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  1. I appreciate the response. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is how the 3A "powerhouse private schools" get to be powerhouse schools and what's keeping some other school with similar student population numbers from becoming one of those schools in the future.
  2. By doing what? Seriously, how do you level the playing field?
  3. I bet you're right about that . . . but odds are, you've done it once or twice yourself. In fact, I'll set the over/under at four.
  4. HornetFan, you make some great points. However, I don't think the two concepts are mutually exclusive. I think coaches can be in it because they have a love for the game and a passion for helping kids and, at the same time, be fairly compensated for their time and efforts. It's just a matter of finding that sweet spot.
  5. Unlike message board administrators, members of the Grammar Police Department are all self-appointed volunteers. They do not have the power to arrest -- only to embarrass and point out mistakes (like adding an apostrophe "s" to the word "District" to make the word possessive instead of plural, as was no doubt intended). The risk, of course, is people tend to have long memories and will instantly pounce on any grammatical mistakes, misspellings, etc. that a grammar policeman makes in the future. Also, they do not carry a firearm; instead, they typically carry an armory of red pens to circle
  6. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know off hand what the over/under number is?
  7. Madison County may have asked the FHSAA to wait a few more weeks so they could move a few more students over to the neighboring charter school and keep their student population under the dividing line between 1A and 2A.
  8. When will the New District's what be released? #grammarpoliceonpatrol
  9. My heart says Bucs, but my head says Chiefs will win and cover. The Bucs do a good job of shutting down the running game of other teams, but the Chiefs may be one of the few teams in the league that can still beat you if they have to rely solely on their passing game. If the Bucs can get their running game going, with Playoff Lenny and RoJo splitting carries, it's possible they could control the game clock, keep the ball out of Mahomes' hands, and keep the Chiefs offense from getting into a rhythm. The Bucs will need to win the turnover battle. All possible. All I know is that 30 years
  10. Personally, I'd rather see both teams have a few games under their belts before they square off. Apopka has a tendency to start a little slow, but finish strong -- in large part because of it takes a little time to get their sophisticated offensive in synch (even though many the kids have been running it since their youth football days).
  11. Thanks for the fashion tip, Jambun. I just got back from my tailor. What do you think?
  12. White (hat) privilege?
  13. Fair enough. But if I ignore somebody, how will I ever know if and when they say something that I disagree with . . . something that then compels me to explain to the world in exhausting detail all the reasons why I'm right and they're wrong, while at the same time making condescending comments about them, their family and the team they support?
  14. Serious question: what rules would they be playing by? There's a good chance that half the Miami D would have been ejected for targeting in the semifinal game and wouldn't be available for the first half of the championship game against the 2020 'Bama team.
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