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  1. The first posts are going up now!
  2. Starting today (June 9) I will be publishing anywhere from 3 to 5 schedule breakdowns daily leading up to the 2022 season for any team that reached the playoffs or at least achieved 5 wins during the 2021 season. This will result in over 275 breakdowns. South Florida teams will come a little later as I am still waiting on schedules to come out from teams in Broward and Dade. The first three teams that will be up include Jacksonville Ed White, Tampa Jesuit and Arcadia DeSoto County. To read the schedule breakdowns, you will need a FloridaHSFootball.com+ Subscription ($4.99 a month or $44.99 per year). You can click here for the monthly rate or here for the yearly rate (I recommend the yearly rate as it comes out cheaper). You can find a list of all the schedule breakdowns here as I do them each day so you can go back and read up on them. I will post the links on each of the teams once they are live. Thursday June 9 Jacksonville Ed White (Class 2M-3) Tampa Jesuit (Class 3M-5) Arcadia DeSoto County (Class 2S-15)
  3. Apparently the server company decided to cut the server off on me yesterday not because of a failed payment because my bank decided to change out cards (I thought I had it setup ACH, but that wasn't the case) and I forgot (with a very busy May) and instead of emailing me properly they just turned it off, but things are back on now. Hopefully I won't have to deal with that again for a very long time. But we are back up... so I apologize for that.
  4. Click the link in the Tweet ... the flhsfb.com one
  5. A little late this year (due to other business dealings going on... more details coming soon on that). Here is the list so far of the 2022 Spring Games that I have:
  6. Please do not post individual schedules to the forums and threads at this time. You call can discuss things, but as contracts just opened up as of yesterday, things could change for some teams. I am also working on things to have team schedules in one centralized place, and the forums are not the place for them for where I want people to find them. Discussing them is fine, posting them in full is not at the moment.
  7. I don't think much else needs to be said here.
  8. My warning shot was that... I didn't want to call out anyone directly
  9. Oh I have caught wind guys… some of you all are about to get slapped with some restrictions BECAUSE YOU ALL CAN’T FOLLOW THE RULES… OR YOU CAN’T READ THEM! I expect you all to police yourself and can’t. You know who you are… especially a couple of you who have put political topics into this when the rules clearly express NO POLITICAL TALK…
  10. Well before this even came out Poinciana told the Orlando Sentinel they were going Independent again. They missed Sebastian River and it appears that the commitment form was never filled out.
  11. Windermere Prep... sorry this is what happens when the the list is just one big jumbo list.
  12. If you all want... hosting a Twitter Space tonight around 9 PM to discuss all this!
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