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    STANDINGS FROM WEEK 2 badbird - 8-0 Coach - 7-1 Cat Scratch - 7-1 Jags904 - 7-1 ColumbiaHighFan2017class - 7-1 peezy28 - 7-1 NoleBull813 - 7-1 THIS_IS_DILLARD - 7-1 VeniceIndiansFootball - 7-1 Joshua WIlson - 6-2 Perspeticve - 6-2 Lakeland Gator - 5-3 Muckboy561 - 5-3 KeemD321 - 5-3 HornetFan - 5-3 raefsu233 - 4-4 TopNotch305 - 4-4 Had no picks in Week 2... if you miss this week (Week 4), you will be kicked out of the pick'ems thread ohs vargas Zoe Boy Jimmbyb1980 FL_HS_Football JOE PINKOS' PICKS - 6-2 OVERALL STANDINGS 1. badbird - 16-2 T2. ColumbiaHighFan2017class - 13-5 T2. NoleBull813 - 13-5 T2. VeniceIndiansFootball - 13-5 T2. Joe Pinkos - 13-5 T6. Cat Scratch - 14-4 T6. Jags904 - 14-4 T6. THIS_IS_DILLARD - 14-4 T9. Perspeticve - 13-5 T9. Coach - 13-5 T11. Lakeland Gator - 12-6 T11. Muckboy561 - 12-6 T11. KeemD321 - 12-6 T14. peezy28 - 11-7 T14. Joshua Wilson - 11-7 T14. HornetFan - 6-4 17. raefsu233 - 10-8 18. TopNotch305 - 9-9 19. ohs vargas - 9-1 T20. Zoe Boy - 8-2 T20. Jimmbyb1980 - 8-2 22. FL_HS_Football - 7-3 This week's picks...15 GAMES THIS WEEK! THREAD CLOSES AT 6 PM ET ON FRIDAY Flagler Palm Coast (2-0) at Spruce Creek (1-0) No. 12 American Heritage (Plantation) (2-1) at No. 15 Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (1-2) No. 21 Booker T. Washington (2-1) at No. 10 Columbus (2-1) IMG Academy (2-0) at St. Joseph's, Pa. (1-1) Trinity Catholic (3-0) at South Sumter (3-0) No. 23 Miami Carol City (1-2) at No. 6 Chaminade-Madonna (3-0) St. Augustine (2-0) at Bolles (1-1) NSU University School (2-1) at No. 17 Western (2-0) No. 20 Seminole (Sanford) (2-0) at DeLand (1-0) Dunnellon (3-0) at No. 11 Vanguard (3-0) Gulf Breeze (1-2) at Washington (Pensacola) (2-0) No. 13 Mandarin (2-0) at Bartram Trail (3-0) Lake Gibson (3-0) at Auburndale (3-0) Palmetto (3-0) at Port Charlotte (3-0) Raines (1-1) at Robert E. Lee (1-1) (Saturday)
  2. Boca Ciega Beat Tarpon 88-0 in 3 qtrs

    That is exactly it... its been a revolving door and not a good one at that.
  3. Boca Ciega Beat Tarpon 88-0 in 3 qtrs

    Coach Kotis retired and then they hired a new coach who was an alum of the school and then the principal fired him (for reasons unknown) and it set off a whole chain reaction of things. It's been a mess.

    I got to fix it... I may have misread what NoleBull sent to me.

    Flagler Palm CoastAmerican HeritageColumbusIMG AcademySouth SumterChaminade-MadonnaSt. AugustineWesternSeminoleVanguardWashingtonMandarinLake GibsonPalmettoRaines
  6. Reschedule from Hurricane?

    And the schools are going to get fined if they don't do it... so there is that.
  7. Reschedule from Hurricane?

    Chaminade-Madonna has a full schedule. They don't have an open date. Don't fully rely on MaxPreps FWIW.
  8. 2019 Football Schedules

    2019 Football Schedules... I have gone through all eight classifications and verified schedules (although there could be a few more changes). I am still working on SSAC and Independents. You can find all the schedules, which are broken down by district and region, at the link below. One note on the schedules: They will update in real-time through the power of ScoreStream. All schedules are built-in with their new schedule widget feature and if you are viewing on a desktop you will see which games are denoted as district or non-district. SCHEDULE LINK: https://floridahsfootball.com/schedules/ BUSINESS NOTE: If you have a small business, for just $50 for the entire season you can promote your business on a team's schedule. Again that is $50 per team for the entire season on their team schedule. Send me a message or email if you are interested.
  9. 2019 Football Schedules

    You have to click on the district/region/conference name to access the schedule (it says it right on the page how to click on it).
  10. OFFICIAL: No pick'ems this week

    Sorry for the very late posting, but Hurricane Dorian blew up the pick'em plans this week. Will be back at it next week as long as Mother Nature behaves (*knocks on wood*) Best of luck to those that are still getting to play tonight!
  11. OFFICIAL: No pick'ems this week

    Game is not over Bad Bird... LMAO
  12. Mandarin vs St Thomas aquinas

    The game was confirmed about 45 minutes ago via Larry Blustein.
  13. OFFICIAL THREAD: Hurricane Dorian Update Thread

    I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday, but I do have an official page where i am doing Hurricane Dorian updates including game changes and information on which school districts are closed: https://floridahsfootball.com/2019/09/01/hurricane-dorian-live-updates/ Please provide any updates you all have here.
  14. Terrible Weekend for FL Football

    Not a good look at all sadly... wonder if Hurricane Dorian has had an effect on some of this?

