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  1. There should be a 7 game Dade vs Broward showcase every year. Last year I would of set these matchups Miami Central vs Chaminade Norland vs STA Columbus vs AHP Homestead vs Coconut Creek Booker T vs Western Palmetto vs Monarch Cardinal Gibbons vs South Dade
  2. Updated about 16 more games just now
  3. Naples First Baptist is playing Ensworth TN 5 FL vs TN games this year and all 5 heavily favor the TN team
  4. Looks like he bounced around. 8th grade at Evangelical Christian. 9th-11th he was with IMG Academy then transferring halfway through the season to Naples First Baptist. I don’t think guys that bounce around this much ever pan out. I would be hesitant if I was a top 25 college team recruiting him
  5. He was USF’s first All-American I believe. I got a picture with him. It was in 2007 after the West Virginia game when we all rushed the field. That year started out magical. We best ranked Auburn at Auburn, so then we became ranked I believe 18th, and had #5 West Virginia at home when they had the lethal offense led by Pat White, Steve Slaton, and freshman Noel Devine. Selvie was a consensus All American that year too. As a Sophomore!! Maybe I’ll hit up a Sumner game and ask if we can recreate the same photo from 17 years ago
  6. Armwood vs Plant was THE game in Hillsborough County for 15 years. A natural born rivalry based simply on success. Nothing more.
  7. I think the QB might be from Tarpon and I’m only basing that on the fact he has a Greek last name. Lol
  8. I hope as many teams secede from the FHSAA as possible. This open division makes one division great and 7 divisions sorry as hell. Basically you are taking away every elite team from the other divisions. What’s sad is a lot of coaches support any move that makes it easier to win a title. Regardless the of how watered down and pathetic the product is.
  9. Central, Norland and Venice.
  10. 4 guaranteed wins (Carol City, Jackson, Key West St Brendan) 4 toss ups (Creek, Venice, Columbus, BTW) 2 underdogs (Central and Norland) I can see 7-3 heading into the playoffs
  11. It’s not hating. He’s giving his critical response. Most coaches are critical. It’s coach speak. Plus he has 10 years invested so of course watching it be run to the ground by admin could be tough to watch. Probably is. Dang shame. Stop hating on him.
  12. I assume this is in jest, but I would be curious to hear feedback from all the kids who transferred and if they felt like it was a good move for them in hindsight, or do they regret it. If the consensus is it was the right move, then who can gripe about that especially if they have no skin in the game?
  13. some Suncoast area scores Mitchell 59, Hudson 0 Gulf 35, Land O Lakes 14 Nature Coast 22, Tavares 21 East Lake 14, River Ridge 0 (3 quarters varsity). (14-14 final)
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