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  1. Bonita Springs has to replace Rich Dombroski https://www.naplesnews.com/story/sports/high-school/2024/03/14/bonita-springs-head-football-coach-rich-dombroski-steps-down/72959297007/
  2. Lehigh is looking for a new Head Coach
  3. When I saw the Indians during warmups, I noticed their size and speed advantage. They played about like I expected, and we made it close, but the game was never in doubt. Like Coach Martin said, playing a team like Venice only made us better. They exposed some weaknesses and we will have plenty to work on over the summer.
  4. The rankings have been released on Tuesday or Wednesday so far. Do we know the release date of the final rankings, after week 11? I was hoping that it would be on Sunday 11/06 so we could have an extra day to plan.
  5. How could I forget that 1st round playoff game! We were loaded with D1 talent and the game went down to the wire. In regards to Young, he is fast, and really strong. If we can slow him down we'll be OK, but if he gets into the secondary, it will be a very long night.
  6. You Bet! We'll be towards the top on the 50, my wife & I record the stats for Coach Martin. I am glad that we were able to get you guys back on the schedule, iron sharpens iron.
  7. Great to hear from you! We need to fill the leadership position at QB, but we have two talented underclassmen to choose from. The secondary looks really good, not sure how our linebacker core will be. Coach Rick and our new AD Cassie went after some quality opponents, and I'm sure they will be glad to expose our weak spots. I'll be in the booth doing stats for Lehigh, but would love to hook up. We go to Gulf Coast in two weeks, can't wait.
  8. I think some of the teams mean well, but are not sure what does and doesn't go on the schedule. Perhaps if MaxPreps would send out some guidelines, i.e., don't post Spring games, or Kickoff classics on the schedule, it might cut down on on some of the erroneous information. Maybe the AD needs to sign off on the schedule too. I understand that this will not fix all of the ills, but it might be a good start
  9. FHSAA Board of Directors votes for Metro-Suburban football classification plan; shifts football playoff rankings from RPI to FHSAA MaxPreps Power Rankings | FloridaHSFootball.com
  10. I don't think the RPI is a factor this year, I believe that the MaxPreps rankings will be used for playoff seeding.
  11. I there a collection of Spring games? Only 4-5 weeks away and I'm sure there are some pretty good games out there.
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