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  1. 2019 Bowl Games

    Just wanted to post this so when I update my list I have it in one spot. These were the 4 bowl games that I know of this year. Heroes Bowl - Satellite 28 Discovery 20 GMAC Bowl - Dr Krop 24, Goldman 20 First Federal Bowl - Presbyterian Christian,MS 32, Holmes County 14 Bowl (Name?) Tohopekaliga 49, East Ridge 28
  2. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    Miramar didn’t beat anyone good. They got blown out by the quality teams. They weren’t good this year.
  3. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    I don’t know man. Squeaked by awful Miramar. 3-7 Miramar was a TD away from beating Dillard. Barely beat Stranahan 26-13. MNW just beat them yesterday 63-0. miracle win against Columbus, the best team on the schedule. 1 point win against Columbus raised some brows. 4 loss Columbus who got dump trucked by two 4A teams by a combined 69-11 And the rest of Dillard’s schedule is atrocious. In reality you have no idea If they are good or not
  4. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    I want to see Dillard vs Miami Central!! Then you will truly see if Dillard is really good, or if they artificially elevated due to an easy schedule.
  5. 2019 Bowl Games

    John Carroll, Norland and Lake Brantley were looking but didn’t make it happen. The FHSAA should allow teams up to 2 weeks to make something happen. Not 3 days
  6. 2019 Bowl Games

    Yeah the coach for Fivay said that his AD said Playoffs or bust! Lmao! Garbage ass Fivay gets 7 wins and the AD thinks they are some elite team who is too good for a bowl. I was most surprised of Dunedin. They are independent so they had no chance at a bowl from the beginning. They could have rewarded their team who has never seen success.
  7. Winners Bracket First Round Results

    Everyone picked MNW tomorrow so it has no effect on the standings either way. Here is the results for the 1st round 1st @Perspective 82-13 T2nd @badbird 80-15 T2nd @Cat_Scratch 80-15 T3rd @Joshua Wilson 79-16 T3rd @Jags904 79-16 4th @THIS_IS_DILLARD 78-17 T5th @nolebull813 76-19 T5th @ColumbiaHighFan2017class 76-19 6th @Zoe Boy 71-24 7th @muckboy561 70-25
  8. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    Correct. Wekiva and Winter Park are nothing teams. This year. Both aren’t very good.
  9. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    That’s the only way to truly know where they stand in the state. If they lose to Armwood or Lakeland then it confirms everything I been saying. They aren’t even close to elite in the state, and are fools gold. Beat one of them, and they can stake a claim as one of the best.
  10. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    Then add it to the list of 50 plus other blowouts in the playoffs so far. Lmao! If they blow them out it won’t show much because if they truly are who the posters here say they are then that would be expected. Lincoln can be blown out as easy as they can win big. They are Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde. You don’t know what to expect I want to see them against a real team. Like Marietta. The teams in their region are scrubs. Panhandle/Big Bend teams that should be “handled” Truth is you don’t know how good Edgewater is because they lost to the only good team on their schedule pretty convincingly. I want to see them against the Region 2 winner
  11. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    I don’t do the daisy chains. Lincoln isn’t fools gold because they aren’t portrayed as a top team like Edgewater. Edgewater got blown out by the only quality team on the schedule. I don’t count Jones because Jones had almost half their starters out. Edgewater is being put on a pedestal for doing nothing. They haven’t won anything, and have no equity built to give them the benefit of the doubt. I wouldn’t bet on Lincoln ever due to their inconsistent play, but if they beat Edgewater I wouldn’t bat an eye, and would never consider it remotely close to an upset
  12. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    I’m going with Lincoln. Edgewater has one good win against a depleted Jones team. They are fools gold. The kind of chain that leaves a green ring around your neck.
  13. Hillsborough County just destroyed Brevard County

    Cocoa had double digit transfers almost every year. And they still got smoked out of state annually, and sometimes to inferior teams. Brevard was a transfer factory with a few teams poaching all the talent in the county. That doesn’t show signs of strength, quality and depth. It shows the opposite. They can’t compete on a state level without stealing all their neighbors best players. I admitted Brevard had some good teams over the years. But that was because they were transfer county all star teams. You can’t prove otherwise
  14. Hillsborough County just destroyed Brevard County

    What I noticed from Brevard since Wilk got to Cocoa was one one other than Cocoa was remotely good. From 2008 or so. And they weren’t really that good nationally or at the top of the state. Just good for their area. They were playing in the bush league classes when they were winning state. Playing slappies. Then the flood gates opened and Brevard became the Wild West. With Mays at Viera, Cocoa and Stacy at Mel CC, they poached all the talent possible from Titusville, Melbourne, Astronaut, Holy Trinity etc etc. And they still couldn’t field elite teams at the state level. They routinely got clubbed by the better teams. Even with Brevard County all star teams they still couldn’t compete on a national level or at the top of the state. Brevard has some decent individual talent, but if everyone played in their zone you would have a lot of mediocrity all over, and no one even close to sniff a title. Brevard is just overrated and just because they have a lot of forum posters on message boards those won’t change one iota
  15. Hillsborough County just destroyed Brevard County

    Brevard isn’t good at football. They had to stack players all on one or two teams to compete and since the guys who did that (Wilk and Mays) are gone, now you see what they are really about. Brevard is overrated as hell and it showed
  16. Jones vs Bishop Moore

    Wow. Thought this was gonna be a blowout. Jones must not be taking them serious. This should be a running clock game

    I got all 6 posters picks written so far. Need @Joshua Wilson @Perspective @THIS_IS_DILLARD and @Jags904

    I’m writing everyone’s picks on paper so please let me know if you change an original pick. I got you ColumbiaFan for Baldwin instead of Episcopal