    Here at this week's pick'ems and the current standings. NOTE #1: If you miss more than two weeks during the season, you are automatically out of the pick'ems. NOTE #2: Should any of these games get moved up to Thursday due to Tropical Storm Dorian, they will be scratched and we will add games for the pick'ems next week to balance the numbers out. STANDINGS ohs vargas - 9-1 NoleBull813 - 8-2 ColumbiaHighFan2017class - 8-2 VeniceIndiansFootball - 8-2 Zoe Boy - 8-2 Jimmbyb1980 - 8-2 badbird - 8-2 THIS_IS_DILLARD - 7-3 KeemD321 - 7-3 FL_HS_Football - 7-3 Jags904 - 7-3 Cat Scratch - 7-3 Perspeticve - 7-3 Muckboy561 - 7-3 Lakeland Gator - 7-3 Coach - 6-4 raefsu233 - 6-4 HornetFan - 6-4 TopNotch305 - 5-5 Joshua WIlson - 5-5 peezy28 - 4-6 JOE PINKOS' PICKS - 9-1 THIS WEEK'S PICK'EMS Thread locks at 6 PM Friday Night No. 5 Armwood (1-0) at North Gwinett, Ga. (1-0) No. 10 Columbus (1-0) at Osceola (Kissimmee) (1-0) No. 23 Booker T. Washington (1-0) vs. Miami Central (0-1) No. 7 Miami Carol City (1-0) vs. No. 3 Miami Northwestern (1-0) No. 21 Cocoa (1-0) vs. Hoover, Ala. (1-0) at The Freedom Bowl Lincoln (1-0) at No. 19 Rockledge (1-0) Bergen Catholic, N.J. (0-0) at No. 2 St. Thomas Aquinas (1-0) Miramar (1-0) at Dillard (1-0) Crestview (1-0) at Escambia (1-0) Fort Myers (1-0) at Charlotte (1-0)
  16. Got a list going here for changes on the Week 2 slate... pretty sure I will have a huge list for the Week 3 slate given the forecast

    Guys... we are scratching the Carol City vs. Northwestern game from the list.
  18. Joe Pinkos' Week 2 Game Forecast

    Here is Joe Pinkos' Week 2 game forecast:
  19. Here are this week's rankings... Hint... Carol City jumps around and a team name Dillard might be lurking around somewhere in these rankings as well.

    MY PICKS: Armwood Columbus Miami Central Miami Northwestern Hoover, Ala. Rockledge St. Thomas Aquinas Fort Myers Dillard Escambia PINKOS' PICKS Armwood 21 over North Gwinnett Columbus 10 over Osceola (Kissimmee) Miami Central 17 over Booker T. Washington Carol City 8 over Northwestern Hoover 6 over Cocoa Rockledge 1 over Lincoln St. Thomas Aquinas 24 over Bergen Catholic Charlotte 1 over Fort Myers Dillard 13 over Miramar Crestview 12 over Escambia
  21. Rankings are going to be adjusting for this... just watch. And Dillard should be happy come tomorrow evening as well.
  22. I know the organizers of this personally and it exceeded the numbers they had projected. I think it is called getting the right mix of schools, the right types of rivalries and keeping it focused on the metro area teams. If you try to invite an out of area team to something like this, it might not draw as well. The model for successful multiple games at a single site is sitting with this I feel. Airstream Ventures did a fantastic job.
  23. Jax Trinity Christian @ Lake City Columbia

    And it is going to flip... I have to chalk this one up. Columbia can make a run to state (which I have thought that since the new districts were set). Thought it would be closer, but this is just out of hand. Got to make some adjustments.
  24. Scoreboard Links for the season

    Here are links to our Statewide, Classification, SSAC & Independent Scoreboards for this season powered by ScoreStream Statewide: https://flhsfb.com/2TU2ujL Class 8A: https://flhsfb.com/2ZjZfcR Class 7A: https://flhsfb.com/2ZbH60L Class 6A: https://flhsfb.com/2ZjZip3 Class 5A: https://flhsfb.com/2ZjZgNX Class 4A: https://flhsfb.com/2Ze2aDu Class 3A: https://flhsfb.com/2ZfxHFm Class 2A: https://flhsfb.com/2ZdxdQ0 Class 1A: https://flhsfb.com/2ZjZPY5 SSAC: https://flhsfb.com/2ZcwEG1 IND: https://flhsfb.com/2ZcwH4F

    Thanks to @nolebull813 for stepping up to help run this. I am going to go with most of the games NoleBull suggested except two. While I like the Rockledge/Ware County game, I feel like I can go better there. I don't want to overpopulate the pick' ems with the out-of-state teams and I think two is enough with the Miami Central and Aquinas games already. Also, I don't think Godby/Lincoln is going to be as good as looks on paper. Looks can be deceiving sometimes... maybe I am wrong. St. Frances, Md. vs. Miami Central at Traz Powell (Saturday) St. Thomas Aquinas at De La Salle, Calif. Deerfield Beach vs. Miami Carol City at Traz Powell (Saturday) IMG Academy at Venice Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) at Columbia Plant at Armwood Jones at Raines American Heritage (Delray) at Vero Beach Cardinal Gibbons vs. Miami Northwestern at Traz Powell Lakeland at Manatee Thread locks down at 5 PM Friday afternoon, one hour before the first game on Friday which will be Jones at Raines (6 PM kickoffs in Duval County this year). EDIT: Joe Pinkos Week 1 Forecast here: https://floridahsfootball.com/2019/08/19/joe-pinkos-joe-pinkos-week-1-statewide-game-forecast/