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    • A Solid program would be Columbia (several years straight years of being district champs) with little advancement beyond that (maybe 2nd round), but obviously a solid program, but Columbia does not fit the original question as their football is good, the softball team has won a state championship within the last 10 years, baseball is solid, and basketball has been winning (and until recently) not advancing.  As for the original question, I asked for teams that excel in one or two sports, but stink in everything else. A better local (for you) example would be Hamilton County and Boys Basketball with a .566 win percentage. Now, Hamilton isn't what they used to be the last two seasons, but definitely more consistent than Middleburg baseball or softball which has made the playoffs twice in the last and MaxPreps has no winning records for them during the time.  As suggested their girls basketball team has been very good for the past 4-5 years after years of being well below average.  2020: 8-16 2019: 11-18 * Playoff 2018: 16-13 * Playoff 2017: 16-10 * Playoff 2016: 21-6 * State Final Four 2015: 21-8 * Playoff 2014: 20-9 * State Runner-up 2013: 15-11 * Playoff 2012: 10-14 * Playoff 2011: 11-12  
    • I said they were solid because one, Middleburg is a very weak athletic program overall so when I compare how baseball did to their other sports they do look a lot better, funny that you usually bash me because I never give other teams credit but when I give a team credit for once you still complain, why did I not boost the right team for your ego?   And the other reason is despite Sharing a district with Columbia, Gainesville and Oakleaf for much of the decade they were able to hang with those teams in their better years and those 3 have been solid baseball programs up here in North Florida     Is Middleburg good on a state level? No   But they were a solid team in this area in terms of being able in several of those years (even when finishing below .500) to compete with other solid teams   Like in 2016 when they went into Gainesville after being winless in districts during the season and knocked off the 1 seed Gainesville in the district tournament, and yes I watched this game live 
    • So you are going to skip over the part where you said Middleburg baseball was solid for the past decade, when according to MaxPreps they have .456 win percentage over the time and once in 10 years did they make it past the first round of regionals? 
    • And before you try and put some lie out there    I have seen Middleburg play against teams not named Columbia!
    • And how many games of Middleburg baseball did you watch this past decade?    
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