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  1. What do you think the punishment should be for the Coaches, School Administrators, and many others for the CRIMINAL act of False Imprisonment? What's next, hate crimes against refs? LOL.
  2. Probably disgruntled fans that have no affiliation with the school AT ALL. Damn.
  3. The phrase "stay in your lane" comes to mind. The emergency lane. For a county that large, the results have been less than stellar for decades, sadly.
  4. Are you surprised? Orange County isn't the flagship in the state of Florida. Did you expect better results OOS?
  5. What!? I've been out of school for damn near a quarter century and obviously a lot of rules have changed. I remember vividly myself and even my friends from other schools where that was a common practice not only at the high school but at middle schools for incoming students at feeder schools.
  6. Taps.... No excuse. That is all, LOL.
  7. Maybe I'm wrong (and I can admit when I am), but I don't ever recall CC being a formidable opponent in football. Anyway, this SHOULD be a blowout. I would be disappointed if Dillard allowed 10.
  8. It's 2021, a completely different generation. It wasn't a girl.
  9. One thing Calpreps use to do was have composite rankings from all the sites on their site. Maybe I'm overlooking it or maybe they discontinued that option. I have my crazy days but I know I'm not crazy about this. If you remember or find it, chime in!
  10. Congratulations! This is only the beginning. I hope the Panthers roll all the way to the title game.
  11. I honestly can't answer that question. In all my years, I've never used Maxpreps for anything so I wouldn't be able to give a fair assessment. However, based on the fact that they can't get schedules correct, I wouldn't put too much stock in that. However, I'll also say go with the site that has you rated the highest, real talk. It always looks better at the end of the season.
  12. Oh yeah, they've been around for a while. Some things are spot on, some things are way off as with any site. It is fun to project matchups though.
  13. I'm shocked there hasn't been any backlash over the lopsided score, LOL. People love to complain!
  14. Thanks for the heads up! That way I won't get pissed when I can't see anything, LOL!
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