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  2. To my knowledge, nothing has changed and they still should be classified as a 1A school. They have a tentative, 8 game schedule set up, but nothing official yet.
  3. Everything I have is as its relates to the Hardee-Desoto rivalry. Some interesting notes I have is that Arcadia had a team in 1908 and played Bartow that same year. Wauchula started playing football in 1909 and Arcadia and Wauchula did play each other that year. One source has 1922 as the year Arcadia adopted the bulldog as a mascot with blue and white as their school colors. In the 1920s Arcadia had a win over Lakeland and beat Venice 120-0. It wasn't until the 1930s that Arcadia became Wauchula's rival as we had been playing Winter Haven longer.
  4. That is definitely a murderer's row of teams. For some reason I don't see Pahokee listed in 1A for 2021. Are they now independent or freelance? I even checked 2A and 3A. Can't seem to located them on MaxPreps.
  5. What do you got besides Hardee? I got some Desoto stuff but not the old ones.
  6. I've often wondered why Pahokee and Moorehaven aren't rivals in the same district. For some reason Moorehaven wants to be 2a.
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  8. Do you have Desoto football history the way you had Hardee’s?
  9. Pahokee still plays up, because they’re the only 1A school south of Ocala. Glades Central, Dillard, Miami Booker-T, Dwyer, and Wellington this season. Last year Dillard, GC, Chaminade, Jacksonville TC, Dwyer, Seminole Ridge, Raines (cancelled), University school
  10. I agree. Would be very competitive in 3A and 4A and should be able to win titles intermittently. They could play tough higher classification schools out of district just to show that they belong. Similar to what Pahokee used to do or possibly still does.
  11. Last week
  12. Madison could compete in 5a but they wouldn't be going to state every year. IMO, Madison belongs in either 3A or 4A.
  13. Man I'm good they can say whatever. I'm going to make my first trip to madison Thursday. They play blountstown in baseball. Go cowboys
  14. I think that we should all give Jesse a break. He seems like an avid supporter of his team and is probably a young fellow who says some things about Madison that we can all take with a grain of salt. Madison has always been an exceptional team no matter what classification they are in. They have not always been in 1A. 2011 3A 13-2 Lost in Championship Game 2012 3A 12-3 Lost in Championship Game 2013 4A 5-5 2014 4A 11-4 Lost in 3rd Round 2015 1A ................................................................ We at
  15. Districts are up in the air right now. Plan had been to get them out right around this time, plus or minus a week or two, but now the FHSAA is considering putting a pause on district realignment for one year and picking up the issue for the 22-23 school year. What school are you referring to?
  16. Apk vs Mnw 407 vs 305 2021 rematch lets make it happen.
  17. Jesse can’t find his own ass much less a cure for cancer
  18. IMG doesn’t play in the postseason, and they classify themselves as a college preparatory school. They do not bend the arms of coaches who want to play them, they just need to fill a schedule. Do you think a college recruiter is more likely to recognize you, if you play for IMG, or a team that struggles every year?
  19. Everyone’s losing their houses because of Madison County. Don’t tell him I said that. I am sure he has less than eight teeth, hangs a confederate flag on his wall, and listens to Kid Rock. He doesn’t need a house.
  20. Jesse or the kids at Madison County that works hard?
  21. Lol again Madison doesn't really have to worry about transfers in or out because they are the only school. What's the closest football playing school to Madison? Also you can't say all transfers aren't homegrown because alot of players transfer from their original school and end up right back at the school they started from. Plus majority of students are in s district that has overlapping zones. Even Brevard has Melbourne, MCC, and Palm Bay all located on the same street, all 3 within 9 miles of each other. Then you can add Holy Trinity and Eau Gallie; that's 5 schools within 10 miles of
  22. I would bet his house, not mine!
  23. https://www.yoursun.com/sun_preps/desoto-county-names-holland-football-coach-ad/article_c24b29ba-6a52-11eb-8435-efb07e8a467f.html
  24. Maybe, BUT Can Madison County find a cure for cancer?
  25. Hello, when will new districts be released for 21-22. I saw my school is placed in independent. Maybe that's becuz of Covid-19
  26. Because them programs recruit players or get alot of transfers. If recruiting was banned in high school . No img or anyone like that program. No private schools with players from other schools. And if transfers rules where strict. Madison is elite doing it with home grown talent. A real high school,
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