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    MC Rockets

    Miami Central 2019 schedule

    Here is the schedule for MC in 2019. Dates, time and determination of home and away games at Traz Powell Stadium TBA. But this is the order of games. Pre-season Cedar Grove, Ga. @Traz Wk 1 St. Frances Academy, MD. @Traz Wk 2 Booker T Washington @Traz Wk 3 Carol City @Traz Wk 4 South Ridge @Traz Wk 5 Edison @Traz Wk 6 Belen @Traz Wk 7 Northwestern @Traz Wk 8 Norland @Traz Wk 9 South Miami @Tropical Wk 10 Chaminade @Chaminade
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    But na tho it’s litearlly been over 5 years I been on this thread and I just want to let all y’all know I appreciate y’all man. If you got Instagram or Facebook please don’t hesitate to follow and inbox me who you is lol. instagram: dam.debo.u.so.daddy (don’t judge lol) facebook dexter living testimony green. all in all tho I’m blessed to see 27!!
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    2019 KOC Games

    Man this is Florida!!!! the rest of the country’s schedules are out, in Florida you’ll have to show up to the stadium on Friday and hope your team has a home game. You won’t find out who anyone is playing unless you show up in mid August to find out
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    I proudly called this years ago on the national board that once the new rule is implemented basically letting public schools play by the rules as the privates Lakeland will be back to beating STAs ass. You cant call yourself a true competitive organization and have teams not playing by the same rules. When STA would have double digit transfers from Miami to West Palm no one batted an eye. But when some local Polk County stud wanted to play for the best coach in state history everyone got up in arms. Now every team can acquire talent how they see fit, and everyone can play under the same rules.
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    ...on 2nd thought, I'll clear up the above confusion.... 1999- 6A North semi's- Lincoln 24 - Palm Bay 21. Championship: Lincoln 21 - Miami Southridge 14. 2000- 6A North semi's- Palm Bay 21 - Lincoln 20 (OT). Championship: Palm Bay 10 - Dillard 6. 2001- 4A North semi's- Lincoln 24 - Palm Bay 21. Championship: Lincoln 28 - STA 20. 2002- 4A North semi's- Palm Bay 44 - Lincoln 21. Championship: Palm Bay 19 - Tampa Jefferson 10.
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    I beg to differ...Miami Central has beaten MNW CC BTW Columbus Cypress Bay STA Cardinal Gibbons U School Chaminade Dillard Hallandale Mainland Naples Armwood Cocoa Gainesville Palm Bay Dallas Madison Prattville Elder, Ohio Don Bosco Hoover Bishop Gorman Stephenson Ohhhh...And they beat AHP too!
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    Spring Game 2

    So, I watched the first three quarters of the Winter Park vs Dr. Phillips game tonight. I had to leave at the end of the third as I had another commitment. Both teams showed well. When I left, Winter Park held a 21-7 lead. However, the Sentinel reports that Dp. rallied to win 28-21 in the fourth quarter. Sorry I was not able to stay for the fireworks. Thoughts on the game: Both teams are solid. Dp. should have scored first as a half back pass delivered by Patti (I am guessing he is related to Nick and is the same style QB), found a wide open receiver in stride. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, after hauling it in, he stumbled and fell. On the next play Patti threw an interception which WP proceeded to drive down field and score. DP utilized two QBs, Patti and the tall kid that transferred from West Orange last year. Patti is quite the athlete, and it is kind of like having a running back with a good arm playing QB. However, he threw two picks before leading DP to their fourth quarter comeback. For me, as of now, I would take the WO transfer as my starter, but we shall see. Winter Park looked good which they don't usually do in the spring. The have a number of very athletic kids at receiver who can make plays after the catch and the QB is capable of tucking the ball and running for decent yardage. Perhaps the most interesting thing I noted was that the WP defensive interior, which was undersized and did not look that impressive to the eye, was able to contain the DP running game well for the three quarters I saw. Look for both of these teams to make a run in 8A come fall.
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    Yes, Cris Collinsworth.....oh, that was Titusville Astronaut, and the year was 1975......never mind
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    And that is the moral of this story! Lol
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    Xavier Lee was a monster in high school. He could throw the football 80 Yards. His primary target was Eric Weems, a NFL player up until 2018. But his high school success was also greatly enhanced by the system he played under. Coach Marc Beach (Spruce Creek grad) brought the Spread Offense to Daytona Beach in the late 1990's. He had played DB at Valdosta State and stayed on as a grad assistant under offensive wiz, Head Coach Hal Mumme. Greats Lavell Edwards, and Rich Rodriquez are generally credited as the architects of this passing system. With four spread wideouts, five counting the RB, opposing DB's were lost as he checked down looking 1,2,3,4,5 on who was open. It wasn't until years later that the defenses caught up. Pressure in the QB's face doesn't give him time to check down past the 1st or 2nd option. Forget about the 3,4,5, QB is on his a$$. At the time if Mainland had that system, with it's athletes, they'd have won several more championships. Beach has been the OC at Tift County(Ga) for several years now ($$$). I played ball with Xavier's dad Willie "Foot's" Lee at Bethune-Cookman. Tried to post a photo of us together, but my computer skills are bad!!!
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    Deadlines are needed. You can schedule a game after the deadline. It just won't count towards the playoff rankings
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    Parrish Community High School will begin play in 2019 - the school will begin with a Jr. Varsity schedule (despite what the photo shows) as the school will have only or at least the bulk of 9th and 10th graders. They will primarily be taking students from Palmetto High School as they are the only other HS north of the river in Manatee County. Originally named North River HS .
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    More western they just got a transfer from AHP James Williams.. Big time safety...
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    Come on son! They may potentially be borderline top 5 in Dade heading into year and is one of most respected programs in SFL Definitely no on dark horse Come on gator, I know you can do better
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    No, BTW is young but loaded. I fully expect them to have a very good season.
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    Would Booker T Washington be considered a dark horse now? If so them lol.
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    I agree. They have a very good running back and are a well coached team.
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    2019 KOC Games

