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  1. I’m eager to see how Randazzo does in their second year. Excited to see the fake scores some deranged person who created the profile inputs this year. Hopefully some overtime thrillers and down to the wire classics!!
  2. Makes sense since Cooper City was supposed to play a Colorado team at Disney this year as well. Winter Park should handle them pretty comfortably
  3. Thanks, son. always appreciate the shoutout
  4. The Hallandale helmet in the photo was the giveaway. Lol
  5. I think they are charters. Seemed like some fly by night, but the one in Pembroke has been playing football since 08
  6. assuming football exists this fall, what are all the teams fielding a varsity team for the first time? Or starting football back up after a hiatus. So far True North was mentioned and Parrish Community will be playing varsity. The only other team i seen with a schedule formed was Somerset Academy South Homestead. Any else? Side note, Somerset Academy Homestead will be the 5th team in South Florida with the Somerset Academy name. There is also........ Somerset Academy (Pembroke) Somerset Academy Silver Palms (Miami) Somerset Academy Key (Deerfield Beach) Somerset Academy Canyons (Boynton Beach)
  7. Spruce should roll by 21 plus. East Ridge is not very good and the distance in talent between the two is far. I would say Spruce picks 42-14 as the score
  8. Stanahan too. I think they had 70 wins or close to it in the 80’s. I don’t feel like going back. Lol
  9. I have the complete history for every Broward County team except Broward Christian, Ft Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and South Broward. and Pompano closed after the 1984 season only to reopen in 1999. I have most of the history for the above teams and the 80’s didn’t look good for any. none of these teams had 74 wins like BA. Boyd Anderson. Final answer. Lol
  10. Yeah the folks at the Disney event said the 4 games I listed at the top were the only ones happening at the time she responded. Then @badbird said the Spruce Creek game is off. So now it’s 3 at most. They might just shut it all down in the end.
  11. Who is True North? Listed in the independent section
  12. Polamalu was born in Cali but moved to Oregon when he was 8. Played youth football, middle and high school in Oregon. What is the standard for a state to claim a person?
  13. Fred Taylor only had 379 less rushing yards all time then hall of famer Thurman Thomas. On 343 LESS carries.
  14. Fred Taylor has to make it too. Top 20 all-time in rushing yards. Ahead of hall of famers John Riggins and OJ Simpson. And he had a much better yards per carry average than both of them. Much better. In fact only three players that are in the top 20 in rushing yards all time have a better ypc than Taylor. (Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, and Adrian Peterson)
  15. Frank Gore is number three all time in rushing yards. Gotta be a lock
  16. Edge is top 15 all time in yards and top 20 in touchdowns. Talk to me.
  17. Frank Gore and Edgerrin James might make it down the road
  18. Damn. That was the one of the 4 games that the Florida team actually had a shot at winning.
  19. When did that happen? Did the Cali team cancel?
  20. Disney was supposed to have like 15 games but due to Covid 19, only 4 teams are coming to Central Fla. These games aren’t relevant nationally, but interesting nonetheless. Spruce Creek vs Acalanes,CA Lake Placid vs Marple Newtown,PA Lemon Bay vs Cedar Grove,NJ Jensen Beach vs Dakota Ridge,CO
  21. Jaime Dukes Evans High Florida State undrafted
  22. Too bad FAU doesn’t host. That’s the only place that makes real sense. Big enough to hold the biggest possible crowd, but small enough to not make it look pathetic when 1-2K show up South Florida should always host. They put the most teams in state every year. FAU would get good publicity for all the studs playing too. It would let a lot of kids come to their stadium for an unofficial visit.
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