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  1. Personally, I would have more respect for a kid who stays with his team and the guys he went to battle with all last season (and perhaps even grew up with) than a kid who leaves his teammates behind in search of a gold medallion. I saw this kid play once last year. I was impressed. I was also impressed with Riverview's coaching staff. But I also know this kid fits the prototype QB that Venice likes to have: height, good mobility and a strong arm. I really don't know how Venice's head coach and/or QB coach compares to Riverview's head coach and/or QB coach. And, when you think abou
  2. And they didn't know that when they originally scheduled the game?
  3. Georgia-Florida match-ups can be a little misleading sometimes. The upcoming Chaminade/Buford game is an example. Buford is a public school with a student population of 1,500+ (1,543 in 2019-20). They play in Georgia's second-highest classification (6A). If their population has stayed the same, they likely would be one of the largest 5A schools (or possibly one of the smallest 6A schools) if they were located in Florida instead of Georgia. Chaminade-Madonna, on the other hand, is a private school in Florida that plays in the 3A classification (based on a student population of
  4. Good for Lakeland that they could find such a high-caliber opponent on such short notice. So, why did Palmetto cancel?
  5. Bingo! Bloomingdale had a couple of exceptionable athletes on their team last year, including their QB and a stud WR (Ajai Hall, by way of IMG by way of Armwood . . .). But, by and large, they over-performed relative to their overall talent. They met their match in the state semi-finals last year against a STA team that simply wore the Bulls down and capitalized on their mistakes. Gaither, on the other hand, had all kinds of talent last year, but couldn't seal the deal. In my opinion, their coaches (starting at the top) create a toxic environment that is attractive to a certain t
  6. Also, and again "for what it's worth," the MaxPreps pre-season rankings can't be very accurate. Not only is Madison County not # 1, they aren't even in the top twenty! How can that be Jesse?
  7. I'm not a fan of pre-season rankings -- especially those that try to compare high school teams in different parts of the country. That's why I started out my last post with the words "For what it's worth." That said, if Dillard takes care of business in the KOC, and then in the regular season, the rankings will take care of themselves.
  8. For what it's worth, MaxPreps has Buford ranked 64th in the nation in their pre-season rankings.
  9. PC > TBT isn't a bad pick at all. TBT just took a bit of a hit when their stud RB (Rod Gainey) transferred to IMG. So when you say Bloomingdale is the new Armwood, what exactly do you mean? That their coaches are out there beating the bushes finding players at other schools that would look better in Bloomingdale uniforms? Seriously, do you expect Bloomingdale to build on what they did last year? I was thinking that last year was one of those magical years for the Bulls when all the stars aligned and they went as far as they could go. I wasn't expecting them to fall off
  10. So, by my count, since June 12th, nine (NINE!!) DB's have transferred from Hallandale. Seriously, how many did they have? How many, if any, are left? They may have to put 11 DL's and LB's out on the field and blitz every play. This last post is interesting because it references a coach's name: Derrick Gibson. He appears to be at Killian. Was he previously at Hallandale? As a reminder, I have no dog in this fight. I'm not sure I could find Hallandale if you gave me a map. I just find it fascinating (and more than a little sad) that nine DB's, plus a few others, have trans
  11. Historically speaking, Lakeland should beat Lakewood. Lakewood has always (and by "always," I'm talking about the last 10-15 years) had a very athletic team with talented skill players. But, depth is an issue, as they are probably half the size of Lakeland. (Pause to confirm . . . based on 2020 student population numbers, Lakeland had an enrollment of 1991 and Lakewood had 986 . . . so, more than double). Nevertheless, some big schools simply don't match up with Lakewood's speed and athleticism (see, for example, Plant's 2020 team). But, larger schools that can match Lakewood's speed/at
  12. I see three questions marks, but I'm not sure a see a single question in that post.
  13. If he's that good, you may not want to use his name and the word "transfers" in the same sentence.
  14. I think that kid already is at IMG.
  15. And I'm guessing the schedule was finalized even before half of the Hallandale defense transferred over to Central.
  16. I'm just hoping his last name is "Bates."
  17. MC Rocket, I see you're on here this morning. What do you know about Hallandale (and, more particularly, the Hallandale to Miami Central pipeline)?
  18. Add me to the list . . . a 5-minute highlight reel where every time the guy touched the ball, he scored a touchdown?!?! (Oh, spoiler alert). Taking nothing away from the guy, but those were some pretty well-designed plays with some outstanding blocking, but a lesser running back would not have done what that kid did time after time. Impressive to say the least.
  19. All to often, we focus on the teams that are getting the transfers. Typically, those teams pick up a guy from here and a guy from there. In looking back over this thread, however, it appears that one team has basically lost it's starting defense to transfers. Assuming the twitter announcements are correct (especially The Crib South Florida that we see compliments of Columbia Fan), and I have no reason to suspect otherwise, Hallandale has lost the following players (and I don't know which service is passing out the stars down there): 6/12 - a 4-star DB and a D-1 commit DB (both to Miami
  20. Interesting article. But here's what the cynic in me got out of that article: His senior year, ARod quit on his football teammates.
  21. Ray and Hornet, I'm trying to find some middle ground here. Can the two of you at least agree that, regardless of their respective schedules and regardless of who the quarterbacks are, Winter Park and Dr. Phillips would both get blown out by Madison County?
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