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  1. If you knew the FHSAA was an incompetent sham organization you would know the answer is never. They punted responsibility to Maxpreps and they can’t be trusted to make a cup of coffee.
  2. It was an assistant coach for Rockledge. He didn’t have the names in front of him at the time but he was pretty upset when the county AD told them they couldn’t do it.
  3. I heard the county screwed them out of an out of state experience saying no county teams can leave the state. But then they let Merritt Island travel up to Georgia to get pummeled. Shaking my damn head
  4. Better than the 15-0 team from 2000 who was national top 20 and won the state title game 77-14?
  5. I would tell you if the bumbling stumbling idiots at the FHSAA had a master schedule posted on their site for the fans of their member schools
  6. Makes it even worse. He found 2 of the worst teams in the panhandle he can find for easy wins to boost job security. Rather than challenge his team with real opponents, he is taking the easy way out to rack up meaningless wins. FWB and Bay are horrible. Those are throw away games
  7. Coach D was probably pressured by higher ups to schedule 2 of the worst Florida teams he could find after he lost the 2 games he played against Florida teams (North Miami Beach and Navarre) Beating Bay and FWB will give them back some pride they lost playing better FL teams. He needs that job security he left the state for. So beating 2 teams with “FL” at the end of their name will help him out.
  8. in Florida's favor FL # 77 Gadsden vs AL # 93 Dothan FL #360 Jay vs AL # 366 Blackshear
  9. Biggest mismatches based on 2020 maxpreps state rankings in Alabama's favor AL #50 Escambia Academy vs FL # 443 Lighthouse AL #36 Enterprise vs FL#303 Bay AL #178 Cottage Hill vs FL #443 Lighthouse AL #139 Sweetwater vs FL # 360 Jay AL # 36 Enterprise vs FL # 243 Ft Walton Beach AL # 64 Andalusia vs FL # 233 Crestview AL # 79 FLomaton vs FL # 197 Northview AL # 61 Baker vs FL # 120 Pine Forest AL # 404 Pleasant Hill vs FL # 443 Lighthouse AL # 230 Autauga Academy vs FL # 265 Chiles
  10. Not any games of note but heres the list.... Northview vs Flomaton Jay vs Sweetwater and Blackshear Pensacola Lighthouse vs Cottage Hill Christian, Pleasant Home, Escambia Academy and St Michaels Ft Walton Beach vs Enterprise Bay vs Enterprise Crestview vs Andalusia Pine Forest vs Baker Chiles vs Autauga Academy Gadsden County vs Dothan
  11. Bloomingdale is the new Armwood. Plant City has beaten Tech 2 of the last 3 years. They got a good chance. It’s a tough call.
  12. I think the guilt went away when he signed that quarter billion dollar contract.
  13. A Rod!! Lol https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.foxsports.com/stories/mlb/before-pro-baseball-alex-rodriguez-was-a-high-school-football-star
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