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    • Coach Jones had some great teams during the Suwannee era of 4 state championships in a row.  The only problem was they were in the district with Suwannee and only the district champion made the playoffs.  In one of the games Suwannee was ahead 13 - 7.  Wakulla drove down late in the game and ran play action.  The TE was absolutely wide open in the end zone...he dropped the td pass that would have probably won them the game.  Suwannee took over late inside their 10 and on 3rd and long ran a hitch to Matt Friar.  He broke a tackle at the line of scrimmage and was off to the races.....just like that the game was over and Suwannee cruised to a state champtionship. The following year Wakulla led 7 - 6 deep into the 4th quarter when once again Matt Friar made some key plays to get Suwannee into the end zone to go up 13 - 7.  Wakulla was trying to drive late and had a pick 6 which gave Suwannee the 20 - 7 win.  Once again, Suwannee cruised to another state championship.  Matt Friar was a great player. This is why I love more than just the district champions making the playoffs.  Coach Jones had some very good teams that narrowly missed the playoffs.  These teams could have made strong runs in the playoffs. When he won back to back state championships the games were played on teams home fields.  Two years in a row Wakulla had to travel.  They went to Clermont the first year and to Clewiston the following year to win state championships on their home fields.  That was two very long bus rides...and impressive wins!
    • Depends on whether you count only his relatively short head coaching stint or include his stint as a coordinator at more schools than one. 
    • Thank you for your point-of-view Peezy. Also, I am glad that you and your family are staying safe, and I hope that you continue to do so.
    • Is there any chance that you would state how many playoff wins that you have Barbird? Also, were the games at one or multiple schools?
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