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  1. The Dropoff of HS Football in Polk County

    Um, I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate it's because all the really good players in Polk County all end up at Lakeland.
  2. Jax TCA plays Deerfield beach in spring game

    Thanks. Still, to have a QB, two receivers and a RB totalling 14 stars is pretty darn impressive. I'm not sure I can recall ever seeing four 3-star (or better) skill players on the same side of the ball for a high school team.
  3. Jax TCA plays Deerfield beach in spring game

    "Losing" these kids because they're graduating or because they're transferring from Deerfield to some place else?
  4. STA Recruiting

    OK. Thanks for the clarification. But I'm still confused. I just ran across an article that said this: " St. Thomas -- one of the premier football programs in both the state and the country with 10 state championships — received an allegation of improper conduct from the FHSAA, containing the text messages from Wilson to the Dwyer student. St. Thomas investigated the allegation, determined Wilson had sent the messages and turned the messages over to the FHSAA, according to the report." So, it sounds like someone sent the information (i.e., a copy of the text message) to the FHSAA, who then forwarded that 'allegation of improper conduct' to STA -- basically saying 'OK, STA, here's what somebody sent us; please investigate this and let us know what you find out.' Knowing that they've been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and that somebody has the pictures of the crumbs to prove it, STA conducts its own internal investigation, concludes that the text was authentic, and then self-reports what was originally reported to the FHSAA from the outset. Or am I still missing something?
  5. Venice regular season predictions 2019

    So, who ends up under center this year? DallaCosta or the Weldon kid from Tampa?
  6. STA Recruiting

    Let me see if I've got this straight: someone ratted out STA to the FHSAA. The FHSAA in turn passed along the allegation to STA. STA then notified the FHSAA that the allegations were true. And this is called "self-reporting?" Understand that I'm not complaining about the way the process works; I'm just suggesting that calling this "self-reporting" is a tad bit misleading. In any event, it looks like the coaches at STA picked the wrong player at the wrong school to try and poach this time.
  7. Just curious: what would be the downside or the argument against letting any school that wants to move up one or more classifications do so? I understand a rule that would prohibit any team from moving from a higher classification to a lower one, but is there any (good) reason why a team that wants to play up should not be allowed to do so? Put your FHSAA hat on and give me your best argument. Anyone.
  8. Nah, it would have taken way to much effort on my part to actually find and type in the addresses of each stadium. I figured "city to city" was good enough to address the issue. Bottom line: it would take a team from Pensacola (and their fans) about seven hours or more to get to either city (and, presumably, either stadium). Not ideal, but for a "glass is half full" guy, it's still way better than the trip from Pensacola to Miami.
  9. Everyone's right! At least according to MapQuest. Pensacola to Orlando 452 miles and a travel time of 6:46 (as of right now; I'm assuming Mapquest factors in anticipated rush hour traffic). Pensacola to Daytona Beach: 447 miles and a travel time of 6:47 (same assumptions). Or, as my Dad used to say, "six of one, half dozen of another."
  10. I thought STA picked up their QB of the future (well, at least for the next two years). A portion of a previous post: Brady Dean, son of former UF QB Terry Dean, is leaving Collier County and transferring to STA. Here's a link to the article. https://usatodayhss.com/2019/brady-dean-transfers-sta-football-st-thomas-aquinas "Brady Dean threw for 1,195 yards, 12 touchdowns and 11 interceptions as a sophomore last season, his first as the Lions’ starting quarterback." Will he not be STA's savior?
  11. Yeah, now it'll only be 40-45% empty.
  12. Just curious, when will the decision be made as to which games get played when for the 4A through 8A classes? Can we assume, for example, that the 7A game will be played Friday night and the 8A game will be played Saturday night?
  13. STA Recruiting

    They must have pushed the "stealth recruiting" envelope just a little too far.
  14. Jax TCA might have a few transfers

    Just remember how this whole discussion started. A kid (currently enrolled at Robert E. Lee) sent out a tweet that said "Blessed to Receive an invitation to play IMG Academy." Admittedly, the tweet doesn't say who extended the invitation. But at the bottom of the tweet, the kid "ats" IMGAFootball and "IMGdbCoachBanks" (as well as two others). So, I guess the recruiting may have been "stealthy," but the response to it certainly was not.