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    The most hilarious part about you wasting your time to make up these points, none of them matter to the actual rules. UCF went undefeated and was ranked #1 by an NCAA Major Selector which makes them a National Champ for 2017.
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    The Agenda Buster

    It is funny that Lakeland people are saying that they don't recruit when the entire "High School Free Agency" bill that was introduced by representatives of Polk County was because the FHSAA punished Lakeland for a couple of kids transferring for athletic reasons. And the fact that our state legislature hates public schools.
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    RPI is a joke

    I actually liked it when we had champ, runner up and wildcards. Cut to 12 districts instead of 16 and that increases the teams in each district and allows 2 extra in each region to make it in case you are in a district of death. Then you can seed by some point system. We are using some bull shit formula to see who gets in. We might as well just roll a dice or flip a coin.
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    So after looking at results from season and using my rankings I have made my Mid-Season predictions for each classification I will revisit and revise the week of the opening round of playoffs (Note my favorites in each class and state picks are based on my rankings) 1A Favorite: Madison County Next one up: Baker Dark Horses: Blountstown Taylor County Newberry Dixie County Biggest surprise: Newberry Biggest disappointment: Pahokee Mid-Season state Prediction: Madison County vs Baker 2A Favorite: Champagnat Catholic Next one up: Victory Christian Dark Horses: University Christian North Florida Christian Maclay First Baptist Biggest surprise: Aucilla Christian Biggest disappointment: North Florida Christian Mid-Season State Prediction: Champagnat Catholic vs Victory Christian 3A Favorite: Chaminade Madonna Next one up: Trinity Christian Dark Horses: Clearwater Central Catholic Florida High Bishop Verot Berkeley Prep Pensacola Catholic Biggest surprise: Bishop Verot Biggest disappointment: PK Yonge Mid-Season State Prediction: Chaminade Madonna vs Trinity Christian 4A Favorite: Cocoa Next one up: Gulliver Prep Dark Horses: Miami Washington Cardinal Gibbons Miami Carol City University School Lakewood Biggest Surprise: Lakewood Biggest disappointment: Palatka Mid-Season State Prediction: Cocoa vs Gulliver Prep 5A Favorite: Rockledge Next one up: Miami Northwestern Dark Horses: Jones American Heritage Plantation Lake Wales Wakulla Dunnellon Vanguard Raines Biggest Surprise: Dunnellon Biggest disappointment: Ribault Mid-Season State Prediction: Rockledge vs Jones 6A Favorite: Miami Central Next one up: Columbia Dark Horses: Naples Escambia Dillard Lee Palmetto Mainland Biggest surprise: Lake Gibson Biggest disappointment: Miami Southridge Mid-Season State Prediction: Miami Central vs Columbia 7A Favorite: Lakeland Next one up: St Thomas Aquinas Dark Horses: Edgewater Armwood Atlantic Delray Palm Beach Lakes Tampa Bay Tech Plantation Niceville Biggest surprise: Fleming Island Biggest disappointment: Crestview Mid-Season State Prediction: Lakeland vs St Thomas Aquinas 8A Favorite: South Dade Next one up: Deerfield Beach Dark Horses: Bartram Trail Miami Palmetto Vero Beach Flagler Palm Coast Sanford Seminole Columbus Oakleaf Deland Western Apopka Biggest surprise: Oakleaf Biggest disappointment: Plant Mid-Season State Prediction: South Dade vs Bartram Trail
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    Btw I'll say this as well If you hate my rankings so much or think i do such a crap job, do your own damn rankings I put in hours each week when I could be doing plenty of other stuff, if you don't agree with something that's one thing but to imply i have no idea what I'm talking about or that i didn't put in effort is a load of bullshit considering I don't see anyone else on this entire forum doing a statewide rankings even up to 25 and I've been ranking 80 teams Even if you don't agree with what i did you can at least show respect for the effort i put into my rankings!
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    Pick em (badbird woes)

    The UCF National Championship claim upset a lot of the privileged elite in college football, but it also put them on notice and exposed the Power 5 Cartel for what their national championship is; an invitational limited only to Power 5 teams. Here we are two years later and UCF bitch-slapped another Power 5 team this past weekend.
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    Max Preps is a joke in too many ways to discuss. Dillard is easily top 4 in 6A and maybe higher. Jax Lee is fringe top 10 and Columbia is not top 10 at all.
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    RPI is a joke

