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  1. Thank you DarterBlue2. That is the only game that I will believe that I might be able to attend as a fan. I would like to be possibly meet some other posters.
  2. All right. thank you. Then the 4A game is Wednesday December 11th, the 6A game is Thursday December 12th, and the 7A game is Saturday night December 14th correct?
  3. Which day/night is the 5A state title game?
  4. I was curious if there was any plan by posters to this message board to get together and watch the state title game on Friday December 13th, which is I believe the 8A game between Apopka and Miami Columbus? If so, where and when would this happen? Thank you.
  5. I don't believe that a bye was created for the larger classes because 5A through 8A always played one more game than 1A through 4A. The state semifinals for the larger classes were the same weekend as the state finals for the smaller classes if I remember correctly.
  6. How about the Badbird hold officials accountable by cursing them out, and chasing them to the cars in the parking lot Bowl. Team TBA.
  7. Phfootball, thank you for commenting on the penalties that you disagreed with. Do you know the officials who officiated that game? There are several Officiating Associations in the Panhandle, so while the officials were not from Escambia, they might have been very close to that area due to the geography.
  8. Lol, very funny Just A Coach! Although, I am not sure that Vaquero should answer your question because it might be a trap!
  9. Vaquero, thank you for your very through post about the game and the officiating. It sounded as if the Gaither Cowboys had some legitimate gripes about the officials. Were there any other issues with the officiating that you would like to share?
  10. EagleEye, it is clear from the officials stop-clock signal that he was a little unsure, and was looking for help from the back judge.
  11. There is no such foul as illegal procedure, if the foul was a live ball foul it is either illegal motion, illegal shift, or illegal formation. If the foul was a dead ball foul, it would be either false start or encrochment. False starts and personal fouls are necessary fouls that have to be penalties. Holding is a judgment call.
  12. EagleEye, the official in the middle of the field, ( the back judge) is going to have a better view than the official on the sideline, (linesman, field judge) obviously the back judge has a clear unobstructed view of the ball hitting the ground, while the linesman, and field judge are obstructed by the player attempting a catch. Also, when in doubt, and when any part of the ball hits the ground, the pass is incomplete.
  13. Roadkillav8r, the proper mechanic when there is any question about whether a penalty occurred was for the official to throw a flag, and then discuss the circumstance, that is why sometimes a flag is thrown and then picked up, and no penalty occurs. Are you saying that there was no flag or explanation on a punt that yardage was marked off against Niceville?
  14. Thank you again for answering my questions Jimmyb1980.
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