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  1. Scheduling issues that make it difficult to come up with an ideal schedule: 1. District games. You gotta play them, regardless of how good or bad the other teams in the district are. 2. County involvement. Are there any other counties, besides Hillsborough, that control scheduling for all public schools in the county? If not, this is only an issue in Hillsborough. Even still, the non-district schedule for any given year is based in part on how well the various teams did the year before. 3. Track records. Speaking of 'how the teams did the year before,' if a team did well and is returning most of its starters (especially at key positions like QB), you can assume that team will do well again next year, when you're trying to schedule them (or avoid scheduling them). Other times, it's very difficult to know how good or bad a team is going to be from one year to the next. Example: it probably didn't take a rocket scientist to determine that Edgewater was going to be good again this season after going 12-2 last year. But how many predicted that they would go 9-3 overall (8-2 in regular season) in 2017 after going 1-10 in 2016? Or, how many would have predicted Plant would go 4-6 this year after going 11-2, 12-2, and 13-1 the prior 3 seasons? Especially for public schools, and even more so in this new open-transfer era, where 2 or 3 players can make the difference in a 3-7 season or a 7-3 season, how do you know for sure what you're getting when you're trying to make out schedules -- especially if you're trying to make them out more than a year in advance? Food for thought.
  2. I have a feeling this one's going to come down to one game. . . .
  3. I always thought Gainesville was a good, central location, as well. Also the home of the FHSAA, which should have made things easier. On the flip-side, the Swamp doesn't have artificial turf like it used to, so multiple games over 3 or 4 days wouldn't work. And, if I'm being honest with myself, I can understand why other state colleges and universities might feel that championship games being played in G'ville might give UF an unfair recruiting advantage. Nolebull, I do have one question for your consideration: looking at this like an SAT math problem. Assume that only 20% of teams historically playing in the state finals come from schools north and west of Lake City (hypothetical/random number), but 60% come from Broward or Miami-Dade County, is Jax still the 'central' location? Total cumulative travel for the teams/fans from down south would far exceed the total cumulative travel for teams/fans from the panhandle. Just a thought for consideration.
  4. What, so non-football players can also enjoy being sexually abused under his watch? I don't think this is what the FHSAA had in mind when they said athletes can't receive 'impermissible benefits' that aren't available to all other kids in the school. Hey, I'm willing to withhold judgment and wait until all the facts come out, but if the school determined there was enough evidence to remove him from his coaching position, it would seem there's enough evidence to remove him from his teaching position.
  5. I believe that's Robinson High School product Zain Gilmore.
  6. The bye week may throw a few teams out of rhythm, but at least they're all in the same boat. Also in the same boat are the 2A teams, but they've had one less day to prepare than a normal week. But I suspect they're not complaining.
  7. Because not all of the games are being playing in Orlando this year (1A-3A in Tallahassee and 4A-8A in Daytona), the FHSAA big-wigs, sponsors, etc. needed time to relocate and re-mobilize. At least I think that's the practical answer to your question. I seem to recall about 10 years ago the small class championship games were played one weekend and the larger classes were played the following weekend, which did create a 'bye' week for the larger class teams. But I'm not sure about that.
  8. Remind me, how do you win half a title? Only thing I could think of is a shared title. But how and when did that happen?
  9. Can any of the Lakeland fans on this board explain why Castle/Lakeland seemingly abandoned the run game? Yeah, I know Armwood has a pair of 300-pound defensive tackles and I know they have speed on the edges. But Bowman is one of the best backs in the country. According to the Ledger, he had 10 carries for 79 yards in the first half (including a 46-yard TD run) and finished the game with 13 carries for 82 yards. By my math, that means he only had 3 carries for 3 yards in the second half. Three carries! That's one possession. Armwood scored by completing a pair of the jump ball passes thrown to Hall. That's their strength. The first half proved that Bowman could hit the big one if you give him enough carries. Whatever happened to the old idea of 'dance with the one that brought you?'
  10. Kids could transfer in or out in 24 hours. Every kid on the team would have the nickname "Prime Time." Mascot: The Fighting Deliverymen. Don't worry about putting your film on Hudl; we already have it. I'll be here all week. Remember to tip your bartenders and servers.
  11. Looked like a catch to me. But, hard to argue with the mechanics of the refs. The back judge apparently saw the ball "bounce up" and didn't realize the ball was bouncing up off the receiver's hands. So he came in hard and emphatic with the incomplete call. Very quick discussion between the two officials. Generally, when the two officials confer, if one of them believes he has seen something that determines how the call should be made, the other official has little choice but to defer. In this case, the back judge no doubt said he saw the ball hit the ground. What else can the other official say? In the end, they just missed it.
  12. Start with these two from the FHSAA Football Manual: 7.1.1 Sportsmanship Requirement. Players, coaches, administrators, spectators, contest officials and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with a member school shall practice and promote the highest standards of sportsmanship and ethics before, during and after any interscholastic event. 10.6.1 Neutrality. It is the responsibility of the host school to ensure that an atmosphere of neutrality is maintained in all Florida High School State Championship Series events. Such events are not “home contests” for the host schools. Special festivities held as part of, or in conjunction with, regular season home contests (i.e., pregame activities designed to rally support for the home team, such as light shows, or giving special recognition to members of the home team) are not permitted during the Florida High School State Championship Series. Or perhaps this catch-all rule from the NFHS rulebook: SECTION 9 UNFAIR ACTS ART. 1 . . .A player or nonplayer or person(s) not subject to the rules shall not hinder play by an unfair act which has no specific rule coverage.
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