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  1. In a single word, "no." In a lot more words, see the following: (From 2023-24 FHSAA Handbook) 36.2 GENERAL DEFINITIONS 36.2.1 Athletic Recruiting. “Athletic recruiting” is any effort by a school employee, athletic department staff member or representative of a school’s athletic interests to pressure, urge or entice a student to attend that school for the purpose of participating in interscholastic athletics. and this . . . 36.2.2 Improper Contact. “Improper contact” is contact, either directly or indirectly, whether in person or through written or electronic communication, by a school employee, athletic department staff member, representative of the school’s athletic interests or third parties, such as an independent person, business or organization, with a student or any member of the student’s family, in an effort to pressure, urge or entice the student to attend a different school for the purpose of participating in interscholastic athletics. See Policy 37. In fact, if the kid contacts the coach at another school, the coach is not supposed to communicate with the kid other than to refer the kid to the person at the school responsible for admissions. Best I can tell, there is no exception for being able to reach out to a kid who plays a sport that is not offered by the school that the kid currently attends. Perhaps there should be . . . but then you'd really be opening Pandora's Box.
  2. 1. Ask around and get the kid's phone number. 2. Call the kid. 3. If that doesn't work, DM the kid. 4. Once communications are established, try to convince the kid to come to your school. There may be other ways, but I think this would be the easiest way to recruit a kid .
  3. So, after one very brief reading, it appears that the policy will be as follows: kids, you can cut an NIL deal, but it can't have anything to do with the school you're at or any school that wants you to come there or anyone associated with any of those schools (i.e., boosters).
  4. Sounds like his dad suggested that maybe his days are numbered and that the son should stick around and inherit the Escambia head job.
  5. Or the private schools will use their combination of private money and public money (i.e., vouchers) to hire away the best teachers, leaving the rest at the public schools to teach those who don't have the resources -- even with the vouchers -- to send their kids to private schools. Of course, if this happens, there might be a few folks who will brag that it all worked out the way it was planned.
  6. Nolebull, is that your way of saying that a kid from out-of-state that shows up and plays for IMG for a year or two doesn't really qualify as a "Florida kid?" If so, I agree 100%.
  7. As it stands now, a team can afford to lose a game towards the middle-to-end of the regular season and still bounce back and win a state title. The idea of "lose or go home" after Week 5 does not appeal to me at all. Additionally, what do all the teams who lose in Week 6 or 7 do for the rest of the season? Try to find games to play the other teams that got bounced early? Hard to schedule a "home and home" series with another team if you don't know who's going to be in the playoffs for how long both this year and next.
  8. So, while it might be wrong, I would not blame the kid for taking the deal. However, I would hold "the rich local private school" responsible for blatantly breaking the rules.
  9. Nolebull, so here's the scenario: A coach or a booster from a high school in Florida approaches a kid who plays football at a different school and offers that kid and/or that kid's parents a boatload of benefits (money, an apartment, or anything else that would, under existing rules, qualify as an "impermissible benefit"). Let's break this down: it's OK for the kid and his family to accept the impermissible benefits as long as they believe that they're making the 'best decision' for their family. And it's OK for the coach or booster to provide such impermissible benefits because that somehow improves the kid's chances of succeeding as an athlete and/or student. Wait, it's not just "OK" for the coach or booster to do that, they should be encouraged to do that because that's the only way they'll be able to keep up with all the other coaches and boosters that are breaking the rules by providing impermissible benefits to other kids. Have I got that right? Do you want to do away with all the rules involving recruiting, benefits, transferring, etc. or just keep the rules in place, but not enforce them? #Lordoftheflies
  10. “Knowing that we are committing [rules] violations and nothing is being done set off alarms for me." Quote from the former (as of a week or so ago) baseball coach at the high school in question (in the article at the beginning of this thread). Admittedly, he was not one of the football coaches, but between he and his wife (who was the principal of the school), they seemed to have a lot of insider information. Note also, that he uses the word "we," referring to the school he was coaching. Do I have any direct knowledge of cheating? Nope. But when I see this much smoke, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that there is some fire burning in there somewhere.
  11. "Choosing to break the rules is not a coach philosophy; it's cheating." /s/ Annoyed and retired
  12. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm OK with an open division, but the teams in the open division should be determined before the season starts and not at the end of the regular season just before the playoffs begin.
  13. I think it was a coach from their own school (albeit from another sport) that was calling the school out.
  14. Ironic. These days, it's usually the folks from other countries that are being told to 'go back to where they came from.'
  15. In an effort to get this thread back on track, here's Tampa Plant's schedule for the 2024 season: 8/16 – vs. Lecanto (KOC) 8/23 – TBD (reports of a trip to Ireland have already been posted) 8/30 – vs. Gaither 9/6 – vs. Robinson 9/13 - @ Tampa Bay Tech 9/20 – vs. Sumner 9/27 – vs. Armwood* 10/4 – bye 10/10 - @ Wharton* 10/18 - @ Berkeley 10/25 - @ Sickles* 11/1 vs. Steinbrenner * - denotes District Game (6A Reg. 2, Dis. 8) The three-game stretch in the middle/end of September will likely determine what kind of team/season Plant has this coming season (TBT, Sumner and Armwood). The stretch in October will determine if they make the playoffs.
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