and yea lost to bradenton southeast 19-17, southeast lead 19-0 at halftime and the vanguard defense played the game of their life in the 2nd half, held southeast to 20 something yards total in that 2nd half, vanguard kicker hooked a 24 yard field goal with 15 seconds left, he was a straight away kicker but had to kick that one off the hash. Biggest heartbreaker I have ever experienced, it was hard with me being only 9 years old then, cried all the way from Daytona back to ocala and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one lol
  12. Trinity Catholic. He was going to transfer to vanguard for his senior season but decided to stay at TC
  13. agree. This is going to be their best shot they have had since that heartbreaking defeat in 94, I just hope they don't get caught up in all the hype that's surrounding them going into this season, I have seen that happen with North Marion plenty of times, they get caught up in all that talk and let it get to their heads and they fall short of the ultimate goal of winning a state championship
  14. Played JV his freshman and sophomore years and first year on varsity full time last season, I'll be going over to St Petersburg to watch them kick off the season against Admiral Farragut on the 26th
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