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  1. Vero Beach could break Lakeland's 57 game winning streak

    Thank you for that. I remember that from the other board and even though I’m a Dreadnaught till I die, I still found that funny as hell.
  2. Categorized County Rankings by Size 1966-2018

    Great stuff as always Laz!
  3. 7A Reclass Summary of Changes

    You mean between Armwood and Kathleen, right? LOL
  4. Opinion Circle: College Football Playoff expansion??

    The regular season should only be a catalyst for conference play enroute the conference championship and possibly rivalry games, nothing more. We shouldn’t have conference champs play in the dookie bowl just for the sake of being in a bowl game. Conference championships are already diminished if you’re not in the right conference.
  5. Opinion Circle: College Football Playoff expansion??

    It should expand to 16 teams and it should’ve expanded a long time ago. The ONLY equitable process for a true playoff system should remove as much opinion away from the game as possible. Every conference champion should have a seat at the table without question. Reduce the number of regular season games to accommodate an extended playoff schedule. Otherwise, why play
  6. Lakeland, WHAT!!! #7

    Shameful indeed, lol. Better late than never. I knew I liked you.
  7. State Finals Attendance

    I would too now that both programs are up. Maybe both programs coul;d end up in the same district again.
  8. State Finals Attendance

    My mother in-law graduated from Da West and she and some classmates drove up to the game in their 70’s. The community takes it seriously.
  9. Mandarin Situation Is Disappointing

    Thank you. Couldn’t have stated it any better myself and it’s been happening for a long time.
  10. Mandarin Situation Is Disappointing

    Wait for it....
  11. Check mark for Lakeland
  12. Lakeland, WHAT!!! #7

    LOL, I was like “not this $h!t again”
  13. Lakeland, WHAT!!! #7

    This may not have been Lakeland’s most vaunted team but they never gave up. The mountain was high but dammit not impossible to climb. Damn the naysayers, the hell with the critics. Always underestimated, never intimidated. DREADNAUGHT NATION!!!!!!!! L-TOWN, POLK COUNTY!!!!! Congratulations to the nationally ranked St Thomas Raiders on a great season.
  14. Most famous sports athlete you ever met in person?

    LOL, okay. That’s when my sister went. You probably knew her or at least her knuckled-headed girlfriends.
  15. Teams from Adjacent Counties Playing Each other for State Titles

    2003 4A Armwood vs Lake Gibson as well.