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  3. First I want to express my apologies for my absence the last few months. Without going into much detail I have had some personal life struggles I have been dealing with on top of figuring out the direction to take FloridaHSFootball.com in. Things have finally settled out some over the last few weeks although I am not completely out of the woods just yet. Some of the decisions about what direction to take FloridaHSFootball.com have been forming over this time while I went through things. Part of me wondered if it was time to go, but really it is not at all. Thankfully, a loyal supporter near me in Gainesville decided to put their mouth where their money is and did a little investing and today FloridaHSFootball.com launched its first-ever Mobile App. With that said it comes with the sunset of the MVP Membership Subscriptions and thus FloridaHSFootball.com will be 100% free for the first time in a while. This comes as needing to get the clearances with Apple and Google and the current subscription platform we have is not syncing with Apple's system nor with the App itself. Its best we go in this direction to grow fans again and being able to put them facing forward with an app on their phone going forward. Here are the download links for the apps: iOS (Apple): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/floridahsfootball-com/id6477621728 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.floridahsfootball.app&hl=en_US&gl=US For now the forums will not be available directly in the app. At some point I maybe looking at changing the whole forum software that could eventually integrate into the app. It will be a while before this happens so things will go on as they are here. I also apologize for any of the spam and troll accounts that have managed to find their way around the security protocols in setting up new accounts. It seems every day these things find ways to pass through control systems. I am going to be looking at getting this solved and will keep an eye on things here as we go along. Please feel free to reach out to me if you all need anything, want to chat or have any suggestions. -- Josh
  4. They can definitely beat Central. My bulls is a toss up but I feel we should have the edge. EJ will be hard to stop though. Glad they not in 2A with us.
  5. Blountstown at WS Neal AL Sept 27th. Also the Tate vs. Faith Academy game is no more. Tate will be playing Escambia instead now.
  6. Last week
  7. I like it if there is only 4 classes
  8. I like the match. An entire COUNTY against a small little Catholic school. Toss up.
  9. Do they beat Central and Northwestern this year
  10. And that first round matchup between Chaminade and Franklin County would be compelling.
  11. definitely, idk if at the caliber of the prior year but they have the guys plus Ej is still aT QB. They’ll be as good as any team in miami imo.
  12. As it stands now, a team can afford to lose a game towards the middle-to-end of the regular season and still bounce back and win a state title. The idea of "lose or go home" after Week 5 does not appeal to me at all. Additionally, what do all the teams who lose in Week 6 or 7 do for the rest of the season? Try to find games to play the other teams that got bounced early? Hard to schedule a "home and home" series with another team if you don't know who's going to be in the playoffs for how long both this year and next.
  13. Only issue Only issue with starting playoffs so soon is who would care to go to a game after team is eliminated from the playoffs. An idea that could work is to double the current playoff teams and dump the idiot bye week we have in Florida. That would pretty much include everyone and the top 1 or 2 seeds get a bye if not enough teams in region.
  14. We should do the other thing I suggested. Everyone makes the playoffs. 5 week regular season/ 9 week playoff after the 5 weeks. Seed the teams by wins. All the 5 wins teams start out playing the 0 win teams. If there are more 5 win teams than 0 win teams, then you take the 1 win teams with the worst opponent win % until you fill the slots. Playoffs 512 teams - round 1 256 teams left - round 2 128 teams left - round 3 64 teams left - round 4 32 teams left - round 5 16 teams left - round 6 8 teams left - quarterfinals 4 teams left - semifinals 2 teams left - championship 1 true state champion
  15. Just use the old playoff rankings system Florida used when they did 1/3 win %, 1/3 opponents win %, and opponents opponents win % and dump the secret sauce recipe Maxprepos rankings and even more secret FHSAA version of the Maxpreps secret sauce rankings. That idiot ranking system screwed Florida teams who were undefeated over St. Joe beaten team for natty the one year.
  16. What a surprise a cheater from one of the worst examples of illegally recruiting scandal that resulted in Nothing happening ends up at another in house scandal. He better watch out, that wrist slap he got at Winter Park where nobody had any punishment whatsoever really stopped him huh.
  17. The plan would get crushed by smaller enrollments in central Florida and still does not address the recruiting issue. The reason a open division with like 16 teams or a promotion and demotion makes the most sense.
  18. Coconut Creek https://highschool.athlonsports.com/florida/2024/04/20/florida-high-school-football-coconut-creek-announces-2024-schedule
  19. Hardee @Hwy17 https://highschool.athlonsports.com/florida/2024/04/19/florida-high-school-football-hardee-announces-2024-schedule
  20. Do you think Norland gone be good this year
  21. everybody want that norland smoke. i love it
  22. Nice trip to Marathon in there. We're planning on taking in a Key West home game one of these days, making a nice weekend out of it. How 'bout them Conchs!
  23. QB transferred from Wekiva to Leesburg to TFA in a span of three years. During that span he played for the 7 on 7 team 24K. Again, Im sure its just a coincidence.
  24. If kids are transferring to TFA because of getting a great education, what was the reasoning behind transferring to Leesburg last year? Seems like a common denominator to me...
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