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  1. Thank you! Your idea is similar so naturally I can get on board with that. Mine idea would be: Reducing number of classes from 8 to 6. 6A - Old 8A 5A - Old 7A 4A - Old 6A 3A - Old 5A 2A - Old 4A & 3A 1A - Old 2A & 1A Top 16 teams (~20%) in each class get promoted which would be state semi-finalists on up. Bottom 16 teams (~20%) in each class get demoted based on record (and RPI used as tie breaker). Agreed. I hope I'm wrong about this new proposal but I think it's not going to yield the results people think it will. There will be some big winners and some bigger losers if this comes to pass. Just my opinion. At the end of the day, this is about the kids and competitive play which the idea above would normalize over time.
  2. They are trying to make everyone happy and on this earth, it's IMPOSSIBLE to make everyone happy. The FHSAA needs to make a stance and not be afraid to have a uniform system across the board. I too believe that teams should be promoted/demoted based on performance and classification SHOULD NOT be population based. That may have worked back in the day but with the current state of affairs, that practice is antiquated. Champions should move up, struggling programs should move down and realignment should be done on a yearly basis. Very simple concept.
  3. EXACTLY! People think the results are lopsided now. It's about to get worse.
  4. College days in Tally! Some days, I wish I could go back. So much fun. Good Luck Eagle!
  5. With reclassification happening this year, no one will know how many non-district weeks will be available until the district information is released by the FHSAA.
  6. Lucky. If I had my way, Madison would be...
  7. In the records book, they've taken away info such as most playoffs wins and the total playoff wins/losses for all participating schools for starters. I've also notice quite a few errors in scores including inverted games, incorrect scores info and downright missing scores altogether. The FHSAA needs to do better.
  8. No link to post other than to the FHSAA records book in which that info along with a lot of other stuff has been removed when compared to past editions. Top 3 Appearances including 2021 season: Bolles: 41 St. Thomas Aquinas: 39 Merritt Island: 36
  9. Careful. Venice might end up in the same class as STA, LOL! Seriously, I agree with what you, @nolebull813 and a few others have been saying. This situation didn't happen overnight and although the solution provided by many (yourself included) may be easy on screen, I won't talk about how difficult it will be to convince the FHSAA to consider, let alone reverse their stance. Remember, we are 17 years into an 8-class system and although the names and cutoff number have evolved, the underlying issue is still the same. It seems that the easy choice to combat the rising number of schools is to instinctively add more classes which makes sense to a degree. If I had my way, I would recommend that Florida not only reduce the number of classes but create dynamic classes not based on population but productivity. In other words, Teams move up if they are in the top 20%-25% which would naturally include all state champions and runner-ups. The bottom 20%-25% would move down. I'll breakdown the numbers based on 2021 season shortly.
  10. Inevitable! However, I FULLY expected the public schools to load up and balance everything out. If your school is public/private and is a have not, you're screwed, LOL!
  11. Therein lies part of the problem as conditional membership is a joke. Don't want to compete, get rid of football or leave the association completely in all sports.
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