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  2. I agree with everything you said. Miami Central does not shy away from tough competition. I'm not sure who's at fault but Miami Central is not scared to play anyone 2010 lost to Camden County 45-42 2010 won against Madison 48-6 2010 won against Prattville 49-28 2012 lost to Grayson 35-3 2012 lost to Manatee 44-34 2013 won against Don Bosco Prep 50-21 2014 won against Hoover 24-21 2014 won against Stephenson 21-20 2015 lost to Dematha 38-14 2017 won against Bishop Gorman 24-20 2017 lost to IMG Academy 24-15 2018 lost to St. John's 37-35 2018 won against St. Thomas Aquinas 43-27 2019 lost to Saint Frances Academy 49-13 2021 lost to St. John Bosco 35-12 2021 lost to Bishop Gorman 21-20 2022 won against IMG Academy 20-14
  3. I wrote on Scorestream a long time ago that Mater Dei would never dare to schedule any of the Florida powerhouses during their "up" years. They wouldn't play Lakeland or Central last season, they wouldn't play IMG when Noah Cain and Trey Sanders were there, they wouldn't play STA in 2019. They never even tried to play Manatee when Coach Kinnan was there nor MNW during the early 2000's. So how can we assume off of the word of "Covercorner," on the Prep Gridiron board, that Central is completely at fault for this game falling through? It becomes even more difficult to believe when they actually have a record of taking on the IMG's, Gorman's, SJB's, and STA's, etc. So why would Mater Dei be different?
  4. Apparently the Mater Dei/Miami Central game was smoke/mirrors and someone on another site gave the low down on what really happened. Copied/pasted statement below by "Covercorner" It's too bad this game won't be played. It's been a back and forth of he said, she said, behind the scenes. And we'll never probably get why MC decided not to play. For some reason MC was all gung-ho to play this game. Kept asking why MD was taking so long to sign contracts etc. For one, told MC never sent contacts to MD. And the one thing you have to keep in mind with MD, they do their due diligence - they take their time, are slower than other schools to make things happen. Thats because they don't jump the gun before crossing the t's and dotting the i's.. I've seen too may schools/games fall apart because schools talk too much and do things half ass backwards. Once MD was confirming on its end to go ahead with the game, MC said it didn't have a stadium to play in! How could you not secure a place of game of this magnitude? On the account MD took too long. Also, they wanted to play on a Saturday, at 1 pm.. So that slowed things down, but apparently MC found a place to play.. And once that was squared away, MD was waiting for the contracts... and it was a done deal. And that time, MC all of a sudden decided not to play anymore. And this is where the he said, she said comes into play - said MC got wind of what MD returns, and I don't think realized 18-of 22 return and got the low-down from an insider close to MD. Enough said. Then for whatever reason MC was no longer interested in playing, and thus contracts were never sent by MC's AD. MD even decide to give in to playing at 1 pm on Saturday... Still not interested. For team who kept talking about taking on all comers and going on Miami Central Hater World Tour they sure changed their tune, or those close to Miami Central making posts on FB on how how bad they were going to beat Mater Dei.. what happened? Someone needs to make it make sense!
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  6. The Master's Academy (Oviedo) - New Coach Garrett Kruczek
  7. Looks like the Merritt Island coach responded to that post saying it was a family decision to move back to Tampa
  8. I trust what people at Manatee have told me about their QB1. And you have every right to believe what people at PC tell you.
  9. Wide receiver Jayce Barksdale is transferring from USJ in Tennessee to Venice for his senior season. Looks good on film and seems to be a good blocker. He should fit right in with our offense as Venice will be running the ball more than ever with the return of our entire offensive line, Alvin Johnson and Jamarice Wilder, Ashari Charles, Ryan Matulevich, Adam Paponotanikis, and now impact transfers Jayce Barksdale and Jaden Glasser.
  10. I just saw that one a hour ago. Would be interesting if Western played DeMatha in the Broward vs USA event
  11. Honestly thought you were talking about Cardinal Newman/Gulliver Prep/Western High transfer Davi Belfort (will be on his 3rd school next year). Graduating in 3 years instead of 4.
  12. Will note that for next year, but I think it is an even spread of those things. Lots of dominoes falling (School A loses coach to a job someplace else (out of state or Florida), which hires coach at School B, and school B hires head coach at School C and this continues. Some of the stuff was due to internal reasons that we may never know (a mix of C and D).
  13. Merritt Island lost alot to graduation and players transferring out currently
  14. Agreed. That said, it would be interesting to know which category each opening falls into: A. Coach leaving for another high school football coaching position in Florida. B. Coach leaving for a high school football coaching job in another state. C. Coach resigned, retired or was fired (or not rehired) by the school. D. Other. (P.S., Gatorman-UF, I'm not asking you to go back through your list and designate which is which; you've done too much already . . . just responding to your "so many" comment and wondering if there's a common reason).
