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  1. For what it's worth, I reached out to the FHSAA regarding the issue of whether an opponent's loss to the team whose RPI is being determined is reflected in the Opponents Winning Percentage. I heard back in less than an hour and they confirmed that it is not. I'm assuming the converse also is true (i.e., an opponent's win over the team whose RPI is being determined would not be reflected in the OWP either), but I have not confirmed this. So, using Venice as the example, when calculating Venice's OWP, the losses to Venice by Venice's opponents are not reflected in the RPI.
  2. Jambun, why did you think the hypothetical was about you? Yeah, there's an old expression that if the shoe fits, wear it. But the hypothetical was simply intended to point out yet another unintended (presumably) consequence of the legislators' actions. Pointing out the things that might happen (and things which are happening) as a result of legislative changes is a classic way of pointing out the flaws of potential or existing legislation. So, if either were still alive, I think Darrow and Bailey would be just fine with what I wrote. You opted to put your opinion out there for the world to see. I respect that and I respect your opinion. I just happen to disagree with it.
  3. The initial RPI Rankings are out for football. Per Rule 4.7.4 of the Football Sport Manual, the RPI Ranking Calculation for a particular team is calculated by adding together the following three components: (1) that team's Winning Percentage (multiplied by .35), (2) that team's Opponent's Winning Percentage (also multiplied by .35), and (3) that team's Opponent's Opponent's Winning Percentage (multiplied by .30). As of today, Venice's RPI Ranking is number 1 in the state. It's .89167, which is derived by adding (1) their Winning Percentage (1.000) times .35 equals .35000, (2) their Opponent's Winning Percentage (1.000) times .35 equals .35000 and (3) their Opponent's Opponent's Winning Percentage (.63889) times .30 equals .191667. Those three calculations do indeed total .89167. Here's where I'm struggling: if Venice is undefeated (which they are), their Winning Percentage is indeed 1.000. But, it's impossible for their Opponent's Winning Percentage to be 1.000. Venice's opponents have at least three collective losses because they all lost to Venice. Now, here's what I suspect someone will say: yo, the "Opponent's Winning Percentage" is based on all the games they have played except the games against the team whose RPI you're trying to figure out. Maybe that makes sense; maybe it doesn't. However, I looked over the FHSAA Handbook (including the Administrative Procedures), as well as the Football Sport Manual, and I could not find any mention of doing it this way. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  4. Well, duh! Player movement will simply lead to greater disparity between the "have" teams and the "have not" teams, which will lead to more blow-out games. And running clock in the second half of games means the game officials get to go home early. (Wife to husband wearing a white hat: "What time will you be home tonight, dear?" Ref responds: "Well, I've got STA vs. Hallandale tonight, so I should be home by 9:00 . . . and probably won't even need to shower before going to bed.").
  5. Unhappy with the score or unhappy with the refs?
  6. Jambun, ever seen anything like this before? https://www.wfla.com/news/national/refs-trapped-in-locker-room-after-hs-football-game-say-door-was-blocked-with-vending-machine-file-charges/
  7. Badbird, in light of the current legislation, why does any kid need an "out of zone waiver" to play for another public school within the county? Remind me which county you're referring to?
  8. Dan, the timing may be good right now . . . after losing to Lake Gibson Friday night, the folks in Polk's big city might be looking for a new way to solve their problems. But, I dread not.
  9. Interesting read (and I listened to the podcast). Mr. Smith doesn't really tell us anything that we don't already know. His solution to the problem is twofold: (1) a kid can transfer once, as a matter of right; after that, any additional transfers (without a total move into a new district), and the kid has to sit out a year; and (2) $5,000 fine for those guilty of recruiting, to be paid by the coach and/or the school, Mr. Smith doesn't really state his preference on this one. But, nor does he really address the issue of what happens if the coach and/or the school is not directly involved in the recruiting. For example, what happens when a kid at one school is being blatantly recruited by a kid or family from another school? Who do you fine then? Are we going to fine a high school kid who gives some other kid a sales pitch at a 7 on 7 tournament over the summer? Are we going to fine the coach or the school if that were to happen? Who among us would think it fair to fine a coach more than he makes in a single season because some kid on his team tries to lure some kid from another team to jump ship at a summer camp? Here's the thing that got my attention: I don't know Mr. Smith, but he appears to be involved with UCF, although I can't tell whether he's formally associated with the school or just does his own thing with respect to UCF football and recruiting. I ask this question because Mr. Smith calls for all coaches to start reporting recruiting incidents. If he's truly a media person, why doesn't he do an "All the President's Men" type journalistic piece and start naming names himself? It's almost like he doesn't like what's going on because it makes it inconvenient for him to keep track of all the top high school players in the state. And he doesn't want to kill the golden goose by calling out all the wrong-doers and forever tainting the relationship he has with high school coaches. In other words, if he truly wants to help solve the problem, perhaps he needs to make the sacrifice: he should do what he wants all the coaches in the state to do -- start calling out the wrong-doers . . . by name, by school and by district. Bring the receipts forward. Embarrass a bunch of coaches and see if that gets the attention of the FHSAA and/or the school administrators. Clean coaches and programs (if there are any) will respect what he does because it will help clean up the problem. As always, just my two cents' worth.
  10. For everyone except the long-snapper and his parents.
  11. Dillard, 34-0. Dillard gets 5 TD's and makes the extra point the first four times. However, on the final TD (and with the game well out of reach), Dillard brings in the 9th grade back-up kicker and he promptly sends a screaming line drive right into the center's cheeks (which does allow the bruised long-snapper with the luxury of being able to lie on his stomach for game film tomorrow morning).
  12. Top Five Possibilities: 5. Someone said something that somebody else didn't like. 4. Someone said something about somebody else's mother. 3. Someone got disrespected about something. 2. Someone snitched on somebody else. 1. A girl.
  13. Based on what I saw on the Bishop Sycamore thread on that site, I think Nolebull would agree with your assessment.
  14. They have a really good chance of playing for, and possibly winning, a state championship this year. Several D-1 kids on both sides of the ball. A young QB, but he's surrounded by talent, so he has time to grow/mature.
  15. I watched the FSU/Notre Dame game last week. What a great game! Given that N.D. came into that game ranked 8th (I think), when FSU took the Fighting Irish into overtime, my immediate reaction, like that of many others, was "dang, FSU went and got good again." Fast forward a week. N.D. has to score a TD in the final minute to escape with a home win against Toledo and FSU loses to Jacksonville State. Regarding that whole "FSU got good again" thing, I guess you could say I'm having second thoughts now.
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