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  1. What the hell y'all know about Coleman?
  2. I fully expect a winning season with that schedule. The Polk schools are struggling minus 1st year Davenport and that depends on what they were able to get from Ridge, LOL.
  3. The same thing is going on with Duval. The bigger question is can public/private co-exist an be somewhat equally productive in title count?
  4. I'll give you 2018. Arguably, that was Lakeland's weakest schedule by far.
  5. Lakeland is the largest (and densest) city in Polk County. The next largest city is Winter Haven which is less than half Lakeland's size. Also, the Lakeland area (suburbs) is around 300K. Naturally, that leaves the remaining 424K for the rest of Polk County which is spread out amongst smaller cities, suburban neighborhoods and unincorporated areas due to sprawl. When it comes to talent, a lot of people underestimate how much talent there is in Polk County. No one talks about or remembers all the years Lakeland dominated cross-town rival Kathleen and during the Red Devils worst years, they
  6. Aw Hell! FLAG ON THE PLAY!!!! Let's discuss why people tend to think Lakeland's schedule are weak. Using what you stated as a starting point, I will illustrate that most teams wouldn't make it through unscathed if they played Lakeland's schedule. I'll even include the 2008 schedule, the year STA exorcised those demons on Lakeland's ass.
  7. Defensive coordinator Kyle Worden will be the interim head coach while Lake Gibson conducts its search. Hopefully this doesn't tip the scales of balance in the city and hopefully the LG kids stay in place. However, going into the summer without an HBC is not a good situation for LG to be in.
  8. That's just wrong! Funny as hell, but still wrong
  9. I fully expect GJ to provide an attractive coaching incentive to cultivate and grow that program. Who would pass up the opportunity to play at one of the newer schools in Lakeland with a nice address in a nice neighborhood? LOL. Poor Tenoroc out in no man's land. They don't have a shot in hell, even with all the planned development in the works.
  10. Good for the Canes. I'm glad they pulled from within. We'll see if this yields positive gains long-term.
  11. When Castle retires, Jenkins will become the dominant program in Lakeland/Polk County. Remember, I said it first!
  12. Transfers. We can't use the "R" word around here, LOL.
  13. I hate that most of the Lakeland area schools are in the same class (except for Victory). Such is life. However, when looking at one of Polk's strengths historically, it was the fact that we could raise hell regardless of the classification. I fear that getting multiple teams to the title game (let alone winning) may be lost to the early/mid 2000's.
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