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  1. Since my picks are being published with previews on the website... but here is all of them. Champagnat Chaminade-Madonna Cardinal Gibbons Hawthorne Miami Central American Heritage Seminole St. Thomas Aquinas
  2. Right pick first, but then it defaults to the points if there is a tie in records for the end of the season.
  3. I have had enough... Some of you all are coming on here and bashing teams, players, and schools with NO PROOF to back up your claims and now you all have got me in a position of facing possible legal action. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND IT IS IN THE RULES ABOUT THIS STUFF... READ THEM! If it doesn't stop, I am going to start putting bans on you who are doing it. You know who you are and I have had enough. I expect you all to act like adults in here, not like children at the school yard playground. If it gets to the point where you all can't police yourself, I will put in actions to moderate
  4. They will get something. There is a formula the FHSAA has based upon travel and costs they have to submit to them. Not sure exactly what it is. And no one I know there has a 40 foot yacht... come on man. This was a solution for this year so they didn't have to turn people away. This makes sense.
  5. The news broke just a bit ago! https://twitter.com/FlaHSFootball/status/1332358250499608580?s=20
  6. So far 17 playoff games have been forfeited as of this morning.
  7. Thursday No. 11 Miami Palmetto (2-0) vs. No. 1 Miami Northwestern (1-1) at Traz Powell No. 16 Bolles (6-1) vs. Mainland (5-1) at Daytona Stadium Friday No. 2 American Heritage (Plantation) (5-1) at No. 10 St. Thomas Aquinas (2-1) No. 20 Cocoa (5-0) at No. 24 Rockledge (5-0) Newsome (5-1) at No. 5 Bloomingdale (7-0) Tampa Catholic (5-1) at No. 15 Jesuit (8-0) Boone (6-1) at Edgewater (2-2) Clay (7-0) at Oakleaf (5-3) Booker T. Washington (Pensacola) (3-2) at Milton (6-1) – FHSAA Playoff Play-In Game Satellite (5-0) at Astronaut (5-0) NOTE: P
  8. My picks: St. Thomas Aquinas IMG Academy Jones American Heritage Miami Central Venice Buchholz The Villages St. Augustine Trinity Catholic
  9. I came close to putting that game on there, but I feel like this is a game Gaither will win.
  10. Lee Venice Bartram Trail Cocoa St. Thomas Aquinas Miami Northwestern Bloomingdale Edgewater Vanguard Suwannee
  11. With the Buchholz/Fletcher and Navarre/Niceville games off due to COVID, there is only eight games.... here are my picks: St. Thomas Aquinas Bolles North Fort Myers American Heritage Edgewater DeLand Dixie County Champagnat Catholic\
  12. An upgrade to the forums is going to be happening shortly. I want to get the software updated to the latest version so we can continue to have the best forums in the state.
  13. I do no know any answer to this questions as I have not been told anything related to this.
  14. Oakleaf Apopka Madison County Florida High Manatee Bartram Trail Treasure Coast Bolles Lakeland Victory Christian
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