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    • I Get What Your Saying. Its jus something that has always been done in these games. And as far as the players most of them are seniors. U have some who are underclassmen.
    • Dang, I hate to come in here and start a fight with my second post, but maybe I just don't understand what's going on in Broward County.  I always thought high school all-star games are just for seniors.   For the very reason alluded to in the first post, it does not make sense to me to allow a current coach at one high school to be coaching kids from another high school who still have high school eligibility (how else would they end up on the Dillard sideline next year, unless they all plan to become coaches).  I'm assuming at least a week of practice leading up to the game itself during which time the head coach (and perhaps members of his staff) would get one-on-one instructional/bonding time with kids from other schools?  That's a recipe for disaster if you ask me.  Of course kids are going to like the coach who only has to coach them for one week and where discipline likely is not an issue.  What am I missing here?
    • That is correct, without the QB, Mandarin loses in the third round. Carson Beck is an exceptional QB for the high school level. No, he is not my preferred type of QB as I have always preferred the dual threat type at the high school level. However, this kid does what he does so well, that I would bend over backwards to modify my offense so as to fully utilize his talents if he was on my roster.  I expect him to excel at the college level if given the opportunity. 
    • This past weekend Broward County Had The Annual North Vs South All Star Game Led By Dillard Head Coach T.Morgan. It was a fierce Game 4 Dillard players were invited only 3 played due to 1 of our DE spraining his ankle in a basketball game a few days prior. All in All it wouldnt suprise me to see some of these kids from that game on dillard sidelines Next Year. Maybe by transfers or Recruits..either way coach morgan has restored the roar back in dillard mark my words.  
    • Only way to guarantee someone like UCF a spot is lock 1 spot to a group of 5 champ (I've heard people suggest idea of highest group of 5 champ getting a bid then 2 wild cards and the power 5 champs)    I can see potential there and if we have to sacrifice 1 non conference game each year to get it I'll take it without hesitation