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  1. The running clock is for the safety of the players. Most of the time, the Head Coach of the team who is trailing is the person most encouraging of the running clock. That Coach wants to get his players out in one piece in the fastest possible time. Scheduling could and should possibly be looked at to create better and more even matchups, and districts by factors other then Geography and population of the school. That might cut down on the amount of running clocks yearly in High School Football in the state of Florida. The purpose of High School Football is for the enjoyment and participation o
  2. I am not interested in analyzing NCAA rules or judgments from College Football officials Badbird.
  3. Youth football, I would agree that kickoffs will be eliminated within a year or two. High School Football might take a little longer.
  4. Player safety will prevent a rule change for allowing free kicks (kickoffs) to be returned out of the end zone in NFHS rules. In fact, I would not be surprised if free kicks were completely eliminated in High School and Youth Football rules within 5-10 years.
  5. EagleEye, could you clarify what you mean when you state that the "ego' of both teams will lead to at least 25 penalties in the game? Thank you.
  6. The Wing T and the Single Wing are two completely different offenses.
  7. This is a great first message board post Beek. One of the keys to building a great High School Football program is a consistent coaching staff who is dedicated to the long haul. Maybe things can get going in the right direction for your program.
  8. Yes, the team that they lost to (Which I believe was either Sandalwood or Mandarin) probably had a secondary which was able to shut down the Warriors passing game.
  9. West Orange won that football game on the field in 2015. That is what matters.
  10. I don't mind that at all. 1980, for reasons that I am not allowed to disclose on the message board, was one of my favorite years. The 1980's were a great decade if you ask me.
  11. Yes, and the Mayor of Apopka tossed the coin that night. Not sure if the "good guys" won, but the team that executed better and scored the most points sure did. Just like the West Orange-Apopka playoff game in 2015.
  12. Lol, I can say that the Dr.. Phillips Head Coach was a complete gentlemen. The Panthers knew that they were beaten by the better team that night. I don't know how the Blue Darter sideline was, but I am sure that it was very happy when that game ended.
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