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    • I'm just talking about the team's they played against. Competition wise
    • How is that?  Sorry, don't know the history.
    • 2 of those St John's game shouldn't have happened.
    •   Thanks Keem.  You inspired me to go back and look at the schedules.  Wow, we are 2-10 versus DC area teams(winning teams below in bold) in recent years and one of those wins was thanks to IMG.  We really need Central to represent.   It's amazing how many OOS games the teams from DC play.  They are not afraid to challenge. Gonzaga @ Viera 31-19 Viera @ Gonzaga 21-6 Cocoa @ Gonzaga 17-14 Our Lady of Good Counsel @ Immokalee 33-0 Manatee @ Our Lady of Good Counsel 24-17 2OT Central @ Dematha 38-14 Godby @ Dematha 26-9 Dematha @ AH Plantation 23-22 Orlando Jones @ St John's 49-30 AH Delray @ St John's 42-9 St John's @ Port Orange Atlantic 41-0 St John's @ IMG 35-2    
    • I read the story. To me it reflects jealousy and a one sided view of things. A fairly high percentage of the athletes cited from Jamaica were found to have doped on things often sold over the counter and/or included in prescription medications. Many of these athletes claimed to not know that the ingredients of same had banned substances in them. Yes, some of the others no doubt took performance enhancing, banned substances willfully.  Be the above as it may, why then has Usain Bolt never tested positive? It is possible but not likely he took a substance not detectable at the time of his races. I say not likely as Jamaica is a small, third world country and Bolt has spent his entire career training there. And all his coaches have been Jamaican.  Such cutting edge pharmaceuticals usually come out of advanced industrial countries.   Until proven otherwise, I believe Usain Bolt was just a freak of nature that happened to represent a country that has always produced more than its per capita share of world class sprinters. This began with the 1952, Olympics in Finland, long before the sport was tainted by the use  of illegal substances, and has continued almost unabated since.