    Maybe the answer is not the RPI
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    why is it smh? i see yall are 7-0, thats great, but opp win % is .345, cant help it if teams you play in district are not any good, but the out of district must be bad too......thats THE factor thats hurting! just sayin
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    Loosing is one thing. But I had high hopes the Rock would have made a game of it. That's the disappointment, not the loss. Cocoa lost more than they won on road out of state. But in most games they gave as much as they got.
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    NORTH FL Godby @ Coffee (GA) Columbia @ Madison County Bartram Trail @ Ponte Vedra St Thomas Aquinas @ Mandarin CENTRAL FL Carol City @ Vanguard Dr Phillips @ Wekiva Edgewater @ Marietta (GA) Apopka @ Jones St Frances Academy (MD) @ Venice Tampa Bay Tech @ Bloomingdale Gaither @ Chamberlain Miami Edison @ Tampa Catholic Jesuit @ CCC Clearwater @ Pinellas Park Deland @ Viera Mainland @ Cocoa Rockledge @ St Ignatius (OH) SOUTH FL Clearwater Academy @ Atlantic PB Lakes @ PB Central American Heritage(PL) @ Cardinal Gibbons Trinity Christian @ Booker T Washington Northwestern @ Central
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    22 Interesting Games This Week

    Rockledge @ St Ignatius (OH) Calpreps has St' Iggy's rated at 32, while Rockledge cracks the top 100 at 93. I'm especially interested in this one since it is my HS Alma Mater. Yes, I transfered from Cocoa to the Rock in 71 when they opened. My loyalties are with both schools.
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    Jax TCA vs BTW

    we are not trending down because of IMG. We might be trending down because other states are creating IMG type teams and touting them as (insert state) team
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    Week 6 pick em results

    The champ has already been crowned. BACKTOBACK CHAMPS BAD BIRDBRAIN BIRDY
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    Wekiva at Edgewater

    Yes, DarterBlue actually went to this game and not APK vs Brantley. The hope was it would be more competitive. Well, despite sporting Wekiva a 14-0 lead and then a 21-7 lead (the first two Wekiva touchdowns were off Edgewater turnovers, a stripped catch and unforced fumble), Edgewater scored the final 45 points of the game to win comfortably. This Edgewater team compares favorably in terms of talent with the 2002-20004 teams which all made the title game. Next week against Marietta up in Georgia, I think they have a very good chance but cannot afford to spot them 14 like they did against Wekiva. Wekiva played its best but just did not have the talent. Last year's or for that matter the 2017 team, would have given this Edgewater team a good game. This year's team while decent, does not have the stellar defense that those other two team had.
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    Jax TCA vs BTW

    Going on 6 years playing the best teams in the nation IMG has lost only two games. Both losses 2014 and 2018 were to arguably the top team in the nation. Instead of accepting the fact that IMG is a Florida high school team based in Florida and where the players live for most of the year, some of us make trivial of this fact. Yes, IMG does recruit as every private school and many public schools do. Yes, IMG has students from all over the US and the world. However, I would bet that nearly half of their students are already from Florida. They just have superb coaching and campus facilities unlike many schools in Florida. They are also a boarding school where the campus is their home 24/7 very similar to many colleges. I have no idea why a few people have a consistent hard on for this school and its team. Just accept the fact that they are, in spite of opposing opinions, a Florida school. They do represent the state of Florida when they play teams from other states. Can we not be proud of a team that can regularly hang with and usually defeat some of the best teams in the country? Those opposing teams recognize IMG as a Florida team, you can be sure. To have folks in Florida not recognize them as a Florida team is petty at best. After all, the team is made up of players that are exactly the same as every other high school team in the country. The same age, size, and disposition as the rest. As such, can't we all agree to accept IMG for the talented team that they are and get on with it? After all, they are just a bunch of high school kids who work hard and who are proud of what they have accomplished.
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    Jax TCA vs BTW

    Im gonna say this as a dude from south florida .... can TCA win this friday ??? Most Def. But i believe BTW lost to iMG was more of iMG being nationally elite vs BTW being legit that bad. BTW is SOLID but not elite; so with that said i believe especially at traz BTW will be fired up & they will give TCA all they can handle. BTW is extremley talented on both sides of the ball & if TCA cant get any stops on defense their gonna get took the woodshed. So this shouks be a very good game And may the best team win.
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    I am glad Bad Bird and Jambun worked out their differences
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    Wekiva at Edgewater

