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  2. Hillsborough County just destroyed Brevard County

    Whoever had Cocoa ranked 12th in the nation at any point in history should quit ranking teams for the rest of their life, and delete any trace of that incompetence. Cocoa is a quality small team that would compete well with publics around the country their size. They always got credit for just signing up for the auto losses. But anyone can do that. That’s not impressive. Beating the teams is impressive. Hoover isn’t even that good on a national level and they had the 2nd and 3rd stringers in killing them. It was the most embarrassing moment in their history. The varsity Getting beat by an average teams JV team. Lmao! Cocoa is local. And with 12 transfers per year they are a little better than that and not much else!
  3. 2019 1st round playoff attendance

    Gonna be a cool and fun night Friday in Niceville. My wife is already pissed at me because I passed on a party to go to the game. You don’t get football weather often in Florida and I’m not missing out. I can’t wait
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  5. Hillsborough County just destroyed Brevard County

    No one likes to have their school/county talked about. However, this is a public forum. Either ignore the noise or heckle back. Have fun while you heckle!
  6. Which States Produce the Best Talent?

    Lousiana, Georgia, and Mississippi I was also thinking a Northern state for OL like Ohio
  7. Which States Produce the Best Talent?

    no way. He said per capita. Most likely will be smaller states
  8. Marginal Teams Who Made the Playoffs

    Well if you are a 1A or 2A team and the only schools in a 80 miles radius are 4A, 5A. 6A. 7A, and 8A teams you may lose a lot of games. In theory, having 6 classes would be best. Merge 1A and 2A, and 3A and 4A into 2 classes. That would help keep some of those losing teams out. Also run the new 1A and 2A like the rest of the playoff brackets. Probably why it won't happen. The smaller schools will drop out and become independant teams. Also the FHSAA would lose out on cash, minus 2 gate in the championships. Not sure how much that would amount to but they got to pay themselves and the ref's somehow.
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  10. Who Is This FL HS & Canes Legend?

    It's all about D'West lol
  11. Who Is This FL HS & Canes Legend?

    That is correct! Anyone know where he played in high school?
  12. Which States Produce the Best Talent?

    California, Texas and Florida.
  13. Which States Produce the Best Talent?

    Over the past 10 years, these three states have produced the most NCAA consensus All-Americans per capita. Which three states? Who is #1?
  14. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    Yeah haven't spoke on Dillard this year. I do want to see them and Cent take care of business this week and meet up on 11/22. If you can't stop central running game then you lose. Think the West held them to about a total 30 yards rushing. #4 and #14 playmakers but they have to go to Naples. They should win but stranger things have happened. I've only seen Dillard on YouTube. Running back is decent and runs hard and their a much better team than in years past. Question is how good? Time will certainly tell.
  15. 2019 Bowl Games

    Thought: take a page from the college playbook and give the teams who don't make the playoffs 3-4 days to lock in a bowl game, but then give them 2 or 3 weeks to actually play the game. This would allow coaches to work in younger players (including JV call-ups) as they start getting ready for next season. And, of course, seniors could decide that they don't want to put their "college likeness compensation" at risk by playing in the bowl games and could make the decision to sit it out the meaningless bowl game. By the way, would a team that had a losing record (but finished out of the 8th seed spot in the playoffs by .003 points) be eligible for a bowl game? Asking for a friend.
  16. 2019 Bowl Games

    From a coaching standpoint, you have kids work all year to get to the playoffs. It’s hard, especially for some teams that were on the bubble/in contention until that last week of the season, to get kids to gear up for what feels like a “participation trophy” type deal.
  17. Hillsborough County just destroyed Brevard County

    How would you peeps in other counties like it if you had a few hecklers always talking bad about your teams? And making excuses about why they are good at certain times... When Cocoa finished the season ranked 12th in the nation none of the players were zoned out of Cocoa. If any were it was legal when transfers were not. Oh, and while we are talking about over rated teams... throw your teams in there in their down years...
  18. Class 3A, Round 2 happiness!

    Great post, we really like reading your stuff.
  19. Georgia get Florida again Marietta romping Edgewater

    I think you might be on to something where most Florida HS football fans and coaches bury there heads in the sand to hide from the obvious. HS sports are not supposed to be on the level of college or professional where recruiting is the flavor of the day. HS sports are supposed to be about building character, teamwork, and esprit de corps. Quite a few Florida HS football have none of the above.
  20. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    Well having to pull away from anyone at the half will be a first for this Lakeland squad. That might be an advantage for TBT. With running clocks and rather poor weather, Lakeland hasn't scored many points in the second half. Of course they haven't had too either...
  21. Vero vs Treasure Coast

    We'll see what happens
  22. Hillsborough County just destroyed Brevard County

    I think Brevard county may be a little overrated. Again, records can fool you. This is starting to be a theme this year. Inflated records and undeserved recognition.
  23. Georgia get Florida again Marietta romping Edgewater

    I totally agree. Well said.
  24. Marginal Teams Who Made the Playoffs

    I find it hard to see a team with a losing record make the playoffs but I understand that it's a numbers thing. These teams haven't earned to be there and it's really unfair but I understand that is the way it works.
  25. Venice vs Palm Beach Lakes round 2

    There are VERY few teams if any, that would be undefeated if they played the schedule that Venice played. I think Venice is battle tested and wins by 2 touchdowns. I'm not taking anything away form Palm Beach but I am not sold on the 10-0 record at all. I think Venice will be the more physical and better coached team this Friday.
  26. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    TBT may keep it competitive for a half, but I would expect Lakeland to pull away in the second half to set up the East Hillsborough County All-Star Team vs. Polk County All-Star Team show down in the Regional Finals.
  27. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    Without sounding over confident they will need to be playing on a new level Friday night. I do look forward to this game...
  28. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    TBT has a lot of talent and is a good "play-from-ahead" team. If they can strike quick and jump out to a lead, they'll ride that momentum to a big win. I suspect that's what happened against Viera. I also suspect that won't happen against Lakeland.
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