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  1. All right, but I don't know NCAA rules very well.
  2. This sums up the question perfectly. Badbird, do you think that you would look good in black and white stripes?
  3. The action and result of the play itself ends the play. A runner being tackled or any part of the runner's body other than hand or foot contacting the ground, stepping out of the field-of-play, a passed ball hitting the ground, a loose ball touching out-of-bounds etc. Any action by a player after these occurrences would be considered a dead-ball foul for penalty enforcement purposes.
  4. I don't know about NCAA rules.
  5. The defender would have no part of his body contacting the ground except one or both feet if the runner were to hurdle the defender.
  6. The runner would use the crown of his helmet into the defender to receive a spearing penalty. That foul can be very difficult to determine in that circumstance.
  7. If the runner's helmet comes off, the play becomes dead at that moment. If the helmet of any other player comes off, the play continues. If a opposing player makes contact with a runner whose helmet has come off, that will be a dead ball foul. The whistle very rarely if ever ends a play, when coaches tell their players to "play to the whistle" that is technically incorrect.
  8. Dead ball fouls can not be offset in NFHS rules. Those fouls are to be enforced in order of occurrence.
  9. Perspective, the NFHS is currently conducting it's annual rules-writing process. Maybe you should contact the committee with your thoughts or concerns on this matter. However, what you have just described is a spearing foul, so the NFHS would rather not have any of those actions occur by a runner.
  10. Nulli Secundus, that is a very difficult call to make from viewing that video. Coach Castle was certainly justified in arguing and requesting an explanation for that penalty.
  11. No, the defender would only have to have one foot contacting the ground if the runner hurdled over that defender for that to be a foul.
  12. It makes sense if the enforcement of the penalty yardage was more than half the distance to the offended team's goal line.
  13. Badbird is correct. Once the helmet comes off of the runner, the play is dead in NFHS rules. I don't know about NCAA rules.
  14. Perspective, in NFHS rules if any player continues to participate after his helmet come off, that is an illegal participation foul. If any other player makes contact on a player whose helmet has come off, that is a personal foul. Both penalties are live ball fouls and if there is a foul on each team, that would become a double foul, which by rule makes the penalties offset and the down replayed. The player whose helmet came off will have to leave the field for one play unless there was a foul by the other team which caused the helmet to come off the player's head. I don't know about NCAA rules, and I did not see the play in which you are referring.
  15. I have been arguing this point for many years. Is my influence finally seeping into the brains of the posters of this message board?
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