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  2. dang he was really good. Finished his great high school career with 35 yards on 20 carries. I had a good view of that game.
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  4. Who is he? Where did he play in high school? What team stopped him and his team's drive for the state final?
  5. where you go when you have to pinch a loaf
  6. in those parts of the woods they don't say I have to go to the restroom they say I have to go to the john.
  7. ...more about this great coach. He served Cardinal Newman High School for 49 years—45 as a coach and 48 as athletic director (1961-2008). As the school’s first football coach, from ‘61 through ‘03, he led his teams to a 278-172-5 record; 4 of his players went on to play in the National Football League. He also coached boys basketball, track, girls softball, and boys & girls golf. He directed softball teams to a 437-109 record and 3 state championships. All told, he coached teams to 954 victories (.702 percentage) and 94 district, regional, sectional and state titles. He also has been inducted into the Florida Athletic Coaches Association, Florida High School Athletic Association and Palm Beach County Halls of Fame. A scholarship and coach-of-the-year award have been established in his name in Palm Beach County. He is retired.
  8. He is a nice country boy...a real hick.
  9. Hmmm, I'm not sure . . . but he looks like a Nice guy.
  10. Badbird's comment above is actually a great hint as to who he is.
  11. It is David Clowney of Atlantic, shown in the photo above scoring a TD at Naples in the 2001 5A state semi game, which was won by Naples. He went on to play at VA tech and then saw brief playing time with the Jets.
  12. He is probably a one and done (if he decides to go at all). The NBA scouts will find him if he is as good as ESPN rates him (just like the scouts find the studs on a 2-8 HS football team). Again, it will be interesting to see long term. Especially if name, image, likeness means the players have greater agency over their own brand, then going to a small school might not matter as much if these players are able to cash in.
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  14. 2020 5 Star Recruit (Basketball) Makur Maker committing to Howard University https://deadspin.com/5-star-recruit-makur-maker-committing-to-howard-could-b-1844267491
  15. David Clowney, Atlantic high. Picture is from a game vs Naples. He played college football at Virginia Tech
  16. When you play Apopka you get astigmatism!:)
  17. C'mon man relax...Don't want you getting your feelings hurt and going back into hibernation
  18. The early Columbia teams, known at the time as the Dandies, were renowned for that great sense of fashion.
  19. Pretty much It's a shame but I could only work with so much when those older programs had practically no records available from that time period
  20. Let's start with the team. Does anyone recognize the uniform?
  21. Makes sense. The people knowledgeable of those teams have probably all died off by now.
  22. Your probably just jealous that your team ain't relevant enough to do a project like this LMAO
  23. 1940 was the earliest nomination we received when doing the list, unfortunately nominations were needed because information on the older teams were nearly impossible to come by
  24. So, I assume these players were all-time best at Columbia. But I noticed that no one was listed before the 1940s. And, I believe Columbia has been around before 1940 and probably played football before then. Is there any reason no "golden age" old timers were not on your list? Lack of information, etc.?
  25. Actually Brian Allen was voted to be the head coach The other 4 are assistant coaches as I took the 5 longest tenured and winningest coaches in history of Columbia to claim the coach slots
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