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  1. Remember the Titans coming to Florida

    TC Williams High from Virginia is coming to Florida to play Spruce Creek during week 0. Since its in Florida im assuming it wont count for SC. TC Williams is of course the high school highlighted in the famous movie Remember the Titans. The coach for TCW is former Panama City Bay head coach Jimmy Longerbeam. He is no stranger to long trips. He took Bay on a 9 hour bus ride near Houston to get skull dented by some top 25 TX team. Just looking at the national rankings from last year, it would appear that Spruce Creek will be a big favorite.
  2. Vero Beach schedule so far

    Hearing Vero is playing a first year technical center from Winter Haven. Lol.
  3. Lopsided Rivalries

    I would have to look it up being that I have Plant’s complete history, but I’m sure they have dominated their 2 historical rivals since 2000. (Hillsborough and Robinson) Armwood was a rival created out of competition and that had been fairly even. But im sure Plant has good records in the last quarter century or so against the other 2
  4. Lopsided Rivalries

    Not a pure and storied rivalry like St Aug/Palatka, but Bartram Trail just beat St Aug for the first time in 18 years. St Aug and B Trail have played every year since 2001, the 2nd year of B Trail’s existence. 18 years total. And in 2018, B Trail finally won. St Aug 17 wins, Bartram Trail 1
  5. 2019 out of state games

    Gonzaga is playing 1-9 Leesburg who is 9,000 plus nationally
  6. 2019 out of state games

    Gonzaga is playing 1-9 Leesburg who is 9,000 plus nationally
  7. 2019 out of state games

    Most likely Winter Park will be playing Hoover given the fact that WP has 3,000 enrollment and Hoover has 2,900. Makes more sense
  8. 2019 out of state games

    Wow big game. American Heritage Plantation is playing them too
  9. Yooooo ....what’s good everybody

    Here you go Dillard Fan. I posted this when you were gone
  10. Vero Beach vs Viera 11/1

    I should have reworded it. These team have given 10k in the past. Not every game. It is the most I heard and it’s rare. Not an every day thing. I linked Bassfield,MS up with Niceville years ago and the coach told me that Niceville gave them 10k each year to come 2 years.
  11. Disney event 2019

    Yep I remember. Year 2000. Sebastian River 40, Aliso Niguel 7
  12. Vero Beach vs Viera 11/1

    Niceville and Naples give $10K Naples only gives $10K if you come 2 years but it’s 10k per year. Manatee has given 10 as well in the past
  13. Vero Beach vs Viera 11/1

    This game is being promoted as the “Adidas Cup Classic” anyone know what thats about?
  14. Disney event 2019

    Don’t need to. The traveling team has a pool of at least 20-40 teams. They start with 10 and keep going till they find one. They go on maxpreps and get all their rankings and put them in order and contact the coach of the worst team. If that coach says no thank you, they move on to the second worst. And keep going until someone bites
  15. Cocoa 2019 Schedule

    The Freedom Bowl has got some heavyweight teams. I’m hearing the opponents could be one of a few. Pickerington Central,OH Hoover,AL Brentwood Academy,TN UMS Wright,AL