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  1. No changes to RPI... same as last year.
  2. I am working on that, but I am also seeing a of schedules still incomplete on MaxPreps which is odd. Usually most will have schedules out. I guess a lot are in wait and see mode to see what the FHSAA decides to do.
  3. Also very possible they have started this program from scratch having built up a middle school program first and then going to a high school program as they rise up through the grades. This seems to be the typical approach in a lot of areas now.
  4. You are going to see a lot of this... traveling allowed in certain zones, no travel outside to other areas. That means a ton of schedules could be up ended. That leads me to this... should I even continue to collect schedules up until something becomes clearer?
  5. I can tell you all this: 1. Tallahassee will not absorb the 4A-8A games (at least not at Gene Cox). 2. That means IMG is not going to happen... FHSAA won't let that happen. 3. No high school school site is going to be used (Gene Cox is not an on-site school site) 4. Best options I see is Orlando City's Exploria Stadium (if they can agree), UCF, FAU or FIU... I don't see them going back to Camping World Stadium. Weekends wouldn't work given bowl games follow that very next weekend (if schedules hold up with COVID), but remember this will be a two-year deal. 5. Don't ever expect the FHSAA to entertain Daytona Beach again until they really improve things and come up with a better plan to handle it. They really thought they could do things like they did on a typical Friday night and it was very evident from what I saw first hand being there. I thought the crowds and games were great, but the scoreboard malfunctions, the lack of cell service and lack of wifi outside of the press box was a major buzz kill. The low quality of food that was served to the press by the host (this is not the FHSAA's call), was horrible. Very bad hot dogs from the concession stand and chips at most and most times they didn't even have enough for the press. FHSAA thought they had a nice site for 4A-8A and it just simply was too much for them to return because the issue weren't going to get fixed.
  6. Sounds like Spruce Creek is going to East Ridge to replace that game... so I like that. That will be a nice matchup for both programs.
  7. As far as I understand some of the games vs. Georgia teams are going to happen no matter what. As I have said it comes down to what each county does... also depends what the FHSAA Fall Sports Task Force recommends to the board of directors and what FLDOE and the Governor ultimately decides.
  8. Yeah I don't see it happening either... if it does, then I will be totally shocked. Will have to message them and ask them about it.
  9. Not a new school in Miami, but they are a Charter Prep school and they are officially fielding a football program. They already have some what of a schedule set to go on their school website for 2020.
  10. Yeah I am every well aware Mulberry went independent... not surprised. Also given the fact they will have to play all their games on the road this year, this is probably not surprising either.
  11. I am in the process of uploading 2020 Schedules to the website. A link that says "Complete" will be located next to each schedule as they are posted and complete. Just note if you see anything that needs changing, please let me know. I know a lot of the Out-of-State games are going to be a mess to know if they will actually happen or not. https://floridahsfootball.com/schedules/
  12. It is all inclusive together and was already in the rules that this would be considered a rules violation.
  13. Right now its going to be hard press to see most of the interstate games actually happen this year. I see very few and those will be limited to our bordering states and that is it. That also hinges on the limitations of travel the counties place on their schools (outside of district games and valid contracts).
  14. There will be no tolerance of any posts that can be taken or of a racist tone on this message board. Any posts including words that are sensitively racist will grounds for an immediate ban from the message board. With the recent climate shift of culture in this country there is no room for this kind of behavior or tolerance of it. I will not allow it on this message board, not today, not yesterday and definitely not tomorrow going into the future. You all can speak First Amendment rights, but please note, that is a private company for full disclosure and this is provided as a service that can either stay up for the years to come or can be taken down overnight based solely on my decision. As such with that in mind, it is also my right as the owner to keep things that are not good for the broader good of this community to rest here. By leaving such things would make me guilty and in of support of them. If anyone want to know where I stand in all of this, please read my statement from a week ago which is going to stay pinned for a long time to come. If you have any questions or comments, please send me a message on here. https://twitter.com/FlaHSFootball/status/1268920527126761480?s=20
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