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  1. Nobody said anything when Weiner and Plant were walking around with 60 seniors on the roster.
  2. Actually yes you are and it's pretty funny. Those wins came against Lakeland teams that did what in the playoffs? Carol City found them selves with back to back State Champion level squads, with two games any decent Dade team would've salivated for much less state title level teams. CC won the title in 16 and barely lost to MNW in 17, MNW going on to win the title. Lakeland was no where near the level they are now. Guarantee you the script would be flipped in about 12 minutes the last two season. But hey least the Dreadnaughts haven't forfeited anything lately.....since you're attempting to cast shade with your Carol City comments. Tell the whole story next time. The normal Lakeland hate that you guys always preface by "I always loved Lakeland's program" or "Castle is a great coach but" Or "I've always had a ton of respect for what they do". Same crap different day. Keep up the good work Dreadnaughts. Give'em Hell.
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