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  1. Glades Central Vs Pahokee Devils Vs Raiders In Belle Glade It's finna go down one of the best games of the year. Glades central has finally found their strength and is clicking on all cylinders with their passing game, defense still struggles which can be a key point in muck bowl. I'm not going to put everything on the cocoa game for pahokee season , cause Cocoa is a great team with a lot of studs. For glades central to beat pahokee they have to stop the run, if they can stop the run then gc wins cause pahokee qb is not really accurate. The atmosphere and the environment will be hostile and this game count for playoff spots and points as well, glades central just slid to #4 seed this week while pahokee remains at #1 to go to the playoffs. I love to see Glades Central play University again while pahokee rematches madison county in the playoffs, which I think glades central will beat University because Glades Central has been tested this year and from the looks of university schedule they haven't been tested besides GC, Miami pace and this friday against chiminade-madonna. With pahokee madison county looks the same still undefeated and looking good, but the difference in that game is pahokee isn't good as they was last year and madison hasn't seen speed like pahokee all year. And also this year pahokee might have to go to madison county which can cause problems for pahokee since that's a six hour drive but pahokee fans will travel. Let me know your thoughts and predictions for the muck bowl and playoffs for both teams.
  2. glades not really that good this year and defensive line lacks in size and offensive line can't block. but the secondary and the wr's are good and the qb is not really good so ox might do blow this one away I hope not though.
  3. Hey guys what you think about gc vs oxbridge @ oxbridge a lot of people saying oxbridge might put a running on Glades Central. I think glades central has a chance in this one but will lose in the trenches towards the end, but if oxbridge was to put a running clock on gc I wouldn't be surprised. Glades central looked good against clewiston but then again that's clewiston they are not good, but you never know glades central might surprise us all on thursday stay tuned. Give me feedback on what you think about the game and the results and who got the advantage with the matchups.
  4. Gc Went To Oakleaf Won A Hard Fought Game 13-12. But here's the bad news Dwyer lost to Atlantic at home and was shut out after halftime. So Dwyer will be hungry coming to belle glade after a lost at home, glades central offense has to play better to beat Dwyer both teams coming in with 1st year QB's who tends to make a lot of mistakes so this one is a toss up. But from what I seen Dwyer does has a nice size with their d-line which can cause trouble for glades central offensive line cause they are weak. But then again Dwyer secondary is suspect so if Gc o-line holds up and Gc gets passes off then things should be looking good for Gc cause they have the talent at Wr they just have to catch the ball. Worst case scenario for Gc is they qb throws a lot of interceptions the line don't block and the defense gets tired after being on the field too long and gets wore out by Dwyer offense. Should be a good one in belle glade it's really a toss up, but I know most people are going to go with Dwyer to win this one so glades central got to come out clicking on offense to shock some people on Friday. Let me know your predictions and thoughts on the game folks! Pahokee offense didn't look good and struggled against Palm beach lakes in a 6-0 the first week of the season. If pahokee offense still struggles Friday then Atlantic will run away with this one, I seen Atlantic play Dwyer on tv on Friday and their defense is very fast and has great size so pahokee has to find a way to move the ball cause they are not just going to run down the field on Atlantic like they do teams in 1A football. But if pahokee can get the running game going and get some receivers and the TE Morgan involved then they have a chance cause pahokee defensive line is big and impressive but pahokee secondary has to hold up cause Atlantic has some good wr's that can run past you and go up on you and they have good size. It's going to be a good one in Atlantic cause pahokee front seven is good, Atlantic is not just going to run all over pahokee. Pahokee has to clean up mistakes and penalties from week 1 but since they had a bye week last week they should be prepared. Also with Atlantic coming off a win at Dwyer which gave them confidence after a week 1 lost to Palm beach central both teams been talking smack to each other since the summer so it will be a hard hitting exciting game. Let me know your thoughts on pahokee vs Atlantic folks!
  5. glades central has a long way to go to being a good team they look sloppy plays not legit wr's drop too many balls o-line is not good d-line is too small get washed out the play all night and can't stop the run they need this win against oakleaf cause it's going to be tough going to dwyer next week and winning with the way they played against university.
  6. Glades Central has a long way to go to even think about the playoffs. If you seen florida gators offense these past years that's how glades central's offense looks. Can't move the ball gets holding penalties all the time and the play calling is not good, oh and also the qb can't run and the offensive line doesn't block long enough. It's like the offense has no sense of urgency on the field, the only reason university didn't blow them out because the had 5 turnovers and university qb is young so he made a lot of mistakes by throwing interceptions and holding the ball too long. Jessie Hester son #4 is a great athlete but other than him has to step up for the raiders on offense, the running back is good but the offensive line isn't so that limits what he can do and breaking big runs. Also, if any team has a good o-line and wr's that can block they will beat GC because the defensive line is too small and can't stop the run university running back over a hundred yards rushing. Also, in practice they need to get their wr's using to catching the ball when a defender is on them another reason why they lost to university was too many dropped balls. That's an major issue seems like the wr's was timid and frustrated because university corners and safety's was in they face all night and making them feel the boom every time they attempted the catch the ball. From what I seen if they don't improve soon then they looking at an record of 4-6 5-5 and no playoffs they just don't have the spark and the talent to beat the top teams unless they improve. Jet is going to get ran out of town again if they don't improve hopefully they can win at oakleaf tomorrow that will look good because of them having to travel so far. Tough games coming up with dwyer, american heritage-delray, clewiston, oxbridge, and pahokee. They really need to win friday to boost morale going into next week vs dwyer at dwyer. Any raider fans tell me how you feel about the season and how you feel about friday game and how they can improve for the rest of the season. Or anybody can respond to my post and let me know how you feel about the season, players, and the coaches.
  7. Pahokee Vs Palm Beach Lakes In Pahokee Next Friday Should Be A Good Game
  8. From what I seen last night glades central might have a long year ahead of them. The quarterback need to be mobile because of the offensive line isn't good, the defensive line doesn't get any pressure the qb has too much time to scamble or pass. They have a couple good receivers and a nice RB. The reason the score was 34-7 because glades central just had more talent than them but a team on glades central with speed and talent Gc is in big trouble. Also once again GC has too many coaches and the players are not disciplined, when they make a big play they run to the stands to celebrate and every time they make a big tackle they jump up dancing and celebrating getting unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Too many holding and false start penalties if the coaches don't clean it up it will come back to bite them later on in the season or in tight games. So we should expect a good game next Friday with University Vs Glades Central In Belle Glade!
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