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    • Ref, that is only part of the problem. A general frustration has been building within the country over at  least the last 30-years of which what you refer to is only part of the issue. Wages for all working people have not kept pace with the cost of essential items, and good jobs with decent benefits have become increasingly scarce due to the de-industrialization of the country. While this may have affected people of color to a greater degree, it has affected all of working class America. Hence, the decline in expected life among the population in general.  I believe that the demonstrations reflect this in addition to the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Mr. Floyd.  The Coronavirus and our response has only exacerbated what has been brewing for a long time.  
    • I dont doubt for a second you know your football. I'm just saying that coaches trade film through hudl now. Its usually yours and the opponents last two games. Before Hudl we would have to meet up halfway on a saturday and trade VHS or DVD film. Made more sense to have a scout at the games back then but not anymore. Now we download our game film right after our game and trade with the opposing team that night through Hudl. Trust me you get way more out of watching film than you do scouting a game live. Cant rewind and pause plays when your at a live game scouting...LOL. But scouting live does have some advantages like the flow of the game and personnel substitutions. 
    • Hopefully, there can be some kind of Police reform. Police need to understand that they are public servants first, and I think that we have all had our eyes opened throughout this whole terrible ordeal. The peaceful protesters  are doing a wonderful job exercising their First Amendment rights, and it is refreshing to hear their point-of-view. I don't know what it is like to be black, but I feel that I am learning a lot hearing and reading from our African-American citizens.
    • If the season happens are you gonna make the drive down to Venice to see Vero vs Venice?
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