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    • I think it would've been a closer game if the quarterback didn't get injured. But madison did fumble 4 times with two being within there on ten yard line. Thus, I think they lost do to there defense.
    • Did Columbia lose because of a QB and Kicker going down thought?  I didn't see the game but...You can't keep expecting to win games giving up 40+ points and thinking this can be fixed over a few weeks.....Columbia's Defense has some work to do - fast.      
    • What a game all I can say but on a serious note I've never seen such poor sports not the kids from viera but the parents and fans so let me get this right viera lost because of the referees? That's what many were saying on Facebook and twitter get real viera played probably their best game ever and cocoa played their worse and cocoa still won bottom line and the end of the game we had more points so in my book cocoa won grow up u bunch of rich cry babies
    • DP was the better team. They didn't appear to be as good as last years squad, but there's still a long way to go and plenty of time for improvement. Like always they have plenty of athletes. And for a change they were better on the field then Mainland's. They broke tackles, out ran the Buc's to the outside, and threw passes for first down all night long. They probably should've had a couply more scores. I'm disappointed in the results, but can't say it's a surprise. Saw some things over the summer that reminded me of some Buc teams from 8 to 10 years ago. Plenty of talent, but staff can't pull it all together. The X's and O's aren't playing to the strengths of the Jimmy's and Joe's. Over the last few years Denzel Houston's amazing athletic accomplishments masked some of these issues. From 30 rows up they aren't hidden anymore. Let's face it, Mainland's district is horrendous. Seabreeze, Pine Ridge, NSB, Deltona, and Mantanzas won't currently put fear in any playoff worthy team. Consequently, Mainland's a lock for a 24th straight berth in the championship tournament. At the moment anything other then a one and done seems remote. But hey, what the hell do I know after 200+ Mainland games in a row. Shock me Buccaneers. Make this old man cry with joy. Or better yet, make him apologize and shut the "F" up.     
    • Game hasn't been rescheduled yet, if ever. Remember the FHSAA hired Maxpreps to improve errors in team schedules and results over that C2 ?? something business they partnered with over the last few years.