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    • Of the 61 "newer" schools listed above in 3 of Florida's major metro areas,  6 have won a region title(listed below)  and 12 have won 5 or more playoff games since opening.  21 of the teams have never won a playoff game.  It would likely be safe to say that the majority of these 61 teams have struggled to be consistently competitive.   Wharton 2002 Durant 2003 Cypress Bay 2010, 2012 Flanagan 2014, 2015 Wekiva 2017 Steinbrenner 2019
    • Let's see how 17 "newer" teams in the Orlando metro area have fared.  After the name of each school is the year the school opened, the number of playoff wins since then, and their record from 2019.     Lake County East Ridge(8A) 2002     6 p/o wins (4-4 this season) Lake Minneola(6A) 2011     5 p/o wins (9-1 this season with 3 playoff wins) South Lake(7A) 1993     1 p/o win (4-4 this season)   Orange County Cypress Creek(8A) 1992     0 p/o wins   (0-9 this season) East River(7A) 2009     1 p/o win (5-3 this season with 1 p/o win via forfeit)  Freedom(8A) 2003     0 p/o wins (2-4 this season) Lake Nona(8A) 2009     0 p/o wins (4-4 this season) Ocoee(8A) 2005     0 p/o wins (3-5 this season) Olympia(8A) 2001     2 p/o win2 (5-5 this season with 1 p/o win) Timber Creek(8A) 2001     5 p/o wins (7-2 this season with 1 p/o win) Wekiva(8A) 2007     7 p/o wins (6-4 this season with 2 p/o wins) Windermere(8A) 2017     1 p/o wins (2-7 this season with 1 p/o win)   Osceola County Celebration(Ind) 2003     0 p/o wins (4-6 last season when they were in 8A) Harmony(Ind) 2004     2 p/o wins (2-8 last season when they were in 7A) Liberty(Ind) 2007     0 p/o wins (1-9 last season when they were in 7A)   Seminole County Hagerty(8A) 2005     1 p/o win (5-5 this season with 1 p/o win) Winter Springs(7A) 1997     1 p/o win (0-8 this season)
    • For some perspective, ST Thomas Aquinas was 8-2 in 1988, but did not make the 4A playoffs.  Eventual state champion Dillard won the district title over STA in the ninth game of the season that year and only the Panthers advanced.  In 1978, the Raiders went 9-1, but lost the district title to Ely in the ninth game of the season and did not make the playoffs.  If a 9-1 team today did not make the playoffs, some folks would go off the deep end.  District games back then were huge when the sole playoff berth was on the line....and winning a district title could be a source of great prestige.  I miss that today.           
    • ColumbiaFan...the norm in the 70's and 80's was larger districts and only the champion advanced.  For instance, this was a 3A south FL district in 1981.  Playoff teams from such districts did not have losing records!    Chaminade Ely Fort Lauderdale Hallandale Northeast Pompano Beach Stranahan St Thomas Aquinas Concerning records, please see the post below.  Though records do not always tell the story of a team, the odds of a team with a marginal record making a deep playoff run are, relatively speaking, very small.    
    • Even back in the 70s and 80s it was possible to make the playoffs with a losing record if you had a small district and beat all the teams in it and we also had situations like 2015 where Eastside made playoffs at 1-9 with their only win coming over winless belleview in a 3 team district     The reason it was done is because the FHSAA didn't think they had any chance of actually making it through the season with a normal district format    Take teams like gainesville and Fletcher for instance who missed close to a month worth of games with multiple stoppages, having a strict district setup would not only punish them but also their fellow district opponents who could have their schedules upended because of their inability to contain the virus and now imagine that in a 8 or 9 team district with little flexibility as it is and having to force Teams to play 3 or 4 games in a 14 day stretch     It was a mess that had no solution so even though I felt the playoffs (at least in the manner done) was unnecessary but they set it up the best that it could be done and just using a blanket statement like "teams with losing records shouldn't make it" is not always a symbol of the best team    Last year Wolfson missed the playoffs at 8-2 to a 5-5 TCA team but who in their right minds would say that Wolfson would have actually beaten TCA (in fact I believe they used to play only for Wolfson to be tired of losing to them and refused to play anymore)   A record isn't always indicative of the ability of the team, for example the last 3 opponents Columbia has played had more wins than them yet columbia won 2 by double digits and knocked off a 1 loss Mainland team who's only loss came to undefeated Sanford Seminole who's playing in the 8a regional finals this week    And yes this year is really just a case of "do the best you can with the circumstances" so I don't disagree with the general idea that the playoffs do get devalued with more teams but I also don't believe records should be the best use of determining playoff teams because the schedules are so unbalanced because teams these days like to schedule easy games and inflate their record while avoiding solid teams who have to overschedule just to find teams willing to play them 
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