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  1. I just hope we can line up correctly.
  2. My apologies. No disrespect intended. Truth is, both schools can really play some ball. Going to miss you dudes at football camp this year. I was just hoping we could line up correctly. lol
  3. Well, you have to coach before you line up correctly! Really is an unfortunate situation for everyone involved. Hope everyone in the Muck is safe.
  4. As a coach, I just hate the whole situation period. All we want to do is Coach ball.
  5. https://www.local10.com/news/local/2020/05/23/miami-northwestern-senior-high-schools-football-coach-suspended-over-alleged-training-during-pandemic/ Hate This.
  6. DB was the best team VB has seen this year....and this includes the 7 on 7 season with national competition, and FCA Football camp They should be your next 8A State Champion. We did not line up very well.
  7. I am just hoping VB gets lined up correctly.
  8. Appreciate the support. I would like VB just to line up correctly.
  9. We must have lined up correctly.
  10. I just want to line up correctly.
  11. Was not sure of the dates...but I do remember going up there for a game. I remember the stadium was awesome...really an old-school small town experience....much like our own home stadium in VB. I believe that Coach Livings and your HC were friends.
  12. Actually, VB and Columbia played a home and home in the 80's.
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