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  1. I do research history for HSFB in the state and found that only a handful of teams played football in 1918. It was less than 10 teams and they only played a couple games at most. I’ll try and find the results from 1918 when I get home
  2. It’s gotta be the 1965 Bonifay Blue Devils of Holmes County!!!! They went 12-0 and won the state title. Out of the 12 games, they pitched TEN shutouts and the other 2 games the opponents only scored 6 points each. So the defense gave up 12 points in 12 games.
  3. Since 2006, it was one of the 3-4 worse teams for Plant. They were dominating up to that point. Dominating dynasty style. Getting blown to pieces by much better teams showed they slid back significantly by their own standards. That’s all.
  4. They lost by 3 scores in the 2nd round of the playoffs to a team who didn’t even make state. Plant got blown out by the 2 best teams on their schedule. They beat Armwood by one point. That was the worse Armwood team since 2001. Between 2002-2019 the 2012 Armwood team was the worst. Armwood that year lost 42-10 in the playoffs. So Plant had no good wins, and 2 blowout losses. Like I said. Not a good PLANT team
  5. Heard about it too. August 21. The Rockets better be loaded!!!
  6. Viera also plays Westlake GA who is loading up. They are gonna get the doors blown off by a lot of teams. 5-5 might not make the playoffs
  7. Viera is done. May is gone. Vero should beat them by 4 plus touchdowns
  8. https://247sports.com/high-school/georgia/board/103920/Contents/benedictine-2020-football-schedule-144751893/
  9. Vs Plant? in John Curtis defense that wasn’t a good Plant team playing against Curtis who won some National Title polls. That game could have been played at Plant, with Curtis coming straight from the airport with no sleep and Curtis would have destroyed them.
  10. Can Marion County just go back to pre-1970 days when it was just the Ocala High Wildcats? Dunnellon, Lake Weir and Reddick High didnt really offer competition in those days. Fun fact. The towns of Anthony, Fort McCoy and Summerfield in Marion County all had separate high schools and played Six-Man football in the Little Ten Conference with teams from Waldo, White Springs, Melrose and Cedar Key. Current 11 man teams that played 6 man in that conference are Bell, Bronson, Dunnellon, and Hawthorne
  11. Menendez up near Jax posted a while ago they needed a home week 3. I just emailed him to find out if it’s still open.
  12. Ribault is playing Camden County GA. Oakleaf is playing Camden County too, and also Lowndes
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