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  1. Seeking out a board moderator and a couple of changes...

    Peezy is a great addition. He is a solid, stand-up man, who always adds a lot.
  2. Future of Broward publics bright?

    These scrimmages are similar to the officiating clinics that the FHSAA used to request of officials to be able to officiate the playoffs. The scrimmages are a great help.
  3. Not now Palm Beach!

    Finding good young quality men and women who are willing to put the time and effort in to be an official is huge problem right now in the state of Florida. There is a shortage of officials across all sports in high school. The problem is very acute in football however.
  4. Miami Northwestern 2019 Football Schedule

    I know that there is a semi-pro team, the Magic City Bulls. The Bulls have Northwestern blue and gold colors and logo. I know that a lot of former Northwestern players play for the team, and the team owners are affiliated with the high school. I wonder if any former Central Rockets would be welcomed onto the team, and of so, would those players be comfortable wearing the Bulls blue and gold? lol
  5. Miami Northwestern 2019 Football Schedule

    I get the feeling that there is a lot of mutual respect between Northwestern and Central players and fans.
  6. 1994 5A Title Game -Vanguard vs Southeast

    Yes I know. Thanks to you for posting the video on this message board however.
  7. 1994 5A Title Game -Vanguard vs Southeast

    OldSchoolLion, thank you very much for posting this game. I will never forget attending this game as a High School Senior with most of our football team. We were sitting on the Southeast side, and I remember very well the cockiness of the Seminole fans turning to nervousness as Daunte Culpepper lead the Knights down the field, especially his scramble on fourth and 17 I believe for a first down. Also, the joy when the Vanguard kicker missed the field goal at the end of the game. It was a great experience.
  8. Five more transfers just showed up at Cocoa

    Glen Ridge, New Jersey is where the sexual assault of the mentally disabled teenager by several football players was covered up by the town powers-that-be. There was a movie starring Ally Sheedy and Eric Stoltz made about that incident.
  9. Who Is This Dominant Playoff Team? Cocoa

    No problem. I had heard from somewhere that that game was extremely well-officiated despite the 63-0 score.
  10. Who Is This Dominant Playoff Team? Cocoa

    OldSchoolLion, are you sure that the Bolles-Umatilla game was in 2013, not 2014?
  11. Who Is This FL HS Legend? Alonzo Highsmith/Columbus

    I believe that I remember reading an interesting story about Alonzo Highsmith in Jimmy Johnson's autobiography. When Alonzo was very young, his parents enrolled him in the Florida Pre-Paid College program. Of course, when Highsmith received an athletic scholarship from U of M, he didn't need that money for collage anymore. His parents were refunded the money, and bought Alonzo a nice car. Now, the geniuses at the NCAA just had to get curious, and just had to investigate. Mr. and Mrs. Highsmith and U of M had to waste time and money defending themselves from this ridiculous "organization" and their fake manufactured outrage.
  12. Old school lion do you remember this game lol

    Was this when Dillard had Issac Bruce, and Frank Sanders? I know that the Panthers won the state title in 1989.
  13. 1996 4A Title Game Video - Bolles vs Bartow

    Thank you Dan in Daytona, and LakelandGator. I knew that it was a very important offensive player that Bolles lost, and that their game plan was really hampered because of it.
  14. 1996 4A Title Game Video - Bolles vs Bartow

    OldSchoolLion, you should know better then to listen to anything that the Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce, or anyone from Volusia County, tells you!
  15. 1996 4A Title Game Video - Bolles vs Bartow

    I remember attending this game on a bitterly cold Saturday Afternoon in December. This was the last year that the state title games were in Daytona Beach until this year. What an upset. I could be mistaken, but I believe that the Bolles FB was injured very early in this game, and didn't play anymore. I remember going home from this game and watching the VCR tape of the Bill Parcells Patriots coming back to beat the Dan Reeves Giants 23-22, which was being played the same time as this game.