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  1. I wouldn’t b surprised if this game looks a lot like the Aquinas/Homestead game. Close till Pats start making mistakes & penalties let alone being worn down by the Rockets D.
  2. Broncos played an almost flawless first half. They needed to duplicate that in the 2cd half, but didn’t. Special teams & penalties prevented any chance they had of pulling the upset. Their game plan was excellent & out coached Aquinas in the first half. But #14 goes to STA. Congrats
  3. He knows there’s an extremely slim to no chance. He just hates when Broward beats the 3ZERO5. He’s worried bout AH upsetting his Rockets. If they do pull the upset(slim to none), listen to the excuses he’ll cry & shout out!!!! Work of art that fella….
  4. At least I’m rooting for the name “Lake!”…….Y’all got enough rooting on your dreads!!!! It’ll b fun watching em…….
  5. With the Explorers close to losing the game to Ocoee, Blue Darters have to b encouraged. They can’t win a shoot out with Columbus. Gotta be low scoring & +3 in turnovers.
  6. Was at the Lake Wales game last week. Super team effort with no outstanding athletes, though good. Watched em warm up with Columbiafan. No size whatsoever. What we couldn’t see was heart. And that’s big! QB has a gun. Highlanders have a couple speedsters at wideout. Their defense is ATTACK! It should b a good matchup. I’ll b rooting for black & Orange.
  7. Aquinas beat Broncos by 6 TD’s last year. Broncos were blindsided by the moment. Now in the finals, how will they handle that pressure? I think they’re better than last year. I don’t know if Aquinas is better than last year, but they’re different. Their defense gives up more yards but their red zone D seems better. Their ability to hit home runs rips games apart. A quick start by the Broncos could make it a good game……
  8. The guru of the running game is Castle. Dreads success will b that. When they torched Aquinas in the finals with about 1000 yds on the “stiff” STA D, they never looked back. That’s with a NFL HOF running the D!!!! Peacock ain’t nobodies bridesmaid. He’ll have the Indians play their best game. Their special teams are usually stellar. If they win it might come that way……I’ll b there(IN GREEN!!!!)
  9. TC ain’t in this game, they flunked out…… Anywho concerning CCC vs Chaminade: I like this Marauders team. Lotta guts & never give up. Nice that they made it to the championship game this year. They usually lose to the Lions in the semi’s. Lions heads above all 1M teams( plus 2m,3M,4M ?etc)…..be surprised if it’s closer than 30 points.
  10. Rockets the consensus favorite here. Great QB & great defense. Patriots QB is a player & a winner. Fast & pretty accurate. The run game will b by far the best Central has faced. Balanced attack. The score of Central vs Lakewood wasn’t impressive. The score of AH vs Bolles was pathetic. U fall asleep for a qtr vs Central & they’ll put up 21 points in the blink of an eye.
  11. Chiefs haven’t gotten much respect. They’re solid. Heavy laden senior team. The matchup kinda reminds me of AHP vs Ponte Verde state final years ago. Pats always with athletes galore. Sharks with a lot of seniors, many who played together in little league football. Took 4qtrs for AH to pull that game out. Hornets starting QB out should keep this game tight.
  12. Jullian

    FHSAA Finals

    Yeah most of us on here don’t like HSFB that much either…….LOL. Alright white flag waving……..Good luck Friday night. Have a friend with ya if there’s an UPSET. Stay away sharp objects & high buildings. Lol
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