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  2. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    Niceville job is open.
  3. FHSAA let football teams move

    Man where you been lol
  4. FHSAA let football teams move

    Looked over the list and didn't see any appeals on the list. Only thing I see is schools corrected some FHSAA errors, while other schools opted not to seek a state championship.
  5. It happens a lot. Florida cannot compete financially. It's that simple.
  6. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/highschool/fl-sp-pbc-ierulli-20190118-story.html#nt=oft03a-1la1
  7. pahokee football

    Head Coach Interviews began today. Over 40 applicants. Not sure how many will get interviewed.
  8. Transfer season

    Or Kevin Durant reasons. LOL
  9. Transfer season

    lot of similarities with Broward County
  10. Transfer season

    Nope they can't afford it but they weren't exactly heading for a strong year but it goes back to what I said in a previous thread about Duval The hot schools at the time feed off other schools while some schools are sailing further away from them Rich get richer and poor get poorer
  11. Transfer season

    Even if it wasn't I doubt the fhsaa would say anything to them lol
  12. Transfer season

    For academic reasons, right?
  13. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    With respect to public schools, and with rare exception, you won't see an average Hillsborough County team playing an average team from any other county in the state. In fact, you won't see a superior Hillsborough County team playing a superior team from any other county and you won't see a rotten Hillsborough County team playing a rotten team from any other county. Perhaps I can make this easier: you won't see a Hillsborough County team playing a team from another county. This is, admittedly, Hillsborough County's cross to bear. It's the way the County AD wants it. Centralized funding. HC teams play HC teams and all the money from all the games stays in Hillsborough County. Perhaps this is good from a financial standpoint, but it's already had a detrimental affect on HC teams and will continue to do so with the new RPI system. So, take this a step further. How can you compare the strength of a Hillsborough County team with the strength of a non-HC team? Yes, there are a small handful of private schools that play a small number of games against non-HC schools, in addition to the games they play against HC schools. Aside from those games, if HC schools aren't playing non-HC schools, how do gauge the relative strength of the teams under an RPI format? If my math is right (and excluding the relatively small number of games between HC teams and non-HC teams), at the end of the regular season, there should be an equal number of cumulative wins and losses. Within the county, you'll know who the best/better teams are. But how, for example, do you compare an 8-3 HC team with an 8-3 team from outside HC for purposes of determining the 7th or 8th seed in a region (vs. the 9th or 10th seeds who are home cleaning out their lockers)? And, yes, I understand that playing for the 8th seed in a region is a bit like being the team in the NCAA basketball tournament who surprises everyone to win their conference tournament and slide into the Big Dance as a number 16 seed. Odds are, it's a one-and-done tournament for that team. But, they can say they made the playoffs and build on that in the future. Not too many 8 seeds are going to go on the road and knock off a region's number 1 seed. So, perhaps the RPI system isn't that big of a deal from that standpoint. Where I think it is a big deal comes in determining the power rating (or, now, the RPI) of the top 4 seeds if this is going to continue to be the way that home-field advantage is determined and, conversely, who has to travel 3 or 4 hours for a playoff game. I'm assuming that the vast majority of folks on this Board aren't Hillsborough County guys or gals, so I suspect the vast majority of you really won't care. But it will remain an issue for the HC teams for the foreseeable future.
  14. 2019 unofficial schedules

    Pahokee and Nova-University will play week 1
  15. Transfer season

    2020 DB Colby Dempsey from William T. Dwyer to St. Thomas-Aquinas
  16. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    I agree that's the case for the vast majority of teams. But there are some teams who seem to have more flexibility than others (for whatever reason) who could have an advantage, no?
  17. FHSAA let football teams move

    That's a really interesting concept. We also need to think about player safety. Not too long ago, the range of body weights and speeds on the playing field was nothing like today. We pick on parents today for being overly protective, but they have a very legitimate concern about their 150-pound, asthmatic kid getting hit by a 6'2" 230-pound linebacker who runs a 4.6 40. We would not dream of allowing such disparities on the wrestling mat, yet for some reason we think it OK to allow a kid weighing upwards of 200 pounds more than another kid to hit him and/or fall on him on the football field. We wanted a game of freaks, and now we got it. And now we have a big safety problem because of it. This has nothing to do with "being tough." That is neanderthal thinking and we need to wake up. There is a reason beyond sour grapes as to why St Frances in Maryland had the rug pulled out from under them by their traditional opponents. Parents felt like their kids were playing a college team. I think there is a subset of parents who would support their kids playing in hs if they knew their kids could play with others of similar body proportions and talent. 99% of kids out there are not FBS-quality. There's a huge pool of kids that are potentially being excluded from the hs game today. Imagine a parent watching one of these ESPN high schools games today. Can you blame them for not considering football as a sport for their "average" son?
  18. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    Ultimately, I don't think it will change to much how a team schedules. I think after district games, teams play local rivals (in county, just over county line) and in big metro areas that fills the schedule. You will not see for example Lakeland playing Miami Northwestern in Miami. You won't see average Hillsborough County team playing average Orange County team. As a result, I don't think the playoff points or the RPI will really change too much of our scheduling because there are so many other factors that go into scheduling. When the SEC basketball conference got only like 2-3 bid to March Madness one year, the SEC told it's teams to start scheduling tougher. And they did, but high schools can't replicate this exactly as we don't have the same budget as a college basketball program.
  19. FHSAA let football teams move

    I feel like there was an idea floated not long ago about having almost like a D-1, D-2, and D-3 group of teams (I may be incorrect so don't beat me up too badly haha). But, the idea I remember was something along the lines of having like 120 of the best, top-tier teams in one "conference" in order to make a State Champion have to go through elite talent. Then, another conference of a similar number of schools that would allow them to play for state titles too. If you want to get rid of mediocrity, something like that would be a way because more schools could claim a title. It gives more teams something to play for, which should help drive numbers because kids feel like they could have an award for their time. Am I crazy or did that idea actually exist somewhere? That being said, I can see a scenario where kids still want to transfer to the top tier programs because every kid is D-1 now.
  20. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    "The RPI lacks theoretical justification from a statistical standpoint. Other ranking systems which include the margin of victory of games played or other statistics in addition to the win/loss results have been shown to be a better predictor of the outcomes of future games. However, because the margin of victory has been manipulated in the past by teams or individuals in the context of gambling, the RPI can be used to mitigate motivation for such manipulation." ...some random thoughts.... -Info above does not give me a warm and fuzzy as to how the RPI will make things any better. -Would seem to me that one of the best predictors for playoff performance of hs wildcards teams is their ability to play tough on the road, recognizing they might be playing all of their playoff games on the road. Yet that does not come into play in the proposed system. -There is so much emphasis on strength of schedule in RPI, and using opponent's opponents potentially doubles up a problem in relatively weak counties like Pinellas where your weak opponents are likely playing weak opponents. As mentioned in the Wikipedia article, this system creates incentive for scheduling a certain way. Why would would I want to schedule an out-of-district game against schools from weaker counties/districts, knowing it could ultimately hurt me? Seems to me the ideal would be to schedule a B+ team from a super-tough district whose opponent's opponents winning percentage will be very high...like a Miami Norland this past season.
  21. Transfer season

    Terry Parker is 14-41 over the past 5 years. Like they can really afford to be losing kids.
  22. FHSAA let football teams move

    It begs the question "Why can't they compete?" We are not talking just a few larger schools here that are struggling. And note that many that are struggling are in metro areas where their better athletes often leave for greener pastures. There has got to be a better answer than just dropping the sport. We are at a very unique time in hs football and need to think outside the box. There should be a place for not-so-good teams and "average" players in our game.
  23. 21st Century College Conference Rankings

    if all are weak one still has to be better than the rest. Lots of parity in college football and that's a good thing.
  24. FHSAA let football teams move

    8A teams should not be allowed to be independent. If you are that big and can't compete just drop the sport.
  25. Who Is This Former Central FL Superstar?

    the link or picture did not work. Probably why there is no response.
  26. 21st Century College Conference Rankings

    Actually I'm saying all the conferences are weak SEC has a few competitive teams and one elite one, rest are average like the rest of nation Only 2 elite teams in college football this year and one got destroyed by the other
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