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  1. Hmmm, I'm not sure . . . but he looks like a Nice guy.
  2. Which is easier to do when you're using multiple footballs.
  3. I'd Love to take a crack at this one, but I'll give others a shot first.
  4. Perhaps in anticipation of social distancing, some of the defenses I've seen lately won't have any issue at all with getting too close to opposing players.
  5. The only thing that could reasonably be done prior to game would be to temperature check all participants (players, coaches, refs, chain gangs, etc.) as they walk through a singular entrance point onto the field. I think the thermal thermometers cost less than $100. Anything more than that (swabs/testing/etc) is going to be price-prohibitive.
  6. That was part of the Task Force's discussion at today's meeting. One of the members make a short presentation that included several steps that could be taken to create a safer environment from the field to the press box. On a related note, there was some discussion at the end from the FHSAA Director regarding liability concerns when the FHSAA uses words like "must" and "shall." So, be prepared to see a whole lot of "this is what we recommend."
  7. I'm afraid said deranged person may have to change the imaginary team's name to have a second season . . . I'm pretty sure MaxPreps finally caught wind of what was going on and removed Randazzo from their website. Disappointing to say the least; I was really looking forward to seeing how some of those underclassmen progressed.
  8. Dang, that's a whole lot of school board commissioners who won't get reelected. Just curious, districts all around the state or just the ones near metropolitan areas like Houston? If the former, that's a pretty big domino (which is what you would expect from Texas).
  9. Dang, now I've lost all respect for him... /s/ Proud Buchholz Bobcat alum.
  10. They're a tricky bunch. I'm pretty sure that use more than one football on some of their plays.
  11. Admiral Farragut, a private boarding school in St. Pete, has cancelled their 2020 football season based on the uncertainty associated with the Coronavirus pandemic. This is a team that has had recent success (10-2 in 2018 and 8-4 last season). But, they are a boarding school, so I'm sure they're facing a good bit of uncertainty as to how they're going to handle their domestic and international student population this coming year. But, they're made the decision to cancel football. I would expect to see a number of kids transferring out over the next couple of weeks and who can blame them? This will especially be true for all of the kids who think they may have a D1 scholarship in their future -- which will be the vast majority of them (not that they actually have that chance, but they're 16-18 year old kids, so they all think they have that chance). Outlier or the first of many dominoes to fall?
  12. OK, I think I've got it narrowed down to one of three teams: (1) Merritt Island (in the '90's), (2) Vero (in the 90's or between '08 and '15), and (3) Frostproof (between '82 and '87, after finishing runners-up in '81). I'll have to do some more digging to figure out when each of those teams got knocked out during the time periods noted.
  13. 17 running plays? Sounds like something Apopka would do. Actually, sounds like something Apopka did. Over and over.
  14. Going to throw out a total guess: Lakewood?
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