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College FB Best Win Pct. Last 5 Years

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Best Winning Pct. over the past 5 seasons by Division. In order to qualify, team must have participated in their Division from 2015 through 2019. 

 NCAA D1 FBS (P5) CONF W L Pct  
Clemson ACC 69 5 0.932 FBS Champions 2016, 2018
Alabama SEC 66 6 0.917 FBS Champion 2015, 2017
Ohio St BIG10 61 7 0.897  
Oklahoma BIG12 58 10 0.853  
LSU SEC 51 14 0.785 FBS Champions 2019
Georgia SEC 54 15 0.783  
Wisconsin BIG10 52 16 0.765  
Penn St BIG10 49 17 0.742  
Notre Dame IND 47 17 0.734  
Michigan BIG10 47 18 0.723  
Appalachian St SBC 54 12 0.818  
Boise St MWC 52 15 0.776  
San Diego St  MWC 49 18 0.731  
Memphis AAC 47 20 0.701  
Toledo MAC 43 21 0.672  
Louisiana Tech CUSA 43 23 0.652  
Temple AAC 43 24 0.642  
UCF AAC 41 23 0.641  
Houston AAC 41 23 0.641  
South Florida AAC 40 23 0.635  
Troy SBC 40 23 0.635  
North Dakota St MVFC 70 5 0.933 FCS Champion 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019
James Madison CAA 60 11 0.845 FCS Champion 2016
North Carolina A&T MEAC 50 10 0.833  
San Diego U. PL 47 13 0.783  
Dartmouth IVY 39 11 0.780  
Kennesaw St BSo 48 15 0.762 new program 2015
Jacksonville St (AL) OVC 48 16 0.750  
Sam Houston St SLC 48 17 0.738  
Grambling St SWAC 44 16 0.733  
Princeton IVY 36 14 0.720  
NW Missouri St MIAA 61 8 0.884 D2 Champions 2015, 2016
Ferris St (MI) GLIAC 61 8 0.884  
Mankato St (MN) NSC 58 8 0.879  
Shepherd (WV) PSAC 53 9 0.855  
Indiana (PA) PSAC 50 11 0.820  
Colorado St-Pueblo RMAC 51 12 0.810  
Valdosta St (GA) GSC 46 11 0.807 D2 Champions 2018
Grand Valley St (MI) GLIAC 50 12 0.806  
Slippery Rock (PA) PSAC 51 13 0.797  
Minnesota-Duluth NSC 47 12 0.797  
Mount Union (OH) OAC 67 4 0.944 D3 Champions 2015, 2017
Mary Hardin-Baylor (TX) ASC 67 4 0.944 D3 Champions 2016, 2018
St Thomas (MN) MIAC 53 8 0.869  
Wheaton (IL) CCIW 50 8 0.862  
UW-Whitewater (WI) WIAC 56 9 0.862  
St John's (MN) MIAC 53 9 0.855  
North Central (IL) CCIW 52 9 0.852 D3 Champions 2019
Johns Hopkins (MD) CC 51 9 0.850  
Delaware Valley (PA) MAC 50 9 0.847  
Berry (GA) SAA 46 9 0.836  
Morningside (IA) GPAC 64 5 0.928 NAIA Champion 2018, 2019
St Francis (IN) MSFA 55 8 0.873 NAIA Champions 2016, 2017
Marian (IN) MSFA 52 8 0.867 NAIA Champion 2015
Kansas Wesleyan KCAC 52 9 0.852  
Reinhardt (GA) MSC 51 9 0.850  
Lindsey Wilson (KY) MSC 49 10 0.831  
Baker (KS) HAAC 53 11 0.828  
Grand View (IA) HAAC 50 12 0.806  
Langston (OK) SAC 40 10 0.800  
Southeastern U. (FL) MSC 37 11 0.771  

