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  2. American Heritage (Plantation) (1-0) Bloomingdale (1-0) Chaminade-Madonna (1-1) Columbia (0-0) Apopka (1-0) Lake Gibson (2-0) Madison County (3-0) South Fort Myers (1-0) Bartram Trail (2-0) Vero Beach (1-0)
  3. I pick Lake Gibson to win. Not because they're really better but due to Lakeland having no games played and no practices in.
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  5. Don't categorize Miami "schools" with 1 school in particular. Only school was Miami Northwestern sir.
  6. haha good question! I wouldn't know. I have to imagine full blown practices and scrimmages have almost certainly been out regardless. If they've had no scrimmages and no games of any kind, that's still a huge disadvantage even if small groups of players got together for 7-on-7 or whatever.
  7. I respect your opinion. There are some people who would say that today's hs football is terrible for our children...that it encourages violence, causes potential long-term health problems, ie concussions, promotes individualism over team (recent emphasis on "stars"), causes "undeserving" kids to get financial aid that should arguably go to excellent scholars, in some cases has caused a culture where machismo and accompanying sexual abuse is nurtured and has led to gang rapes, etc etc. But some of us espouse the merits of our game and say that the good it does outweighs the negatives. Likewise, there are aspects of rap music that are very good for the kids (even the stuff with the naughty words) and people who do not understand that likely do not understand the history of rap and its cultural origins.
  8. Have the Lakeland players really been in quarantine or are they doing a Miami Northwestern quarantine?
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  10. Maybe the reason the Miami schools have opted in is that they have been practicing all year, despite the Covid-19 restrictions. Got caught, nothing happened; just goes to show you, sometimes cheating pays.
  11. Like I mentioned in another thread, Lakeland was forced to shut down all operations September 8-22, or Tuesday. No practices and of course no games. Gibson has been practicing consistently and has two games under their belts. I can't see how this isn't a huge advantage for LG. I think it's a three touchdown advantage. I have no idea how good Lakeland really is since they have not been seen in action for ANY time, spring, summer or Fall. A rough guess might have been that Lakeland is two TDs better than LG. If that's correct, and the advantage from practicing/playing vs. not practicing/playing is 3 TDs, LG wins the game tomorrow by a TD. So, I'll take LG 21-14. Lakeland would win a game played under equal circumstances 28-14.
  12. roygod


    After six undefeated regular seasons, it's time to do it again. First game against a rebuilding PSL team we pulled off a 35-0 shutout. As predicted our defense will be one of the top defense's in the state. The offense has been the question mark, but scoring 35 points may have answered that question. We had to play five different quarterbacks to find the right one, a transfer from Dwyer. On offense we have a returning running back ,two returning wide receiver's and half the offensive line. So with this I"m expecting another great year from Vero!
  13. What’s crazy is that Miami led the state in Covid numbers of course followed by Broward so if any county was to have the strictest stipulations it should have been Miami. usually Broward and Miami usually makes the same decision as a reign.
  14. American Heritage Bloomingdale Chaminade-Madonna Trinity Christian Apopka Lakeland Madison County Fort Myers Bartram Trail Vero Beach
  15. Any thoughts on this one?
  16. Turn down that music!! And get off my lawn!!
  17. Osceola beat them 35-14 in the final four.
  18. 181pl

    Edgewater V IMG

    7A finals are already set. Edgewater vs. STA rematch. Armwood is decent, but not great by any stretch.
  19. Music nowadays is terrible, at least the modern pop they play on the radio is. If Michael Jackson or Frank Sinatra could hear what has become of music today, they would roll around in their graves. Alas..
  20. I would surely like to know what reasoning, medical or otherwise, was used by these organizations to have certain schools "opt out" of HS football for the 2020 season. It certainly cannot be based upon current medical advice from the CDC which I believe has not stated that HS sports should be shutdown. Should these organizations not have to intelligently justify the reason for shutting down any sport in any school. Strange that it's OK for hundreds or thousands of students to attend classes 8 hours a day inside these schools but not OK for a few football players to practice and play games outside these schools. These schools are certainly not disrupting students lives, who do not participate in sports, but they are certainly disrupting the lives and futures of students who do play sports. If one school can safely play all schools can safely play otherwise it amounts to arbitrary nonsense by people who have no reasonable capacity to do such.
  21. I'm guessing Broward public schools (like Dillard) didn't have that option (to opt out of BCAA for a year).
  22. Details This is a cut and paste from WP Facebook page. The actual link for this game can be found on Winter Park HS Football Facebook page Tomorrow at 7 PM – 10 PM 75–88°F Heavy Thunderstorm Public · Hosted by Lumpat sports Online Event. Tickets presty.tjsport.xyz/hsfootball.php Edgewater vs Winter Park - High School Football Eagles 0-1 Wildcats 1-0 The Winter Park (FL) varsity football team has a neutral non-conference game vs. Edgewater (Orlando, FL) on Friday, September 25 @ 7p. Watch Live Please Like And Share, Thank You join here Click link : → http://presty.tjsport.xyz/hsfootball.php See Less Sports Online
  23. What/Who did ya'll have coming back? I know the DE that got the offer from FSU, but what other top players.
  24. Michael Jackson was extremely talented.
  25. Rap is bad poetry at best. It's laced with profanity, often encourages violence, and is usually unintelligible. If it has to be played loud, it's usually because the volume makes up for a lack of singing ability.
  26. The first sign that they have no singing voice is when they use a made-up identity that isn't even a name. More power to them if they can get some fools to buy their recordings (notice that I didn;t say songs or music).
  27. BCAA decision applied to all public schools, Coral Springs Charter and Pembroke Pines Charter. It would have applied to Gibbons and Aquinas, but they opted out of the BCAA for this year so they could opt in for the playoffs.
  28. BCAA makes the final decision decided to not give the schools a choice. GMAC gave their schools the choice. Each county is each to their own as they say.
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