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  1. Apopka Single Wing: How can you argue with their success? We just want to line up correctly.
  2. I did not know there were greener pastures.
  3. TOCOI Creek is fielding a Varsity team this year....they just will not have seniors this season. This brand new school in Northwest St Augustine already has a posted schedule and seem to be well in their way. #GoToros
  4. We are hoping to line up correctly.
  5. No sir. Good luck to a talented Miami Palmetto team rest of the way. Maybe we will see you again some day.
  6. "If there is a criticism, offensively-speaking, I think it lies in needing more Bobby McMillan last night. 56, while active, played upfield all night, allowing himself to be incredibly susceptible to the trap game. Saw Lenny exploit this on a few occasions--just thought there was more to be had in this regard." They had a spy on Bobby all night long. While #56 did play up field quite a bit, Palmetto did play him at different positions all night long....and he made his presence known wherever he lined up. Over the years I have seen many good / great defensive linemen.....especially
  7. You want to know what happened? Coach Dan Burke left.
  8. I am not one to make excuses...especially against referees after a loss. I always found it counter-productive in the long run. Those striped shirt guys have to make decisions in a split second, and I am sure the human factor comes into play more often than not. Its not like they have replay (to look back on) to see if it was the correct call or not. Beating them over the head on one call will virtually assure you you will not get the next close call if it presents itself...just my opinion. That being said, there were some questionable calls last night as there always are. I am sure
  9. Palmetto is a very very talented football team. Unfortunately, they did lose their 3 star QB early in the playoff series. True right now their offense is rather simplistic..but you still have to stop it. Fantastic athletes make plays...its just that simple. This week Palmetto was better than they were last week....their coaches are making adjustments on the run every week to get better and better offensively. But the defense....#56-#2- #18 .....hell the whole unit, were the truth. We did not line up very well last night.
  10. I will let you know how we line up tonight vs Palmetto.
  11. This is /was a very good Boone team who fought to the very end. Take nothing away from them...they are a tough gutsy bunch. That being said, the referees assigned to this game were from out-of-area. We have never seen them before this night. Tough calls went for and against each team all night long. The game could have easily gone either way, but VB made one final play to end the overtime. The YouTube announcer stands on top of the PressBox and is not seen or heard by the public announcer (inside the PressBox) for the games. In fact, I have never even heard the YouTube guys myself until
  12. We just wanted to line up correctly.
  13. Hopefully Vero Beach will line up correctly.
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