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    St. Frances St. Thomas Aquinas Miami Carol City IMG Academy Columbia Plant (voting with the heart, not the brain; if I end up losing this whole thing by one game, I'll look back and blame this pick) Jones American Heritage (Delray) Miami Northwestern Lakeland
  2. Week 1: Florida High School Football Streams

    Dang, Manatee must have a good defense this year.
  3. Any KOC Games tonight??

    I'm not pointing fingers at anyone here, and I don't know if there's an easy solution, but I'll say this: if I worked for the GHSAA or whoever it is that decides where to play the state championship games, it would be really hard for me to justify spending over half a million dollars in order to play the championship games indoors.
  4. Week 1: Florida High School Football Streams

    Good stuff. Thanks. Related question: if your rival team or that thorn-in-your-side-come-playoffs team is playing an OOS game, do you want to see them win?
  5. Taylor County

    Apparently. This article gives more of a bio: https://www.tallahassee.com/story/sports/preps/2019/08/19/new-taylor-county-football-coach-belser-quits-after-player-protest/2045996001/ Ini 2004-5, he had 7-13 record as head coach at Rickards. Later, he was the HC at an Alabama high school (Hillcrest-Evergreen) that went 8-32. Most recently, in 2017, he "lead" Tanner High to a 3-8 record. It appears to be a combination of an abrasive personality, a poor performance by his teams on the field, and his habit of leaving when the going gets tough.
  6. Venice vs Plant predictions

    Venice is a better team than Plant . . . at least right now (and perhaps they will be all season . . . with Plant moving up to 8A this year, we'll never really know). Venice looked like they already had played a handful of games. They've got a big O-line and a couple of QB's that Venice has been able to plug into their system. They've got a talented RB (Bowman Lite) and, as a result of the transfer a couple of weeks ago, they have two D1 prospect receivers -- both have good height, good hands and good speed. If an opposing defense doesn't have two very good corners, Venice is going to show you which one isn't good early and often. A couple of their TDs were big plays/busted coverage plays. But, I could see the new WR getting frustrated if he matches up against a decent DB and the back judge ref doesn't allow him to use his arms to create space once the ball's in the air. That said, Venice is going to have to outscore good teams, which they probably will do. The Indian defense was good, but not outstanding. Plant managed to put up 30 points, but at least one of the TDs was the result of a turnover and a short field. And, granted 2s were playing 2s, but Plant left points on the board at the very end of the game when their drive stalled deep in Venice territory. Again, Venice was the better team and they certainly deserved the win. I'd pencil in Venice and STA in the state semis for the right to get beat by Lakeland in the finals.
  7. Manatee fans:

    If the Lakeland QB has the ability to take the snap from the center and successfully hand the ball off to Bowman, Lakeland will win the game.
  8. Any KOC Games tonight??

    East Lake and Sarasota Riverview apparently have figured out a way to reschedule their game for tomorrow morning at 10:00.
  9. Just saw that Sarasota County AD made the decision to cancel all games for tonight (I'm assuming that's all games that would otherwise be taking place in Sarasota County). In addition, last list I saw had 7 more games in Tampa Bay area canceled for tonight.
  10. Yep. The new leather helmets always arrived on the Tuesday after Labor Day. And while football may be a "year round" sport, the kids are typically wearing shorts pants and t-shirts during the summer months. They tell me this is a tad bit cooler than when they put on pads and helmets. And, more to the point of this thread, the thunder storms and heavy rains start to taper down a bit as we get into September. I guess we should be thankful that it's "just rain" and not a hurricane.
  11. And August is a summer month.
  12. Venice vs Plant predictions

    I hear ya, Earl.
  13. Any KOC Games tonight??

    Can KOCs be pushed back a day to Saturday? (Yeah, I know the field conditions aren't likely to improve a lot between Friday evening and Saturday, but I have another thought in mind).
  14. Any KOC Games tonight??

    A couple of games in the Tampa Bay area already have been canceled due to poor field conditions resulting from rain over the last couple of days (and it's still coming down): (1) Manatee vs. Southeast; and (2) East Bay vs. Palmetto.
  15. Venice vs Plant predictions

    If the last couple of KOC's are any indication, this will be a high-scoring affair and likely a close game. Both teams have some talented players. I'll be interested to see how quickly the WR transfer can pick up on Venice's offense and whether he and the QB have been able to get their timing down. The teams appeared pretty evenly matched when they played each other in 7 on 7 this summer, but I realize that doesn't mean a whole lot once you put the pads on. I'm hoping the rains stop by kickoff, but this is a game that could definitely be impacted, if not decided, by turnovers. Only because VIF channeled his inner-Vince Dooley and picked Plant to win, I'll go the other way and give the nod to Venice to eek out the victory.