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  3. Most of what would be sent is nearly impossible to prosecute. I mean, if a fan direct messages a kid and says "hey, you should come play for Venice. We really need you!", who/what do you expect to be done? It's a fan sending a simple message. Same thing if it's a 16 year-old boy who plays on the team sending the message. Those kinds of messages may or may not be persuasive. But, I don't see how you could justify some sort of penalty. Especially given the fact that some rival schools may use a little photoshop and make up images of such messages. Ultimately, I think it is highly debatable as to whether the above is even wrong morally. As I've said, the picture many have in their minds of "recruiting" often doesn't match reality. Fans may picture a creepy old man hiding in some bushes who pops out and offers a kid a stack of cash if he transfers. That's not reality, at least not in the 2020s.
  4. The biggest factor for Tarpon Springs was the folding of the Clearwater Academy football program. The head coach for CAI was picked up as OC at TS. His QB, who started at TS, followed him back there as did some other good players. This influx made the program much more attractive. And, there really aren't a lot of great alternatives in the immediate area for football. There's no program with such a great resume and such great resources that they can win recruiting battles for players. Many of the CAI players shopped around at a wider range of programs. But, most of the CAI kids needed housing and/or a program near CAI. I believe it's possible some/all of the CAI transfers may still attend and receive housing at CAI. They'd be allowed to play at TS even while not attending the school since CAI doesn't offer football anymore.
  5. Well, I think the result SHOULD influence rankings. BUT, in states where the NFL is king (California being a prime example), people think the KOC is akin to an NFL exhibition. It's a ridiculous assumption in many cases. But, many seem determined not to change their minds.
  6. Tbh I’m with you. As an avid Dillard high alum, former player & fan. So many years I wished that we had the transfer portal & the championships that came with it of a Miami central , Miami northwestern , Sta. To see Dillard high when a state title in football in my lifetime would be one of the proudest moments in my life. but at the same time I’m also old school where if you wanted to be the BEST you beat the best. I come from an era “90’s” where there were no super teams (To my Knowledge). There was pride and tradition to play for your HOME school & bring success to said school. now everyone wants microwave success aka super teams. No loyalty to the school what so ever everyone just load up at 1 school and make winning the championship as easy as possible.
  7. KOC, first game to start the season, or scrimmage….Both teams will leave it all in the field. Both teams will be 0-0 after this game but don’t think for a second it won’t influence the national polls!!!!
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  9. I'm pretty sure the Armwood-Norland game is a kickoff classic. But, I'm also pretty sure both teams will be playing their best to win. Hopefully the Section 104 boys can give us a stream!
  10. I agree with you in principal but like anything, there's more to it than that. I was shown messages in confidence. To take action would violate this confidence. There's also my place, which it is not my place to take this action as there is a good relationship between our coaching staff and the staff of this other team. Finally, I do believe these players acted on their own in this case and not based upon direction from their coaches. This is only a gut feeling so I could be wrong. Anyway, the right people know about this and I leave it up to them. I am also proud that our coaches don't recruit, don't believe it is in the spirit of HS sports, and would rather go with the players that want to be there. We will never win a title this way but it makes what we do win that much sweeter. I don't really know how anyone can feel proud of a bunch of rent-a-players winning games for them.
  11. And I'll make this comment as general as possible so that it's not directed to or at any person: if you're not willing to say something (i.e., turn in those that are clearly breaking the rules), then you really shouldn't bitch about it. If you think what's happening is wrong and you have the receipts to prove it (and you don't live in a glass house), speak out.
  12. So take a screen shot of the text message and send it to the FHSAA. That's the only way you're going to put a stop to it. Yeah, you may burn a few bridges, but you may also put a stop to it.
  13. Definitely higher. 95% of teams have zero chance to win a state championship.
  14. Correct. Player to player but also “coach to neighborhood to player” a lot of ways to INITIATE transfers. There’s some on here that love these super teams. I think it’s ruined HSFB. 80% (if not higher) of teams in the state will have no chance of winning a state championship.
  15. This rule is such bullshit. Clearly this is going on, especially through third parties like the players themselves. I've seen plenty of recruiting texts to our players from players of another team.
  16. I know this thread is about Dade and Broward but there is a team in Pinellas County that is getting transfer after transfer in and that is Tarpon Springs. Something fishy going on over in Tarpon. This team was 1-9 and nearly didn't have enough players to field a team just three years ago but now they are successfully going after everyone's players. Makes you wonder if there is a big money donor behind all of this? The only local teams usually this active in the transfer scene are CCC and Lakewood. Everyone else is just a plucked player here and there but not a full new team. On this subject, those Dade and Broward teams with 10+ transfers... WTF that is recruiting a new team every year and just not in the spirit of HS sports. Maybe they should add a rule that any team with 7+ (or something like that) transfers in gets thrown into the open division automatically? I'd be okay with that.
