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  1. What makes it even more strange is that, allegedly, supposedly, the QB (Kelly) transferred because Jesuit didn't throw the ball enough, so he wasn't able to showcase his skills. But if that's the case, the converse is true, meaning that they ran the ball too much. This means that the RB's (like Parks) were the focus of the offense, so they wouldn't have any football reason for wanting to move (unless they were sharing touches too much for their own selfish reasons). Here's the question I ask myself: were it not for football, what are the chances that Kelly, Parks and Young (the DB) would have chosen to go to school at Jesuit? Ostensibly, whatever financial aid package, if any, that was available to them when they were enrolled and playing football would have been available to them if they had chosen to attend Jesuit without playing football. An all-boys private school experience just isn't for everybody. It wouldn't surprise me if those guys just tired of the whole morning chapel/Jesuit experience and wanted a little more 'balance' or excitement their senior season. Short-sighted at best.
  2. I would think that Randazzo will have to travel out-of-state a few times to complete the 'away' end of the home-and-home series with some of the teams they hosted this past year.
  3. Last week, I saw on social media that Armwood was looking for an out-of-state game. I don't know if they found one yet or not. This past season, Plant played at Gonzaga (in D.C.); this season, Gonzaga is supposed to play at Plant. I don't know whether Coach Weiner's departure will effect those plans.
  4. Why? What's changed? New coach(es)?
  5. It does not appear so. Track & field, yes. Cross country, no. Or so it appears.
  6. At least two Tampa Jesuit players, including the starting QB and a college-prospect DB, have transferred to Gaither. And from what I hear, there may be more on the way. Is Gaither becoming the next Armwood? Speaking of Armwood, they've already lost one of their D1 prospect WR's (Agiye Hall) to IMG and reports have their other D1 prospect WR (Charles Montgomery) returning to Bloomingdale for his senior season. And the rumor on the street now is that Armwood's QB for the last two years, Cam'ron Ransom, may be heading east on I-4 to play his senior season at Lakeland. Is Armwood becoming the next Gaither? #WildWildWest
  7. I've heard recent reports that suggest Venice is following the Madison model. From what I've heard, a dozen or more of the kids on their team (and not the ones sitting the bench) do not attend Venice High School, but instead are enrolled at a nearby private school that does not have any athletic teams, thus allowing the kids who attend there to play for Venice. Without throwing any stones or casting any aspersions (especially since FHSAA rules appear to allow it), does anyone on this board know how accurate this is?
  8. But can we all agree that, at least for this season, there was at least one "Elite" team in the SEC?
  9. Entertaining game last night/this morning. First half took right at 2 hours to play. Second half wasn't much better. Throw in a long halftime and you end up with a game that end well after midnight. On a school night. Dang. I get that they want to maximize their exposure over the entire country, but that's tough on the folks in the Eastern Time Zone. But, at least the game was entertaining and competitive.
  10. Looks like both . . . and a cross country coach, too.
  11. I was at the Gaither/Chamberlain game. Worst officiated game I've ever seen. The refs literally did not call a single penalty the entire night. It was if they weren't even there! After a strong season, the Chambo defense failed to show up against the Cowboys. Perhaps Chamberlain has a lot of underclassmen on their squad; but I couldn't find a program anywhere to confirm this. I guess that's to be expected with these neutral site games.
  12. How about this new one in Alabama? https://247sports.com/Article/Rush-Propst-USA-Academy-coach-Alabama-football-141540436/
  13. I would truly love to get some feedback from a handful of college coaches as to whether they see such school-hopping (playing at a different high school each season) as a red flag. Is a kid who does this in high school more likely to do it in college? If that's the sentiment, would a college focus their recruiting efforts on another equally talented player who doesn't have a nomadic history? I'm guessing that with the uber-talented kids, the 4- and 5-star guys, the colleges are willing to take their chances and convince themselves that their school will be the one where the kid finally settles down for four years. Has anyone on this board ever spoken with a college coach about this issue?
  14. And let us know when and where the games are being played . . . I may want to try and catch one of the games.
  15. Just so everyone else knows and can plan accordingly, I plan on picking all of the "elite" teams to win and all of the "garbage" teams to lose.
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