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    • The way that I look at things, if the game schedules for all high school football teams are posted more than a month or so before the season begins, that provides me one more subject to talk about with my good friend Perspective.  Of course this also provides Perspective with the honor and privilege of yet another subject to discuss with one of his favorite people in the whole World. yours truly, Jambun82! That seems like a very good reason to me. 
    • Wish y’all a injury free successful season bro. 
    • If Jax TCA can get this team of on the right start I believe they can go undefeated this year!!!! bolles murdered us last year so we need to definitely watch out for them. I know AHP is always a great and ppl are saying it will be really hard to be them but I really think we call pull it off with this team!! we have a 63 man roster for a 2a school. We have a lot of d1 prospects in all grades. our o line d line is huge and we will have a really good offense and defense this year !!! size and weight wise this is the biggest TCA team I’ve ever seen. check out our roster on maxpreps or hudl. I hope we have a great season and if we don’t I still love my school.
    • Obviously, I support a change as usually that leads to different hopefully better results.  And with LAZ's passion for doing it my guess is it would definitely improve.  As you stated, some mechanism needs to be in place to light a fire under those schools that are not upholding their end of the bargain.  
    • You raise some good questions, Ray.  But . . .  what if the FHSAA simply told the schools they have to have their schedules turned in (to someone like Laz) or posted (on a site like MaxPreps) by a certain date.  And if they didn't, they wouldn't be able to play that season (or they would get penalized a certain number of games - starting with the first game of the season).  Yes, there might be a few lingering issues that would have to be accounted for and perhaps a need for a forgiving scheduling czar that could excuse unavoidable issues.   But, if one or two seasons (or even games) got cancelled,  I'm guessing it wouldn't take long for the schools to get the message that they need to get their schedules turned in on time.  That said (and just playing a little Devil's Advocate), who really needs to know which teams are playing which a month before the season starts?  Yeah, I know we're all very curious and want to see who's playing who.  And there may be a handful of people (journalists?  website operators? fans?) who would really benefit by having more notice, but other than this 'handful of people,' who really gets penalized by not knowing who Miami Central is playing in Week 2 or who Madison is playing in Week 6?  In other words, give me the reason why schedules need to be finalized more than a month out.  Open question for anyone who wants to supply an answer. 
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