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  1. @DILLARD_HIGH_PANTHERS tell your boys to put their big boy pants on, it’s time!!! Dillard is 0-2 all time in OOS. They got sent to slaughter by Isaac Bruce when he brought them up to IL to play East St Louis. Lost 51-7. Then they went to Texas and played Stephenville. They were up big then the Texas heat and coaching became too much. Lost 43-32. Let’s see if Dillard can represent nationally in this showcase game
  2. Who are the new teams coming out this year? I know about Destin Charter. Anyone else?
  3. @Proseteye the FHSAA is incompetent so look for the majority of the schedules to be released individually in the summer. The GHSA asks for all schedules by March 1st and then releases them on their site a few weeks later. You know, competence. Don’t hold you breath here in FL.
  4. I’m not trying to bash MI. The point I was trying to make was teams like MI could not make a finals in a playoff bracket that was consolidated and competitive. When you play Satellite and Sebring to make the finals, that’s proof the classes are way too watered down. These all might be good teams for their little area, but on a state scale they are not. Regardless of the makeup.
  5. The FHSAA scrubbed the playoff and finals information from their site?
  6. You are thinking tragedy. Travesty means a distorted representative of something. That’s what MI being in a finals was. It was embarrassing. You had to put a disclaimer up and say “hey sorry but our classes are grossly watered down, so you can get mediocre teams like this in a finals.”
  7. They played a horrible schedule. Rockledge is overrated. Ducked Cocoa. I don’t think they beat a team ranked in the top 500 nationally. They got dusted by a bad Cairo team. 3 touchdowns. The game was a laugher from start to finish. Made it look like Florida teams don’t know what the hell they’re doing. I don’t care how MI is built. And I highly doubt they are 3rd in appearances. Can you post the link
  8. The fact that Merritt Island can make a final is a travesty. it’s a black eye and stain on the FHSAA. Teams like this should be getting booted out in the 1st and 2nd round of a real playoff. Not playing freaking Sebring for the right to make state. The classes are WAAAAAAYYYYY too watered down. We need to consolidate and do it now!!!
  9. Congrats on 4A Madison County winning the 1A title. Cocoa or Cardinal Gibbons? No thanks. Open that charter back up so we can play Chiefland and Wewahitchka!!!
  10. There has to be a cutoff point somewhere. Lol
  11. Who thought that was a good idea at Coral Glades? Let’s go lose by 50 for a documentary. Lol
  12. North Florida - 4 Central Florida - 6 South Florida - 6
  13. Hillsborough - 3 Broward - 3 Dade - 2 Brevard - 2 Madison - 1 Alachua - 1 Sarasota - 1 Escambia - 1 Duval - 1 Orange - 1
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