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  1. PHU totally face planted Friday night vs Durant. Got down early and then tried to be something we are not, which is a passing team. A bunch of interceptions later and it was a 33-0 loss. I guess we weren't ready for the big stage. Oh well, over time we will look back and realize what a great season it was for us but now it feels like crap.
  2. Charlotte is the 7 seed and also a district winner so they were in regardless. Are you thinking of some other team in that region?
  3. Lakeland is coming out of this region without a doubt. They would be the favorites in any given year but the region is down this year so their path is pretty easy this year. However, they may find a couple teams put up a fight rather than lay down. Mitchell in their opener may hang around until the third quarter before ultimately losing by 14+.
  4. I agree with the thought that that it's an overreaction to fire the guy based upon what happened on the video. It didn't look like a strike intended to cause pain or domination but more of something done in the heat of battle to tell the kid he needs to pay attention to the snap count. However, Jesuit had a zero tolerance policy in place so zero tolerance means you get zero second chances. Coaches need to control their emotions better, bottom line.
  5. These two concepts aren't related. Just because you coach a physical game doesn't mean the coach has any right to get physical with their players.
  6. I probably agree that the video wasn't worthy of dismissal since it was more of a push than a hard strike. However, Jesuit has both liability and zero tolerance policy in place so I'm sure that had a lot to do with it. Nip it in the bud before you get a lawsuit on your hands.
  7. I have a minority perspective on this subject apparently since the majority of us seem to be in the "kids are too soft today" category. My thoughts are a coach should never have a reason to strike a player. Grabbing a facemask or jersey to get their attention is not striking but it's a grey area I can tolerate. Striking players though shows a coach is out of control. A coach should always have a level head as there are many times during a game your players will drive you crazy. The biggest problem with coaches striking players is it rarely stops there. A coach who's willing to strike a player is going to bully and dominate them and make their lives a living hell. If you think it's just tough love you aren't looking at the person doing the striking. Who is so out of control that they would do that? You don't want that guy as the example your kids look up to how to handle adverse situations in this world. The coach should always lead by example. Anyway, I know I'm in the minority here so it's cool if you disagree. Most of us all had this type of tough love when we played and we turned out okay, at least I think we did lol. It was also cool to get our brains scrambled with concussions back then. Today's era is different and we have to evolve with the times.
  8. Interesting challenge! Historically Hillsborough dominates these games. Pinellas County ball is definitely ranked 8th in the 8 metro areas. Just too many schools spreading the talent thin IMO. Anyway, here's my predictions: Durant over PHU (heart says PHU, head says Durant) Jesuit over PPark Hillsborough over Northeast Largo over East Bay SPHS over Gaither (SP QB is a monster and leads the state in rushing and TDs!) Clearwater over Blake Carrollwood Day over Northside The closest matchup is Durant vs PHU. I would lean PHU but we lost our heart and soul on defense and county player of the year two games ago in the win over hated East Lake. It's tough to lose a player like that.
  9. This is brutal. As a booster of a long-struggling school, I know first hand how hard it is to turn around a program. There is no quick fix and it takes years of building to reverse the bleeding. Based upon your progress, you clearly had the program going in the right direction so if I were to blindly guess, I would assume you were the victim of politics. Unfortunately, running a program also requires a great deal of politicking skills in addition to Xs and Os. Sometimes you can be a great politician but still be on the wrong end of politics. I would take this as an opportunity to reflect and see if there were any opportunities to bridge gaps in opinions with administration and take your considerable coaching skills and lessons learned onto the next program. Sorry to hear the news!
  10. There are some weird home/away results games due to this new format. #1 seed Berkeley for 2M region 2 has to play at @8 seed Middleton since Middleton is a district winner while Berkeley was not. Weird to see a #1 seed who is not a district winner. Also, 8-2 Pace HS got left out of the playoffs because of too many non-top 8 ranked district winners in it's region.
  11. CCC should share this 10-0 season with Lakewood since they have half of Lakewood's players
  12. At 10 am it will become official, barring any unexpected formula quirks, that Palm Harbor University wins it's first ever district championship in the school's 27 year history. I predicted this four years ago on this board when I saw the group of kids moving into the PHU system that had played youth ball together for years. They are a very close knit team and have been friends and teammates for years so there was no possibility of East Lake, Clearwater or anyone else poaching from the team this year. Keeping the team together was the key to finally breaking through and winning a title. I'm so happy for these kids. Also, PHU could be good for a while because they return a lot of key players next year and the JV team moving up was 7-0 and destroyed every opponent. It's nice to see a have-not team finally get to feel success.
