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  1. Question for Josh

    Apparently, the video showed Chaminade-Madonna making a critical conversion on 4th down to keep their drive alive to potentially score points and the officials ruled that they didn't have enough. It is controversial and that is why I didn't want to knee jerk on moving them down many spots because of that and being a 1-point game.
  2. Question for Josh

    The reason I didn't drop them that much is because after looking at everything, it was very evident the officials played a significant role in the outcome of the game. I am not 100% sold on Carol City. If they lose to Atlantic that is certainly going to drop them further, but I can't fully justify a full drop after something that was not decided on the field. Carol City is struggling up and down and really I feel Chaminade-Madonna is the better team still.

    My picks to come soon here...

    Everyone... Here is this week's pick'ems... I will add in the updated standings here later on this evening. I have them, but not typed out and I got other items at the top of the list. If @nolebull813 wants to type them in, then I am fine with that as well. We will do 15 games again this week to get back up to speed and then we will drop back to 10 starting next week. NOTE: DO NOT QUOTE THE POST... JUST POST YOUR PICKS IN A REPLY AND POST THEM IN ORDER OF THE GAMES LISTED! THANK YOU! REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR PICKS IN BY 6 PM ET ON FRIDAY No. 4 Miami Northwestern (3-1) at Lowndes, Ga. (4-0)Winter Park (2-2) at No. 6 Edgewater (4-0)No. 7 Chaminade-Madonna (3-1) at No. 17 Atlantic (Delray) (2-0)Riverview (Sarasota) (2-2) at No. 11 Venice (2-1)No. 12 Rockledge (3-0) at Viera (1-1)No. 15 Seminole (Sanford) (3-0) at Mainland (1-1)No. 16 Cardinal Gibbons (3-1) at American Heritage Delray (2-1)No. 21 Bartram Trail (4-0) at St. Augustine (2-1)No. 22 Miami Carol City (2-2) at Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (1-3)Florida High (4-0) at No. 23 Madison County (4-0)Lincoln (3-1) at Niceville (4-0)Robert E. Lee (2-1) at Mandarin (2-1)Braden River (2-2) at Lakewood (4-0)Palmetto (4-0) at Largo (3-1)Fort Myers (2-2) at South Fort Myers (3-0)
  5. Boca Ciega Beat Tarpon 88-0 in 3 qtrs

    That is exactly it... its been a revolving door and not a good one at that.
  6. Boca Ciega Beat Tarpon 88-0 in 3 qtrs

    Coach Kotis retired and then they hired a new coach who was an alum of the school and then the principal fired him (for reasons unknown) and it set off a whole chain reaction of things. It's been a mess.

    I got to fix it... I may have misread what NoleBull sent to me.

    Flagler Palm CoastAmerican HeritageColumbusIMG AcademySouth SumterChaminade-MadonnaSt. AugustineWesternSeminoleVanguardWashingtonMandarinLake GibsonPalmettoRaines

    STANDINGS FROM WEEK 2 badbird - 8-0 Coach - 7-1 Cat Scratch - 7-1 Jags904 - 7-1 ColumbiaHighFan2017class - 7-1 peezy28 - 7-1 NoleBull813 - 7-1 THIS_IS_DILLARD - 7-1 VeniceIndiansFootball - 7-1 Joshua WIlson - 6-2 Perspeticve - 6-2 Lakeland Gator - 5-3 Muckboy561 - 5-3 KeemD321 - 5-3 HornetFan - 5-3 raefsu233 - 4-4 TopNotch305 - 4-4 Had no picks in Week 2... if you miss this week (Week 4), you will be kicked out of the pick'ems thread ohs vargas Zoe Boy Jimmbyb1980 FL_HS_Football JOE PINKOS' PICKS - 6-2 OVERALL STANDINGS 1. badbird - 16-2 T2. ColumbiaHighFan2017class - 13-5 T2. NoleBull813 - 13-5 T2. VeniceIndiansFootball - 13-5 T2. Joe Pinkos - 13-5 T6. Cat Scratch - 14-4 T6. Jags904 - 14-4 T6. THIS_IS_DILLARD - 14-4 T9. Perspeticve - 13-5 T9. Coach - 13-5 T11. Lakeland Gator - 12-6 T11. Muckboy561 - 12-6 T11. KeemD321 - 12-6 T14. peezy28 - 11-7 T14. Joshua Wilson - 11-7 T14. HornetFan - 6-4 17. raefsu233 - 10-8 18. TopNotch305 - 9-9 19. ohs vargas - 9-1 T20. Zoe Boy - 8-2 T20. Jimmbyb1980 - 8-2 22. FL_HS_Football - 7-3 This week's picks...15 GAMES THIS WEEK! THREAD CLOSES AT 6 PM ET ON FRIDAY Flagler Palm Coast (2-0) at Spruce Creek (1-0) No. 12 American Heritage (Plantation) (2-1) at No. 15 Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (1-2) No. 21 Booker T. Washington (2-1) at No. 10 Columbus (2-1) IMG Academy (2-0) at St. Joseph's, Pa. (1-1) Trinity Catholic (3-0) at South Sumter (3-0) No. 23 Miami Carol City (1-2) at No. 6 Chaminade-Madonna (3-0) St. Augustine (2-0) at Bolles (1-1) NSU University School (2-1) at No. 17 Western (2-0) No. 20 Seminole (Sanford) (2-0) at DeLand (1-0) Dunnellon (3-0) at No. 11 Vanguard (3-0) Gulf Breeze (1-2) at Washington (Pensacola) (2-0) No. 13 Mandarin (2-0) at Bartram Trail (3-0) Lake Gibson (3-0) at Auburndale (3-0) Palmetto (3-0) at Port Charlotte (3-0) Raines (1-1) at Robert E. Lee (1-1) (Saturday)
  10. Reschedule from Hurricane?

    And the schools are going to get fined if they don't do it... so there is that.
  11. Reschedule from Hurricane?

    Chaminade-Madonna has a full schedule. They don't have an open date. Don't fully rely on MaxPreps FWIW.
  12. 2019 Football Schedules

    You have to click on the district/region/conference name to access the schedule (it says it right on the page how to click on it).
  13. OFFICIAL: No pick'ems this week

    Game is not over Bad Bird... LMAO
  14. OFFICIAL: No pick'ems this week

    Sorry for the very late posting, but Hurricane Dorian blew up the pick'em plans this week. Will be back at it next week as long as Mother Nature behaves (*knocks on wood*) Best of luck to those that are still getting to play tonight!
  15. Mandarin vs St Thomas aquinas

    The game was confirmed about 45 minutes ago via Larry Blustein.