    Of course he has not seen them. He's basing it on his overall opinion of Orlando area football. I have seen Edgewater three times: Bishop Moore, Jones and Wekiva. They have gotten better with each game. Last night they had every reason to fall apart being down 14-0 in the first three minutes of the game. The did not panic and scored the last 45 points to win handily.
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    22 Interesting Games This Week

    If Edgewater can cut down on the mental mistakes and penalties, they will beat Marietta.
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    They don't have to beat superior teams, they just need wins to start building a program. If you have ever coached a sport where the players/community have no sense of what a winning team looks like or acts or does, it is really hard to create the culture. (Hate that word). Some of the hardest part is just getting teams to win several games (against any opponent, even if your school is over 2500 and you are playing a school with 750). Baby steps. Once you start winning then you start looking for quality wins against quality opponents, but if you dont get some wins in, you can't keep the players, if you can't keep the players, the sport dies. It is one of the reasons why I don't understand why people don't push more for a promotion/relegation system. Why would you want some of the bad teams playing some of these elite teams in a district match-up or even in
  22. 3 points

    Columbia vs Gainesville

    Wow, this Madison/Columbia smack talk is pretty intense!
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    so all of their opponents are real schools... who don't have football programs. This seems like a student project to see if they could infiltrate maxpreps system and become highly ranked never playing a game
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    Week 5 results pickem results

