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  1. I’m waiting for someone to blame this on Lakeland too.
  2. I'm here for the conversation and that doesn't mean we have to agree all the time. Healthy discussion never hurt anyone unless you're a P**** . It's funny you mention 2010. Just last week, I was thinking why in the world did the FHSAA pick 2010 as the baseline starting point for the m/s/r agenda. Looking at trends, the scales tipped in favor of metro counties in 2002 but really exploded when the state went to 7 classes. Like you, I have a day job and didn't take it any deeper than that. It's all a numbers game, lol.
  3. Hmmmm... I disagree. If you remove the top tier teams, what's to stop tier 2 teams from killing everyone else and then we end up back in the same vicious cycle that everyone is trying to get away from now? Just something to think about.
  4. Listening to that last meeting, it sounded like most had a shot of IDGAF.
  5. Burden of proof will continue to be an issue especially when the language has never been updated to include social media. Have evidence, REPORT IT! FHSAA Improper Contact Allegation Form
  6. Apparently Lakeland is according to him.
  7. Here you go again. No one from Polk County sat on the FHSAA BOD or was involved in the Metro/Suburban decision making from its inception down to going from most populated counties to most densely populated counties. Again, why would Polk (especially Lakeland) run from metro schools they were beating anyway? FHSAA Metro/Suburb/Rural plan FHSAA Meeting minutes (notice the absence of Polk representation)
  8. Per the Infractions Appeals Committee page (which is outdated), to obtain information for the current year you will need to send an email to EmailEligibility@fhsaa.org. Otherwise, you would have to check two sections under Governance Meeting Archives: Infractions Appeals Committee and Section Appeals Committee. I hope that is close to what you were looking for. I also seem to recall violations under the regular meeting minutes but did not look.
  9. Someone left LG and didn't go to Lakeland!? I'm shocked!
  10. Hurricane meningitis in 2003. Honestly I don't know prior '91.
  11. I knew Lakeland would let go of Bryant stadium and head to S. Florida once Coach Castle retired. I love this! Lakeland was burned by Andrew in 92' and ever since, no regular season game has been scheduled in S. Florida.
  12. The only football title celebration Celebration will celebrate is their name.
  13. Smaller schools especially those in the more rural areas of the state took a beating which helped to usher in the addition of more classes to even out the playing field.
  14. You know we do things the hard way on FHSF! Speak your mind @DarterBlue2!
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