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  1. This has been happening for more than 20 years. There is a lot of truth to it.
  2. Yes, we can set something up on a later date. Perspective might be interested as well.
  3. Thank you, and maybe we can meet halfway somewhere for a meal, perhaps Dan, or anyone else from the message board, may join us as well. As far as the state title games, I don't plan on attending them except for one specific circumstance, which I strongly doubt will happen.
  4. Value? I didn't think men and women who wore $500 pinstripe suits, and fancy Italian shoes to the "office" cared about value?
  5. Oh man, that overpriced, slab of grease. Well, at least you corrected yourself by going to Wendy's. However, I wish Dave Thomas would have served Pepsi. Oh well. there is always HI-C fruit punch.
  6. Yes, I hear that will be "pregame meal of champions" when your grandson leads the West Orange Warriors to a High School Football State Title!
  7. C'mon Dan, I thought that I had finally exposed you to some "classy" eating. lol
  8. Fun? That doesn't seem like a very lawyer-like "perspective" to me. Finding out all the facts, and making cold-hard analysis based on that seems like the correct course for men and women who wear expensive pinstriped suits and stylish Italian shoes in the "office" for a living.
  9. Thank you. I remember Osceola running the Georgia Southern Double Slot offense.
  10. There was no shame for the Boone Braves in losing to the NW Bulls team. That had to be one of the best teams in Florida High School Football history.
  11. It was 2007. I know who officiated that state title game, one of the Osceola Assistant Coaches was having some sort of health issue during the game, but ended up being all right.
  12. Yes, I always wondered what happened to Willie Green. I remember the Kowboys winning the state title in 1998 with Green and the QB who was really tall.
  13. Nolebull813, why was the foul called on the blocked punt play a "phanton flag?" How did the "refs" screw Madison County?
  14. Why do you think that Swami/Nostradamus?
  15. I doubt that Mike Coe posts or follows this message board.
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