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  1. PRIVATE SCHOOLS!!! SJB = St. John Bosco SFA = St. Frances Academy STA = St. Thomas Aquinas
  2. There's your brand new Mainland trophy Dan. Enjoy! Regarding I-4, just wait until construction starts up again in Polk County, smh.
  3. We're not gonna start using the "R" word! Successfully Enrolled (S.E.) Didn't one of WH's players win a title with Bartow a few years ago? To your point, Polk has athletes to compete with anyone.
  4. Not the Blue Devils' year. Boys lost 50-48 and the girls lost 47-43 in competitive games.
  5. Based on the issues I've seen first hand when I worked at the Supreme Court, it depends on the issue especially when the matter of Judicial funding comes into play. Sad, but true.
  6. I said the same in the now locked topic: 16805 more meddling by the state legislature. Shout out to @Joshua Wilson for the attempt to keep it going, lol. It became toxic very quickly and I stated (while actually laughing when I added my last post) that this topic won't last long. However, there's a very dangerous precedent presented under the guise of doing what's in the best interest of Florida at the expense of Freedom. The sad part is, we can find countless examples of this type of behavior throughout world history and if you're on the side that aligns with the current power structure, there's nothing wrong, UNTIL IT IS.
  7. That's too many questions for the "uninitiated" .
  8. There are more qualified people to answer that question BUT, from my time over there slap nation were some of the more outspoken, shit talking posters. Very entertaining. That board died a terrible death, lol.
  9. I'll make it easy. Google weekend at Bernie's 2, then add tits.
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