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  2. Trinity Catholic 2019 Season

    Andrew Thomas has been HC of Trinity Catholic in Ocala since the beginning of the 2018 season. Prior to that he was HC of Dixie County for I 5 years. Seasons 2016 and 2017 he was HC of T.R. Miller HS in Alabama before transferring to Trinity Catholic.
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  4. Lakeland appears fully reloaded for 2019

    It gets sent to the respective county now and they investigate it. So if your county doesn't care or if the school has ins to people in the county then they get away with it. The FHSAA has very little power now over that kind of stuff.
  5. Schedules

    Wow with how bad traffic is on Atlanta in perfect weather I'm not surprised that snow causes issues but looking at that it must not be common Enough they would be used to it And no I've lived in Lake City all my life so of course I've never had to manage a snow issue since this area never gets it
  6. Schedules

    You obviously have never lived in a place that has snow. You also have never lived in a place that if gets snow that it is ill-prepared to handle it. Should there be a back-up, sure. The games were moved back to the home sites of schools instead of the Dome in Atlanta, sounds like a back-up plan to me. The problem was how late they waited to cancel, not that the games were never played or did not have another location. See picture to understand, everybody from Atlanta's fears of snow. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/ct-spt-snow-storm-atlanta-super-bowl-20190128-story.html
  7. Schedules

    Snow in Atlanta doesn't always cause trouble but it does snow in Atlanta occasionally so it is something that should be prepared for As well as the multi use of that facility Both are valuable reasons for having a plan B in place
  8. Schedules

    Yes but you mean to tell me these organizations don't usually have a cotendency plan in place if shit hits the fan? It only makes logical sense to have a backup plan in place in case something goes wrong so the GHSAA deserves blame for not being prepared in their case
  9. Schedules

    Apples and Oranges... State Championships and weather that affect the whole state, specifically snow in a southern state, is not the same as making a deadline for schedules. Additionally, you are dealing with a stadium that has numerous uses than just a high school football state championship. Meanwhile, softball state championships, nobody else is using those fields.
  10. Trinity Catholic 2019 Season

    Isn't HC Andrew Thomas from Dixie County? DC's HC just left for a Georgia job, any chance he would go back home?
  11. Dixie County

    Saw on footballscoop that Dixie County's coach is leaving for a Georgia assistant position. Haven't seen anything else. This late in the game I would assume they are just hiring within?
  12. Schedules

    Solid schedule
  13. Lakeland appears fully reloaded for 2019

    The FHSAA is powerless. Was talking to a buddy who had text messages & Twitter DM’s from a coach to a kid telling him “you need to leave such & such immediately, they don’t put guys D1 like we do.” Reported it & what happened? Absolutely nothing.
  14. Schedules

    Dr Phillips Schedule - Kickoff Classic: @ Edgewater - @ Sanford Seminole @ Timber Creek @ West Orange Boone Apopka Windermere @ Wekiva Olympia East Ridge @ Oak Ridge
  15. Schedules

    It shows that the GHSAA is just as capable of crapping the bed and that grass isn't always greener somewhere else Fhsaa has their share of issues but at least in my memory they haven't had to scramble to find a new state title site because they had no plan in place 2 years ago the softball state championship took a huge storm for almost a week and they managed to still make it through a 20+ game event without too much trouble The fhsaa has done their share of good, I certainly wouldn't want us copying GA as me personally don't view their leadership as any form of a upgrade But I guess we may not agree on that
  16. Schedules

    That has nothing to do with the topic.
  17. Schedules

    Is that why 2 years ago they had no backup plan for a unexpected need to change the venue at the state finals?
  18. Schedules

    As much crap we give Ga. posters, the GHSA is always on point. The FHSAA knows what they need to do, but the problem with doing the right thing is it makes too much sense.
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  20. Trinity Catholic 2019 Season

    Does anyone know if Celtic QB Dominac Brinser transferred to North Marion? He was on the Celtic's roster in early May and now he is on the North Marion roster. I thought he was being primed as the starting QB for Trinity this season and he looks good in his Hudl videos.
  21. Schedules

