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Helmet Project Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Florida HS Helmet Project?
The Florida HS Helmet Project was originally launched in 2007 by Jay Michael, an assistant football coach at Bishop Verot in Fort Myers, who first started documenting the history of the helmets used by all the high school teams in the state. Florida High School Football/FloridaHSFootball.com took over the project after the 2010 season and has worked to maintain the helmets. In 2016, the Florida HS Helmet Project transformed using a new design to showcase helmets replacing the old template of helmets that dates back from over 20 years ago.

Why showcase helmets?
Helmets are not only one part of the football uniform, they are also one that helps ID the team. Helmets are unique in a lot of ways to each team from the colors to the decal involved. Showcasing the helmets helps us to recognize the teams that are playing football around the state while also giving fans a since of pride of their teams.

Where did the idea came from for the Helmet Project?
A combination of things could point to the idea, but the most important one is the original Helmet Project created by Charles Arey who has been documenting helmets from college and professional teams for many years now. It is the biggest and most extensive catalog of helmets out there to this day. Over 20 High School Helmet Projects, including this one, were spin offs of the idea.

Why organize it by classification over by county or region?
When looking at how to reorganize things with the helmet project, we decided that laying out the helmets by classification would be the best way. However, back in the early days, the Florida HS Helmet Project was organized by county, but when looking at the fact there are 67 counties and some counties have one single school, it wastes a lot of valuable real estate on a page this day, something we have to consider when looking at everything.

With that said, we have provided a list of the school names with their classification and district number to help make it easier to find the school you are looking for. You can find that list by clicking here.

What will you do with all the historical helmets in the old file format?
We are considering several options with this. One is to post them all in a historical section as is in an organized matter. Another options is slowly rebuilding all the helmets overtime in the new file format to further enhance the helmet. Some of the historical helmets might be hard to recreate overtime due to decals not being available to help make the transition. This will take some time and likely to be a work in progress for years to come.

Why the chinstrap on the new helmet template and can you get rid of it?
To answer the second part of the question first, the answer is no we can’t get rid of the chinstrap. The template does not allow for us to remove the chinstrap without making major modifications to the template. The reason for the chinstrap is that it shows a complete helmet and shows how the helmet looks when worn. Most of the time when you see a helmet, it is being worn, so it only represents the complete helmet.

Do you also show the left side of helmets?
Not at this time with the new helmet template. It is possible down the road we can show both a left and right side for helmets with teams that use different decals on each of the helmet.

What file format are the helmets saved in?
All helmets are saved in the Portable Network Graphics file otherwise known as PNG. The background on all helmets shown are transparent.

What is the Acceptable Use Policy on the helmets?
You can read our Acceptable Use Policy here. Please note, that by viewing the helmets on the Florida HS Helmet Project on Florida High School Football / FloridaHSFootball.com you are agreeing to the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy.

Can we get a helmet in larger size?
Unfortunately, we can only provide a large helmet to the following: Team Booster Clubs, Coaches and to Media Outlets. Team Booster Club and Coaches may use the helmets as they see fit without any questions asked. Media Outlets must be approved under an Authorized User agreement. While there is no charge to use the helmets to media outlets, the Authorized User agreement allows us to certify that the media outlet using the images has properly taken the steps to ensure credit is given for the use of the helmets which have taken many hours and days to build and place online.

How can I request the larger helmet size if I fall into one of the three categories mentioned above?
Please email a request to helmets@floridahsfootball.com with the helmets you are requesting. For media outlets please make sure to request all schools in your coverage area in one email. Depending on the number of helmets requested they could be attached in the return email as a single file or could be packaged into a zip file.

How can a media outlet become an Authorized User?
A media outlet can email helmets@floridahsfootball.com for the Authorized User Agreement form. It will outline the information in regards to the Acceptable Use Policy which can be used to display and distribute to those in newsrooms who might interact with the helmets. It is important that anyone who does interact with the helmets understand the Acceptable Use Policy.

How can I help update helmets?
Please click here to find more information on how you can help us keep the Florida HS Helmet Project updated.

How often will updates happen?
During the offseason, updates will happen on a regular basis. Any information for updates sent to us during the season will be placed in the Design Queue, which will start after the season is completed. Please check the updates page often to see what helmets have been updated.

This FAQ will be updated as other questions that have not been thought or have been frequently asked come together.

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