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  1. Both teams have to prove their pre season HYPE! I think it’s a “flip a coin”game.
  2. Just guessing when they beat STA in triple overtime in Dolphin stadium. State Finals. Don’t believe they’ve traveled here for regular season game.
  3. Starving to get back to the state finals….. Jesuit should win handily at Largo. “Dillard’s theme”was, what would b the biggest upset. Largo beating Jesuit. yeah Lakeland should win but Armwood is no pushover. Naughts shoulda grabbed a game in SFL.
  4. Oh yeah. They’re solid & have been for awhile. Not taking anything away from at all, but TBT busted into the State finals last year, & suppose to be good again. Agree.
  5. I live & work up in WPB. If I can get outta work on time, I’ll b there. I have tickets to next weeks game.
  6. Tampa still gloating over stomping the Bulls. My daughter lives up there. I gotta hear it when I visit.
  7. Right!!! Too anxious for CM! Lol televised by who?
  8. With all the hoopla surrounding NW, a loss would b devastating for them & their starving fans. Dillard losing to Norland would b Embarrassing . …esp with Cham up next Rockets have by far the easiest game. No chance. Merritt Island beating Cocoa. Armwood beating all world Lakeland Sar Riverview beating TBT Largo beating Jesuit…. all upsets to varying degrees
  9. Thanks! I imagine it was pretty loud when u put Aquinas down!!!! Ill be listening!!!!! Lol
  10. Interesting game of 2 decent improving teams: Stranahan @ C Creek. Thursday.
  11. Is the game gonna b on espn? Rooting for ya.
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