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  1. I would be checking your browsing history then man... all I am going to say.
  2. You are wrong.... things will be reseeded after this week. Will give you all scenarios later today.
  3. Which ads are we talking about? The ads are based on your location and viewing history. And I don't allow ads like that to pop up because I have them specifically blocked. May want to check your browser settings.
  4. The MaxPreps brackets ARE the official FHSAA brackets as well... So yeah please send my payment...
  5. @Dan in Daytona --- READ THE RULES THAT ARE PINNED TO THIS FORUM AND THE WARNING BAR ON TOP. This isn't some railroad job that you are going to claim here. I read your posts and you went straight into politics. This is not the place for that.
  6. THIS GOES FOR EVERYONE ON THIS Scores are only as accurate is what is reported to us and me and @SportsNut25 work hard each week to make sure EVERY SCORE is verified. We are having to fight against another group that puts scores in and sometimes something will get missed. We try to lock the scores down, but we do have a few people out there who think they are cute and do things each week. So please... if you all need anything... EMAIL ME... my email is in the signature below!
  7. Thanks for understanding. Just don't want things running wild here.
  8. Please keep all the comments to a minimum. Nothing is confirmed and anything you all say will be perceived as a rumor until otherwise confirmed. Please keep that in mind tonight everyone!
  9. This pick'ems contest was not authorized by FloridaHSFootball.com. Please seek out admin permission next before running this. Thank you!
  10. Got a list of kickoff classics for this week... which is very fluid with changes happening by the minute it seems. Let me know if you all see anything that needs to be added as well!
  11. Trinity is not playing Cocoa.... that game is off the table for now.
  12. @Jambun82 @SportsNut25was just putting the thread together for me, which is 1,000% appreciated. All those graphics and tweets being put together was done by yours truly here. Being a member of the FWAA allows me to get access deep into the College Press Box Portals to do this and put together graphics like this and graphics that are properly formatted for the three social platforms all through one single template that I have. No easy task. At one point I was backed up getting graphics out at the end of the 4th round because we had back-to-back-to-back picks. It can be stressful especially if you make one little mistake. But I have fun tracking and doing this each year and have done it each year basically since I launched the website in 2010. Eventually I will go back and research the history of past drafts to put together a more comprehensive list of where these guys came from that have played in the NFL from Florida or at least have been drafted.
  13. And they are being premature on dates given they have to share fields. GMAC will set the final dates. That doesn't come until June typically.
  14. Schedule pages will be launching next week on FloridaHSFootball.com. Got a lot of schedules sitting in my folder to input. Some I have already entered.
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