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  1. Im hearing very soon they will make the announcement and that it will be Santonio Holmes but they are working through some legal issues in his past to see if the district will clear him but if not then they will go with Rashad I believe his name he coached on the college level and is an alumni of the school.
  2. Top two 2021 prospects both left within a month
  3. Just founded out Santino Marucci 3 star Wake Forest Commit QB from Benjamin has transferred to Bartram Trail? That's a shocker there with him leaving Benjamin
  4. The Newman kid coach step down after the season and I believe thats what pushed him out.
  5. Right just this year along Palm Beach Central I believe lost players to Aquinas, Atlantic lost one to Aquinas, Wellington lost one to Gibbons, Cardinal Newman lost one to Aquinas, I believe Benjamin lost their QB to a school out of county and I'm sure there are or will be more kids making that trip south.
  6. Recently probably for the past few years more palm beach county players are leaving Palm Beach and playing in broward and dade both private and public why do you guys feel this is happening? I believe the last big school to win state in palm beach was dwyer in 2013 and with most of the top players playing in different counties south of palm beach I think that streak will continue.
  7. I see Luke posted about hiring a new General Manager at Edison is that a slang for A.D? or it's a new position created? I need my Dade guys to fill me in on this please.
  8. Every year you just mentioned compare both rosters, deerfield has the most talent each and every night they step on the field outside of saint thomas I put Vero and Deerfield in the same conversation every year.
  9. Having a roster that has players from 3 counties playing against schools that isn't "allowed" to recruit their talent (which some do but not from other counties I assuming), you should only have 1 losing season. I truly believe that STA, Heritage Schools, Trinity, IMG, and etc should all be in the same district IMO.
  10. Great point didn't think of the push back from teachers, I believe Texas has the same issue with the teachers complaining about the salary of some of the coaches out there.
  11. Yes please simplify, so are they allowed or no? and if so why not more schools pay these guys and if not why it isn't allowed?
  12. Great point there but also having the private schools playing with different rules, regulations and also a different purse gives them an unfair advantage. Look at some of the private schools facilities, equipment, coaching staff, travel operations and etc. But yes like you stated it will probably turn into that have and have not landscape but the current system is out dated for sure.
  13. My question is why doesn't the state allow boosters to raise money for coaches or give these guys incentive performance base contracts? I mean to pay those guys one set stipend if Team A goes 2-8 or 15-0, what is the motivation or carrot for these coaches? But we then complain when the coaches leave for other states that will pay them for the work they do.
  14. And if the coaches are not working around the calendar then their players will transfer out because "X" coach are working around the clock and now you have a less talented program which means you lose games and now you are fired from your teaching and coaching job and is forced to relocate your family all for like a $8,000 supplement coaching job?
  15. I'm just now seeing that the last official day for a few lucky/un-lucky coaches is next Friday December 13th right? That means that these coaches are working from January to January because of the early signing day in December now these coaches are engaged in their programs for 12 months no break and majority of these guys are Teachers first right? because that is what pay their bills I will assume because I don't think the state/county stipends pay the bills in majority of these programs. I know the demands on these coaches is UN-realistic because they do have to work on top of coach "year-ro
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