  13. So did the reigning home coming king for that matter. https://fanbuzz.com/high-school/esther-breitling-florida-hs-touchdown-palm-harbor/
  14. You guys played one hell of a schedule.
  15. I could definitely agree on larger districts. I'm sure the FHSAA would like larger districts too but there must be a logistical challenge that forces the three and four team districts. As far as your comment about Columbus, please. I know exactly how this works because I am closely affiliated with youth football in my area. The privates scout the 13U and 14U teams and when they see talent, they offer scholarships to attend their school. There's a certain youth program locally (who also recruits its players from outside of it's pop warner zone) that feeds directly into Jesuit HS. Offering a scholarship to attend your school is recruiting no matter what you might call it. Lakewood losing a bunch of players to CCC is recruiting. I don't know what you call it but I call it for what it is. It's a dead horse topic on this board and we all have our opinions on it so it's not really worth debating. We will just agree to disagree on the subject.
  16. It's that way in 50 out of 50 states my friend. Even the most competitive of all leagues, the NFL, has teams who made the playoffs but have zero percent chance of winning it. Do you think it matters to the fans or the players? Team goals were met and a successful season was had. My son's team, Palm Harbor, just won it's first ever district title in school history. Do you think it matters to these kids that they will never beat a recruited and loaded Columbus team? Hell no, they are on cloud nine, just happy to be there and they earned it and this is the beauty of a tournament where you can play your way in as an underdog.
  17. What a boring world your HSAA would be with only the all star teams making the playoffs and the same teams in it year after year.
  18. I dunno, while you're not wrong that there are high profile publics doing this, I do think you are way off when you think it's a balanced problem shared by both privates and publics. Nearly every private school assembles a super team of players while it's limited to a few high profile public schools. I look at the Pinellas county player of the year candidates and 9 of 10 are private school players, for example. Any public schools in these districts have zero chance without transfers and even then can only get one or two impact players, if at all. The privates haven't lost to a public district foe here in years, maybe a decade+. It's not like there's a Miami Central or Lakeland getting in half a team in transfers every where you look. It's limited to a few teams while the privates pretty much reload at will every year. Clearwater Central Catholic raided Lakewood locally and Lakewood went from contender to doormat in a single year.
  19. Checking other districts, I see that 4S-8 will go to the final rankings tie breaker too for Haines City, Bartow and Winter Haven. Any others?
  20. Super teams are the worst thing to happen to FL football.
  21. I much prefer the ranking method vs this weird way they used to break three way ties.
  22. It appears that somebody tweaked the formula from last year where you were seemingly over-rewarded for a tough schedule without much regard to your actual W-L record. It seems to have swung hard the other way where you are now overly rewarded for W-L record without much regard for the SOS. I was hoping that things would level out after the midpoint of the regular season but it doesn't appear to be the case. I have a simple solution for the rankings formula. They took out winning margin to avoid running up the score so instead of that, why not do losing margin? Clearly a 1-point loss to a great team is much better than a 50 point loss so this seems like compromise? I know, dead horse...
  23. We have an interesting scenario going on in 4M-6 where Steinbrenner, East Lake and Palm Harbor U. are all tied at 2-1 and 1-1 vs each other. They are going to the final tie breaker which is playoff ranking. ELHS and PHU both have cupcakes for their final game while Steinbrenner has a playoff contender in 7-2 Riverview for it's final game. This will be a wild last week of football for these teams.
  24. Bruh getting close to crossing the political line. Please keep your personal politics on the sideline. Obviously he doesn't like unlimited transfers because it becomes a free-for-all where students are no longer students but rent-a-players where funny business runs unabated. It's now not uncommon where a kid transfers in the fall semester for football and then transfers elsewhere in the spring for a different sport. School choice has always been about academics, not athletics. These "school choices" are clearly for athletics, not academics. I personally also don't like unlimited transfers but maybe a compromise is unlimited transfers to an equal or higher rated school so that it is still about academics? Poorly rated schools who want transfers will then have to put all of their money into improving the academics of their school.
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