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  1. I didn't bring up Lee in my post for two reasons: First, I knew you would. Second, it doesn't cost $30K a year to go to Lee.
  2. So, now there's a kid at Bolles who plays OL, another who plays DL, another who plays LB and one who plays TE that all finished up their season this past year and all four of them thought they'd be starting (again?) for the Bulldogs this fall. And now they probably won't be. Or they'll be starting at another position but the kids who would have been starting at those positions now won't be. So, conceivably, there are four families shelling out $30K a year in tuition who thought they would be watching their sons playing for Bolles this coming season who, instead, likely will be waving down
  3. Yep. But it was a problem that anyone with a brain could anticipate. Heck, even I saw it coming!
  4. Let me rewrite that sentence for you: "Then the state legislature started to get involved and passed legislation that forced the FHSAA to change its policies to allow kids to transfer to whatever school they want (as long as it's not at capacity and they provide their own transportation)." Had the FHSAA not changed their policies to be consistent with the newly-enacted legislation, the FHSAA would have lost their funding from the state. So, I've got a pretty clear picture in my mind of a bunch of folks sitting around in Gainesville saying to each other "So, what do you want to do
  5. With all due respect, I call B.S. on this. That may be how the legislators from Lakeland framed it to get support from their colleagues, but it was all about football . . . and pulling the teeth out of the FHSAA's mouth in retaliation for the FHSAA declaring a group of athletes ineligible for a season (in accordance with existing rules).
  6. Is having a mega screen TV at the stadium "recruiting"? No. Does winning state championships amount to "recruiting"? No. When a 16 year-old contacts his buddy from youth football and says to him "bro, we need a player just like you! The kid we have there now isn't very good. You'll start right away!", is that recruiting? Yes.
  7. ColumbiaFan, I know that Jacksonville transfers (especially into public schools) is a topic near and dear to your heart. But, I don't know if the media should be blamed for not reporting it, as if it's some kind of conspiracy between the media and the schools in Duval Co. In the Tampa Bay area, we've gone from two daily publications to one and home delivery has gone from 7 days a week to 2. During football season, the newspapers used to have stories on virtually every game in the area. Now, they tend to pick out two or three games, cover only those games, and nothing is said about al
  8. Have your JV schedule the easy team for the Varsity's otherwise open week. Then, since varsity's not playing, drop all your varsity players down to JV that week so they can get their game in.
  9. Yeah, apparently colleges and universities figured out that they can't pack 60,000 people into a lab room on Saturday to watch a kid pour a solution into a beaker.
  10. Happy Father's Day to all the guys out their who are fortunate enough to have kids and for all those coaches out there that fill that role and become father figures for their players that don't have a real dad in their life.
  11. For those kids in high school who were born with athletic talent and/or who work hard enough to produce success on the football field, the real goal should be to put themselves in a position to have someone else pay for their college education, while playing a game they enjoy playing with other guys who will be their brothers for life. Success on the field in college and a chance to play professional football would simply be the gravy on top.
  12. Jesuit went 14-1 last season, losing a heart-breaker to American Heritage 16-13 in the State Semi-finals. The Tigers return their top WR's, including Junior Vandeross, who just committed to play college ball at Toledo. Kid had 11 catches for 242 yards and 2 TD's in the Regional finals game against Jones. Jesuit's top RB, Joquez Smith also returns. He rushed for 1226 yards and 18 TD's last year. They also bring back the leading tackler on defense (and 3 of the top 4), including Troy Bowles at LB. Jesuit over-performed last season, largely on the strength of the right arm of QB J
  13. Two good teams in a district makes for a "good district." Three good teams in a district makes for an "elite district." Many years, there are no elite districts. Some years it's hard to find more than a handful of good districts.
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