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  1. Ray, I know that you have a deep hatred for me, but I really appreciate you contributions to this message board.
  2. Here is an explanation Pinstripes: California, New York, Illinois, and Minnesota are always looking for new residents, Big Shot.
  3. Incorrect PINSTRIPES-THE BIG SHOT, a personal foul is NOT a loss-of-down foul. That would be an unsportsmanlike-conduct foul anyway, not a personal foul, which is also not a loss-of-down foul, and cannot be penalized from the spot of the foul, since it is a dead-ball enforcement PINSTRIPES-THE BIG SHOT! Your education continues, and you're welcome for that, PINSTRIPES-THE BIG SHOT!
  4. Big shot, why don't you contact your local lawmaker and find out, Pinstripes?
  5. Yes PinellasFB, that will be one of the rule changes for 2023 in Florida High School Football.
  6. Are you talking about Rick Darlington at Deland? The Green and Gold Bulldogs are going to get some things accomplished this season, I believe. The Blue and Gold Buccaneers are going to have some very positive situations this year as well, I also believe.
  7. Thank you Pinstripes, could you imagine if I had a big ego and showed arrogance Pinstripes? I have always believed in showing humility and staying humble Pinstripes.
  8. You know Pinstripes, since I know that people in your profession are known to have big egos, and your big ego just cannot let you admit that you might learn something from someone who wears a black and white shirt. The fact is it has been a distinct honor and privilege of yours to learn and be educated by someone like me. I know deep down that you look forward to what I have to say, and you always think that "that Jambun82 really knows what he is talking about, and I am lucky to be exposed to his knowledge and wisdom" You should be thanking me, and I will say you're welcome Pinstripes. I might even be willing to provide you with a autograph someday Pinstripes!
  9. I just might show up at your friend's Spring Scrimmage tomorrow evening and lay the law down!
  10. You would know how I handle coaches very quickly badbird.
  11. I suck? C'Mon DarterBlue, i thought that we were friends? Is it because i told you to tell Warren Sapp that Sam Wyche was a great football coach? Let's not forget all of the lessons that I have provided you over the years.
  12. If you ever met me, you would probably ask for an autograph badbird.
  13. I know how much of an honor and privilege that it was for you to meet and learn from me badbird. You're very welcome for that honor and privilege.
  14. No, most of us who know what the UCA, Not ACA, bill really was about called it "Obummer" care.
  15. The "Indians Rights in Scheduling" Bill would be better, Pinstripes.
  16. Great Point Ray. Then again, you make a lot of great points and observations. That is why you are a very welcome presence on this message board, and one of the most respected people who posts.
  17. Pinstripes, just call the bill by its correct name, The Parental Rights in Education Bill, and that will end this "discussion." This is very reasonable on my part as, deep down, I know that you will 100% agree Pinstripes.
  18. Pinstripes, the name is the bill singed into law is The Parental Rights in Education Bill, not the name that you refer to, which the pressure lobby who opposed the bill purposely lied and misrepresented to try to kill the bill in committee. I expect a lot better from a person of your Education, and Stature. Do you understand what I am saying, and have I made myself clear to you?
  19. Then tell Pinstripes to call the bill signed into law by its correct name: The Parental Rights in Education Bill, not the name given by the pressure lobby who opposed the bill.
  20. Yes, we will know when Pinstripes acknowledges his wrongdoing in lying and misrepresenting a law supporting Parental Rights and holding taxpayer-funded public servants accountable.
  21. Let's put the blame squarely where it belongs, on Pinstripes. The man purposely lied and misrepresented a well-respected and supported bill recently passed by the State Legislature and signed into law by the Governor. I called him out about it, and he deserves to be held accountable for his actions. A person in Pinstripe's profession should know better, and conduct himself accordingly.
  22. You're welcome again, DarterBlue2.
  23. Yes, you have realized that there are many people whose ignorance shines through when compared to my enlightened, and take-it-to-the-bank and exchange it for cash observations and overall brilliance. There are many arrogant people that, unlike me, cannot back it up and get exposed. When I make a statement, the general feeling is "Jambun82 must be a Genius!" Your opinion of me grows by leaps and bounds as it does for most, if not all, posters to this message board. You're welcome again.
  24. Pinstripes, you know when I state a fact, command, or order, that I mean business. My fact, command, or order is that, from now on, you will refer to the bill by it's proper name: "The Parental Rights in Education" Law. I would never "threaten" you, because what I state on this message board is almost always an absolute fact that anyone can take to the bank and exchange for cash Pinstripes. As far as me being "an official for one of your games" that is problematic, because I have never confirmed or denied that I am an official, and nobody really knows on this message board for sure if I am an official. That goes without saying that I don't know if you are a Coach or not anyway. Also, I did not DM you for legal advice, I sent you a message because I was selected for jury duty, and I had some questions about the process. You were very helpful with my questions by the way. Pinstripes, I think that we both know the truth that you consider it an honor and privilege to speak with me, and like I said: YOU'RE WELCOME AGAIN PINSTRIPES!
  25. I see that you have provided your input on my very well-made and correct point with a sad face, DarterBlue2. There is no need for that sort of reaction from you, because we both know how much that you enjoy reading what I have to say, and have much you have learned from me over the years as well. You're welcome again.
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