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  1. Jax TC AHP B Trail Cocoa STA Central Lakeland Jones Vanguard P Vedra
  2. Why is Trinity Christian 14 spots lower than the team they just beat? Have these rankings been updated?
  3. Overall standings @fishspinners 56-14 @SubZero 55-15 @Joshua Wilson 53-17 @muckboy561 50-20 @nolebull813 49-21 @VeniceIndiansFootball 47-23 @EagleEye 46-14 @ColumbiaHighFan2017class 46-24 @KeemD321 43-27 @HornetFan 42-18 @Hwy17 39-31
  4. @KeemD321, @EagleEye, @VeniceIndiansFootball, @SubZero 8-2 @HornetFan, @Hwy17, @Joshua Wilson 7-3 @nolebull813, @fishspinners, @muckboy561 6-4 @ColumbiaHighFan2017class 5-5
  5. Do you guys keep shipping non football players to that charter school to keep MadCos “enrollment” under 600?
  6. AHP lost their starting QB for the year a few weeks ago against Clearwater. Not the same team but they lined up and got the job done. That’s all you can ask for.
  7. STA Bolles Dunbar AHP Osceola Niceville Deland Newberry Buchholz Champagnat
  8. These are not recommendations! These are just good games in my opinion. I like to look at the next week. Feel free to add top games Wekiva vs Jones Colombo vs Lee Niceville vs Navarre Tech vs Armwood Mandarin vs Choke-Leaf Seminole vs Flagler Palm Coast West Orange vs Apopka AHP vs Jax TC STA vs TRU Prep Baker County vs Bolles Chaminade vs Clearwater Academy Osceola vs Edgewater OTC vs Sandalwood
  9. Overall standings Fish Bowl aka @fishspinners 50-10 @SubZero 47-13 @Joshua Wilson 46-14 @muckboy561 44-16 @nolebull813 43-17 @ColumbiaHighFan2017class 41-19 @VeniceIndiansFootball 39-21 @EagleEye 38-12 @HornetFan 35-15 @KeemD321 35-25 @Hwy17 32-28 @Mr. 727 13-7
  10. @VeniceIndiansFootball 8-2 @HornetFan 7-3 @EagleEye 7-3 @Joshua Wilson 7-3 @KeemD321 6-4 @nolebull813 6-4 Fish Sticks 6-4 @muckboy561 6-4 @SubZero 6-4 @ColumbiaHighFan2017class 5-5 @Mr. 727 4-6 @Hwy17 4-6
  11. Does Osceola have that stud QB that went to IMG? I believe he is from GA and has family in Central Florida?
  12. @HornetFan this is for you! By far the majority of the top games this coming week or in the Orlando area. I got this off of a list assuming that these games haven’t been changed around or canceled. Wekiva vs Jones Osceola vs Edgewater West Orange vs Apopka Seminole vs Flagler Palm Coast
  13. Calm down fishdicks you could have created a thread or private messaged me. I am a man of my word so if you have a PayPal account I will transfer you 17 bucks
  14. $17 is the bet. Lol. Do you have paypal? How would we pay each other?
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