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  1. Unsigned kids...I don’t know why

    Ouch! Not sure I'd want to be sitting at that dinner table right now.
  2. Unsigned kids...I don’t know why

    I want to be careful here, because I don''t know anything about "Hester and Jackson" other than what I've read on this board and the linked film that I've watched. I don't know who their coaches are or what their coaches have or have not done. I do know there are some schools and coaches that place a premium on the academic side of the NCAA eligibility process. Other schools and coaches don't. Personally, I think one of the greatest services that a high school football program/coach can provide to an athletically-talented kid is to start working with him in the 9th or 10th grade to explain the eligibility process and then track the performance and status of the kids as they work their way through high school. It is an absolute waste for a kid to have P5 talent, but not be able to get offers because of bad grades and/or inability to satisfy the minimum standards necessary to become an NCAA student-athlete.
  3. Anyone know anything about MTI Prep (Deerfield Beach)?

    I don't know anything about MTI other than what I have just read on this board. However, as I'm sure most of you know, prep schools are very common up in the northeast. The biggest obstacle facing a newly-founded prep school in the south would be scheduling --- because there just aren't very many of them around. There's a lot to be said for prep schools for certain kids . . . kids that need to improve their grades, kids that are young/relatively small for their high school graduating class, etc. Stick a "young" 17 year old high school senior in a prep school and give him another year to develop could make all the difference in terms of earning a college scholarship.
  4. Willie must go...

    There are many who believe that this is exactly why Bear Bryant scheduled USC -- so that the 'Bama fans would see that they needed to join the revolution and start recruiting black athletes immediately. In fact, there may even be a '30 for 30' on this subject (or was it a Showtime documentary?? . . . I can't remember). Either way, in typical Bear Bryant fashion, it wasn't just a matter of "joining" them, it was a matter of adapting and doing it better than anyone else.
  5. RPI for football in FHSAA is official

    Looks like New Jersey just came out with their version of an RPI: https://usatodayhss.com/2019/nj-football-coaches-get-look-at-new-transparent-power-ranking-formula
  6. 2019 unofficial schedules

    Just saw where Venice announced that they will be hosting a game against St. Frances (Maryland). I didn't see a date, so I don't know which game, if any, on the preliminary schedule the St. Frances game will be replacing.
  7. Willie must go...

    In the early part of your career, you're right, Peezy. But, things changed in the early '70's after Bama got its butt kicked by USC and Sam Cunningham. Here's a wikipedia except that explains it better than I can: "For years, Bryant was accused of racism[16] for refusing to recruit black players, but he merely said that the prevailing social climate and the overwhelming presence of noted segregationist George C. Wallace, first as governor and then as a presidential candidate, did not let him do this. He finally was able to convince the administration to allow him to do so after scheduling the Tide's 1970 season opener against a strong University of Southern California team led by black fullback Sam Cunningham. Cunningham rushed for 150 yards and three touchdowns in a 42–21 victory against the overmatched Tide. After that season, Bryant was able to recruit Wilbur Jackson as Alabama's first black scholarship player, and junior-college transfer John Mitchell became the first black man to play for Alabama. By 1973, one-third of the team's starters were black, and Mitchell became the Tide's first black coach that season.[17][18][19][20] In 1971, Bryant began engineering a comeback. This included abandoning Alabama's old power offense for the relatively new wishbone formation. (Darrell Royal, the Texas football coach whose assistant Emory Bellard virtually invented the wishbone, taught Bryant its basics, but Bryant developed successful variations of the wishbone that even Royal had never used.)[citation needed] The change helped make the remainder of the decade a successful one for the Crimson Tide. That season, Alabama went undefeated and earned a #2 ranking, but lost to #1 Nebraska, 38–6 in the Orange Bowl. The team would go on to split national championships in 1973 (Notre Dame defeated Alabama 24-23 in the Sugar Bowl, and the UPI thereafter stopped giving national championships until after all the games for the season had been played – including bowl games) and 1978 (despite losing a regular season matchup against national co-champion USC) and win it outright in 1979 after a 24-9 Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas. Bryant coached at Alabama for 25 years, winning six national titles (1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, and 1979) and thirteen SEC championships. Bryant's win over in-state rival Auburn University, coached by former Bryant assistant Pat Dye on November 28, 1981 was Bryant's 315th as a head coach, which was the most of any head coach at that time. His all-time record as a coach was 323-85-17."
  8. Willie must go...

    So, you think Cross would have ended up signing with FSU after all (instead of flipping to Maryland) if Bowden had still been there?
  9. Macclenny announces

    Thanks. I feel better now. I know teachers and coaches are underpaid, but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't that bad.
  10. Macclenny announces

    Please tell me these amounts being mentioned in this thread are a stipend and in addition to whatever teacher salary he may receive.
  11. Willie must go...

    True, but it took Billy nine seasons (and a frustrating run of about five years in the early 2000's of losing to lower-seeded teams in the NCAA tournament) before he won his first National Championship. For me, the jury's still out on White. The injury bug (especially to the big men) has hit the Gators hard the last few years. I'm inclined to give White another couple of years to sink or swim.
  12. Willie must go...

    "Haven't recruited" or "haven't signed?" Does that include the ones that started out at UF and ended up elsewhere (like Grier)?
  13. Pahokee losses a player to IMG

    What? You mean Pahokee's weight room doesn't look like this?
  14. Possibly the Greatest Ever HS Game Ending

    Fantastic ending made all the better by the announcers.
  15. Thoughts about HS Bowl Games

    A couple of thoughts: Unless you really cut back on the number of playoff teams, you're going to continue to have a fair share of first-round (and even second-round) blowouts. Especially now with the state's current transfer policy -- the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. A reflection of our society. A handful of teams will continue to dominate each class and these teams will continue to be on the winning side of these first-round playoff game blowouts. That said, blowouts are not the worst thing in the world. I'm guessing most players and coaches (and even fans) would tell you that they'd rather make the playoffs and get blown out in the first round than not make the playoffs at all. And for the top-seeded teams, a blowout first-round game keeps them in rhythm and, assuming no major injuries, is probably better than a bye. And for those kids who aren't starters, first-round blowouts give them a chance to get some meaningful playing time in a playoff game. Nevertheless, I like the idea of a bowl game or two for the teams whose bubbles get burst by the RPI and who fall just outside the top 8 in their region . . . at least until the stud players from these teams start deciding to sit out the bowl game for fear of injury and messing up their chances to get drafted, er, snag a last minute scholarship. One other thing to keep in mind: unlike college, a good number of football players, especially at smaller schools, roll right into high school basketball season as soon as the whistle blows in their last football game. A bowl game played one or two weeks after their last regular season game would further delay that transition. Just my two cents.