  15. I'd say "yes." Remember, last year, when he moved from the west coast of Florida to the east coast, he left a team that he had guided to a state championship as a sophomore. A team that was good enough to win it's district this past year and win its first three playoff games by a combined score of 128-10, before getting beat by eventual state champs, the University of STA. This time around, he's leaving a team that went 6-5, tied for 2nd in the district and lost an opening round playoff game. And he's headed to a team that went 4-6, finished 4th in a 5-team district, did not make the playoffs, and lost their best player to graduation (a WR who committed to Ohio State). That said, I know very little about what Wiregrass Ranch has coming back and even less about what Merritt Island has coming back. Suffice to say, if the kid just wanted to play on a good team next season, there are plenty of teams in the Tampa Bay area that he could have gone to that likely will have better seasons than Wiregrass will.
  16. The famous Bok Tower has been vandalized. A suspect was seen peddling away from the scene in the early morning hours on a tricycle with a 1967 state champs bicycle plate and shouting "Who's your daddy IMG?" A number of historical hs football polls with a consistently overrated team highlighted on each found at the scene may be evidence. Anyone with information concerning this crime is encouraged to call the Polk County crime hotline at 800-WEOWNLC.
  17. Trinity Prep (Winter Park) Menendez (St. Augustine) - Again
  18. This looks like a legit move to me, not team shopping.
  19. Earlier
  20. But that's a lot of time & money moving back and forth. Think about the time it takes to prepare a house to sell it. Or if it's an apartment, then you have to break the lease and most apartments make you pay in full. Then the next apartment won't approve you cause you broke a lease. So the REASON for moving is because of work, or just to play on a good team?
  21. I've found I get into fewer arguments when I answer my own questions.
  22. From my perspective, sounds like you answered all your own questions.
  23. I do not know the Knight family, but from what I understand, the move last year from Tampa to the Space Coast was prompted by a job situation with the father (transfer/promotion/new position . . . something like that). Yes, there was speculation that he might lose his job to the kid who was a freshman last year, but to my knowledge, that had not yet happened. So, it remains speculation. Similarly, the move back to the Tampa Bay area also has been prompted by the father's job situation (another transfer/promotion/new position . . . something like that). Early in my career, I worked with a bunch of bankers and such moves were not unusual in that industry. I don't know what line of work the father is in, or even if he has been staying with the same company. But I have known plenty of people who move away from an area (like Tampa Bay) only to decide the grass wasn't really greener elsewhere, and that they miss their friends, family, church, etc., so they return. Sometimes it would take 4-5 years; sometimes a year. Anyone on this board who has a son who has played sports would understand this: if your family had to move, you would look for the best opportunity for your son to succeed at his new school. You would balance out quality of school, the success/tradition of the particular athletic program your son wants to be involved with, etc. From an outsider's standpoint, that's how Luke Knight ended up at Merritt Island last year. Now, for reasons none of us fully know, the family is coming back to the Tampa Bay area. Did they sell their house a year ago? Did they buy a new house in Merritt Island? Or did they keep their Tampa house, rent it out and lease in MI? Who knows? I certainly don't. But, they've made the decision to return to Tampa. Now it gets interesting. Do you return to a school where you lead the team to a state championship as a sophomore? Football aside, would he even be able to return to Jesuit? I'll go out on a limb and take the position that while Jesuit typically/historically does not allow rising seniors to transfer in, they would have allowed this kid to re-enroll (call it the Pesansky Rule). But now we have to look at from the family's standpoint: how close was the kid to losing his starting job a year ago? Regardless, if you're Matt Thompson (Jesuit head coach), you either made the choice to move on to another guy or that choice was made for you. And that 'other guy' stepped in as a freshman and had success. And that kid is likely to end up a 4-year starter. As the head coach, do you want to bring back in the previous starter, bench your rising star (and possibly run the risk of losing him to informal high school transfer portal) or do you stick with stick with the taller, bigger, younger kid who has the potential to break all of Jesuit's career passing records by the time he graduates? I don't know if the dad spoke with Thompson or if they could just see the writing on the wall. And I think I saw something in the article (before the firewall and/or PDQ ad kept me from reading it all the way through) that indicated the kid would be playing on the same field that he played on in his youth football days. Nostalgia can be a strong motivating force sometimes. So, it looks to me like non-football forces brought the family back to the Tampa Bay area and the family did the same thing they did when those non-football forces took them to the Space Coast - they made a school decision that provided their son with the best opportunity to have success. Just my perspective.
  24. No idea. The move to Merritt Island seemed legitimate from the outside looking in, possibly a new job. But now that I think about it MI were runner-up the season before he transferred so maybe they thought it would be a cakewalk to a championship at a new school lmao little did they know. But idk how it's happening again that quick
  25. They still have that underclassmen that he ran from
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