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  1. Madison County 10 Seminole 9 Cocoa 8 TBT 7 Rockledge 6 Rickards 5 Venice 4 Pahokee 3 Osceola 2 Dillard 1 Dunnellon
  2. Dillard is still running off the bulletin board material I gave them. I’m proud of what they become. I think they beat STA!!!!
  3. Garbage. It’s not Western’s responsibility to hold the score down. That’s the job of Taravella’s defense. You shouldn’t be playing football if you can’t handle the job.
  4. If you lose 91-0 maybe football isn’t for you. No one should try and make excuses. Taravella doesn’t need to playing 11 man varsity football if they are that horrendous at it. That’s the problem. They let anyone play. Teams losing by 50-90 points have no business fielding a team.
  5. Can you believe Derrick Henry was 100th all time in rushing in NFL history coming into this season, and currently is sitting at 77th? 1,000 more yards and he will be in the 50’s. All since 2016.
  6. There was mention of a few other teams in the offseason but they have not played any 11 man games as of now. BOLCA Prep (Daytona Beach) East Atlantic Christian (6man football) MIami GDS Christian
  7. Here is the results so far for teams fielding an 11 man varsity team for the first time. Hollis Christian (Jacksonville) 2-2 wins over Rocky Bayou and Young Kids in Motion Davenport 2-4 wins over Parrish and Poinciana Palm Beach Christian Prep 2-4 wins over Titusville and Cocoa Beach Miami International Academy 1-2 win over Ambassadors Christian Toccoi Creek 1-4 win over Providence School Horizon 0-6 Lake Buena Vista 0-6 Ambassadors Christian (Winter Haven) 0-7
  8. Robert E Lee has the most epic collapse of the 2021 season. Jesus. Cost me 10 points. They deserve to be called Riverside
  9. Chaminade 10 Rockledge 9 Lake Wales 8 STA 7 Jax TC 6 CCC 5 C Newman 4 Treasure Coast 3 B Trail 2 Wakulla 1
  10. in 1968 Vero Beach went 10-1 and won a bowl game after missing the playoffs. They went 9-1 and missed the playoffs. now teams get in at 1-9. Twilight zone type s*it anyways they had 8 shutouts out of the 11 games played. Pretty impressive
  11. Hey @ColumbiaHighFan2017class I need your help. Land O Lakes is 5-0 and independent. They need an opponent for a post season exhibition game. Could you reach out to your coach and see if they want to come down and play in a bowl game?
  12. Robert E Lee (Riverside) 10 Treasure Coast 9 Walton 8 Niceville 7 Plant 6 Dwyer 5 Park Vista 4 Bolles 3 Apopka 2 SFM 1 Dr Krop
  13. So far this is what I found. in 1961 Florida High went 10-0 and had 9 straight shutouts. They won 28-12 in the last game vs PSJ. So 9 straight has got to be up there. And in 1965, Holmes County won the state title, went 12-0 with 10 shutouts. They gave up 6 points twice so that’s 12 points given up in 12 games!! Those would be the 2 shutout records so far
  14. I think there are some teams in the 50’s or 60’s that have had a lot of shutouts I believe Florida High one year had 9 shutouts and gave up 6 points in one game
  15. @LAZ @Joshua Wilson In 2020 Maxpreps has Northside beating Southwest Florida Christian 56-7, but Scorestream doesn’t even have a score listed for it. Do you know if the game was played?
  16. Thanks for that. I think Auburndale has been playing football since 1924
  17. @LAZ hey I’m trying to update my results for 2020 and I see a difference between Maxpreps and Scorestream for a game. Maxpreps has Northeast 35, St Petersburg High 0 Scorestream has St Pete High 42, Northeast 7 i don’t know who to believe. Do you have that result by any chance in your archives?
  18. Do you have game result history for any of those teams?
  19. Mosley 10 Lake Minneola 9 Sarasota Riverview 8 Bolles 7 Armwood 6 Berkeley 5 Miami Central 4 Killian 3 AHP 2 Sanford 1 Northeast
  20. This sucks ass. I rely on these damn sites to be accurate when I’m doing the history for each team. I didn’t know any other way to get scores other than Maxpreps and Scorestream and both seem to be incompetent.
  21. You are trash. He is more famous before turning 17 than you will ever be before you die. You probably don’t even have a Wikipedia page. You are nothing. Madison County banned you from their High school games. You are really a Hamilton County fan trying to piggy back.
  22. Derrick Henry played against terrible comp his whole high school career. Maybe a handful of decent teams but that was it. He proved himself after high school to validate his dominance. Wonder if this Baker kid has any offers. side note. This is the worst Mad Co team in a generation and Jesse is the reason
  23. Damn. I’m hella wrong. But mine sounded better. Lol
  24. Probably 08. Osceola limped to a 6-5 record while Carson went 10-3 and almost won the LA City title!!!
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