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    • Gaaaammeeee day!!! The hype surrounded around this game is crazy!!  People making bets...are alumni and fans been posting about it all week ...the community is hyped even people that didnt go to dillard said this is must see. This atmosohere is gonna b crazy letsssss goooooo. Paws up!!
    • Well Columbia was undefeated and MNW was blown out twice, I was definitely not only one to have Columbia higher   And if we want to get technical Columbia nearly running clocked a team who running clocked Carol City, while MNW could only put up 10 points against them     Just because Columbia in SFL don't mean they ain't good, in fact TCA shredding Carol City like they did showed North Florida teams aren't the pushovers some people out there trying to imply to fit their agenda
    • UC Chaminade American heritage delray CAI Venice Dillard STA TBT mandarin Riverview 
    • With BTW 24 to 7 compared to 52 to 14 there is a difference. And with the other common opponent BTW lost to Central. Columbus has to be the most disappointing team in the state this year. With all they had coming back no one thought the coaching change would've affected them this much. South Dade hasn't played nobody other than Columbus on their schedule. Alot of people besides me will be shocked if Carol City beats them tonight. But everything thing will play out just was trying to understand your logic. You did have Columbia ahead of NW couple weeks back lol.  By the way Norland is a stat game this year. So if South Dade is that good game shouldn't have been close.