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Schools with Most Success Recruiting Their Own State

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Florida is probably middle of the pack in terms of retaining the state's best high school players.  Interesting that Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi do a nice job of keeping kids home.  This year was not a fluke for LSU, who got 9 of their state's top 15 players last season.  Things flip-flopped this year in Texas.  Last season, the Longhorns got 11 of Texas' top 15 players.    

# of "Top 30" Players from Their Own State That Committed

LSU-10 (8 of the top 10 players from Louisiana, all 4 or 5-star players, signed with LSU)

Texas A&M-10 (all 10 are 4 or 5-star players)

NC St-10

Ole Miss-9

Miss St-8

Michigan St-8

Virginia Tech-7

Oregon St-6

Ohio St-5


North Carolina-5









South Carolina-4



USC (CA)-3


Penn St-3






Note: I did not include players from IMG in Florida's numbers.


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I believe the locations of Florida's "Big 3" are hurting them more than ever.  Miami is an acquired taste and some kids will never go there.  Tallahassee and Gainesville are so geographically isolated.  In terms of networking and setting one's self up for a future outside of football, they are very limited compared to some of the schools listed above.  Nick Cross chose Maryland over FSU.  College Park, being close to DC, will expose that young man to so much more.  

In terms of job opportunities and growth, Raleigh/Durham/Winston Salem(NC St, UNC, Duke, Wake Forest) has so much to offer.  And many would argue that a degree from one of those schools is more prestigious than a degree from Florida or FSU on a national scale. 

Some folks in Georgia complain about UGA being isolated.  Today, one can drive from Athens to the outskirts of Atlanta in only 30 minutes.  If they complain about that, imagine them being in Gainesville.  

In another post, gatorman mentioned that UCF and USF have an advantage today geographically, and I agree.  In terms of career networking (if you don't believe who you know is important in this world, get ready to find out quick youngerns), Tampa and Orlando have much more to offer.  



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