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  1. I'm not familiar with Apopka's specific offense. I'm guessing they have traditionally run the wing-T but suddenly moved away from it this spring or something? Teams that suddenly change to a modern styled offense usually do so because they are getting hurt by negative recruiting of their kids to come and play for a more modern offense that will showcase their skills better or give them better coaching to reach the next level.
  2. So who did he call out? It has to be either Central or Northwestern?
  3. I suspect it's slow with this being the offseason and it will pickup as the fall practices start.
  4. I figured out how to sign up. Just bought the yearly subscription.
  5. Man I don't think I liked a single change and I am usually open minded about change. I don't understand the need for any of these changes and how are they possibly good for any public school? FL HS football has some rules I wished they would address and modernize like the excessively penal holding call that gets enforced from the spot of the foul in the backfield instead of from the LOS. I even talked to refs who all hate to give a 15-20 yard penalty for a 10 yard infraction. Anyway, this bill is typical politician shit where they solve non-problems and ignore the actual real problems. Edit: Well lo and behold, a quick google search shows they actually did finally fix this excessive penalty. Nice! https://www.nfhs.org/articles/changes-in-basic-spot-for-penalty-enforcement-headline-2023-high-school-football-rules-changes/ Edit 2: Since this was a national HS football rule change, does that mean FL will automatically accept it?
  6. I'm curious about Elijah Vansickle for Osceola? How is he as a football player? My poor son ran up against him in wrestling at regionals in the 220 lb weight class and got smoked. That's when I realized he must also be a heck of a football player too because he looks big and fast.
  7. Does Naples have their usual D1 prospect at RB? Seems like they have one every year.
  8. Man those poor kids practiced for an entire month only to get 1.5 quarters of a game in.
  9. You see this through the eyes of a yearly state contender. I have no idea if Venice gets transfers in but stronger classifications (i.e. fewer classifications) would not affect them each year and they would still be one of the strongest teams regardless of how few classifications where are. The only thing that would change is the road to the title would be harder as you already stated. However, there are only a few teams like this per classification. Maybe 10-20 per classification. The hundred+ other teams that make up the majority of each class would be severely affected, though. Their schedules are already hard enough and the idea of just making the playoffs is a once per decade accomplishment in the current structure. With fewer classes it would never happen. Also, these teams would get their brains bashed in twice as much or more as districts consolidate. HS ball has never been about championships and D1 prospects as this is a very small circle of teams. It has always been about much more than that and the memories and lessons learned I had from HS ball have lasted me a lifetime. No this is not about participation trophies and that is too easy of a talking point to dismiss what I'm saying. Just be a dad and watch your kid compete out there is enough. Stacking a team with D1 players just to win a championship is stupid because duh, of course you will win with better players. What's the point?
  10. So I love this site enough to help out and sign up for a yearly subscription. However, I have a couple problems. First, I can't seem to login to the home page floridahsfootball.com even though my account seems fine in the forums. Second, I have no idea how to upgrade my account to paid subscriber. Could use a little help here.
  11. Wow. They're on my son's team schedule (PHU) early next yea. Feel bad for those kids putting in the work this spring.
  12. I think I have a minority opinion here, but I actually like the watered down classifications. It reduces the chance of multiple high end teams put into the same district which is awful for normal teams that don't recruit transfers. Something really needs to be done about transfers BTW. I know a kid who transferred to a local football power for his senior year this year and then transferred back to the school he left after the season concluded. Total bullshit.
  13. I assume this means there a big gaps within the same class, suggesting four classes is too broad?
  14. Hey you even had Lakewood in your outlook lol ;-)
  15. Sunlake is a nice school in a newly developed and very nice area and has potential in the long run but man I had no idea how dysfunctional they are currently. Feel bad for any kids that had to see that.
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