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  1. 2019 Bowl Games

    From a coaching standpoint, you have kids work all year to get to the playoffs. It’s hard, especially for some teams that were on the bubble/in contention until that last week of the season, to get kids to gear up for what feels like a “participation trophy” type deal.

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  3. 60 straight wins or state titles

    I'd be that team to sneak into the playoffs at 4-6 to win a ring. Hands down. No hesitation.

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  6. Longest Playoff Win Drought

    I know Osceola County pretty well and St. Cloud hasn't won a playoff game in almost 40 years (1980). That's a long time between wins (I think they're still looking for the second playoff win ever).

    AHP Apopka Miami Central Edgewater Rockledge Columbia BT CCC Cocoa FPC
  8. 16 Struggling Playoff Teams

    I would be surprised if Bishop Moore doesn't win by at least two scores
  9. 16 Struggling Playoff Teams

    In my neck of the woods I can say that Harmony lost like 30 seniors to graduation last year from a roster of about 55-60. Lot's of turnover there this year. A few kids transferred out and they lost some pretty talented coaches. It's going to be a long year for the Longhorns.

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  11. Truth

    Regardless of scheduling, winning that many games in a row is not easy. Getting kids up for every game and every opponent week in and week out is tough. That's why a lot of teams don't win 56 games in a row. They still have to go out and win every Friday, which they've done for a while now.
  12. Why UCF isn't 2017 National Champions Excuse thread.

    As a UCF Alum, I'm all about them claiming a stake in the National Championship because they caught lightning in a bottle. The problem with scheduling is that Power 5 teams won't schedule UCF. That Stanford game was scheduled years ago and they just played it. Can you see a team at the higher end of the SEC or ACC scheduling UCF? Not a chance. It's a tough spot for UCF because when they lose a game, they were over-rated and had no reason to be there but then they win and it's "That Pac-12 team was soft. Pitt is at the bottom of the ACC." Or, from the other side of it - beating UCF doesn't do much for a Power 5 school other than a win over a ranked opponent. But, say a team like Oklahoma or Florida schedules them and UCF wins? Then they get legitimized and it hurts the Power 5 system in general. I get the fact that people don't like that they proclaimed themselves National Champions. But, people disrespect the dominance they've shown over the last 3 years and try to sweep it under the rug. As football fans, which we are, that's just being boneheaded.
  13. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    Around where I live people still turn out in droves for St. Cloud/Osceola even though the rivalry has been lopsided for years.
  14. When do you go for 2?

    Totally. I've always pulled double duty as JV HC and a Varsity assistant and I'm the one who advocates going for two. Maybe I'm just too aggressive but I think it puts other teams in a bind, especially if you're good near the goal line, because it changes the way they have to call plays. Plus, if you go 1/2 you still have 14 points.At least that's how I look at it.
  15. When do you go for 2?

    I was a JV Head Coach for a long time and I would go for two every time we scored for the sheer fact that we didn't have kids who could field goal block or a kid who could consistently kick. On our varsity team, we run a swinging gate so the defense dictates how we attack them. My personal philosophy is to go for two with your regular offense as often as possible. But, that's just me...