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    • They used to teach sex ed at Columbia, but they stopped because they needed the car for driver's ed. 
    • They don't teach sexed in Columbia County?
    • For whatever reasons, I see a big difference between high school and college.  I'm glad the NCAA decided to give college spring sport participants an extra year of eligibility . . .  although it appears that the burden will be on the schools to find the money needed to pay for the players who will be returning for an extra year of college (perhaps a full year unless they sit out fall semester), the underclassmen who would be returning anyway,  as well as the new players coming in.   But it was the right thing to do.  And while many of the winter sport athletes (like basketball and gymnastics) missed out on what could have been the highlight of their career (like post-season tournaments), I'm OK with not giving these student-athletes another year of eligibility.  More of a gut call than a logical analysis.  But, while I feel horrible for the high school spring sport athletes, and remain hopeful that they will be allowed to complete their spring sport seasons -- abbreviated as they may be -- I just don't feel right about high school kids postponing graduation to play another season of high school sports.  I just don't think it would be smart/prudent/advisable to put off an entire year of college just so they can come back for another year of high school and play another year of  baseball or football (or whatever).   [As an aside, such a decision by the FHSAA would likely require them to change their bylaws and allow kids to play after they've reached the magic age (19?)]. As a practical matter, seniors who participate in spring sports, and who hope to obtain college scholarships in those sports, already have been offered.  Baseball and softball are both big club sports, and tennis is in a category all its own.  Lacrosse is still relatively new in Florida, but the better players already have been identified as juniors and/or based on their club play.  Same with even newer sports like boy's volleyball and water polo.  I'm not really sure where Track & Field and Weightlifting fit in, but I'm guessing the really fast and really strong athletes already have been identified and, if scholarships are available, offered.  I do feel particularly bad for the flag football players if they are not able to complete their seasons, as the sport doesn't exist yet in college (except as a club sport).    I saw something posted the other day quoting a high school baseball coach who claimed it would take at least three weeks of practice to have his team ready to play games again.   Sorry, but I call B.S. on this.   If I were a high school senior who played baseball (like I once was), you could have me game-ready in a week - especially if school was over or almost over and restrictions on practice time, if any, were lifted.  My thought:  once the FHSAA gives teams the green light to hit the field again, give them all a week to practice, have them play one or two games and then go straight into district tournaments, with all seeding be done at random.  Double elimination, if possible.  Yeah, some good teams might get shafted and some seasons are going to come to end way too soon for some teams and a lot of players, but something is better than nothing.  Anyway, I was bored and this topic seemed as good as any to stir things up a little.  I've put my thoughts out there.   What do you guys think?
    • Here is a message from the FHSAA.  They want to extend the season.  It won't happen but at least the FHSAA is not just canceling and trying to find ways.  However in my opinion they are giving false hope and there is no way this will happen.   GAINESVILLE, FL - Given the directive of President Trump to maintain following CDC guidelines through April 30, 2020, combined with Governor DeSantis and Commissioner Corcoran's mandate for schools in Florida to remain closed through May 3, 2020, the FHSAA will continue to follow suit with all scheduled FHSAA meetings, conferences, and athletic events postponed. Pending schools are back in session and afforded the opportunity to resume activities after May 3rd, by Federal, State and Local authorities, the FHSAA will follow the advice and guidance available to us at that time regarding the continuance of all FHSAA spring sports.   In light of the current situation, the FHSAA staff is actively working on creative solutions for the continuance of spring sports, which could extend through June 30th. The FHSAA does understand the hardships caused by COVID-19 and the inability to play spring sports. If we are not able to continue spring sports, the FHSAA is working diligently to create a plan regarding additional eligibility for students who have not been able to participate in spring sports.    The health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches, administrators, officials, fans and local communities are our top priority. We appreciate all member schools' cooperation in following Federal, State and Local recommendations and mandates during this time.   For the most up-to-date information, please visit the FHSAA website. The FHSAA staff will continue to follow the latest developments and will continue to provide updated information as deemed necessary.   The FHSAA office will remain closed following the Governor's recommendation. However, staff will continue to work remotely, during regular business hours. For staff contact information, click here. 
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