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  1. I've always thought that you have to schedule so that you can challenge yourself a few times a year, let the rivalries drive gates and then play games that will make you compete/get better. In order to be a good team, you have to beat good teams. I'm an Osceola County/Orange County guy. The Orange County schools have so much talent it's easy to put together a tough schedule. Osceola has been hoarding talent (not meant as a recruiting-type dig - they've been good and they hold on to their talented players) and can compete with most anybody. As for scheduling up/down a classification, I thi
  2. Tyler Wesley had been a two-year starter at Toho, but I don't think he'd play QB there. Toho lost Coach Deas - who was super popular on that campus - to Feltrim Academy. A bunch of players have transferred out since, but I'd imagine that as soon as the coach left those kids were looking for the door. I would think Mascoe would stay at OHS since his dad played there and he left a great program to come play at Osceola. They are LOADED this year.
  3. I was talking about the QB at Toho. He ended up at Edgewater. Their best LB ended up at Dr. Phillips. That program - which was on the rise and looking to compete with OHS - is back to square 1. I had only mentioned Toho because their former coach got mentioned as a potential replacement.
  4. I would think that, if they were going to keep it in house, Pinellas would end up being the guy. I agree that they likely know who they want. It's a great job for someone. And speaking of Toho, I've heard that place is starting to sink already since Deas left. Their senior QB just transferred to Edgewater.
  5. I'd be interested to see how many kids decide to "transfer" once Spring is over.
  6. In there area I am, Coach Nichols has a great reputation and is very well-liked. He's leaving a great gig behind for someone to takeover! https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/os-sp-doug-nichols-osceola-retires-20210504-5yknkfm6cfagnncpvulp5qe2d4-story.html
  7. There are tons all over Twitter. Is there anyone in particular that you're looking for?
  8. Even if the number of classifications stay the same, maybe make every classification region-based like 1A-4A. Require at least 8 games be teams in your region, with two games scheduled freely. Then, you really have to be the best of the best to have a shot.
  9. It'll be tough for sure. LBV near Dr. Phillips and Horizon near West Orange (which is on its way back up). I think there was a lot of excitement for Windermere when it opened because it was near WO and they've struggled too. I think any team starting up near Central Florida will have a tough time because of all the established schools in the area. Any news about that Tocoi Creek? I know almost nothing about them...
  10. No problem. I'm curious to see if the two new schools in Orlando can build up a program right now. I think it'll be a tough go for either team. Davenport could be a good spot.
  11. I know I am around Orlando and there are two new schools opening in August. Lake Buena Vista and Horizon are in the same District so they're fielding Varsity teams. There's also Davenport High opening in Polk County.
  12. I really hope this leads to a change in the classification system for the next two-year cycle. School population/geography alone are not the most effective ways to determine classifications or districts (especially for 5A-8A).
  13. I agree with that for sure. And now, when students can transfer at will, the established powerhouse will always have the most talent (in a County like Osceola, Collier, Volusia, etc) and the others will beat up on each other trying to catch-up. But until there's a county team that can compete with and beat Osceola regularly, they'll remain unchallenged there. As for the respect piece, Osceola deserves all the recognition they can get. Great team, great coaching staff. I hope they can play for a title this year!
  14. I'm from the Orlando area and I think the biggest thing to happen in regards to Osceola is the competition. Nobody really doubts that Osceola is a good football team. But, in Osceola county, who competes with them? They zombie through every team in their county and their District isn't necessarily strong. I think the teams in Orange get more respect because the county is so deep with talent - in 8A you have Apopka, Dr. Phillips, West Orange is on the rise, etc. So Osceola being the "big dog" in their county will always have more attention on them after they lose as opposed to when they win bec
  15. Yeah. Edgewater has another great team this year. Should be a good match-up with what I'm assuming will be Viera.
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