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    • Yes it is. They do a complete disservice to the kids, I feel so bad for them. 
    • 1A: 4,2292A: 9633A:  2,8324A: 1,9105A:6A:7A:8A:Total: 9,934 (as of 12/11) 4A 2019    1910     2018    3213     2017    4276     2016    3856     2015    4280     2014    2053    BTW vs Bolles 2013    2199    BTW vs Bolles 2012    2413    BTW vs Bolles 2011    2075    BTW vs Bolles BTW vs Bolles Avg(not counting 2019): 2185 The reality is that this isn't that far off from what this specific game normally draws. Wednesday night is going to kill attendance though. Game should have been played Friday afternoon instead. To get over 25K, the last 4 games have to average over 3750. Can they do it.    
    • DarterBlue, I was planning on contacting you tomorrow if that is all right.
    • Dan, will you be attending Friday Night's game?  
    • Will you be attending Friday Night's game Peezy?
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