    I think that's called 'hedging your bets.'
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    There is no National Championship Game; there is a Power 5 Invitational that excludes Group of 5 teams. There is no legitimate national championship trophy. NCAA recognizes UCF National Championship.
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    As a UCF Alum, I'm all about them claiming a stake in the National Championship because they caught lightning in a bottle. The problem with scheduling is that Power 5 teams won't schedule UCF. That Stanford game was scheduled years ago and they just played it. Can you see a team at the higher end of the SEC or ACC scheduling UCF? Not a chance. It's a tough spot for UCF because when they lose a game, they were over-rated and had no reason to be there but then they win and it's "That Pac-12 team was soft. Pitt is at the bottom of the ACC." Or, from the other side of it - beating UCF doesn't do much for a Power 5 school other than a win over a ranked opponent. But, say a team like Oklahoma or Florida schedules them and UCF wins? Then they get legitimized and it hurts the Power 5 system in general. I get the fact that people don't like that they proclaimed themselves National Champions. But, people disrespect the dominance they've shown over the last 3 years and try to sweep it under the rug. As football fans, which we are, that's just being boneheaded.
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    Which will be the best games this year? INTRACOUNTY RIVALRIES Alachua Gainesville vs Buchholz 10/4/19 Brevard Cocoa vs Rockledge(The BBQ Bowl) 11/1/19 Cocoa vs Astronaut no game this year Cocoa vs Merritt Island-temporarily discontinued Titusville vs Astronaut(Battle for the Hudson Trophy) 11/1/19 Eau Gallie vs Melbourne 11/1/19 Satellite vs Cocoa Beach(Beach Bowl) 9/27/19 Broward Dillard vs Ely(Soul Bowl) 11/2/19 South Plantation vs Plantation(Mayor's Cup) 10/4/19 Fort Lauderdale vs Stranahan 11/1/19 St Thomas Aquinas vs Cardinal Gibbons-temporarily discontinued Charlotte Charlotte vs Port Charlotte 10/18/19 Collier Naples vs Immokalee 10/25/19 Naples vs Lely(Coconut Bowl) 10/11/19 Naples vs Barron Collier(Cross Town Showdown) 9/27/19 Duval Lee vs Jackson no game this year Raines vs Ribault(Northwest Classic Trophy) 10/12/19 Escambia Escambia vs Pensacola High(Ye Olde Wash Boiler Tub) 11/1/19 Escambia vs Pine Forest Escambia won 23-20 Hernando Citrus vs Hernando 10/11/19 Highlands Sebring vs Avon Park-temporarily discontinued Sebring leads series 54-40-1 Hillsborough Armwood vs Plant AW won 38-3 Plant vs Hillsborough no game this year Plant vs Robinson 11/1/19 Tampa Catholic vs Jesuit 11/1/19 Indian River Sebastian River vs Vero Beach no game this year Lake Leesburg vs Eustis 10/25/19 Lee Fort Myers vs North Fort Myers(Battle of the Callosahatchee River) FM won 48-3 Lehigh vs East Lee County(Beast of the East) 11/1/19 Leon Godby vs Rickards 10/11/19 Lincoln vs Leon 10/10/19 Manatee Manatee vs Southeast-temporarily discontinued Manatee vs Palmetto Palmetto won 18-12 Marion Vanguard vs North Marion Vanguard won 18-14 Martin County Martin County vs South Fork (Martin Bowl) South Fork won 20-7 Miami-Dade Northwestern vs Jackson(Soul Bowl) Homestead vs South Dade Coral Gables vs Miami High Killian vs Palmetto (Cat Trophy) Palmetto won 41-7 Killian vs Southridge 11/1/19 North Miami vs North Miami Beach no game this year Columbus vs Belen Jesuit Okaloosa Fort Walton Beach vs Choctawhatchee(The Game) Niceville vs Crestview Osceola Osceola vs St Cloud State's 5th oldest rivalry. Orange Boone vs Edgewater(Battle for the Spirit Barrel) Jones vs Evans(Soul Bowl) Oviedo vs Hagerty(Mayor's Cup) Dr Phillips vs Olympia Palm Beach Pahokee vs Glades Central(Muck Bowl) 11/2/19 Palm Beach Central vs Wellington(Wellington Cup) Pasco Pasco vs Zephyrhills(The 9-Mile War) 11/1/19 Pinellas Tarpon Springs vs East Lake Palm Harbor University vs East Lake Polk Lakeland vs Kathleen Winter Haven vs Auburndale Winter Haven vs Lake Wales Bartow vs Lake Wales Fort Meade vs Frostproof St Johns Nease vs Ponte Vedra(Battle for the Bridge) St Augustine vs Menendez St Lucie Westwood vs Fort Pierce Central(The Showdown) 9/20/19 Santa Rosa Gulf Breeze vs Navarre(Public Peach Bowl Cup) Navarre won 28-21 Pace vs Milton(Bronze Helmet) 10/25/19 Seminole Lake Brantley vs Lake Mary(Mayor's Cup) Lake Mary won 42-0 Volusia Mainland vs Seabreeze(Spike Welshinger Trophy) 10/25/19 INTERCOUNTY RIVALRIES South FL: Okeechobee vs Clewiston(Hendry) Okeechobee vs Martin County Central FL: Seminole vs Deland(Volusia) "Battle of the Bridge" Hardee vs Desoto(Walter F Buck Carlton Trophy) Melbourne Central Catholic(Brevard) vs John Carroll(St Lucie) 11/1/19 Vero Beach(Indian River) vs Fort Pierce Central(St Lucie) Cardinal Mooney(Sarasota) vs Bishop Verot(Lee) North FL: Palatka(Putnam) vs St Augustine(St Johns) Columbia vs Suwannee(Oaken Bucket) Columbia vs Gainesville Santa Fe(Alachua) vs Fort White(Columbia) " Battle for the Paddle" Santa Fe won 10-0 Blountstown(Calhoun) vs Port St Joe(Gulf) Jay vs Flomaton(Alabama)
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    Pick em (badbird woes)

    I had a really bad week. There will be a new leader. I'm still Pre Dorian 2019 Pick em champ.
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    He probably hasn't been at Lakeland long enough to realize that
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    Steinbrenner Warriors

    Need Help with RPI

    So I just got a response from Frank Beasley at FHSAA. I had written him explaining some of the confusion with the posted formula on FHSAA and asked for clarification and he responded by posting a link to the posted formula in question. lol. So back to square 1
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    Pick em (badbird woes)

    They use to not have national championships so you had to claim fake ones. It’s all good. I’m claiming my fake pick em contest winner championship. Don’t hate
  32. 3 points

    Pick em (badbird woes)

    Many schools, including a couple of elite SEC programs, have claimed "fake" titles over the years, Bama being one of them. I'm a long time Gator fan, but I'm not delusional enough to believe the Gators could beat the UCF team of the past three years.
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    When do you go for 2?