    Don't quote me on this, but I believe Apopka has its KOC against Miami Booker T. Washington. Good idea, but I am not sure if this is the right year. We will see.
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    Big Ray

    2019 KOC Games

    The FHSAA needs to copy what GA is doing!
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    2019 KOC Games

    It’s insane. This is total incompetence from the FHSAA. Look at this link. This is how you govern. https://www.ghsa.net/2019-2020-ghsa-football-schedule
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    This the list I have of new or "re-started" football programs from 2017-2019. Feel free to add to it: 2017 Cypress Creek (Wesley Chapel) Four Corners (Davenport) Gadsden County (Havana) IMG Academy - White (Bradenton) Kingdom Prep (Auburndale) Miami Christian -football program restarted Superior Collegiate (Clearwater) West Park Prep Windermere 2018 Citrus Park Christian (Tampa) Discovery (Lake Alfred) Joshua Christian (Jacksonville) Miami Country Day -football program restarted Nation Christian Academy (Port St. Lucie) St. Brendan (Miami) Tampa Bay Christian Tohopekaliga (Kissimmee) 2019 Bonita Springs Faith Christian (Orlando)-football program restarted Parrish Community (Parrish) - Only JV This Year Randazzo (Coconut Creek) ??? St. John Lutheran (Ocala)-football program restarted
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    21 would be pretty incredible since the team only had 31 players.
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    I gotcha. I have some things to do but I’ll post a list of new schools ‘17-‘19 later today or tomorrow.
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    Chaminade-Madonna will win this game. The only individuals who don't know that Vero is the underdog here is Vero. It'll be good, but Chaminade-Madonna isn't Viera. Coach Jones, Coach Tate and staff will have the Lions ready for this one.
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    I think in some cases that peer pressure/influence is as big, if not greater a factor than "recruiting." ...ie "Hey, let's all go to _____ next year and create a state championship team." With all of the camps, 7-on-7 and social media today, there is a level of communication amongst the kids today that we have never seen before. I am cautious not to underestimate the impact this could be having.
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    Before the 1960’s teams were crowned mythical state champions. There was publications in the state who unofficially crowned them but since there was no playoff, it was all moot. Teams would recognize based on points systems who the champion was for the entire state. Especially at the a time when there wasn’t that many teams. So usually the undefeated team took the “crown” In 1925 Pinellas County’s greatest team ever was able to make the claim as “State Champion”. They beat every single power in the state at the time enroute to an undefeated season capped off by beating the Georgia State Champ in a postseason bowl game. They played 10 games and only allowed 3 points total. 9 shutouts. Gotta be close to a record. Here was the results to Pinellas County’s One and only Football State Champion 1925 (10-0) Arcadia 13-0 Sarasota 60-0 West Palm Beach 42-0 Key West 95-0 Hillsborough 30-3 Lake City 55-0 Miami High 21-0 Duval High 3-0 Ft Myers 26-0 Atlanta Tech,GA 13-0
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    He stepped down from head coach and went on to coach the O-Line. Coach Pat Lusk kept the tradition going but the Rock wasn't ready for a complete change when it came to working with their talent. Still ran the same plays. Even when I played there from 04-08 when Cocoa won their first championship.
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    Two other teammates played in the NFL that weren't drafted: Albert Burton (2yrs), Charles Cornelius (4yrs) Now a Test for you, OldSchoolLION. Match the "nicknames" with the players : 1. Willie Lee-------------------------------A. "Dr. Love" 2. Charles Cornelius------------------B. "Bubba" 3. Bernard Coleman------------------C. "Tony" 4. Randy Walker------------------------D. "Red" 5. Albert Burton------------------------E. "Foots" 6. Earl Inman----------------------------F. "Country Boy" 7.Arnold Robinson-------------------G. "Sweetback" 8. Andre Samuels--------------------H. "Rabbit" Can't find these in the old FHSAA Record Book....
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    I was at the semifinal. It was a cold evening with a wet, soggy field as rain had fallen before kickoff. The game was close through the end of the first half. Then Lincoln committed a series of errors in the second half, some, no doubt, induced by the conditions. Palm Bay took full advantage and pulled away for the easy win. Early in the season, it was either the kickoff classic or game one of the regular season, Edgewater had won a double overtime victory over Palm Bay at Edgewater. I was at that game too which was a great contest between two very good teams. Edgewater was to lose the 6A title game 14-19 on a hail Mary from the Norland QB with seconds left on the clock. That, too, was a great game and marked the coldest night I have ever been at a game in Florida as it was in the 30s up in Tally. On the field for Norland was Duane Bowe while Edgewater had Mike Walker. Both would go on to good NFL careers with Walker's ending early due to injury.
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    looked like a white guy running the ball from the picture. I saw Portis play Osceola his senior year vs Willie Green
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    Since ya'll won't say it I will. Tra Thomas Deland
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    OldSchoolLion, it is great to see that you are featuring Volusia County players in your Who is this Florida football legend series. I hope that you will continue that. Thank you.
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    That's NFL 1st rounder Leonard Williams out of Mainland High. Big, fast, and what a motor....sideline to sideline. This year the Jets also drafted DE/LB Jachai Polite in the 3rd round also a blue and gold Buccaneer.
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    let it go Oldschool. He hates Gainesville and Lee.
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    Oooh, I think I know this one without having to do any Internet research: that's Wes Chandler. All-American at UF; All pro with the San Diego Chargers. New Smyrna Beach High School, if memory serves me correct. A lot more accolades that I'm not remembering off the top of my head.
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    MC beat the shit outta Armwood the next year too
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    Seriously though you’d love for everyone to succeed at a higher level in sports, but it’s unrealistic. This is a good example for kids to not just succeed on the field but in the class to so they can have a career outside of football to fall back on, no matter how good they are.
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    My Money's Worth

