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  1. Purple and Gold Tigers stripes man, I am assuming that you were pulling for LSU to win last night correct? lol
  2. I cannot comment on this statement. I can wish you a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year badbird.
  3. The Oviedo coaching position has been filled by D.J. Mayo, former Port Orange Atlantic Head Coach. Port Orange Atlantic is now open. Former Atlantic DC James Washington is the new Head Coach at Pine Ridge. Former St. Augustine Assistant Coach Matt Forest is new Matanzas Head Coach.
  4. I am sorry Wavebb, I did not see your post until now. You are right about inadequate handicapped, I use that word instead of disabled, facilities. That is one of several problems that need to be hashed out for the future, including the scoreboard issues during the 8A and 7A games which has been an issue all season long.
  5. I am going to take a wild guess here, not only did nolebull813 not attend the game, he probably also did not watch the game on a streaming service. I do not see how anyone who viewed that game and the way that the Edgewater Eagles took it to STA for most of the night think the that team is "fool's gold."
  6. I arrived at the stadium for the night game at around 4:15-4:30 pm, and there was still bumper-to-bumper traffic of Northwestern fans not only on LPGA Blvd. but also heading east on ISB.
  7. DarterBlue2 trust me. getting out of the parking lot on the STA side was not as easy or quick as might be expected lol. I had the same idea that you had, always depart on the side of the winning team. I wish that the STA fans would have stayed and celebrated a little longer. lol
  8. I was not able to attend the Northwestern-Jones game, and while the South did go 5-0 this past week, I believe that not only Apopka and Edgewater, but also Bolles proved, playing a Booker T. Washington team that had a noticeable edge in talent, that high school football in the Northern part of the state should not be underestimated. Escambia was not able to keep up with the team that I believe was the best in the state this year, Miami Central. Overall, a great week of great football I also got a chance to talk to Josh Wilson in person again.
  9. Edgewater is NOT fool's gold, and there are NOT some "average" football team. Those players and coaches fought their hearts and souls in that game tonight. They finished second in the state in 7A, and anyone who cannot understand or appreciate that can find something else to do, because that program took it to Aquinas most of the night. That is what high school football is all about.
  10. I wonder if coaching has something to do with the 5-6 Dade County football teams who are successful over the other schools in the county. I remember some posters were criticizing the Central coaches earlier in the season. I will tell you that those Rocket players were being coached up very well in the 6A title game. I was very impressed by the Central coaches.
  11. Zoe Boy, that was a great halftime show by the Miami Central Band. Of course, the Miami Central football team put on quite a show as well.
  12. I am sorry Peezy, I wish you and your family all of the best.
  13. DarterBlue, I was planning on contacting you tomorrow if that is all right.
  14. Dan, will you be attending Friday Night's game?
  15. Will you be attending Friday Night's game Peezy?
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