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  1. I think it’s Carl Madison at Tate and Pine Forest
  2. That is not my department so I wouldn’t know. I’ll transfer you over to athletics
  3. It is that Deion sanders that does this. A few years ago they played FAMU high for Christ sake. The worst part about it was he got it on national TV, and he specifically turned down playing Godby or Florida high. Godby was coached by a former Seminoles player that he was friends with so it would have been perfect. And Florida high had Willie Taggart junior as the QB when Taggart was the Seminoles Coach Those two teams would have been light years better then FAMU But Deion chose to embarrass that JV team on national TV so he could feel better about himself
  4. Rumors that have not been official STA vs Duncanville Bishop Verot and Western High might be attending the Atlanta Freedom Bowl.
  5. What I have heard so far. Spruce Creek vs Acalanes,CA Winter Park vs Delaware Valley,PA Jensen Beach vs Dakota Ridge,CO Cooper City vs Greeley West,CO East Ridge vs Smokey Hill,CO Everglades vs Mountain Vista,CO Eagles View vs St Edwards Catholic,IL Faith Christian vs Danbury,TX Gadsden County vs Trinity Christian,TX Dunbar vs Trinity Christian,TX Columbia vs Valdosta,GA Viera vs Westlake,GA Wakulla vs Thomas County Central,GA Godby vs Thomas County Central,GA Godby vs Thomasville,GA Godby vs Coffee,GA Pensacola Lighthouse Christian vs Mobile Christian,AL Clearwater Academy vs USA Academy,AL
  6. Not a good time for Viera to lose players. They are going to play Atlanta Westlake in the Cam Newton Classic and Westlake has been getting transfers and returns 16 starters
  7. Whoa how do you leave an elite academic institution like Jesuit for a garbage ghetto school like Gaither? Talk about having your priorities out of whack. my kid goes to Gaither and it sucks. Our old address is zoned for it so we let him go. We are pulling him out at the end of the year. He only goes because it’s close to my job and my little ones school. Not worth it
  8. He coached Taylor County right?
  9. other occurrences in the same time frame 2009 Lakeland vs DLS,CA 2011 Armwood vs Bishop Gorman,NV 2011 STA vs Prattville,AL 2013 Booker T vs Norcross,GA 2013 Booker T vs Bishop Gorman,NV 2014 Jax TC vs Eastside Catholic,WA 2014 Booker T vs Bingham,UT 2016 Pahokee vs Wayne Hills,NJ
  10. 2007 Naples beat Connecticut Champ Greenwich 2011 STA beat California Champ DLS 2011 University beat South Carolina Champ Goose Creek 2013 STA beat Louisiana Champ John Curtis 2014 Columbus beat Kentucky Champ Highlands 2014 Miami Central beat Alabama Champ Hoover 2014 Miami Central beat Washington Champ Bothell 2015 Niceville beat Mississippi Champ Bassfield 2016 STA beat Utah Champ Bingham 2017 Miami Central beat Nevada Champ Bishop Gorman 2018 AHP beat New Jersey Champ SJR 2018 Lincoln beat Georgia Champ Bainbridge 2019 Clearwater Academy beat Tennessee Champ McCallie 2019 STA beat Hawaii champ St Louis
  11. St Louis will be without their best player. Top player in all of Hawaii. Notre Dame commit LB Jordan Bothelo
  12. St Louis last played a game November 29th. pro would be the team will be the most healthy it’s been all year. con would be they could be out of football shape, and timing and chemistry could be off.
  13. Their slogan can be “If you’re not elite, then you’re hot garbage!!!!!!”
  14. You guys are fucking liars. I didn’t call Miami Central garbage. Hell I didn’t even call Edgewater garbage. I said MNW looked like a JV team which they did. Every team who loses by 30 looks bad. There is no such thing as a good looking 30 point loss. So who are all these teams I called garbage? List them. Please
  15. You are a liar too. What good teams did I call garbage? Bishop Moore? Good?? No they are garbage. Lol. Sorry. They aren’t good. They got rolled buy 40 to a 6 loss team. Sorry. Not every team can be “good” or “great”. Not everything has to be a rave. There is gonna be elite teams, great, good, average and garbage. It’s just the way it is.
  16. You guys are too sensitive. Darter is a liar through and through. I posted the post on the national board where I gave Edgewater props for the way they competed with STA. I said it was more impressive than beating Armwood. I gave them props. Darter is just a liar. He posted this silly thread over there too. I screen shot the post I made minutes after the game giving Edgewater props. When I said fools gold now it was just to dig at Darter. But Edgewater is a pretty good team. Not elite and not average. Not sure what more you want me to say
  17. Jones didn’t want the Lowndes tape!!!!! Lmao!!!
  18. Please. I’ll leave the board for good and never return if at least Hornet Fan and Darter Blue say convincingly that I called it. I called Edgewater getting donkey punched by Marietta after struggling to Bishop Moore who is hot garbage. Please now is your chance. Put your pride to the side. Make it sound convincing. Lmao!!!
  19. All lies. I don’t know how you all look yourself in the mirror every morning. You whack jobs don’t live in Candyland. Not everything is sugar coated. I don’t give a crap that you clowns got your panties in a twist. Edgewater was fools gold! I just want props for saying after the struggle against garbage trash Bishop Moore that they were gonna get rolled by Marietta. That’s all I want. Can I get my props? Please. I don’t care what anyone in this thread says except giving me the satisfaction that I said Edgewater would get killed by Marietta for struggling with horrible Bishop Less!!!!
  20. Nagging everybody about what? I mentioned it once and didn’t get an answer. After that I only brought it up in response to other non sense responses. I told you I already knew the answer. I was just curious to hear another take on it. Its ok little buddy. Not a big deal.
  21. More lies. I take as much as I dish out. I do not possess female tendencies so I don’t get upset when people trash talk. I could care less if a person I never met in random Georgia says that Florida sucks and Georgia is better. I knew why northwestern got destroyed. I was just curious to hear the excuses from someone closer to the team.
  22. Wharton and Steinbrenner Stink for 2 reason. They are not located in areas that have high concentrated talent. And they don’t openly recruit and transfer every year. The question isn’t if MNW looked like a JV team. The question is why: but I know. Without lying. Lowndes had the better coaching, discipline, execution, blocking, tackling, strength, size and the fundamentals. The speed was a wash. That all adds up to a blowout.
  23. my bad. I’ll lie and say MNW looked like a powerhouse against Lowndes. They gave up 50 with Lowndes taking knees because they ate too much peach and pecan ice cream up in Jawja. that’s the problem with state boards. Blind homers where everything is looked at through rose colored glasses. like it is illegal for a team to look like crap. Be honest for once. People lie when they are afraid. Lying is a weak and frail trait. Untuck and be a man. MNW looked like a homecoming opponent vs Lowndes. To suggest otherwise is the attempt at deception.
  24. Jones just needs to watch the film of the Lowndes game where they looked like a JV homecoming opponent. just do what you see on the film. Lol
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