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  2. That a very good guess, but 1991 was back in the days when teams normally only played 14 games at most. STA was 13-0 coming into the FWB game.
  3. So, that's what shaped you!! I always wondered why a Mid-Florida person such as yourself had this NYC/Tri-state attitude. Now I know!
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  5. Date of original post + your signature appears to answer the bonus question: Columbia
  6. No problem looking things up if you are inclined to do so! 5 is not correct, but that's a good guess! Pine Forest defeated a 14-0 STA team in the 2000 4A final. Very good! Lakeland faced a 13-0 STA team in 2005, so that's not quite correct.
  7. 5 Pine Forest and Lakeland (No I did not google these, im just going off prior knowledge) (edit: to Lakeland)
  8. Jesse drinks Zima, that non alcoholic beer. And gets drunk from it!
  9. Yeah I was in New Jersey my Sophomore year.
  10. Billy Livings was the coach at a Vero for 26 years and win a state title in 1981. He coached there from 1980-2005. He won 7 Regional titles and 15 district titles. His record was 211-86. That is impressive all by itself. But can you believe he also coached in Alabama for 12 years before that going 104-22-4 and winning a state title up there! his career record of 315-108-4 and two titles is impressive! Plus how many coaches won 100 games in one state, 200 in another and titles in each!
  11. On Buchholz, I agree. They always seemed to go +1 against our receivers. If we were 2x2 they were 3x3 with no one behind and between the DEs but a MLB or very high safety. Parker was very effective but we needed to attack the middle more to make them ease off our WRs. I might've tried #14 at RB with some inside zone plays or run the QB inside a bit more, but I think they'd rather avoid running him at this point. Also QB Wainwright's arm wasn't as sharp this game. I don't think he was rattled, but we did give up a bunch of sacks to their blitzes. Fleming Island seems to be a run
  12. Looking at their record before 2002, am not sure they thought football was important then either.
  13. Vero Beach has 504 wins from 1955-2020. They started playing football in 1927. I’ll have to check and see what I have for those years tomorrow. Almost positive they have over 600. And that doesn’t include 7 wins forfeited.
  14. That was my senior year! We had Richard Batman Woods as the coach. He was a college hall of famer with Southern Cal and played with the Bucs. He was Hardy Nickerson and Derrick Brooks before they were! we had a UNC commit at RB, Larry Edwards, and USF commit Terrence “country” Royal at LB. ran into Ely and Tyrone Moss. (Rest in peace). He torched us for 200 plus yards. Yeah when I left, Wharton decided football wasn’t important anymore.
  15. I bet you’re not old enough to drink.
  16. Making your own homemade stuff there OSL? Lol Pine Cone Liquor Recipe
  17. Last year's Pahokee team that lost to Dillard was not the same team that lost to Madison by 1pt from the state title game. Pahokee did not get healthy until the end of the season. Only 2 of the 12 signees on the team played against Dillard and PK also lost two players to IMG that would have played on last year's and this year's team. However, this year's team is very very young with the majority being 8th-10th graders. Also, both incumbent QBs was sent to live with their fathers in Miami and Lauderdale by their mothers (However, I heard that the Bouie kid was coming back to Pahokee this week,
  18. Pine cone liquor...very warm, robust, with just a buttery high note of all weather coolant.
  19. You know what, I agree with you. It is not with debating with you anymore. You clearly have a point-of-view that cannot be reasoned, and since you think that already know everything, there is no sense wasting time trying to explain things to you.
  20. Great minds often think alike! lol
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