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Want to get an internship with Florida HS Football? You have come to the right place. is currently seeking qualified individuals that are looking to serve an internship to further advance their skills, knowledge, and experience into the fast-paced and ever-evolving media world. We have been a part of the high school football scene in the State of Florida since 2010 and has built itself to become one of the top websites on the internet. Since then we have built up partnerships with other leading high school platforms including ScoreStream as well as NFHS Network through affiliate-partner Varsity Sports Network. has hosted interns from the University of Central Florida, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, Flagler College and Florida State University, as well as several high school interns.

The Florida HS Football Internship Opportunity will place you right in the middle of the action and gives you an experience that is second to none in the high school sports media business. Florida HS Football is covering some of the best pro and college prospect talent, nationally recognized high school football programs and much, much more!

OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE is proud to offer opportunities for college students who are receiving credit for an internship or seeking to sharpen and broaden their skills. Remember all positions and requirements can vary for the needs of each individual intern. The descriptions listed below are just general ideas of what would be expected of an intern in that position.

Reporting Intern

A reporting intern will be required to complete several different tasks and assignments during the length of the internship. These tasks and assignments will vary depending on when the internship takes place and the needs of the intern. Possible assignments include, but are not limited to game reporting (in your area), feature reporting, interviews, breaking news and other content as deemed fit for the position. FOR FALL INTERNSHIPS, YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY NIGHTS FROM 6 PM TO MIDNIGHT FOR GAME COVERAGE!

Recruiting Intern

A recruiting intern will be required to complete several different tasks and assignments during the length of the internship. The tasks and assignments will be similar in style to a reporting intern but instead will be focusing on reporting athletes that have made a name for themselves or in the process of making a name for themselves in the college football recruiting world. Examining film, watching athletes and interviewing athletes will be a key part of this position.

Photography Intern

A photography intern will be required to complete several different tasks and assignments during the length of the internship. The tasks and assignments could be taking photos at Florida HS Football designated events, weekly games, media day events and other things we determined that need photographing. FOR FALL INTERNSHIPS, YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY NIGHTS FROM 6 PM TO MIDNIGHT FOR GAME COVERAGE!

Editing/Content Intern

An editing/content intern will work with the publisher to make sure content is properly edited and is published properly on, plus help with content scheduling and make suggestions to help improve content on An intern in this capacity will need to be available during critical hours as agreed upon by the Publisher and the intern, including Friday nights if applying for the Fall Semester internship. Basics of Photoshop is a plus for interns in this capacity but is not a requirement.

Scores/Content Intern

A scores/content intern will be responsible for helping to report scores from a certain section of the state during the fall season (football) or spring season (flag football) as assigned to them. You will help collect and report scores using the powerful scoreboard platform that is provided by our Scoreboard Partners at ScoreStream. You will use social media networks, media outlets from around the state and contact information to help collect scores. In addition, you will be transmitting scores in real-time for use on the Scoreboard Show to launch in Fall 2017. You must be available on Friday nights and a few shifts either on Thursdays or Saturdays during the fall. Availability for spring internships will vary depending on the game load for flag football on a particular day. FOR FALL INTERNSHIPS, YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY NIGHTS FROM 6 PM TO MIDNIGHT FOR GAME COVERAGE!


All applicants for an internship with MUST meet the following requirements before acceptance into the internship program:

  • Available for a minimum of 12 hours per week to a maximum of 24 hours per week, except Scores/Content Interns who need to be available for a minimum of 6 hours per week and up to a maximum of 10 hours per week. Almost all internships require no office hours, meaning you can work remotely.
  • Must have a reliable source of transportation.
  • Provide own laptop for all positions
  • Provide own camera (semi-pro) for all photography related positions
  • Have knowledge of basic journalism writing styles, including some knowledge of AP style.
  • Have a basic understanding of social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. All interns MUST have an active Twitter account that can be viewed by the public.
  • 2.5 overall GPA in your college courses.
  • Be able to receive course credit for your internship from your college, unless approved by to intern under a non-credit internship.
  • A copy of your resume must be provided.
  • Provide 2-3 samples of your work in the application. For writing, editing and scores, please submit writing samples of your best work. For photographers, please submit photography samples of your best work.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation/reference from your Internship adviser if applying for an internship for credit. Letters should state your current grade point average and requirements defined by your college or university to receive credit for an internship. A non-credit internship is allowed if you cannot earn credit for an internship at this time, but must at least provide at least two samples of work and a copy of current GPA from your school as a substitution for a letter of recommendation from Internship adviser.
  • Complete the required Internship Application online at You may access the form by going to the form at the bottom to submit to us. At that time you may upload a scanned copy of your letter from your Internship adviser to submit to us or letters of recommendation and your resume.
  • Sign an internship contract form that details your role as an intern with a confidentiality clause (to be completed after initial application and acceptance into the program).

PLEASE NOTE: All internships are NON-PAID positions and are open to those who further wish to enhance and learn new skills. Also, the completion of an internship with Florida HS Football DOES NOT guarantee future employment within the organization.

DEADLINE: Internship applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications will be reviewed two to three times a week (if not greater), with a decision usually made very shortly after review. However, please make sure to select a semester(s) that you wants us to give you priority consideration for.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, religion, color or national origin of any applicant that applies for our internship program. We welcome all individuals to apply who feel they want to find ways to become better in the ever-growing and changing world sports coverage.


An intern who successfully completes an internship with us will have gained valuable knowledge into the high school prep sports reporting the world with a focus on the high school football level. With our connection to many different media members from the local to national level, the opportunities are there for interns to move up to the next level.

Also, an intern who successfully completes an internship with us will have a chance to receive a letter, recognizing the completion of their internship and their efforts they put forth during that time. Interns also can access any and all published work on through their author page, which will allow them to print and retain copies of their work.

If you wish to apply for a Florida HS Football Internship, please fill out the form below once you know you have met the requirements.

** NOTE ** – Internships are accepted on a rolling basis. Please feel free to apply at any time.


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