    I understand that but that's why I'm saying I'm against there being a deadline for schedules We can't control that so many teams have no interest in playing us (even though many players on those teams will always talk crap on social media about being better than us and us being garbage yet are not gonna put money where their mouth is) We are gonna need every second possible to find games I think long term this is going to force us to have to travel to Central or South FL or even OOS in the future to get games scheduled since many in North Florida will not want to play them (in other words we will have to follow the blueprint of TCA schedule to find games which I'm personally fine with as it will get us a lot of respect for playing those kind of games) I guess the same could be said locally for Lake City middle who since merging Richardson and LCMS has not been welcomed in their previous conference (even though both schools were in the conference when they were 2 separate schools) and have to now play South GA schools to get some games as they playing lowndes middle and Valdosta middle this fall I get what you saying @gatorman-uf but I just wish some schools in North Florida had the same attitude that those Broward and Dade schools had of taking on any challenge and not worrying about wins or losses in the process because any game against top level competition will build toughness and gain respect
  22. Schedules

    The following are games played by Trinity Christian against Duval County teams over the past 10 years that were not in their district. Most of the time, Trinity Christian hasn't been playing those games. And I understand why large schools in big metro areas don't want to play Trinity, they can play other public schools, keep the money internal to the system. Losing encourages players to job ship to Trinity. 2009: 1 team (Episcopal) 2010: 1 team (Episcopal) 2011: 2 teams (University Christian and RIbault) 2012: 3 teams (Sandalwood, University Christian, Ribault) 2013: 1 team (University Christian) 2014: 1 team (University Christian) 2015: 2 teams (Ribault, University Christian) 2016: 1 team (University Christian) 2017: 1 team (Ribault) 2018: 1 team (Ribault) ------------------ As for Columbia's struggles in scheduling... They are a big fish in a really small pond, literally. Beyond the 2 Gainesville schools, what school is even 75% of the size of Columbia? Columbia 1960 Suwannee is 1197 Baker County 1378 Santa Fe 1095 Fort White 595 Gainesville 1886 Buchholz 2292 after that you are either in Ocala, Jacksonville, or Tallahassee, all of which could basically stay in their home counties or immediate neighboring counties to find competition. I am not surprised Columbia is having a hard time finding opponents, smaller district, more emphasis on every game counting means don't want to schedule an automatic "L". Remember, one of the arguments that you make for this scheduling over the simpler just district games counts is that every game counts now. As a result teams don't want to schedule a 80% likely loss no matter the high strength of schedule. I don't blame coaches and ADs for that. I also think coaches and ADs are worried about the bottom line, traveling to Lake City is far, even for close teams. While Lake City travels well, is it more cost effective to play a school in county?
  23. Schedules

    I might ask Joshua later and see if I can get some clarification on that rule so I understand it correctly
  24. Schedules

    The new rule is that you can pick games up for the season if you have the week open heading into year or if you have to find a new opponent if weather causes a game to not be able to be completed At least that's what I was told when I asked around about it, I looked for the writeup on fhsaa site with the rule changes this off-season but could never find it and see the specific wording
  25. Schedules

    I thought games had to be made up. The rule was in place to keep teams from picking up a game week 11 to try and make the playoffs. So that rule was dropped? You can pick up games whenever?
  26. Schedules

    In a perfect world all schedules would be done in May but when you call team after team and it's all NO as a answer what are you supposed to do??? Sometimes I wish Columbia was located in SFL since SFL teams aren't lacking their balls and will play, unlike a lot of these north FL teams who will talk big game but moment you call them they got no interest Just look at how few Jacksonville teams TCA is playing, TCA reached out to everyone with a phone line in Jacksonville and the 3 they got (Raines, Ribault, Lee) were only ones who were not scared to play them
  27. Schedules

    That would be a terrible idea Did you forget what state you live in badbird? This is the state where games get dropped for weather more than flys get smashed with a flyswatter If anything the new rule in place removing that was a great idea Not to mention many teams have trouble filling their schedule when local teams are scared to play you
  28. Schedules

    Deadlines are definitely needed. You can't go into July and even early August not knowing what's going on. It also helps fans get an idea how to plan for time off from work, etc. if there's an OOS game involved.
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