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  1. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    Which Cypress Creek was this for? Orlando or Wesley Chapel. Going to have to be clearer in the future as some of the new schools are taking names already used... making things even more fun.
  2. RPI for football in FHSAA is official

    LOL! Well, I was thinking more in the lines of beyond just the message board.
  3. 2018 All-State Football Teams

    All-State Football teams are rolling out this week (sorry everyone, this is why I have been sorta MIA on here...these things take some serious time and dedication). All-Florida - Large Schools (Friday) All-Florida - Small Schools (Friday) Class 8A (Thursday) Class 7A (Thursday) Class 6A (Wednesday) Class 5A (Wednesday) Class 4A (Tuesday) Class 3A (Tuesday) Class 2A Class 1A
  4. RPI for football in FHSAA is official

    I have been slammed with All-State... one of me and thousands of you all.
  5. RPI for football in FHSAA is official

    It was not sneaky. It was put through the committees and I was at each of these meetings and discussed at length.
  6. RPI for football in FHSAA is official

    That requires a change in the policies and that is a two-year process. My understanding is that football will likely go to 7 classes starting in 2021. However, looking at the regions we got now, it will be tougher for a bad Rutheford team to make the playoffs in 4A-Region 1 with Bolles now back in Class 4A for example. Same goes with Region 1 in Class 3A with Trinity Christian back in that classification. It is going to balance out. Also, the other problem we had is that we had not had a full reclassification in four years until just now, so now with teams in their proper classification that will also help as well.
  7. RPI for football in FHSAA is official

    Everyone, I have the numbers sitting here, just have to type it out over the next day or so, but it will give you all an idea of what things would have looked like. Situations you all mentioned would have never happens under this and the right teams would have been in as well as the teams that should have been in that didn’t make it. RPI is used in many other states (Iowa, Colorado, Washington [Basketball for now] .... just to name a few). The system make sense. Grant it there is a lot of math here but at the end of the day no 8-2 team will be sitting at home under this formula (Chamberlain, Sanford Seminole). The FHSAA has moved into the 21st Century here and it is going to show this season just how nicely it will work.
  8. RPI for football in FHSAA is official

    The RPI for football with the FHSAA is now official, starting this fall. RPI formula is as the following: Team Winning Percentage: 35% Opponents Winning Percentage: 35% Opponents' Opponents Winning Percentage: 30% RPI Formula RPI=WP%*0.35+OWP*0.35+OPWP%*0.30
  9. Northwestern to play Lowndes this season

    I didn't make fun of you... I was talking about being excited about that schedule! HUGE DIFFERENCE!
  10. Northwestern to play Lowndes this season

    This is going to be a great game right here folks... Week 5 -- September 20 in Valdosta
  11. 2019 unofficial schedules

    Gosh not the entire schedule, but this is getting me giddy about the 2019 season already and it is just Day 4 of the New Year... OH MY!!!!
  12. Football reclassifications

    All went independent except Hollywood Hills which likely will be a 6A or 7A team.
  13. Football reclassifications

    And that they are doing!
  14. Here are all the game stories from yesterday that I wrote...
  15. Game stories from yesterday's games

    Here are recaps from the two games yesterday: