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  1. Thank you for the compliments, cribboy305! Of course, I will call you out, or any other message board poster, who criticizes highs school football officiating, and you WILL answer my questions!
  2. Dan, since you paid for the last Red Robin meal, maybe it will be my turn to pay at this great restaurant that you should eat at more often. In fact, you can bring your friend DarterBlue2, since he seems to be too scared to talk with me anymore.
  3. DarterBlue2, if you have a problem with me and what I have to say, how about answering my questions, talking to me like a man instead of avoiding me, and making faces at my comments?
  4. You don't tell me what to do. I asked a question, and I expect and demand an answer. Otherwise, there should be no comments about officiating on this message board.
  5. Josh, I know that logic and reason is very much lost on most posters to this message board. This was a great explanation though, and while you justifiably can get frustrated with the whiners, complainers, and naysayers who are never happy with anything, you can always remember that you have a great and appreciative friend/poster in Jambun82. You're welcome, and thank you for all that you do!
  6. What do kids deserve better?
  7. I have been to Apopka High School once. It is a very nice school, not like West Orange, but then again that is the gold standard for schools in Orange County. I look forward to going back one day. Thank you for the very nice compliments DarterBlue2, and will you admit that Algebra is completely worthless?
  8. Thank you for the clarification.
  9. Algebra is completely worthless, correct?
  10. Algebra is completely worthless, correct?
  11. Oh all right. Nowhere near Clarksville or South Boston on the Virginia/North Carolina border.
  12. I told this message board what would happen, and I was right as I usually am. This officiating crew was held accountable by being suspended, and the Cocoa AD and Head Coach were given the apology that they deserved. The Tigers were not allotted the victory that they earned and deserved, but this was the best outcome under the rules and the circumstances. I wish that the underlying problems and issues that a situation like this exposes into the open could be discussed, but it cannot be on this message board. Hopefully, this never happens again.
  13. This a very interesting article.
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