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SportsNut's South Florida Top 10 Rankings

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My Top 10 is kind of yours except mines will be



#1.ST THOMAS (3-0)





#6. DILLARD(2-1)

#7.MIRAMAR (1-2) ONLY BECAUSE I know for a fact that Miramar is better then B.A and will beat plantation next week.




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Yes, these are a little late, but I've decided to put out my own preseason rankings that do not reflect how teams did in their KOC games.   Will probably publish my updated rankings by each Monday.


Well we can all agree on one thing which is Stranahan and Cardinal Gibbons are defiantly out which leave Jackson, Hallandale, Coconut Creek and American Heritage.

@HARRY welcome to the message board but your top 10.! is falty.! because you have Miramar at 6 if that's the way your playing the top 10 then Miramar should be at 4 being that there better then CREEK HALLANDALE DEERFIELD AND ETC unless you don't know these teams and just putting a top 10 off your own knowledge ...what topped it all off was you said that plantation was better then dillard LOL.! let me give you some home work go watch film on plantation this year and last year compare the rosters then come back to me.!

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@ Mighty Dillard Panthers Thank you for the welcome.  Can I ask you what exactly are your rankings based off of?  Because everyone of your top 10 ranks Dillard above Miramar when Miramar just blew Dillard out in the spring...Is it because of your new qb??  or because Dillard beat them in a 7 on 7 in the summer? To be honest, not really sure of what Plantation looks like this year..Need to see their film against St Thomas.  So yes, you can flop Dillard and Plantation if you like.. 

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@harry I like you bro and I love your response you didn't get offended and you actually seem to know hot to have a civilize sports conversation but as far as dillard vs Miramar in the spring dillard didn't have there new q.b and they sat a lot of there starters as far as in our top 10 we base it off the teams current performance week after week that's why Miramar is so low now if I was to base these same exact teams off of who I believe is better regardless there record right now it will be














but instead we rank them off week to week performance and how they fare and strength of opponent so that's why my top ten for this week is


St Thomas

American heritage


coconut creek



Deerfield beach


boyd anderson

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@Mighty Dillard Panthers I totally agree with those rankings right there.  So you think Creek is going to beat Hallandale?  I hear Hallandale weakness is their defense.  How did they look vs Dillard?  Also, don't sleep on Deerfield..they are tough.  Plantation and Miramar this week should decide who at least gets locked in for a playoff spot in their district along with Flanagan. 

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creek will beat Hallandale .....Hallandale will lose to creek Jackson and st Thomas and American heritage ....creek will lose to heritage and Jackson ....and Hallandale defense is suspect you just have to have the right personal and coaches to exploit it.

So are you essentially saying Jackson and AHP are coming out of that District?

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Palm Beach Top 10

1. Atlantic

2. Dwyer

3. American Heritage- Delray

4. Pahokee

5. Boca Raton

6. Wellington

7. Oxbridge Academy

8. Palm Beach Gardens

9. Glades Central

10. Lake Worth

@muckboy561.  I am guessing you have seen both AHD and Atlantic play in person.  Would you say Atlantic is better than AHD ?  If so , what makes them better?  Unfortunately, we will never know....I think people are sleeping on Atlantic a little and they might have what it takes to compete, or possibly beat the Broward and Dade 8A teams this year? They have pretty much dismantled 3 good teams this year in Palm Beach and I don't see anybody outside of Dwyer having a chance against them.

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