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  2. Or maybe they were not very good this year
  3. Probably because they were banged up from a murder row schedule but that's what happens when so many north FL teams are scared of competition And these schools wonder why they get embarrassed by SFL teams, when you fear competition you have no chance of beating elite teams
  4. They lost to Trinity Catholic in the playoffs. They as nolebull says is garbage. As Jesse says trash
  5. A 5-5 TCA playing the toughest schedule in the state of Florida They go undefeated playing a Bolles schedule
  6. Columbia’s best win was over 5-5 Trinity Christian or a 1A team
  7. And my point of bringing up Lincoln is you propped that win up like it mattered, regardless of what miracle upset Lincoln pulled for first time in 5 tries in Tallahassee during the decade don't mean they were actually a team worth bragging about beating Lincoln hasn't been Lincoln for a while
  8. Only we did beat a state champ this past year, in fact we have beaten the same champ back to back years But when did this become about Columbia? Are you that concerned you can't make a good enough argument for STA that you need to bring up Columbia to try and discredit my argument? Who did STA beat in their region who was actually good IN THOSE SEASONS?
  9. Today
  10. Ummmm but y'all lost to that same Lincoln team and u said that Miami central district was competitive when they won states all four years so I said three years out of three of those years Miami Central was OVER EVERYBODY difference today after those runs is that MNW and CC have not been able to break through post Miami central run from 2012-2015 How many state champions did Columbia play and beat??? In 2019 Vero had the worst offense in nine years but were able to beat a state champion I seriously doubt Columbia woulda done that we have better wins over teams than just "Lincoln"
  11. I must admit, that was petty spot on. Well said Columbiafan
  12. No they didn't 2013 Miami Northwestern was nothing close to the Miami Northwestern teams from 2015-2019 You need to stop looking at the names and start looking at the teams, this is why your boosting of Vero Beach usually doesn't look all that impressive, like when you talk about them beating a former state champion Lincoln in 2017 when their last Championship came when no Current players were on the roster And same thing here, just because STA beat a team with the name Miami Northwestern don't mean they beat the same team who actually could give Miami Central trouble a few years later Beating brands ain't the same as beating good teams
  13. They faced the same teams over the years bro
  14. Miami Central faced far tougher competition than STA, it's easy to see STA hasn't had to face half the level of competition that Miami Central has had to face
  15. On average this decade yes it was competitive, or at least better than STA
  16. Bro MC is one of my favorite teams in Florida
  17. But u said the district was competitive back then, it was MC here and the rest. Over here
  18. And the one time STA played Miami Central they got beat decisively And 2013 MNW was 5-5
  19. STA destroyed Northwestern in 2013 the same district u talkin bout
  20. times and needs change. re-propose
  21. Yesterday
  22. It was a mountain more competitive than those soft STA regions
  23. During that four 3 year run that district wasn't as competitive as now
  24. During that four 3 year run that district wasn't as competitive as now
  25. It was proposed and it was voted down One of the proposals when they removed districts in 1-4a was to set a few games mandatory between the region with the teams being able to decide among themselves which teams in the region they played I don't think it made it through the first phase of voting before getting voted down
  26. Someone would have to propose it. It would be debated. It would be voted on. I know you passed Civics.
  27. They had a run of 4 straight state titles in a much tougher region and class than STA
  28. I'm certain Miami Central makes more than 5 appearances playing in that cupcake region of STA
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