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  1. 2019 unofficial schedules

    Gosh not the entire schedule, but this is getting me giddy about the 2019 season already and it is just Day 4 of the New Year... OH MY!!!!
  2. Football reclassifications

    All went independent except Hollywood Hills which likely will be a 6A or 7A team.
  3. Football reclassifications

    And that they are doing!
  4. Here are all the game stories from yesterday that I wrote...
  5. Game stories from yesterday's games

    Here are recaps from the two games yesterday:
  6. Lakeland vs STA Title game part VI

    RULE NUMBER 2 READS!!!!!!!!!! 2. If you know of a rumor and unsure about to post such a topic, contact us before doing so via email (joshua.wilson@floridahsfootball.com) or Twitter (@FlaHSFootball). Do not post or add fuel to fire of a rumor that has not been confirmed. Some rumors can be harmful to the impacted party/parties; we ask that you please keep this in mind. If you feel a rumor you have heard is accurate, please contact us and there could be a possibility we can verify the rumor through various contacts. Did anyone contact me on this rumor? NO!
  7. Lakeland vs STA Title game part VI

    Apparently, a lot of you all on here haven't read the forum rules or need a refresher. RULE NUMBER 2!!!!! READ IT, READ IT, READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Roll Call for Orlando

    I can meet you all outside the stands depending on how busy I am as I bounce between the press box and the field.
  9. Joe Pinkos' State Championship Forecast

    Here we go... let's hear it on who you all think is going to win!
  10. Joe Pinkos' third round playoff forecast

    The lines are out for the third round of the playoff forecast... seeing a lot of single digits here and I sense a few of these could be put on upset alert...
  11. Columbia vs Lee Regional Semifinals

    NFHS Network
  12. Class 7A Regional Semifinals Preview

    Here is the preview this week for the Class 7A Regional Semifinals:
  13. Class 6A Regional Semifinals Preview

    Here is the Class 6A Regional Semifinals Preview for this week...
  14. Question for Josh about streaming Playoff games online

    I fear it might be given they are doing volleyball.... this would be a travesty if only on Spectrum.
  15. Question for Josh about streaming Playoff games online

    And the deadline has already passed to ensure the game would be stream as usually 3:00 p.m. day prior to game is the cutoff for the FHSAA AT11 to be submitted.