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  3. Going to have to go old school looking at box scores from the newspapers
  4. Paladins fumble again Dillard ball, this has to be some sort of defensive record lol @VeniceIndiansFootball @Jullian
  5. Miffed punt picked up touchdown Dillard 63-0
  6. Pick 6 by Dillard to start the third qt but a flag smh
  7. Nobody was ready for the running clock to start it’s homecoming a lot of people from out of town we had a 90 min weather delay we wanna see some football lol
  8. I think they are allowed to run the clock with a 35 point advantage regardless of whether or not you are in the second half. Anyway this game is not a surprise. Dillard is mowing them all down like a hot blade on dog poo! Lol. Get ready for STA!
  9. The running clock has started in the first Qt Whoa… I thought that didn’t start into the second half ?? @DarterBlue2 @VeniceIndiansFootball @muckboy561
  10. Paladins tried some trickery on offense but ended up being a pick 6 lol touchdown panthers!! 35-0 1st Qt
  11. The paladins fumbled again on the very next kick off recover by Dillard 1st & 10 panthers
  12. The paladins fumble picked up by Dillard TD panthers!! 21-0 1st Qt
  13. And jus like that as soon as the kick off was in the air we returned it for a touchdown but a flag brought it back Smh!
  14. Teams are finally back on the field after a hour long weather delay ….it’s still light rain tho.
  15. If in South Florida just assume it was cancelled last night. Most being made up tonight and Monday night.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I pick Madison County too but switch to Florida High smh
  18. I thought y'all played yesterday I saw it on Score stream that why lol
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