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    • What does this proposal due to stop recruiting? Nothing, there are some teams in suburban divisions who recruit big time and are dominant in their districts and regions. They will destroy the competition in most of the divisions and have huge blowouts just like now.  Then what about metro schools who don’t recruit. This idea makes them lambs for slaughter as they will never win any district games and get a running clock in most of the games. This idea does not solve any problem but will create all new ones.
    • Two issues with this dumb idea.  You will get the same five teams winning the suburban divisions and the metro. Just look at some possible breakdowns and same teams will win so you are not solving the problem.  The best teams need to move up and bad teams move down to create super divisions at top is only way for true balance. Also. Now you are squeezing all the metro teams into four divisions and suburban into five so now you have huge enrollment differences between teams so the gap will be even worse in the for many teams who will have no chance to compete.   Some teams will have almost double the enrollment of other teams. Blow this idea up and research real way to make the game better . 
    • Good one. You really got me there
    • What about we put madison in the SEC what would we call them smashmouth or crymouth? 
    • Jesse you're right a school of 400 if they had their program going right could have around 50 players. The problem is Madison will have 100 at the same rate. My point was just when the people on these committees keep pointing to 1A for competitive balance and make sure to say nothing is happening to 1A. I just don't think that's correct. Madison has dominated and the only teams able to challenge them have gotten in a ton of transfers. I don't think they have 1A right is what I would say. I like what some of the other posters have said about if you win you move up and if you're a losing program you move down. 
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