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  1. Nobody including myself is expecting B'town to win this game, except for may be the players. They have 5-6 that play both ways.We do have SPEED but nothing MC haven't seen. I would imagine MC outweighs us by about 20 pounds per player on the line. They work harder at what they do than any team thats been through here lately. I sure hope they can prove me wrong.
  2. Sorry I do apologize, a friend sent this to me and I posted before checking it out it was an old one from 2013. Again I apologize.
  3. Not trying to be picky but at what bit did baker have it. Nothing personal but after losing the last two games to you guys i just had to throw that in there. Just my twisted sense of humor. Give all the credit to the players they never seem to quit, but this the first time in the last three game's we got away with the win. I just needed to bring this up and I don't know that any other fans have noticed this but the coach for baker has to be one of the most immature coaches I have seen in quite some time. He seem to just quit on the players in the last 7 minutes of the game. I noticed some players trying to get him to pick up the pace on offense and he just ignored them and seem more interested in running the clock out.You would have had to seen it to pick up on what I'm talking about. This is only the third time I've seen this coach in a coaching environment and he seem to be very unprofessional to me. I apologize to any baker fans in advance who might take offense to this, I'm not trying to make any enemies and I really hate to take any thing from the game itself but I can't be the only one who has noticed this.
  4. MAKE YOUR PREDICTION Blountstown Score- Total Yards- Rushing Yards- Passing Yards- Madison County Score- Total Yards- Rushing Yards- Passing Yards- GOOD LUCK TO ALL
  5. Happy Turkey Day to all High school sports fans.
  6. It's all about the way you perceive the game and what side of the field your standing on. I have had thoughts of officials having a personal vendetta against our team or coach for what reason i never could come to a conclusion. When you love the game and the team it's just hard sometime to see it for what it really is. The officials will come and go but the rivalry is here to stay.
  7. I've coached most of these kids from the time that they were 6 years old until they were old enough to play middle school ball I even put a team together with a few of St Joe's Boys on it and played in The Brick House classic a few years ago. I'm going to hate to see this group of boys on both sides go.
  8. I think it is going to be the Southeast Officials Association out of bay county calling the game.
  9. Regardless of who wins, I just really don't want to see baker get past PSJ or B'Town.
  10. I have not been told yet. I will post if I find out
  11. BLOUNTSTOWN 17 Port. St. Joe. 7 Hoping for a good GAME and for the ref's to keep the laundry in their pockets
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