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  1. Five more transfers just showed up at Cocoa

    Some crap team from New Jersey apparently. Glen Ridge High
  2. Five more transfers just showed up at Cocoa

    Titusville I think is playing an OOS game too. Are they any good? Lol
  3. Five more transfers just showed up at Cocoa

    Cocoa will need all the help they can get with Hoover. Gonna be interesting how it all plays out
  4. Phillips Field Tampa

    Blast from the past. From the 30’s-60’s Phillips Field was a 20,000 seat stadium that was home to the University of Tampa football team. It was predominately used for local high school football as well. Hillsborough, Jefferson, Plant and Jesuit would routinely clash at Phillips, sometimes bringing in capacity crowds from 10,000-20,000 during Armistice Day and Thanksgiving games. Sadly it was demolished in the 60’s and UT abandoned football. How great would it be for Tampa to have a 20K seat stadium today? All the big rivalry games. Plant/Robinson, Plant/Hillsborough, Tampa Catholic/Jesuit, Blake/Middleton. Small colleges could play neutral site games. Would be perfect for high school state title games, music concerts etc. Man I never been so irritated for something happening 20 years before I was born than Phillips Field closing. Lmao!
  5. Gainesville HS Football Trivia

    Not to be confused with Lincoln High of Tally the all black school. Not the Trojans who came around in the 70’s
  6. Schedules

    This falls on the FHSAA. They punted the responsibility to a second rate website that is famous for errors and inaccuracies. The FHSAA should be held liable. They literally make every move that is not in the best interest of the coaches, players and fans of the sports played in the state. It’s embarrassing. I posted this link in another thread. Can someone tell me why this can’t be the minimum mandatory? https://www.ghsa.net/2019-2020-ghsa-football-schedule
  7. 2019 KOC Games

    A couple kick off classic’s involving out-of-state teams. Cedar Grove GA at Miami Central TC Williams VA at Spruce Creek
  8. South Florida Dark horses for 2019???

    The only dark horse from South Florida would be the one who loaded up big time with transfers. If not then it’s the same teams. Sorry Dillard Fan. If Dillard can’t get some studs to come then 2nd round exits are the best case scenario
  9. 2019 KOC Games

    It’s insane. This is total incompetence from the FHSAA. Look at this link. This is how you govern. https://www.ghsa.net/2019-2020-ghsa-football-schedule
  10. 2019 KOC Games

    Man this is Florida!!!! the rest of the country’s schedules are out, in Florida you’ll have to show up to the stadium on Friday and hope your team has a home game. You won’t find out who anyone is playing unless you show up in mid August to find out
  11. Hillsborough County Trivia Part 2!

    Hillsborough is the 2nd oldest team in the entire state still playing football. Pensacola first played in 1905. That’s the first high school football ever to be played by a Florida team
  12. Hillsborough County Trivia Part 2!

    Yes to all 3
  13. Hillsborough County Trivia Part 2!

    Brandon didn’t start until the 40’s In order it goes Hillsborough Plant City Jesuit Plant Jefferson Brandon
  14. Hillsborough County Trivia Part 2!

    Wimauma yes. Think further back for Tech
  15. Hillsborough County Trivia Part 2!

    Ok. More trivia. 1. Hillsborough is the oldest team in the county and started playing football in 1907. What County team is the second oldest? Bonus: what year did they start? 2. A small private school in Tampa fielded a team only from 1945-1953. They played local JV teams, as well as small privates from the area. What is the name of the team? 3. Another school that is now defunct played from the 60's-2000's. Who are they? 4. Tampa Bay Tech and East Bay were called had different names a while ago. What were their former names? 5. Billy Turner and Earl Garcia are number 1 and 2 in all time wins in the county. Who is number 3?