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  1. I think he is trying to rack up wins to make the career numbers look good. Stat padding basically
  2. When he was at Cocoa he would play teams he had a zero percent chance of beating. He would schedule games he knew was an auto loss just to be able to take his team sight seeing. Now with New Smyrna Beach it’s the opposite. The non district schedule has got to be one of the worst in the state. Crystal River Sunlake Titusville Central FL Christian Academy East River Zephyrhills Christian WTF??? That’s horrible!
  3. Ridley PA went 12-2 last year and scheduled to play 0-10 Taravella who lost 91-0 last year. Now why the hell would you think to play freaking Taravella? Why would you pay thousands of dollars to travel and play a team who would get beat by a lot of JV teams? It’s the KSA events fault. They give the applications to the OOS teams and they start with the worst teams until someone agrees to play. But you have to blame the OOS coach for being a puss. And you have to blame the FL coach for agreeing to play a team way out of their league. It’s just stupid to have that mindset
  4. It’s not just the top team. It’s teams that are top 10 in their state and they come here to play glorified junior varsity teams
  5. Cherry Creek was number 1 in CO and they played national top 25 Chandler AZ tough losing 17-7
  6. Not true. Their top team can compete with the national top 100.
  7. I’m not going to that dud. Deer Jerkey lost everyone. That will be a blowout. And I don’t know what’s up with AHP playing their first game with the new coach. I would rather head to SFL to watch that FL vs USA event. You should hitch a ride with Josh. lol
  8. Ralston Valley CO went 9-3 and finished top 10 in Colorado. And they are playing Colonial FL who didn’t even finish top 400 in FL alone Chatfield won the state title in CO and finished top 5 in state. And they are playing Pt St Lucie who didn’t finish top 200 here.
  9. Yeah Colorado is the worst of this followed by Georgia
  10. I’m just messing with you. It was 1’s vs 1’s the entire first half and Columbia was dog walking them.
  11. I was told scrimmages are like real games (cough cough Columbia vs IMG cough cough)
  12. Sometimes the lack of competition is enough to end a rivalry. Look at Avon Park vs Sebring. One of the oldest rivalries in the state and Avon Park said NO MAS!!! after losing their 11th in a row against the Blue Streaks
  13. Too bad Monarch isn’t playing an OOS games but horrible teams like Coral Glades and West Broward are. Hell West Broward is playing the top team from Tennessee. About to get a 50 point ass stomping to go with that mountain sight seeing
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