    Totally. I've always pulled double duty as JV HC and a Varsity assistant and I'm the one who advocates going for two. Maybe I'm just too aggressive but I think it puts other teams in a bind, especially if you're good near the goal line, because it changes the way they have to call plays. Plus, if you go 1/2 you still have 14 points.At least that's how I look at it.
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    Joshua Wilson

    newest rpi?

    Every Tuesday at 2 PM Four games being played tonight that will factor in the rankings tomorrow.
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    5 Teams That Have Crashed

    8A Plant is 0-5. Just lost to Gonzaga(DC) 48-7. Next up is undefeated Steinbrenner. 7A Dwyer is 1-3. Just lost to Martin County 22-21. Next up is Glades Central. 6A Southridge is 0-5. Just lost to Miami Palmetto 42-8. Next up is undefeated South Dade. 5A Clay is 0-5. Just lost to Eastside 42-20. Next up is University Christian. 1A Fort Meade is 0-5. Just lost to Lakeland Christian 49-12. Next up is Avon Park.
  36. 2 points
    My bad, for not explaining myself. I wasn't questioning the current playoff formula (although I agree the format needs tweaking at the least). Just the fact that in an extremely weak district, Mainland (my heart and soul) still earns a top four position in a region with a very poor season under way. Only Lakeland High, of all public Florida high schools, has been to the FHSAA playoffs in more consecutive current seasons. Lakeland 26 yrs, Mainland 25 yrs in a row. My call for "change" was sadly in house , not state wide....Buc Forever
  37. 2 points
    In most cases i would agree Madison is hardly a NORMAL 1A school though They have usually twice the roster size of most 1a schools, most 1a schools probably hover around 20-25 kids Madison may often have 50 kids on their varsity roster which is on par with a lot of schools that are around 4a and 5a
  38. 2 points
    I wouldn't exclude Edgewater from the top 4 in 7A in the state.
  39. 2 points
    I can see the Randazzo team on MaxPreps, but there is no longer a schedule or a roster. Too bad; they were having a great season.
  40. 2 points