    After last night's big disappointment, I got to see 4.5 quarters of good, competitive football. The Jamboree was played among Boone (the host), Bishop Moore and Wekiva. In the first half I saw, Bishop Moore, which started slowly, beat Boone 14-0. The score was about right. Boone had the better of the first 8 minutes of the first quarter. After that Bishop Moore had the better of play. Their second touchdown was set up by a bobbled one handed grab by their tight end, number 14, who after securing the ball took it down to the Boone five. No 14, 1 and 11 for Bishop Moore are really good football players. I think number 1 will play college ball at a big time program. The second game ended when Wekiva's QB over threw the end zone on fourth and goal from the Bishop Moore 12. Two plays earlier he had been sacked for a loss and on the next to last play, the BM corner made a big play to tip the ball out of the hands of the Wekiva receiver. In the only score of this game, BM's touchdown came on a long, grinding 85 yard drive in the second quarter. Wekiva is a good team and its offense has a shot at being better than last year's offense. However, the defense is young and way behind last year's defense at this stage. From what I saw of Edgewater in video against Osceola, and my knowledge of who they return, at this stage I am going with Edgewater to be the best 7A team in the Orlando area. In the final half of football, Boone, after picking up a nice fist down to get up to midfield, gave up a pick six and on the next Wekiva drive, the QB Preston, found a wide open receiver for a long touchdown pass. I figured at that stage that Boone was not coming back, so I left before the end of the quarter. Thoughts on the three teams. Bishop Moore is very solid. They and Jones should be in a battle royal for 5A, District 7. At this stage I am agnostic as to which one wins the district, as Jones literally had no competition last evening while BM was in four hard fought quarters. So, it is difficult for me to assess just how good Jones is at this stage. Wekiva is still a strong, likely playoff team. But the defense is not as good as it was the prior two seasons and without transfers in, I don't think it will improve enough this year to get to that level. Their QB Preston continues to develop nicely and he, too, should play college ball at a solid program, though I am not sure what his position will be. Boone is not a bad team. They used two QB running back combinations and to be honest, I preferred the fist featuring numbers 18 and 27. However, they were removed late in the first quarter against BM and had not returned when I left midway though the first quarter against Wekiva. I see BM having a shot at going deep in 5A if they can get past Jones which is a big hurdle. Wekiva should make the playoffs and it will come down to draw as to how far they progress. Regarding Boone, I think they will be better than last year. At this stage, I am not sure about their playoff chances.
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    Baker had the record at one point for most consecutive wins. lost first two games of the season in 83 and one was a district game. Only one team advanced back then. Went on to win the district title in a shootout that year and along the way collected 3 state titles and 42 straight wins. Lost to Walton in 1986. Walton won the state title in 2A that year. Walton's head coach was Jeff Webb who later coached Baker to the 1993 state title. side note: There was a young manager on that team that was part of the staff that stopped Lakeland's 53 game win streak.
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    Why are you mixing in scores of baseball games with the scores of the spring football games?
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    Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach

