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    • In a battle of state-ranked teams, this qb/wr tandem came to Lake City and lit up the Tigers, accounting for 180 passing passing yards.  The qb ended up with 250+ passing yards, 2 passing TD's and 3 rushing TD's.   Who was this duo and for what school did they play?
    • Exactly   This is a unprecedented situation but we need to limit the damage to the athletes as much as possible and screwing over the spring athletes once again after they already got screwed this past spring isn't limiting the damage    Ik most the state only really cares about football but there are other sports that mean as much to many athletes and fans as football does    I watched a team this past spring who was catching fire and about to make a run to state despite being doubted all off-season only to have it taken away from them   I would give up 10 years of attending football games just to have seen that team given a chance to show what they could have done
    • If Deon Sanders can go from the football field to the baseball field (in a helicopter!), then so can high school kids.  I agree with you on this one.   Let kids play multiple sports (perhaps with a limit on the number of "contests" per week; or one sport per day). 
    • I know it's not a perfect solution for the small schools, but this is a "hopefully" once in a lifetime problem. Couldn't they allow kids double up for this one year and if they wish, play two sports at the same time as long as the two coaches feel it is feasible? I know that at my grandsons' school (an 8A school here in Orlando), they have several football players that also play lacrosse or baseball, and one of their top WR's is and outstanding baseball player with college and/or pro potential who would have to make a very difficult decision if both sports were played in the Spring and a waiver wasn't granted. He'd be crazy if he didn't play baseball, especially after missing last season to the virus.
    • I think you're right. The article said there were 15 members and that's what they have on the Advisory Committee.
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