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  1. Coach

    Spring Football

    As a football coach up near Orlando, I am very much resigned to the fact that we likely will not have Spring ball. After today's announcement of students having to stay away from schools until at least April 15, I think that the FHSAA will have cover to cancel all Spring sports. I feel worst for seniors who can't finish sports like track, weightlifting, etc.
  2. I can't speak to transfers showing up (which I am sure they will, considering the success of the program) but a schedule like that sure feels like Edgewater is confident about their chances to make another run at the State Championship. However, going undefeated feels like a stretch to me. I have no doubts about them having a great year though.
  3. West Orange - Mike Granato. He has stops as an assistant at Apopka and Edgewater recently.
  4. Maybe I'm a little bit shell shocked because I'm in an area where there aren't many teams that can have that kind of sustained success. To me, 60+ wins in a row (regular season, I know) is already an outstanding accomplishment. That's not easy to do. Is it as impressive as other streaks since it didn't include the playoffs/state titles? I don't think so. Does it need to be a decade long to be impressive? No. I think there's a reason many teams haven't been able to accomplish what Vero has done, and is there anybody else who is close to Vero's win streak? I'm not too familiar with other areas of the state?
  5. You made some really good points in the top part of your post. Safety is an issue when all of the D-1 (heck, even NAIA) talent transfers to one or two schools and everybody else has to piece together a roster with scraps. Nobody wants their 5'10, 180 LB offensive lineman of a son trying to stop a DUDE on a super team. But, I think public schools - and the athletic programs associated with them - will never get rid of football. There would have to be a major influx of these academies. And I think that public schools offer avenues for all those kids who want to play sports and know they aren't going to go anywhere near the pros (which I'm assuming is a boat a lot of us on this board probably ended up in hahaha). High school is about more than being geared for athletics, so as long as there are enough bodies to field teams safely and enough coaches willing to put in the time, there will be high school football. It might look a lot different in 20 years, but it'll be there.
  6. I think that academies are going to rise because people want to make money off of students and parents who are too naive to realize that college coaches do still come talk to and visit with high school coaches. That being said, I cannot imagine any scenario where high schools drop sports (especially like football and basketball) because of these academies. The most I could see in the future would be two separate entities playing for State Titles - one for public schools and one for private, but even that seems like a stretch. Extracurriculars are too important to high schools, especially public high schools, to get rid of the most popular. I do get what you're saying though and I believe that these academies are going to end up doing a lot more harm than good for high school athletics.
  7. I know in most counties, coaching pay for any sport is given as a supplement on top of your salary and there’s very little in terms of different supplements for winning - although some counties give a postseason bonus. I’m in Central Florida so in Orange and Osceola Counties I’m pretty sure a HFC gets a stipend of like $4,500 for the entire year - including summer and Spring ball. Now that’s not to say there aren’t other ways to make more (ie booster clubs or being a head/assistant coach for other sports) but most counties in my area pay that 4000-4500 for the HC and call it a day.
  8. As an aspiring HC, I think that you need an administration that has your back and believes in your vision - especially if you're a first-time HC. I'd say a supportive community would be great but that will come with success on the field. Every coach is a competitor and wants to compete for/win championships but that's not why you take over a team. Gotta be in it to build better sons/young men and future employees, husbands/fathers. If you're in it for that reason and find an admin who supports you, you are doing something right.
  9. Kathleen is on the Polk County website
  10. From a coaching standpoint, you have kids work all year to get to the playoffs. It’s hard, especially for some teams that were on the bubble/in contention until that last week of the season, to get kids to gear up for what feels like a “participation trophy” type deal.
  11. FLORIDA'S OLDEST RIVALRY (101st MEETING): DeSoto County Palatka No. 2 St. Thomas Aquinas No. 5 Armwood No. 13 Lakewood No. 14 Bartram Trail No. 17 Vero Beach No. 22 Apopka Columbia Bolles Dunnellon South Dade
  12. I'd be that team to sneak into the playoffs at 4-6 to win a ring. Hands down. No hesitation.
  13. University Christian Vero Beach Champagnat Catholic Madison County Cocoa Dillard St. Thomas Aquinas Tampa Bay Tech Mandarin Riverview (Sarasota)
  14. Madison County Columbia Armwood Boca Ciega Seminole Apopka Treasure Coast NSU Colquitt County Berkeley Prep
  15. I know Osceola County pretty well and St. Cloud hasn't won a playoff game in almost 40 years (1980). That's a long time between wins (I think they're still looking for the second playoff win ever).
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