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  1. The blue, black, and white team gets plenty of transfers, man who provides me many nice compliments.
  2. In my view armchair officials, and the way that the brave men and women of honor who wear the black and white shirts on Friday Nights are sometimes treated negatively are the worst thing to happen to Florida High School Football.
  3. I support the FREE STATE of FLORIDA, and the ability to attend any school for any reason. School Choice as an idea is a very beautiful lady to my eyes, Ray.
  4. The blue, black, and white team gets plenty of transfers. man who provides me many nice compliments.
  5. There will be NO sitting out a year because people can stand up for their rights in the Free State of Florida, and not let untouchable Government Bureaucrats determine where a student is "zoned" to go. How the transfer is "driven" doesn't make any difference, because the leadership of the state of Florida understands true freedom and rights. You're welcome for the kind words, Ray.
  6. The blue and gold team who spells a word an unusual way gets plenty of transfers, man whom I agree with on several issues.
  7. The situation will be handled the way that the FHSAA sees fit. You won't be consulted, so there is no need for you to concern yourself Pinstripes.
  8. I do not believe that the FHSAA has the power and authority to do that. Also, that would send a bad precedent with the struggle for find and keep officials already.
  9. Thank you for all of the great compliments, DarterBlue2!
  10. Oh, all right. Well, you could look at it this way: one of the great positives to staying involved with high school football and posting on this message board is that you get to interact with me! That is some great incentive for you right there!
  11. The so -called "sharks" of this message board have no effect on me at all. I am known for my knowledge and wisdom, for making great sense, for satisfying women, and for being the most knowledgeable poster on this message board on the subject of officiating by far. I know what an honor and privilege that it truly is for the other posters to the message board to hear from and speak to me!
  12. The only person who is going to tell me what to post or not post is Josh Wilson. Also, it is not your, nor anyone else who posts to this message board's, business where a high school student chooses to attend school. There will be no compromises on school choice, not in the FREE STATE OF FLORIDA!
  13. If you don't like living in the Free State of Florida, you should consider residing in some other states that are more in-line with your "point-of-view".
  14. Yes, but don't you have some Grandchildren going through school? You probably will stay interested in High School Football for many years to come.
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