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  1. Hillsborough County Changing Mascots

    These Indians are not native to America. They are native to India. They traveled to present day America from South Asia and it was estimated that half died on the journey. So going back was out of the possibility. So they were essentially stuck here. Historians and scientists have traced Nordic Vikings back to this land further than the native Indians.
  2. Hillsborough County Changing Mascots

    Terrible news. Political correctness runs everything. When does it stop? Will they get rid of Hawks, and Falcons for people who have phobias to birds? What about people allergic to dogs? Etc shaking my dam head
  3. Florida's Ultimate One-Hit Wonders

    Here’s a good one. Ernest Ward won the class A title in 1979 beating Aucilla, Jax UC, and then Benjamin in the title game. From 1963, all the way up until 1994 when they combined with Century to make Northview they only make the playoffs once going 1-1 Ultimate one hit wonder
  4. Florida's Ultimate One-Hit Wonders

    Choctaw also won in 1990, and outside of that one run, they have a lifetime playoff record of 14-15
  5. Florida's Ultimate One-Hit Wonders

    Buchholz won the title in 1990 and since 1997 they are 4-12 in the playoffs. Outside of getting crushed by FWB in the semis in 95, they have been routinely bounced in the early rounds, or just missed the playoffs altogether
  6. Florida's Ultimate One-Hit Wonders

    Apalachicola fielded a team from the 1930’s until 2006 when they merged with Carrabelle High to make Franklin County In 1968, they won the class C title when they only had to win 2 games to win the title. Beat Cardinal Mooney 26-0 then Moore Haven 22-0. They might be the only team who can say they shutout all their opponents in the playoffs. Lol. After that, from 1969-2006 they only made the playoffs twice and lost both times
  7. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    Merritt Island hasn’t been good since I was a glimmer in my mama’s eye. Lol
  8. Freedom Bowl games

    Brentwood Academy lost to 2 teams last year they were both behind CCC in the national rankings. A couple hundred spots behind CCC. So they are definitely beatable. If I was a betting man I would take BA straight up, but that’s why they play the game!!!
  9. Freedom Bowl games

    Hoover did lose 4 games. They are beatable and they are playing the number 1 team in Alabama the week before. That could take a lot out of them win or lose. Cocoa has to catch this team slipping like Bergen Catholic did.
  10. Freedom Bowl games

    Don’t write these FL teams off just yet. Brentwood Academy plays in a watered down playoff, and was in a dog fight with an average private Texas team two years ago. Barely won 21-14 and was considered national top 50 UMS won state but it was a small school title, and outside the state top 5, Alabama can be pretty pedestrian. Chaminade was in a dog fight because the coaching is lacking. Western has been trending upwards the last few years. Winter Park has came out of nowhere like Wekiva due to the rise in transfers. If they continues then they could hold their own. Hoover lost a stud to transfer and isn’t the Hoover of old. Cocoa can surprise them for sure. I don’t have high expectations, I just hope to God they can all make it competitive
  11. Freedom Bowl games

    This event took a huge dive when Alpharetta made Milton play them. Before that I believe it was gonna be. Milton vs Pick Central W Park vs Hoover Cocoa vs Brentwood Academy CCC vs UMS Mainland vs B sycamore Western vs Alpharetta
  12. Mainland High fans

    Found this little tidbit. Mainland played Seabreeze in 1924 and then both schools consolidated athletic teams and were just simply known as “Daytona Beach” in 1942, Seabreeze finally split and formed their own teams. In 1966 Mainland and Seabreeze played the first game against each other since 1924, with Mainland winning 23-6. They have played every year since
  13. Mainland High fans

    From 1929-2018 OOS games 1938 vs Morristown,TN 7-25 L 1948 vs Warren Easton,LA 19-33 L 1949 vs Bass,GA 20-13 W 1949 vs Greenwood,SC 7-26 L 1999 vs Hueneme,CA 36-20 W 2008 vs Central Gwinnett,GA 34-14 W 2010 vs West Point,MS 0-14 L 2015 vs St Edwards,OH 28-47 L 2018 vs Bob Jones,AL 36-39 L
  14. Mainland High fans

    Hey I almost got the complete history for Mainland football. I believe they started playing football in 1921. i am incomplete from 1921-1928 and a few seasons in the 40’s I’m missing one or 2 scores. Other than that I’m pretty complete. My question to any of the Mainland fans on the board. Do you happen to have the history of football? Maybe they started earlier than 1921 or any scores from those early times? The yearbook if I’m not mistaken started in 1930 so I can’t get scores from there. Any info helps. Thank you
  15. STA is Archbishop McCarthy without the infusion of stud transfers. Lol