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  1. Transfer season

    Dwyer- 2020 DB Colby Dempsey Transferred to STA Dwyer- 2020 WR Myron Levy Transferred to STA Palm Beach Central- 2020 DE Griffin Lampton Transferred to STA Palm Beach Central- 2020 TE Jake Ray Transferred to STA That's all I have heard and confirmed at this point in Palm Beach County
  2. This year in Palm Beach County we did not have one Pubic School that made it to Orlando, we did have one Private Program to make it up to Orlando who loss to a very good C.M team this year. We did have some programs in Palm Beach County that had a successful season and their programs are headed in the right direction. Number 1 Team in Palm Beach County- Palm Beach Central they had a good run this year finishing the regular season at 9-1 and eventually loss in the Regional Finals to Deerfield Beach. Palm Beach Central lose a lot through graduation but I'm pretty sure they will load up in the "Transfer Season" so I expect them to be in the thick of things next season. Number 2 Team in Palm Beach County- Dwyer They also finish the regular season at 9-1 and just like Palm Beach Central, Dwyer pretty much ran through the regular season (accept for week 2 ATL) they also loss a lot to graduation but Dwyer has loss talent every year and find ways to reload (Palm Beach Gardens best back transferred to Dwyer in November) and become one of the best teams in the state every season. Palm Beach 7a will be very interesting with Atlantic moving down to that classification. Number 3 Team in Palm Beach County- Atlantic, If we are speaking of the Top 5 at the end of the regular season Atlantic will be the number 1 team. But Atlantic finish the regular season 10-0 and loss the first round of the playoffs to a Western Program that wasn't expected to play 2 quarters with Atlantic. With all the success last season Atlantic was very young and they return a lot of talent, I am very confident Atlantic will be one of the top teams in 7a next season. Number 4 Team in Palm Beach County- Glades Central finish the regular season at 7-3, they over achieved which is something you don't hear talking about the muck programs but they wasn't expected to compete and win versus a very good Booker T Washington program. The look ahead with this program is clouded because of the uncertainty with all the coaching movements with this staff to start the off season. Number 5 Team in Palm Beach County- Kings Academy, Kings was the only program to make it to Orlando. They was a very scrappy bunch that had some things go their way along their journey to Orlando. They are another program that loss some key pieces to their success one being their dynamic Quarterback so their 2019 outlook is very difficult especially with Trinity falling back down to the 3a classification.
  3. pahokee football

    I haven't read anything I think it's all rumor at this point
  4. pahokee football

    Pahokee I'm sure those three names was guys that look to be the Pahokee Head guy long term but Glades Central Willie Snead and Casko I think was guys that was looking for a stepping stone job.
  5. pahokee football

    He has a valid point Glades Central last few hires been Muck guess 1. Hester (twice) 2. Willie Snead 3. Casko 4. R. Blackman Pahokee 1. Walkes 2. A. Smith 3. B. Thompson So do outside coaches have a chance at these jobs?
  6. pahokee football

    All 3 are valid points and I think its just very tough to come in there as a outside coach and also get a staff in there that is not from the area.
  7. pahokee football

    A lot going on this off season with those two programs. I hope the two programs get back on track (state championships) because high school football is at it best when you have the Glades at the state championship games.
  8. pahokee football

    So what will it take to get those graduates to come back and right the ship at both programs? Is that direction that the two programs want to go? Not sure but I assuming both staffs currently are Glades guys meaning they played their ball there and are from those communities? I could be wrong about Pahokee Head guy
  9. pahokee football

    The last 8 years or so Glade central I believe has had 4 or 5 coaches? How many pahokee?
  10. pahokee football

    Agree there
  11. pahokee football

    So what will be different with this new staff? I also hear rumblings of Glade Central changing coaching staffs as well?
  12. pahokee football

    Not saying the entire staff but guys here and there
  13. pahokee football

    Truly understandable but attending local games for years I have seen the Head guy get changed in the Glades there but then the fabric of the team is made up of the last coaches ass. from the previous year or before.
  14. pahokee football

    They seem to change coaches on the muck every 3 seasons but always bring back the same assistants and if that happens again I see the problems continuing at both schools trying to get back to their dominant ways.
  15. 1 Team from Palm Beach County made it to Orlando?

    I agree with that