    Pahokee was up 28-0 on Ely, before putting in the backups and won 28-20 ...up next Pahokee vs Deerfield Beach
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    Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach

    At full strength, Pahokee is gonna be hard to beat..We had 3 D1 players that didnt play...The lines is gonna be the biggest question mark. Of they can be decent, this will be a championship team
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    4A Region 3 - An Early Look

    Cant wait.... but Ultimately, the team that comes out will likely play Carol City Chiefs . My boys should indeed be a favorite to take the region.
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    I’ll jump in alligator alley first
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    Apopka Jamboree

    First the bad news: Apopka does not have an offensive identity and must develop one over the summer or it could be a long, disappointing season ending without a playoff appearance. Now the good news: There is enough skill talent to do it. However, the offensive line must develop quickly. It would also help if the injuries get better over the summer and a few fresh, new faces show up in the freshman class. Finally, the defense was solid in all aspects of the game holding Atlantic Coast to minuscule yards (I don't think they had a first down in a half of football) and making critical sacks, a forced fumble and an interception, against an athletic, Raines offense, holding them to six points in two quarters. In fact, you could argue that it was not the D that gave up the six points as Apopka's offense fumbled away the football at about their own nine with about 40 seconds left in the game. Raines scored with 14.8 seconds left in the game, and intercepted Apopka's hail Mary to end the contest. To hold the defending state champion to six on a night when the offense could not move the ball to save it's life against them was pretty impressive. Apopka has plenty of talent. However, at this stage, its offense is the least developed of the eight teams I have seen play this spring. Now talent wise, it if far from the worst of those eight teams. An offensive identity needs to be developed or the team will struggle to score against decent teams. Lohman, who was our brightest offensive spark in the first game against Atlantic Coast, went down late in the second quarter of the second quarter of that game and was on crutches for the second game. I hope the injury is not severe as he will be needed to help spark the team come summer. On defense Jaylin Carter had a stellar night recording sacks and forcing the Raines fumble. Surprisingly, Spruce Creek, which is not usually a football power, was the best of the four teams at the jamboree winning both of their halves in impressive style. Their running back, number 4, and quarterback, number 9 are both D1 talents in my opinion. They beat Atlantic Coast 28-7 and was leading Raines 7-0 more than midway in their first quarter when I left to make the long trip home. Apopka won its half against Atlantic Coast 2-0 as the D brought Atlantic Coast down in its own end zone when they started from their own 3, and lost 0-6 against Raines. I did not see Fred Young, who was our best receiver last year on the sidelines. I don't know whether he has left school via transfer, or if he has quit football. Either way, the loss is a pity, as Fred was a very good receiver and with Apopka running more out of the spread I would have expected him to come into his own this season.
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    Thanks for the heads up 'Rocket. Now that Daytona Beach has the championships for the next few years, could be Miami Central on the Bucs home field again. It didn't help in '08 or '09 when a young D Freemen ran through us in the 2nd half or the other couple times in the playoffs up here, but who knows......I've always had much respect for the Rockets, wings and drinks on me if you come up...
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    Armwood is no longer in 6a. Mainland will have to contend with Columbia and maybe surprise team in region 1. Whomever comes out of that region is all but a sure bet to make to state. Region 2 is as bout as weak as a bad Wifi signal.
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    2019 Miami Central Talent

    On paper, Central has got to be the heavy favorite in 6A. Without Carol City, Northwestern or Mainland in the way, I don't see anyone stopping them from getting to the final. They were one of the biggest "winners" from the latest reclassification....in terms of getting an easier playoff path They only have one "rated" lineman, but it seems like Central always has stout lines regardless of star-power. Norland is in their district...will be interesting to see which Norland team shows up this year. They have been a giant-killer in the past. Southridge is in Central's district, too, but may not have the horsepower to challenge. Poor Naples has had Northwestern in their way in the past. Now they get Central in their region.