    Jax TCA vs BTW

    Also no one in Florida can do what IMG does in stockpiling talent. STA can come the closest with the talent pool and resources they have in the area. Are there going to be years a Florida school could beat them sure but if IMG continues it’s model it will always be far superior than all Florida schools until another IMG pops up in Florida. Just like Montverde in basketball. Now on a national level that’s a different story because other schools do the same thing but I’ll take IMG in football and Montverde in basketball and take my chances
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    I guess I’m on drugs Jags. I have also been a head coach and understand that those actions are not acceptable by the head coach. Jags he could have been easily ejected by most officials. You don’t know what was said either do I but even not knowing what was said you do not walk out to the field to confront or talk to the ref. If the refs threw a flag and were yelling for him to get off the field and he kept going then yes he deserved to be ejected. I imagine both sides refs and coach could have handled it better. However nothing I saw in that video deserved a year suspension which got reduced to 3 months. He most likely deserved a one or two game suspension.
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    You make a HUGE assumption about people on this forum. I bet you don't like being put in a box, so maybe you should practice not doing the same of others.
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    Miami-Dade County high school football has its very own version of “A League of their Own” this season. With county powers Northwestern, Central, Booker T. Washington and Columbus, to name a few, having taken over the landscape in terms of domination and stacking rosters with top talent on an annual basis, the likes of Reagan, Goleman Coral Park, Varela and other programs have been left in the dust. Rather than get discouraged, the “little guys” who weren’t so little in terms of school size, went out and did something about it. With Reagan coach John Lopez, assistant coach Jorge Rojas along with the GMAC leading the way, months of contacting other schools to get them on board, along with informing the FHSAA that they would not be participating in the state series when it came to football, eventually led to the berth of the Miami-Dade County Football Conference. All 12 schools will still continue to be very much a part of the GMAC, they simply will not participate in the FHSAA state football playoffs come November. “This gives us a chance to be competitive and to be honest a sense of fairness since the entire county has now kind of become an entire group of either ‘haves’ or ‘have-nots,’ ” said Lopez who is the only coach the Reagan program has ever known, starting it from scratch 12 years ago. “Speaking just for Reagan, being capped out enrollment-wise, we’ve always taken pride in just simply figuring out how to play with whatever comes in the doors. Obviously we weren’t the only ones with this problem. Other schools were in the same boat and that’s when we started to put together the idea of doing something like this.” A total of 12 programs joined up to form the conference that is split into two divisions of six, a south division and a north. Forming the south are Braddock, Coral Park, Sunset, Reagan, Varela and Ferguson. Goleman, Hialeah-Miami Lakes, Mourning, Krop, Hialeah Gardens and Westland Hialeah are in the north. Both out of the gate with 3-0 starts, Goleman and Krop would appear to be the two best teams in this group of a dozen. “Our kids are excited for it, our coaches are excited for it I’m excited for it and our school is excited for it,” said Goleman head coach Ariel Cribiero. “I’d like to think that teams and programs that do it the right way and build with their own kids that this is our way of rewarding those kids. We’re a magnet school, our kids are smart, going to Ivy League schools, not necessarily to play football. We want to give them a great experience and going to this independent league will give them that opportunity.” The set up will be relatively simple. Each team will play the other five in its own division and then four other games against teams from the opposite division for a total of nine games. The 10th game (including a bye week) will be played the final regular season week (Oct. 31-Nov. 2). “We will pair up the two sixth-place teams against each other, then the fifth place and so on up to third place,” Rojas said. “Whoever finishes first and second will qualify for our playoffs on that weekend as well. The two semifinals will be first place from one division playing second from the other division and vice versa.” The two semifinal winners will then meet in the championship game, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 9 at a neutral site, possibly Milander Stadium. “This new conference, it’s not going to be any different in that we’re going to come out with the same attitude every week play football the way we know how to play,” said Reagan senior quarterback Johnny Vega. “It’s a matter of knowing that we have to beat whoever is in front of us. But now we’ll shoot to win the championship in our conference and that’s going to be pretty cool.”
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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. If we are going to give Lakeland the benefit of the doubt, I think we need to give EVERYONE the benefit of the doubt, unless there is proof of cheating. No need to point out what others are/are not doing if one's own house is clean, ie "how about Plant?"..."how about south FL?" etc etc as I have read in some posts(not yours Legion). For good reason or not, private schools have been questioned and accused for 50+ years. Now maybe some public school folks know what it feels like to be in the spotlight....and it's not always fun. Like the old saying, time for some of their own medicine. No need to be offended by questioning. It comes with the territory. I'm not a private school homer, but I see the hypocrisy that some of the private school folks talk about today. From a strictly selfish standpoint, if I am having to accept things the way they are today in the hs game, fine. But if we are going to have superteams, please act like superteams and don't bore us with 50+ point non-district blowouts. Picking on totally outclassed teams is boring and leading to disinterest in the game by some fans.
  45. 2 points


    You really have no idea what you are talking about. Vero has an almost impossible task to schedule games. 1. First you have to schedule your 3 district games , no choice, 2nd half of season. 2. Season tickets- Vero is probably the only team in Florida that depends on revenue from it's season ticket holders. That means we have to schedule 6-7 games at our home stadium to satisfy our season ticket holders. To do that, we have to accept any team that will play us at home on whatever date is open. Most big power teams also want to play their games at their home, so that means sometimes we have to pay a team to travel to our stadium. The only reason we are getting a couple of big power teams, is because we have become a big power team since coach Jankowski has come to Vero. What you don't understand is that we have beaten 56 teams of all levels and no one has beaten us in 5 or 6 regular seasons, that's quite an accomplishment I am ashamed to call you a Vero fan !!!
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    Don't worry about what others say about JaxTC. All they have to do is look at the schedule and the teams that the Conquerors play. Must be the most difficult or one of the most difficult in the state. I wonder how many teams could do as well against that schedule? Probably most of them could not. So, take it all in with a grain of salt and just smile knowing that JaxTC is one of the top teams in Florida, period.
  47. 2 points


    Pahokee's offense committed 7 turnovers!!!! Like I said before, we are not doing a good job of playing to our strength!!!
  48. 2 points
    The whole let's see who claims who as the top team and use that to define us as national champs is the exact same thing that happens with box office movies. Every commercial for each of the really big movies find a media outlet to dub their film the movie of the year. Not to mention only one movie ultimately wins the award from The Academy.
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    20 Interesting Games THIS Week

    I think OSL was talking about high school games involving teams who might be playing in the state playoffs.