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  2. It was a mess tonight man over 4,000 in attendance every young man had on them black all over ski mask which I’m surprised they even allow those in. I know technically we’re still in a pandemic but mask like that is a huge security risk.
  3. I'm sorry bro. I saw on Scorestream you said someone brought guns in. That's awful. Hope there was no shooting and that everyone stayed safe. It's a sick world.
  4. It’s like almost every other week we’re playing a team who view us as a RIVAL or big GAME. Ex: stranahan , plantation, ely, boyd anderson Miramar etc & when that happens it always brings a huge crowd which most of these schools fan bases only come out in droves when they play Dillard (B.A plantation) then that’s when the mess starts. this our second game this year that was canceled & 4th game in the last year.
  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if no fans can come to the games or they have to have the game in the daytime
  6. I’m so over this junk man atp it’s getting old. Seems like every other week a Dillard game is getting cancelled because of foolery with the fans. Like dam can we finish games in peace.
  7. I don’t think they would beat Sanford Seminole by that much. Miami Palmetto already played them close. Plus you got Lake Mary who can score some points.
  8. & for your 4M State Finals columbus 46 whoever else 0
  9. Orange City University 6-0 so far. (3-7 last year) Bartow 6-0 so far (5-6 last year) Leon 5-0 so far (1-9 last year) South Broward 5-0 so far (5-5 last year) Leesburg 5-1 so far (2-8 last year)
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  11. And jus like that the game is canceled for safety concerns smh dam bro @Jullian @DarterBlue2 @VeniceIndianFan
  12. Chaos starting out here with the fan’s frustrations is mounting heavy fans are starting to get into it with each other
  13. Players on the field ,lightning cleared & Boyd anderson staff STILL will NOT let anyone in Come on B.A get yall stuff together!!
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  15. I know Sumner is new. I was responding to the fact that Sumner had never made a state semifinal and that the only new Tampa school that had was Steinbrenner in 2019. I did not realize that Steinbrenner was 10 years old back then.
  16. no. Sumner opened in 2020 as High School. It’s brand new.
  17. After checking, I see it had been open for exactly 10 years in 2019. When you get old, time certainly travels fast. So, the answer is that there is no recent Tampa school that has reached a semifinal in a four year window.
  18. I think, but am not sure, that the school had been open less than 5 years at the time. You can correct me if I am wrong. At the very most, I am pretty sure it was less than 10 years old.
  19. In year 3 or 4? Or just in general?
  20. Made a state semifinal game in 2019. They travelled to Apopka, but were not talented enough that year to give us a solid game.
  21. Treasure Coast got beaten up by Cocoa only because they have played a brutal schedule and couldn't sustain it. They desperately needed a bye week and now they finally have it to try to win their district. Vero Beach needed a game like 2 weeks ago against Sanford Seminole, where you get beat by a better team and learn from your mistakes. Obviously, losing by 25 points at home hurts but there's a lot more to learn from a loss than going undefeated every year. Vero is better from just playing that game and it will help them come playoff time if they hope to make it out of their region. Benjamin is a pretty good football team. They beat CAI earlier this year. Jensen Beach losing that game isn't the end of the world.
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