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  1. The IMG dude is not from Florida. He literally spent 6 months of his entire life in Florida. That’s 1/40th of his entire life. He is from Chicago and prepped 3 years in Illinois then went back home to college before being drafted. If guys like him could make the list the list is made of toilet papers. Lol. It doesn’t have any merit. Not saying you made that standard, but it doesn’t make sense to include obvious out of state players in a “Florida native” list. congrats on the 4 Florida natives who got drafted in the 1st round!
  2. Add Gregory Rousseau to the list and that makes 4 in the first round
  3. Thanks. They go 7-3 at best. 6-4 at worst
  4. They need all the help they can get. They are heading to Atlanta to tangle with the top ranked 4A team this year
  5. The link doesn’t work
  6. Florida is always last at putting out the schedules. And the FHSAA is always incompetent in making it easy to access. Look at Georgia’s. This is how you put out schedules https://www.ghsa.net/2021-2022-ghsa-football-schedule
  7. How is Raines looking? Did they gain or lose any transfers this offseason?
  8. Bishop Moore needs week 2 as well. Raines too
  9. Valdosta just lost their coach, star QB and stud WR. And that’s minimum. It could be a mass exodus soon. Hope Mad Co has an airtight contract or Dosta might try and drop them for Hamilton County. Lol
  10. I seen Lee when they came down and played Plant in the state semis. Lee looked good athletically but were very raw. They we’re very undisciplined. The QB was held to under 100 yards passing or something crazy like that. They dropped like 60 points the game before. Plant matched up and could punch back. Had the QB running for his life. They went back to the 904 with that L, and more knowledge on how to play them some football!!!!
  11. Are the 3 transfers any good? Are they studs or are they just random obscure players who are moving into the Lee zone? Kids move all the time. You just don’t hear about the tuba player or debate club wiz transferring schools. If they ain’t stud football players then it’s all a waste of typing.
  12. The fact that one of those teams is guaranteed to make the playoffs is tangible evidence that there are way too many classifications in football. it is a combination of greed from the FHSAA, and weakness from certain coaches and athletic directors that refuse to cut classes. Florida should not have 8. Really it should be 5 but I could live with 6.
  13. Lake Buena Vista has released their schedule and it’s good for them. All these teams are not very good. It will be a smooth transition. 2021 LBV FOOTBALL SCHEDULE W Date Day Opponent(s) Site Times(s) Special Event C August 20, 2021 Friday Gateway Away 7pm 1 August 27, 2021 Friday Windermere Home 7pm Home Opener 2 Sept
  14. Where’s their schedule? Can you post a link?
  15. Put it in a trust. Trust me, I always tell the truth even when I lie!!!
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