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  1. Thanks. I figured that out last night and meant to come back and post a "never mind." But I appreciate you confirming it was Brian Turner.
  2. Exactly. But that same green color is what likely motivated the FHSAA to make this decision.
  3. And are we only talking about teams that have won a single state title or teams that have won at least one title (as long as their last one was 20 or more years ago)?
  4. That's what happens when you change the laws such that week in and week out the Haves play the Have Nots.
  5. Old School, my numbers must be off a little. But here are the teams that I have found that have won a single state title, but in each case, it was won more than 20 years ago: Clewiston (won it in '82); 37 total playoff wins. Columbia (won it in '67); 40 total playoff wins. Niceville (won it in '88); 36 total playoff wins. Osceola (Kissimmee) (won it in '98); 48 total playoff wins. Vero Beach (won it in '81); 42 total playoff wins. When you say "playoff wins," are you just referring to playoff wins since they won their state title? Or are my numbers just off?
  6. Wharton has a chance to do a little rebuilding now. This year was a good start for them. Their new head coach will bring a certain amount of excitement to the program that might be enough to keep existing talent there and possibly even attract new talent. That coach is Mike Williams, former Plant/USC/Detroit Lion (and other NFL teams) WR. Whether he's good enough to overcome the Nolebull hex remains to be seen.
  7. I know this is way off topic, but since we got on the topic of STA, I recently ran across this article and found it interesting: https://www.browardpalmbeach.com/news/st-thomas-aquinas-fired-coach-after-benching-principals-grandson-10413099
  8. But the OL coach apparently looked to other campuses as well . . . https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/high-school/prep-broward/article229077444.html
  9. Please remind me which coach you're referring to.
  10. Any thoughts on the FHSAA scheduling 8 games over 4 consecutive days on the same natural grass field?
  11. Darter, that may have been the 2008 4A Championship game. STA beat Lakeland 56-7.
  12. I love how different people can watch the exact same clip and come away with completely different viewpoints. Hornet, I tend to agree with your take on this one. Bang-bang play. Jambun, I'll ask you another question: at what point does the ball become dead? While the pass was well overthrown (and I'm not going to go back and watch it yet again), my guess is that the ball had not yet hit the ground or a person standing out of bounds when the DB made contact. If that's correct, isn't the play still alive? While you're pondering that one, how about this hit from the NFL yesterday?
  13. The "Pre HIt" screenshot confirms the pass was well overthrown (and that the DB had his head down, with his eyes focused on the WR and not the flight path of the ball). The "Hit" screenshot confirms what I saw: the contact from the DB comes just as the WR is landing. And if we can't tell for sure with replay whether the WR's foot landed in bounds, on the line or out of bounds, how should a DB be able to tell in real time? Again, it appears to me that the only justification for calling this a penalty is because the ball was overthrown and the WR clearly didn't have the ball when he l
  14. Based on my 30 seconds of in-depth Internet research, it appears that Doak Campbell has a natural grass field. The FHSAA has scheduled EIGHT games over four days. Two high school football games a day for four consecutive days. They had better hope that it doesn't rain in Tallahassee any of those days (or the day or two leading up to the games). In my humble opinion, there's no way that a natural grass field can stand up to that many games being played in that short of a time period -- especially if the field gets muddy. But even without the rain or the mud, that field is going to get c
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