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  1. http://calpreps.com/cgi-bin/2020/head-to-head_data.pl?states=FL&year=2020
  2. There’s a site for that. We stunk it up this year again too. Too many teams sign up for butt drillings. No one likes to play even Comp. always mismatch games
  3. That’s why I’m trying to see if Laz updated his info. This is 2021 for Christ’s sake. There has got to be a site that has all the results for the football games
  4. I’m trying to get an accurate count for each team for 2020. It’s been tough because of all the changes and cancellations. I want to update my research history. It seems like every site has something different. Max, Laz, Scorestream. All different info
  5. @LAZL @LAZ Is the LazIndex website updated? I see some discrepancies from Maxpreps. For example is says Surge Academy is 0-3 on Laz, but 0-4 on Maxpreps. The extra game on max has Surge playing Goleman in December. So I check Goleman on laz and it says they are 6-0 but max has them 8-0. also I noticed games against JV opponents aren’t factored in like for Sumner High. any info would be appreciated
  6. Yes it is. The 2 guys in the picture you posted founded it
  7. Trick question. That was 4A vs 8A. You might want to update your results
  8. Hey I just seen this. Merry Christmas!!! @VeniceIndiansFootball
  9. Man it really hits people differently. My grandmother is 85 and has COVID after she got it in a rehab facility after having major shoulder surgery. She is now in a hospital COVID ward. I talk to her everyday and she is laughing and joking but annoyed she even has to be there. Tough woman who just wants to go home. 2 more days. hope your wife’s brother gets better.
  10. @badbird why don’t you meet Jesse here and say it to his face? https://www.niche.com/k12/james-madison-preparatory-charter-high-school-madison-fl/
  11. Hey you guys shouldn’t be so down on Jesse. The Cowboys had a good year. Madison county was the first 4A team since Madison county to qualify for the 1A playoffs. That’s pretty cool. You don’t need a Charter school down the road education to realize that.
  12. Was the 1A vs 8A Madison County Flagler palm coast game?
  13. from 1963-2020 there was a total of 326 title given out and thats counting the two tie games. So even if only one team won on those occasions, the total would be 324. Im counting 320 from the top list posted by LAZ. Am i missing something? Can you post the counties in order by total wins if possible? Im trying to get the number correct. I counted twice on the FHSAA site from 1963 and it has 326 total champs
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