    CLASS 8A Region 1 No. 1 Seminole (Sanford) (9-0) No. 5 DeLand (7-2) APOPKA No. 2 Bartram Trail (10-0) Region 2 No. 1 Riverview (Sarasota) (8-2) No. 4 Steinbrenner (9-1) No. 3 Osceola (Kissimmee) (8-1) No. 2 Dr. Phillips (8-2) Region 3 No. 1 Vero Beach (9-0) No. 5 Treasure Coast (8-1) No. 3 Deerfield Beach (7-3) No. 7 Centennial (5-4) Region 4 No. 1 Miami Palmetto (9-1) at Tropical Park, 7 No. 4 Western (7-2 MIAMI HIGH No. 2 Columbus (6-4) at Tropical Park, Thursday, 7 CLASS 7A Region 1 No. 1 Edgewater (9-1) No. 5 Lincoln (7-3) WEKIVA No. 2 Niceville (10-0), 7 CT Region 2 No. 1 Armwood (9-1) No. 5 Bloomingdale (8-2) l No. 3 Viera (6-3) No. 2 Lakeland (10-0) Region 3 No. 1 Palm Beach Lakes (9-0) No. 5 Venice (5-4) No. 3 Manatee (6-4) MITCHELL Region 4 No. 1 St. Thomas Aquinas (9-0) No. 5 Plantation (8-1) No. 3 Atlantic (Delray) (6-3) No. 2 McArthur (7-2) CLASS 6A Region 1 No. 1 Escambia (10-0), 7:30 CT No. 4 Mainland (5-4) No. 6 Columbia (7-3) ST AUGUSTINE Region 2 No. 1 Gaither (9-1) No. 5 Clearwater (8-2) SPRINGSTEAD No. 2 Largo (7-3) Region 3 No. 1 Palmetto (9-1) HILLSBOROUGH No. 6 Charlotte (7-3) LAKE GIBSON Region 4 No. 1 Naples (9-0) No. 4 Miami Central (7-3) at Traz Powell No. 3 Fort Myers (8-2) No. 2 Dillard (10-0) CLASS 5A Region 1 No. 1 Wakulla (10-0) No. 4 Raines (5-4), 6:30 GODBY No. 2 Pine Forest (7-2) Region 2 No. 1 Jones (9-1) No. 4 Nature Coast (5-5) No. 6 Vanguard (7-2) DUNNELLON Region 3 No. 1 Rockledge (8-1) No. 4 Jesuit (8-2) No. 6 Atlantic (Port Orange) (7-3) No. 2 Lake Wales (10-0) Region 4 No. 1 American Heritage (Plantation) (8-1) No. 4 Cypress Lake (8-2) No. 6 Miami Killian (8-2) . No. 2 Miami Northwestern (8-2) at Traz Powell, Saturday, 7 CLASS 4A Region 1 Marianna (6-4) No. 6 Bradford (4-5) Region 2 No. 5 Astronaut (5-5) No. 3 The Villages (7-2), 7 Region 3 No. 5 Clewiston (5-5) No. 3 Tampa Catholic (5-5) Region 4 CAROL CITY No. 3 Cardinal Gibbons (8-2) CLASS 3A Region 1 No. 5 Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (5-5) No. 6 Baldwin (7-3) Region 2 No. 5 Melbourne Central Catholic (3-6) No. 3 The First Academy (Orlando) (4-5) Region 3 No. 5 Clearwater Central Catholic (7-3) No. 3 Cardinal Newman (7-2) Region 4 No. 5 Miami Edison (5-5) . No.3 Somerset Silver Palms (7-2) at Southridge Stadium, Thursday, 7 CLASS 2A Region 1 No. 4 North Florida Christian (3-5) No. 3 Aucilla Christian (9-0) Region 2 ORANGEWOOD CHRISTIAN No. 3 Oak Hall (7-3) Region 3 No. 4 Admiral Farragut (6-3) No. 3 Seffner Christian (7-3) Region 4 No. 5 Miami Christian (5-4) No. 3 First Baptist (Naples) (10-0) CLASS 1A Region 1 No. 5 Graceville (7-3) No. 3 Northview (7-2), 7 CT Region 2 No. 5 Port St. Joe (4-6) No. 3 Sneads (8-2), 7:30 CT Region 3 No. 4 Hilliard (6-4) No. 3 Dixie County (6-3) Region 4 CHIEFLAND No. 3 Hawthorne (7-3)
  20. Suggestion for fixing the system

    If there is 512 teams just classify them in 5 classes by enrollment. That’s 102 teams per class. You have 16 districts. 102/16 equals 6.4 meaning each district would have 6-7 teams per district. Champs and runner ups advance. Positives would be relief on scheduling and travel.
  21. Plant Panthers Miss Playoffs

    Plant didn’t make the playoffs because they lost to the teams with a pulse, and beat the 4 worst teams on their schedule. They didn’t deserve to get in. Don’t get me wrong. There is a lot of teams that don’t deserve it be in. Plant just so happens to be one of them
  22. Plant Panthers Miss Playoffs

    Maybe the coach knew before the season they had no shot and wanted to do one thing memorable by exchanging sight seeing for an ass stomping
  23. Plant Panthers Miss Playoffs

    Signing up for an automatic loss before the season started kept them out of the playoffs
  24. 6 Teams Who May Feel Like They Got Screwed

    Fivay said no. Lake Brantley said yes
  25. Plant Panthers Miss Playoffs

    Imagine if they didn’t play Gonzaga and take the guaranteed ass whooping that comes with it. And they played a more manageable team to finish 5-5. The point going forward should be not to take guaranteed ass stompings because they could keep you from the playoffs. The ass drilling’s however will let you know you have no shot at state anyways so it all doesn’t matter