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  1. This would be a cool thing to see, how long of streaks do some schools have of at least winning 1 playoffs game a year.
  2. Maxpreps seems to think Cocoa has lost: Treasure Coast Jensen Beach Viera(The dead giveaway Maxpreps is wrong) Glades Central
  3. That map is very lenient with it's region descriptions.
  4. Off the top of my head no.
  5. Never. We've always had the upper part of the bracket.
  6. Cocoa is 2/3 on this. Never been in the same classification as Pahokee to see them in the playoffs.
  7. How close was Cocoa to this, if you know?
  8. Marcus Lattimore or should I assume these are Florida only things?
  9. TBF, we have always had elite level runners to make up for the lack of passing scheme.
  10. 2008: 3-14 2009: 4-4 2010: 1-1 2016: 0-1 2017: 4-13
  11. Cocoa vs Bolles 2016 is the game he is referencing. Cocoa went 0-1 on pass attempts and still won 31-17.
  12. Space & Treasure Coast directs to the Southwest page.
  13. Cocoa just missed being in this group at 33-6. Also of note, IMG also just missed being in this group at 29-0.
  14. Blake Bortles was so underranked that most schools recruited him as a 2/3-star TE.
  15. Coach Wilk(Cocoa) for sure and maybe Coach Rogers(Bolles).
  16. What’s the record for most consecutive state semi finals appearances? Is Cocoa’s run from 2007-2018 the longest?
  17. How I would always describe it was a running version of the air raid offense. At least that's how it was in the latter half of Coach Wilk's career at Cocoa.
  18. That's the feeling I got from the interview.
  19. Some cool insight into our new HC. https://www.floridatoday.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2018/05/31/q-cocoa-high-head-football-coach-ryan-schneider/642189002/
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