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    • Incorrect PINSTRIPES-THE BIG SHOT, a personal foul is NOT a loss-of-down foul. That would be an unsportsmanlike-conduct foul anyway, not a personal foul, which is also not a loss-of-down foul, and cannot be penalized from the spot of the foul, since it is a dead-ball enforcement PINSTRIPES-THE BIG SHOT! Your education continues, and you're welcome for that, PINSTRIPES-THE BIG SHOT!   
    • Vero Beach, like last year, will not possess the physical maturity on its defensive line needed to challenge Osceola at the line of scrimmage and stop their fierce rushing attack. Their only hope at winning that region against your Kowboys is that their offense is able to get them to 35 points and their defense does just enough to hold you to 28. This is a dream. Treasure Coast is not dynamic enough offensively to score  enough points to win a shootout. As long as your offense can get you 17 points in either of these meetings with TC (and lord knows they are far more than capable of doing so,) Osceola should be a strong favorite to win their region and meet Venice/Manatee/Lakeland/Buccholz etc. in round 4. 
    • Thanks for the kind words but all we currently have is "POTENTIAL" and a lot needs to happen before we start envisioning a deep playoff run.  Odds of getting into the playoffs are pretty good but I believe seeding can have an impact on how far you go and I have little faith in the system based on history.  Exhibit #1 was last year with us having to travel to Vero Beach, which didn't affect the outcome but reflects the calculus.  Despite seeding them higher, we thumped them at their place 31-7 and very well could have been even more one-sided.  Does make me wonder. 
    • Venice is hiring Denzel Nickerson to be their passing game coordinator/ assistant wide receiver coach.
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