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  1. Clearwater Academy was scheduled to play Madison County but Mad co had to cancel and the reason was Mad Co can’t play teams from that “area” interesting
  2. Crazy that he was forced into retirement from the orange county public school system after 35 years. Thanks for your service, now get the hell out of here!!!
  3. I have History for new Smyrna Beach going back to the 50s complete. They started playing football in the early 20s. From the 20s-50s is incomplete. Here’s a cool Volusia county football fact. Mainland High was called Daytona Beach High back in the early 20’s when they started playing football. I believe 1921 was theirs first year. Someone may correct me if they have something more accurate. Now Seabreeze High first fielded a team in 1923 and only played 2 years before combining football teams with Daytona Beach High from 1925-1941. So for 17 years, kids would go to different schools but play for one team. Lol.
  4. Here’s a link instead https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-xpm-1995-11-30-9511301090-story.html
  5. I have the article for after the game on a screen shot but this site won’t let me upload a simple picture from my iPad
  6. Randazzo North? Anyone got any insight? https://www.maxpreps.com/local/team/schedule.aspx?gendersport=boys,football&schoolid=a15a34c5-2d95-4160-b7a5-9a17386b828c
  7. Maronto beat a team from Pennsylvania and California in his career. That’s it. That’s the post
  8. I can’t find the box score for the game. Victory lost the very next game 83-0!
  9. the state record is 130-0. Jax University Christian beat a team called Victory Christian in 1973 by that score. UC only had 22 players on their roster!
  10. I’m eager to see how Randazzo does in their second year. Excited to see the fake scores some deranged person who created the profile inputs this year. Hopefully some overtime thrillers and down to the wire classics!!
  11. Makes sense since Cooper City was supposed to play a Colorado team at Disney this year as well. Winter Park should handle them pretty comfortably
  12. Thanks, son. always appreciate the shoutout
  13. The Hallandale helmet in the photo was the giveaway. Lol
  14. I think they are charters. Seemed like some fly by night, but the one in Pembroke has been playing football since 08
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