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  1. The way that I look at things, if the game schedules for all high school football teams are posted more than a month or so before the season begins, that provides me one more subject to talk about with my good friend Perspective. Of course this also provides Perspective with the honor and privilege of yet another subject to discuss with one of his favorite people in the whole World. yours truly, Jambun82! That seems like a very good reason to me.
  2. There wouldn't have to be 16 state champions obviously, the classifications could be anywhere form 5 to 8 state champions.
  3. That Ponte Vedra situation is a once-in-a-generation type of circumstance. How to divide up these districts and classifications would take the work, brains, and experience of many knowledgeable people about High School Football throughout the state.
  4. That system never worked as well as you might have thought. I believe that it would better for the "have-nots" if these programs could shoot and aim for higher goals and accomplishments than a winning season now and again.
  5. All right, thank you. I was trying to explain how Pop Warner classifies different teams by district based on talent and tradition of winning and success. I believe that this idea could work at the High School level, and would make for more competitive games throughout the state. This would be a big positive and boost to teams that had not had success and are at a disadvantage because of demographics.
  6. Thank you KeemD321, that is what I was trying to describe.
  7. For example Mount Union and Wisconsin-Whitewater dominate and win NCAA championships at their level of competition. However, these schools do not compete against Alabama and Ohio State. Alabama is considered the champion of their classification, and Mount Union is considered the champion of their classification.
  8. I am not talking among individual programs, I mean that Winter Park plays in a district that competes against teams in that similar district, similar to how teams in NCAA Division 1-AA,, 2, or 3 play in a conference from that same classifications for a championship. These teams do NOT compete against Alabama or Ohio State for a title. That is what I mean. There is a Division 1 for the top programs which are many inner-city teams, traditional teams, and a Division 2 for lesser-talented programs who can't compete with Division 1 programs, but compete against each other for their own title. I have been involved with Pop Warner football since 2006. I know that you do not like me as a person, but please understand what I am trying to articulate on this point.
  9. The FHSAA has had classifications by enrollment size for many years, and there are more running clocks than ever. Many schools and programs that have huge enrollments but are at a huge disadvantage demographically would support a change similar to what I am proposing. I understand that you are affiliated with the Kissimmee Osceola Kowboys, so you might not encounter this, but I know from having contacts from many schools and programs. Not just winning schools and programs.
  10. That won't happen as long as the schools are taxpayer-funded, and the state legislature is not overtaken by teacher union candidates.
  11. How many schools/programs have a legitimate chance at a state title now with the current classifications?
  12. Clearly, you are not paying attention then, because there is a Division 1 and Division 2 in Pop Warner. These divisions play all the way the the Championships at Disney in late November-early December. I am well aware how the classifications of 1A-8A through population of the school, which are clearly not working since there are some very lopsided districts throughout the state. These "have nots" as you call them, would definitely benefit from competing against teams of equal talent and stature with chance to win district titles, and qualify for state playoffs. I feel that this is a better option than a program going "independent" and having to admit that they have no shot at success. Many Pop Warner Associations are getting away from the weight limits, and using the 6U, 8U, 10U. 12U, Unlimited system as a way to get bigger children to play their sport, and also to deal with the declining numbers of youth football signees in recent years.
  13. Have you ever heard of Divisions 1, 1A, 2 , or 3 in NCAA college football. Pop Warner has divisions 1 and 2. Other youth associations have divisions A and B etc. Just out of curiosity, do you have any grandchildren that attend public school? You don't have to answer me obviously, but I wonder if you will.
  14. Yes, there is always the option to do Independent. However, I believe that better options should and could be considered for schools and programs are traditionally less-competitive. These schools and programs should be able to compete for districts championships and playoff appearance as well.
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