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  1. It was definitely looking like a different story as of a couple of weeks ago. With Wilder back, and the WR, mentioned above, Venice might be about as good as last year again. That'll probably be enough to win their classification.
  2. Having spectators and having fans are two different things. Word has been that IMG may be eligible for at least the 8-team playoff in the future.
  3. With the complete free-for-all that is high school super team building, IMG no longer holds the huge advantage over other Florida schools. The coaching staff is nothing special, and the whole living like a professional while being 16/17 years old isn't as appealing as some may assume. The facilities are good, but, then again they have no fans and thus no home field advantage or experience. They're going to get many good players to be sure. But, so are several other power programs. That said, allowing them to play in state playoffs while being able to operate in ways no other schools are allowed to is wrong.
  4. Venice doesn't have a proven RB because the rising senior who was their leading rusher left the program. Based on rumors I'm hearing, people are probably going to be pretty mad about where he ends up! Word is he won't be at Sarasota Booker, but at another, much more despised public school. A hint would be Jameson Williams a few years ago.
  5. Eight is too small of a tournament, particularly given they are using double-elimination. It assumes that they DEFINITELY and always can get exactly the best 8 teams, that a 9th and 10th team don't have a claim etc. A five-round tourney for football should involve 32 teams. Since when has the sport of football- at any level- had series or double-elimination? Those only make sense in other sports that are both less physically demanding and are more impacted by an outlier event (an ace pitcher; an off or on shooting night etc).
  6. Based on what I'm seeing and hearing, this transfer haul for Lakeland may be of historic proportions. The team figures to be dramatically more powerful than the team that beat Jesuit. The transfer haul will probably have many people pissed off. Either way, it appears it will be a shocking haul. There could easily be a half-dozen starters, including the starting QB and RB, who are not from Polk county. Times are a-cchhhanginnn.
  7. WR Tyler Williams, an OLB and I'm drawing a blank on the other. But, there's more to come. Armwood has a really strong team now.
  8. Full disclosure, and I don't think yet NIL related, Lakeland appears to be SMASHING it in the transfer game this off-season. As in, they may well be noticeably more talented than *any* team they face all season. A check of the schedule, and who's in their playoffs division, should make that pretty remarkable. Of course, it's way too early to know for sure how it will pan out come August.
  9. To be fair, it's no different than in the business world. And HS football is now a business, and there are some athletes who will be rightfully referred to as "professional". You don't have to tell me there is much wrong with this...
  10. Meaning the relatively small business owner who's well-off and wanting his school to clean up can still make things happen. Those will be the types that make the most difference.
  11. It's a bit disappointing that one of the biggest changes in history is getting such little (zero, actually) discussion here. It is a good bet that the FHSAA will be inept at enforcing the rules around this. Only select programs will be able to capitalize on it THIS year. But, in future years, we will see well-funded programs develop "collectives" or something like them, bring in a higher profile coach than previously possible, and poach players from all over. It probably won't be driven so much by huge fan support, but by a smaller number of wealthy people who want their hand or name in bringing home hardware to the program. That sort of thing has already happened at St. Frances Academy in Baltimore. SFA had really one major investor (the current head coach of UNC-Charlotte) that saved the school from closing with large investments. SFA regularly recruits players from other states, including Florida. SFA is not a member of any state association, so it is literally 100% unregulated, which won't be the case for Florida schools. But, now, more schools will be able to offer an approximation of what SFA has been doing.
  12. In the last day or so, three major recruits from Sumner's team announced they are transferring to Armwood. Armwood might have been the favorites to win 6A BEFORE the transfers. Now, the Hawks figure to contend to be among the top eight or so teams in the state regardless of classification.
  13. Yep, this is a pretty surprising result. I assume the Explorers tried like BV and SR tried, although I assume "the narrative" will be that Columbus was the only team that didn't try
  14. Sounds like a good night for the Kowboys! It is a bit suprising to see Sexy Beast's offense shut out for the night, but those are probably two really good defenses he had to face.
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