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    • I wasn’t there but I hear the guys were treated with great hospitality. 
    • The only bad part of the game was that Madison was controlling the clock and chain crew. The clock person manipulated the clock all game long and the chain crew was moving the sticks during plays. I’m then south, actual Referees are clock operators and chain crew in the playoffs. That needs to be enforced up north as well.
    • Edgewater should have lost to Lincoln. They embarrassed themselves in GA. Big fish in a small pond. Lincoln traveled all the way to Orlando and should have won that game. Edgewater beat a depleted Jones team missing 8 starters.  Lakeland beats nobody this year, has a garage schedule and gets ranked high because of last year. Then Armwood beats them and it makes Armwood look like this national juggernaut. Even though before that game they lost to the only good team on their schedule.  Edgewater isn’t that good. Florida is just terribly down this year and the classifications are too watered down.  Edgewater is gonna get smoked and then it will be the only 2 quality Healthy teams on their schedule they lost to. 
    • The reason why 90 percent of the blowouts are in the 2000’s is because the classes are grossly watered down. There is no freaking reason Booker T, MNW and Miami Central are in different classes. It’s a damn shame 
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