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  1. Was the 3 star a transfer? Or was that the 4 star? I can’t keep up with the recruited up North Florida all star team from Lake City!
  2. Imagine if Columbo won the title. And they lost to a 1A Rural. Kind of blows up the myth that 1A rural teams are so bad they need their own special little classification
  3. The fact that 24 counties are still alive is actually a negative, not a positive. It goes back to the participation trophy mindset. Half these teams would have been long gone in a real bracket
  4. Cocoa is just showing the FHSAA what a stupid decision they made. This watered down junk is an embarrassment
  5. Counties with TWO - Alachua, Duval, Pinellas, Lee, Polk Counties with THREE - Orange, Broward Counties with FOUR - Dade
  6. Heading into the state semi finals there are 36 teams left competing for a title. These are the counties representing still. Counties with ONE team left - Escambia, Calhoun, Union, Gadsden, Collier, St Lucie, Marion, Brevard, Bradford, Leon, Volusia, Columbia, Hillsborough, Palm Beach, Osceola, Sarasota
  7. No. I think when classifications were released the Cocoa staff jumped up and down for the free title they were given.
  8. Pennsylvania has more teams than Florida and only has 6 classifications. They have power privates from big cities too who get transfers. But they make shit happen. There is no justification to have more than 6 classes. Other than the FHSAA making playoff gate money.
  9. The issue is, and always will be the amount of classes you have. I don’t have a problem with metro and suburban as long as it’s not water down. But it is. Realistically there should only be five classes in the state. There is only about 500 teams playing varsity football not including any independent or SSAC teams. 100 teams per class can go back to 16 districts per class with an average of 6 to 8 teams per district. What’s wrong with that?
  10. Suburban Venice destroyed 3 straight Metro teams last year to win the title. Can someone tell me how that happened with the metro teams being in a huge populated areas able to stockpile talent. How did it happen?
  11. So you are admitting it. The state just watered down the playoff brackets even more than it already has been because some teams in metropolitan areas have had too much success so they have to keep making participation trophies for others that haven’t earned it to feel better
  12. Varela High has 3,200 kids Ferguson has 4300 kids Coral Park has 2300 kids Reagan High has 2000 kids These are some of the worst teams in the country. There are Deaf and Blind schools ranked higher than them. These schools are in the most fertile recruiting spot in America. Explain to me how they have a built-in advantage over Lakeland, Venice, Vero Beach, Osceola etc etc?
  13. 2500 is no different than 4000 some of the worst teams in the state have 2500-4000 in enrollment. There are teams with 400 that would put a running clock on teams with 4000. Some not all
  14. Cording to maxpreps he is tied with a guy from Wharton FL with 30 and behind the nations leader from Ft Lauderdale High who has 32.5 this year
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