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  1. Yeah. Edgewater has another great team this year. Should be a good match-up with what I'm assuming will be Viera.
  2. St. Cloud got hit with the virus. They forfeited their game at Edgewater.
  3. I think this week has some good games as well. Again, when I look at some of these "powerhouse" schools, I don't really see anyone who can get tripped up by a much inferior opponent this week. I think these brackets have shaken out in a way that the best teams in each region will begin playing each other in Round 3. Any body think a team like Weikiva, Edgewater, etc is getting knocked out this week? I can't imagine it. Are there other areas with more potential for upsets?
  4. Looking at the brackets and with the bigger classifications really getting rolling tonight, does anyone see a chance in Rounds 1 or 2 for any major program to suffer an upset? I am not as familiar with other areas of the state as some of you are. I just know that in my area, I can't really see any major names falling off in the early rounds because the talent gap between some teams is just ridiculous.
  5. I'm not knocking the school; they have athletes on that campus. As for the coaches on that campus not allowing multiple sport athletes, shame on them. It does the athletes a disservice in either sport by trying to hoard them.
  6. One thing I will say about some of those 8A schools in the Orlando area is that they've either never had success or they have a student population that doesn't value football. Schools that tend to be large with a heavy population of Hispanic students tend to care more about soccer, baseball and basketball than football. It's mainly because their families didn't grow up watching football so it isn't as big of a deal. A great example is Poinciana. They are historically one of the worst football schools around but they won a State Championship in basketball a few years ago. So the athletes are on
  7. First question - I don't think there is a specific personnel grouping needed to take a knee. Granted, in high school we tell the refs and they make sure there is nothing crazy happening. At the end of the day, you're down in college as soon as your knee touches the ground. I think he was just trying to cover himself from being accused of running it up. Which leads to the second question - can you run it up? I think that depends. If you're kicking onside and throwing go balls against a team that is down 45-17, that's kind of a jerk move (again, I'm speaking as a HS football coach) but it's also
  8. I think kickoffs will get phased out too. Player safety is always going to be the most important thing in high school sports - as it ought to be. As for kicking extra points, I can't imagine a scenario where they move the ball back or anything right now. Some schools have teams who can't even line-up a field goal unit, let alone get a kid who can kick the ball accurately from 25-30 yards out. I just think it would help the better programs and hurt the worse ones disproportionately. But, I could also just be an old, crazy guy.
  9. I agree with the first part for sure. An imperfect system for an imperfect season. I think the brackets shake out in a way that the teams that are "supposed" to advance will regardless of where they play. Obviously, it stinks that a winless team is getting a bye but it's like that all over. Again, as a Central Florida guy I laugh because St. Cloud has a bye in 7A then they travel to what will likely be Edgewater. Osceola has a bye and it looks like they won't have much in the way of difficulty in Round 2. Dr. Phillips got jobbed though by having to travel so far. So I take the brackets for wha
  10. As an Osceola/Orange County guy, I look at the brackets and think that there's no way they were "randomly generated." Look at that region in 7A. Weikiva, Edgewater, Viera and Wiregrass don't have to play each other until Round 3. While I get that a bracket should have the best teams advancing, random chance would dictate there would be more powerhouse matchups early in the playoffs than we're seeing. Osceola and Apopka getting byes seems appropriate though in 8A. They should have those.
  11. I know where I am now, we have the varsity and JV guys together for Indy with the varsity coaches. After that, the JV guys split off with JV coaches and work team stuff while varsity guys get special teams/group work. I think that places outside of Florida can have different priorities simply because with the higher salaries, there is more pressure on varsity coaches to win.
  12. Oh yeah. I forgot. Isn't Tohopekaliga the new flavor of the month down around that area?
  13. Osceola has a ton of talent on the DL, Skill positions and they got a transfer QB in as well. They could make a run this year.
  14. Obviously, I'm late to the party on this thread but I think you have to opt-in regardless (unless you're in an area that cannot play anytime soon). I think being able to add games after getting bounced from the playoffs may help some teams that don't usually make it get a taste of postseason life. I think it also allows teams to do right by their seniors and let them get a chance to go chase a ring.
  15. As a football coach up near Orlando, I am very much resigned to the fact that we likely will not have Spring ball. After today's announcement of students having to stay away from schools until at least April 15, I think that the FHSAA will have cover to cancel all Spring sports. I feel worst for seniors who can't finish sports like track, weightlifting, etc.
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