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    • Bouie had  surgery (6 weeks) Muck Bowl/Playoffs maybe. Cunningham and Kinsler 2/3 more weeks (knee injuries)
    • Well then, our whole society must be ludicrous.  It's because of a little thing called loyalty, which sometimes gets in the way of "playing the best players."  All you bosses out there, tomorrow go into your workplace and announce you are demoting and promoting people based strictly on their level of talent, ignoring tenure, and see what anarchy prevails.   And them imagine doing that every year.  The real world does not work like this crazy little world of transferring we have going on right now.  We have created an expectation in our young people that if you work hard you will "get the job."  Well, we all know it's not that simple.  Maybe that's why we are hearing stories of young people quitting jobs because they haven't been promoted within six months of starting, leaving disappointed.  "Paying your dues" is very much a part of the real world, like it or not We like to blame the FHSAA for not doing its job, just as some like blaming the government for not doing its job.  As coaches and supervisors, its all about taking personal responsibility for our decisions.  Our jobs are not simply to play the best players.  Anyone can do that.  The truly  masterful hs coach knows how to build a team and build character in his players.  And understands how bumping a tenured player for that hot new transfer might be great for the short term, but disastrous for the long term.  How many of you out there would like working for a boss with a track record like that, knowing you might get demoted next year so that energetic young intern can have your job?   Do I sound crazy?  Maybe so.  But I say with the utmost confidence that some of our FL hs coaching legends of the past would not be waiting on the FHSAA to tell them what they can/should do or not do.  These guys had a moral compass they followed.  They made decisions based on what was the "right thing to do"...not necessarily what everyone else was doing.       
    • The play in question is the first play in this highlight collection. It is replayed from a better, wider angle at 00:51 through the conclusion. Best I can tell, they call it on the WR #10. What are your thoughts? http://www.hudl.com/v/2BjAPe
    • how long are all of them out?? 
    • You really think Niceville is good this year ? 
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