  17. Yeah BTW & Homestead. Broncos get a stud QB from Jersey, plus STA ain’t in their class this year. Big things for the Broncos. it’ll probably be Gibbons vs BTW for the region in 2a.
  18. Agree. I’m in contact for years with a diehard Armwood fan & this year is their best team in quite awhile, if ever! Nice opener VS Norland will be a good one.
  19. No Booker T? I think a season where Armwood goes unbeaten with most or all games being blowouts is going to be interesting. Their taking of most of Sumner's best players appears to be completely overlooked by most. I don't think people realize this may be the best Armwood team ever, based on raw talent. I just think folks who have no clue about the 2024 team will dismiss that claim out of hand.
  20. Jullian here. Looking forward to the round robin with STA, AHP, & Chaminade. Western, Monarch, Coconut Creek & Gibbons should b solid. Dillard, Stranahan, & Miramar have potential…….Plantation?? Ely? & Will Deerfield ever be prevalent again!!!! That’s Broward. other teams I’m looking at: NW, Central, Norland, Armwood, Sumner, Lakeland, Naples, Bishop Verot, Hawthorne, Vanguard, Apopka, Mainland, Berkeley Prep, CCC, Buchholtz, Niceville, Dunnellon, South Sumpter, Kiss Osceola, Jones, Lake Mary, Lincoln, & Venice……
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  22. If this doesn't define the word "irony," I don't know what does.
  23. As far as the rules and culture go, public schools now have an advantage over private schools in attracting players. Of course, the biggest, best private schools still have an overall advantage when you factor in the wealth of the student body/alumni. And those located right in the middle of dense urban areas have many more players to pick from within a reasonable driving distance. It looks like Venice was pissed to lose their starting RB. So, they turned in Booker. The player in question appeared headed to Lakeland for a time after leaving Booker. But, perhaps had a change of heart and felt the hassle wasn't worth it.
  24. This might help: https://www.heraldtribune.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2024/07/10/booker-football-coach-scottie-littles-suspended-6-games-fined-for-recruiting-violation/73265547007/ Having read the article, I understand the improper contact charge, but I didn't see anything in there that smacks of impermissible benefits. That said, this is yet another example of how the FHSAA system works against the honest schools and coaches. Someone, anyone, sends something in to the FHSAA. Instead of investigating, they simply send it out to the school and say, "hey, do you know anything about this?" The school then reviews it internally (and perhaps only by school/athletic administration folks, such that the coach isn't even involved). If the school determines that there is a fire behind the smoke, it can then "self-report" the violation. Once the violation has been self-reported (which was the case in this matter, according to the article), the FHSAA hands down its sanction and because the self-report essentially acts as an admission of guilt, the FHSAA feels justified in throwing the book at the accused coach. In so doing, the FHSAA picks up an easy win and word spreads of the punishment, which then, presumably, has a chilling affect on other coaches across the state. This story has been told before.
  25. As you probably know, the rest of the state views Dade/Broward as a scary sort of foreign land (and those in Dade/Broward view the rest of the state as a scary sort of country bumpkin place). Most in Gainesville threw up their hands and quit bothering to get involved in Dade/Broward years ago. Public schools in the rest of the state are held to a different standard by many. Though there's no way to be sure how many transfers schools end up with until the school year literally starts.
  26. I would be curious to see this in the context of who transferred out of these places as well. Maybe a “Net” number of transfers so to speak
  27. Crazy. But to be fair, Columbus really isn't "active" with transfers this year like CC (I wish we were). On that list we had a grand total of 3 transfer in and 1 transferred out - none of them starred players. By comparison Carol City had 13 transfer in. We really could use a few transfers this season! LOL! Just want to put that out there, because I know some folks on this site, particularly those upstate, who love to complain about how the privates (at least in BROWARD) have this perceived unfair advantage when it comes to transfers, in DADE it is the super publics who dominate at this game. Not taking away anything from the fact that the privates are usually better funded with better facilities, but Columbus has NEVER had more than maybe 7-8 transfers in a single season ever and usually its 3-5 max. MC and MNW are on another level altogether. But to your point, what the hell is going on in Sarasota? Sounds like there is more to that story? Sleepy town politics? That's so messed up.
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