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  1. Thank you for your point-of-view Peezy. Also, I am glad that you and your family are staying safe, and I hope that you continue to do so.
  2. Is there any chance that you would state how many playoff wins that you have Barbird? Also, were the games at one or multiple schools?
  3. I know that it is not a practical solution. It is just an idea that I have wondered about over the years.
  4. I would be interesting to have football season during February to possibly early May. I have always felt that this would be a great idea with no Hurricanes, very little severe thunderstorms, and less heat than August and September. I wonder if Rutgers and Princeton would have played that game in March instead of November in 1869, maybe football would be a spring instead of a fall sport.
  5. Was this coach ONLY a head coach at one school during his career, or was he a head coach at more than one school?
  6. I believe either Neal Anderson or John L. Williams I know that Williams played at Palatka, I am not sure where Anderson played in high school. ( I believe in the Panhandle.) Galen Hall.
  7. Not that I know of, but the FHSAA probably wouldn't issue the suspension. The FHSAA certainly could suspend, but more likely the suspension would come from the individual Officials Association. Also, the school could "scratch" that official from any of their games.
  8. This is a wild guess, and probably wrong, but wasn't Gene Cox named Head Coach of Tallahassee Leon when he was in his very early 20's? I know that he was in that position for almost 60 years.
  9. OldSchoolLion, the other question to ponder would be how many games would an official be suspended if he/she got as animated as the Umpire did with Don Zimmer on that video.
  10. You like talking with me on this message board though right? lol
  11. All right, now maybe I can figure out what school badbird coached at.
  12. Badbird, if the play was sent in to the FHSAA, that organization could analyze the play, send it out to the Officials Associations, and suggest ways to improve whether it be positioning or another official with a better view possibly overruling the line judge/head linesman etc. Then it could be used as a teaching point, so it could decrease the chance of a call like that being made again. As far as doing no good, cursing out the officials on the way to the bus achieves that, but it would probably make the coaches and players feel better obviously.
  13. I will have to watch the video to view the specific play that you are referring to. If the official's call was that incorrect, Dwyer hopefully sent the video of that play to the FHSAA.
  14. Those kind of plays are very difficult, especially if the official did not have a clear view of the football when the runner went down.
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