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  1. Lol your just a hater because your team trash this year !! AHP is the same kind of team that we are so your comment doesn’t really matter!!!
  2. Final JAX TCA 27 AHP 14!!! Put JAX TCA back in the top 10 please !!!
  3. Sorry I meant to put JAX TCA in the title not HAD TCA !!! Lol autocorrect
  4. We might have got our a$$ whoop by bolles last week!!! But we are definitely still one of the best teams in the state !!!! Bolles is just that goodddd!!!!!!
  5. Jax tca plays Clearwater Academy International this next week . I was wondering if anybody knows how good CIA Is ? I see they’re undefeated but they haven’t really played anybody!!!
  6. Columbia will be just fine!!!!! Remember jax TCA got destroyed by bolles the first game of the season last year … still went 12-1 beat AHP and won state !!! It’s just one game y’all will be alright
  7. Jax TCA ran the wing-T pretty good to!! We won 3 state championships with that offense, including the team I played for !!!! Hopefully TCA watches this game film and brings back some wing t plays when theY play AHP Later this year!!! and I’m not saying we ran it as good as bolles just throwing that out there lol
  8. What are y’all thoughts on this game? Does anybody know how good Rickards might be this year?
  9. If Jax TCA can get this team of on the right start I believe they can go undefeated this year!!!! bolles murdered us last year so we need to definitely watch out for them. I know AHP is always a great and ppl are saying it will be really hard to be them but I really think we call pull it off with this team!! we have a 63 man roster for a 2a school. We have a lot of d1 prospects in all grades. our o line d line is huge and we will have a really good offense and defense this year !!! size and weight wise this is the biggest TCA team I’ve ever seen. check out our roster on maxpreps or hudl. I hope we have a great season and if we don’t I still love my school.
  10. He left because he wanted to play running back! but we already have a lot of running backs
  11. Jax TCA vs AHP rematch of the great 3-0 battle we had with them last year!! I wonder if we can pull off a victory on them again. what’s y’all thoughts?
  12. Lol this if funny idk why he went to lee just to lose to TCA when they play and not win a state championship!!! it’s like he runs from competition he left TCA because he didn’t want to beat out our QB from last year I’m assuming he left again because now TCA has a 6’2 200 pound Qb that’s a freshman with like 5 d-1 offers that he would have to complete against for the starting spot
  13. Once again that was 10 years ago and it was 42-16 Last time TCA played y’all was 2014 season and they beat y’all 42-7 soo stop bring that up remember we beat American heritage plantation last year and we’re the only team to keep them scoreless !! the only other team that beat AHP was (guess who ?) STA. And STA definitely didn’t keep them to 0 points
  14. I wish STA and JAX TCA would schedule a game !!! I think we could keep up with them on a good day!! we played some pretty good games against IMG and a lot of other national powers
  15. Lol normally TCA don’t get that many at all !!!! I’m guessing all these kids want to win a championship b4 they graduate I honestly don’t think TCA should be in 2a but they can’t help where the Fhsaa classes them
  16. Lol everything I said is out the window now I just found out TCA got way more transferS 4star ath cam Miller from Fernandina 3star ath kyree Hammond from Raines 3star ath Keaton Thomas from bolles Shaun Davis 6’4 330 lb OG from ribault And also Ed white and ridgeviews best line men both around the 6’3 300 range when I find there names I will post it
  17. Just found out Jax TCA has more transfers 4star ath cam Miller from Fernandina 3star ath kyree Hammond from Raines 3star ath Keaton Thomas from bolles Shaun Davis 6’4 330 lb OG from ribault And also Ed white and ridgeviews best line men both around the 6’3 300 range when I find there names I will post it
  18. I know about the kid from Baldwin I think his name is Lundy he play DB BUT I didn’t no about the kid from fernandina what’s his name and what position do he play
  19. I will give u that ... they definitely learned how to work home schooling n there favor because I was home schooled when I went there I was supposed to go to orange park the lineman that went to Florida transferred in but I thought the WR came his freshmen year
  20. I’m comparing TCA to all the other private schools in the state that are good y’all can call it wat y’all want but trinity is a Jacksonville school with all Jacksonville kids on there roster that start there from 7th grade trinity roster is all about 35-40 kids and they will play anybody with rosters double their size kids are kids and if I coach them right and train the heck out of them U can win !!! but we l done talking about this because y’all really put a false narrative on trinity and don’t even be knowing what’s really going on out there
  21. Never said TCA don’t get any I said nhe don’t get a lot Especially compared to other private school and like I said earlier most kids come to trinity in middle school, it’s not like they got a bunch of seniors transferring to there school all the time
  22. I’m not saying that yall can’t!!! I’m saying y’all scared to move up from 1a y’all probably got more kids at y’all school then we do . Y’all definitely have a bigger roster then us You always talk about y’all can beat all the south Fl powers but neve play them TCA has played a lot of good school over the years venice btw American heritage plantation cocoa IMG cliqutt county ga buford ga carol city Bolles and more and last time we play y’all we beat y’all 42- 7 (14-15 season) y’all play nobody even in the state game y’all still play nobody
  23. Lee gots trinitys 6,4 225 d end Bryce capers soo actually a kid from a private school who also won a state title leave to got to a public school his senior lol ain’t that crazy and he was good to got some d1 offers
  24. Stop talking about that y’all beat trinity 10 years ago it won’t happen now and trinity gets maybe two transfers each season .... soo idk what u are talking about Plus I was making a comparison of private schools everybody always say private school got big fancy facilities And trinity has non of that ... madison never moves from 1a the smallest weakest calls in Florida and u always bragging about them who cares moved up some classes and see if y’all are as relevant as u think y’all are!!!! because when trinity moved up to 5a the first Season they were 2games from making it to state their second Season in 5a they were 1 game from state and the year after that they might have had the toughest schedules in the whole state!!! talk to me when Madison is doing stuff like that
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