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  2. What does this proposal due to stop recruiting? Nothing, there are some teams in suburban divisions who recruit big time and are dominant in their districts and regions. They will destroy the competition in most of the divisions and have huge blowouts just like now. Then what about metro schools who don’t recruit. This idea makes them lambs for slaughter as they will never win any district games and get a running clock in most of the games. This idea does not solve any problem but will create all new ones.
  3. Two issues with this dumb idea. You will get the same five teams winning the suburban divisions and the metro. Just look at some possible breakdowns and same teams will win so you are not solving the problem. The best teams need to move up and bad teams move down to create super divisions at top is only way for true balance. Also. Now you are squeezing all the metro teams into four divisions and suburban into five so now you have huge enrollment differences between teams so the gap will be even worse in the for many teams who will have no chance to compete. Some teams will have almost double the enrollment of other teams. Blow this idea up and research real way to make the game better .
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  5. Good one. You really got me there
  6. What about we put madison in the SEC what would we call them smashmouth or crymouth?
  7. Jesse you're right a school of 400 if they had their program going right could have around 50 players. The problem is Madison will have 100 at the same rate. My point was just when the people on these committees keep pointing to 1A for competitive balance and make sure to say nothing is happening to 1A. I just don't think that's correct. Madison has dominated and the only teams able to challenge them have gotten in a ton of transfers. I don't think they have 1A right is what I would say. I like what some of the other posters have said about if you win you move up and if you're a losing program you move down.
  8. Those schools choose to not participate. Plenty of guys in 1A schools. I would agree if it was like 100 kids total in schools. But it's 300 to 400. That's more than enough for 50 guys per 1a schools.
  9. Just another example of the FHSAA sticking a bandaid on a broken bone and hoping it fixes itself. Cut down from 8 to 6 classes and put the big schools with the big schools and the small schools in the lower classifications. Otherwise you have Madison County, a school with almost 4A numbers competing with schools that can barely field a football team. Same can be said for Hallandale in 5A having to compete with Miami Central and Northwestern. Utter rubbish. The FHSAA needs to burn down the house they’ve constructed and rebuild it from scratch. Otherwise, no meaningful change will come.
  10. i 100% agree. those kids that transfer cannot do any extracurriculars, as you couldnt just say sports someone would flip their grits over that. no theater, no dance, no football, no band, no, no, no. you live by your high school go there and stfu, or move, legally, and no forged lease papers that you can find forms on the internet for and fill out..... yes, I have seen that before..... kids going past 3 hs to go play sports is ridiculous.
  11. 100%, the problem is clear and you can leave school choice for an education available to everyone at both public and private. Just restrict students not zoned for that school to sit out a year for HS sports. It won't fix the problem completely as some schools will choose to gamble not getting caught but it would be a huge step in the right direction.
  12. metro doesnt help some of those teams. look at orlando/orange county, sanford/seminole county. suburban doesnt help some of the osceola, lake, brevard teams making the playoffs either. school choice is the issue. period, its just now recruiting is legal, where before it wasnt, but still done yearly. fix that, and balance to the state occurs. sorta
  13. Yes, you have been very clear on how this all came to pass and I am grateful for the education providing hard facts. If they want to solve it then they should go make their case to the current legislature as I am sure 80% of coaches would be glad to contact their local representative to bend their ear to correct the problem. Here our local sports reporter has already interviewed local coaches and their perspective probably mirrors those of other "Suburban" coaches throughout the state. The vast majority of coaches in our county say it will not fix the problem; it doesn't hurt my alma mater as they don't bleed players every year as several others do. Head coach at Lake Nona in an adjacent county recently resigned and got immediately hired as new HC for Toho HS. Will be interested to see if any players follow as though in different counties the two schools are separated by less than 10 miles.
  14. Ray, as I have stated before, I think the decision to allow kids to roam freely from school-to-school was first made by the state legislature and basically forced down the FHSAA's throat. The FHSAA must now figure out how to maintain/create competitive balance given the hand they have been dealt.
  15. All these band aids the FHSAA keeps coming up with are truly a joke. They readily admit with the changes they pass that free movement of players causes the competitive imbalance, with Metro population density benefitting the most due to sheer numbers of top quality players. Even though they know the root problem, they turn a blind eye to the obvious fix of turning back the clock to pre 2011 when they opened the flood gates. This new idea will just create a two-tier system of competitive imbalance rather than one. Regardless of which group you are in, the haves will still benefit while the have nots will continue to flounder.
  16. I am a big Gator fan and hope he does have a positive impact on success going forward. Napier and his multitude of staff personnel are getting a bunch of positive press during this honeymoon phase, but from my perspective thus far recruiting hasn't really showed signs of improvement and thus far not convinced. Hopefully, time will prove me wrong.
  17. 2015 trenton was something serious. No.3 small school according to maxpreps. No. 7 in Florida and 87 in America. They best player got all America and is now in the CFL.
  18. I just wanted to say this on the topic because I read a quote from a coach saying look at 1A and how great that is. As competitive balance is the main reason for the metro/suburban debate. But Madison County has won 4 out of 7 State Championships since they've been in 1A. In 5 playoff games this past season against 1A teams Madison only gave up 18 points! The 3 loses Madison has to 1A teams is 2015 against Trenton, 2016 against Pahokee and 2020 against Hawthorne. Trenton got in trouble for recruiting during those years. Hawthorne the last few years has gotten in more transfer than many private schools. Is that what they're telling 1A schools they have to do to win? Makes me sick listening to these coaches saying 1A has it right when they clearly don't.
  19. Playing the “BIG WHAT IF” game, if we did something impeccable like that I believe it would put us top 10 nationally. But not #1 simply because of how we finished last year even tho last year wasn’t bad but it wasn’t too 50 nationally worthy
  20. I'm doing the what if scenario here but what if Dillard beats St. Johns, schedules a Miami power like Central or Northwestern, then beat St. Thomas twice and capture a state title. Now I see Dillard maybe being national Champs.
  21. To BE BIG, you got to play big. It’s time for Dillard to get NATIONAL exposure win or lose , but you already know I’m rooting for the dub. More then likely it will be away.
  22. You have the wrong Darlington. Ty was an Offensive Lineman who went on to Oklahoma. Zack was the Quarterback. Ty was an undrafted free agent coming out of college. I forget which team picked him up but he failed to make the cut. He worked at his Alma Mata as a graduate assistant for some years and was on the Sooners staff after. An academic all star, I am sure Ty will do well at Florida.
  23. Saw this across my Twitter feed and it felt it was like a Sexy Beast in training. I cant believe it was nearly 10 years ago that he was playing QB for Apopka.
  24. This is a big match up and I hope Dillard is ready. A lot of schools need to beef up their schedule but this is a big one.
  25. And the QB from Ridge. But who is surprised as it has been going on for a long time.
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