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Gaither gonna bust Escambia's ass! What say you?

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1 hour ago, Phfootball9 said:

That crew was not for Escambia they are awful every week. The one call that was big to me is when they called your lb for a personal foul when all he did is stumble over the Escambia player after making a great tackle. It was right after GHS had brought it back to a one possession game, it was on third down, and if GHS gets the ball then they had a shot. The white hat called it from 40 yards away and it was a bad call, imo. A few plays later Escambia scored and the game was basically over.

I know it is hard for you to believe but Escambia is capable of play MUCH better offensively. With your online it was a bad matchup for you. Escambia can be beat with misdirection if your big enough to play them upfront which you are not. I will give you guys credit with the physical mismatch upfront I thought you pass block really well.

Phfootball, thank you for commenting on the penalties that you disagreed with. Do you know the officials who officiated that game? There are several Officiating Associations in the Panhandle, so while the officials were not from Escambia, they might have been very close to that area due to the geography.

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