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  1. Co-champions Southridge (Dade) Evans (Orange), Clewiston (Hendry), Jefferson were awarded half a point. That's where the discrepancy is.
  2. You beat me to it. 2005 was a beast especially defensively.
  3. 12)In terms of population, this is the largest county NOT to have a back-to-back state champion. Orange
  4. Hey, hey, hey ! I'm crying foul. Question 11 said, "Which 3 counties have the most public school state champions? In other words, these counties have the highest number of different public schools who have won at least one FHSAA title."
  5. My Eyes must be tired. Lee is the 2nd largest. The largest is Pinellas
  6. Fine, remove Orange. They're the newest in the bunch. Dade, Palm Beach, Hillsborough, Polk
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