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  1. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    FL-HS_football, could you provide some examples of the "home cooking" that Manatee experienced in the 1980's in Plant City?
  2. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Legion37, what have been some of the issues with the officials when Lakeland has to play in the Plant City area?
  3. Rockledge Gets Pounded by St Ignatius

    The Dive Team? It is to bad that Rodney Dangerfield is not still alive. He could enroll back in High School, and become your top diver. Then, after you win the big meet, you could have a big party with curvy women in bikinis who like poetry. The women who like poetry can help you with your "Longfellow". You can get Oingo Biongo to perform, while the police supply you with beer, and you break the old crusty teachers car window!
  4. Rockledge Gets Pounded by St Ignatius

    Cat Scratch, you graduated from Rockledge, but now root for Cocoa? Isn't that against some unwritten rule? lol
  5. That was certainly unsportsmanlike conduct by that Centennial Coach. Once again, how can the high school children be expected to act in a civil matter when the "adult" coaches cannot?
  6. 5 Teams off to Surprising Starts

    Not very often. Yes, I would agree.
  7. 5 Teams off to Surprising Starts

    Hwy17, if a pass interference foul is away from the play, it might be a personal foul but is usually not pass interference. Again, it depends on the judgment of the official.
  8. 5 Teams off to Surprising Starts

    Purple and Gold Tiger Stripes man, I would agree with your statement. The non-player safety foul away from the point-of-attack would not be ignored, but that foul would probably not be penalized either. Possibly, a warning to the player committing the foul to be careful.
  9. 5 Teams off to Surprising Starts

    Perspective, no need to correct you. You are right.
  10. 5 Teams off to Surprising Starts

    Hwy17, uncatchable is NOT a factor when determining a pass-interference foul in NFHS rules.
  11. Clock Question

    Gatorman-uf, that is why the rule provision granting the referee the authority to start or stop the clock as he/she sees fit is in the rule book. As well as the recent rule change granting the offended team after an accepted foul to have the clock start on the snap in the last two minutes of the second and fourth quarters.
  12. Clock Question

    Perspective, the referee just has to use his/her best judgment. It is usually very obvious anyway, when a team is attempting to consume or conserve time. I could count the number of times on one hand that the referee has had to actually enforce this rule, it is very rare. A big part of being a game official is using the best judgment, and trying to apply common-sense, logical reasoning to any decision. I am sure that your father, the basketball official, would agree.
  13. 5 Teams off to Surprising Starts

    Did you think that it was a foul?
  14. Clock Question

    Cat Scratch, the game cannot end on an accepted defensive penalty. If time runs out during a play that has an accepted defensive penalty, an untimed down is played. The time is NOT put back on the clock.
  15. Clock Question

    The offended team has the right in the last two minutes of the second and fourth quarters to have the clock start on the snap after a foul. Badbird is correct however, the referee has the authority to order the clock stopped or started if he/she feels that a team is trying to consume or conserve time illegally.