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  1. U know how many Dillard fans gonna b in their cars parked outside Piccalo stadium!!!!
  2. Hey Swoops! I haven’t. Bout Friday morning I’ll b ready for my picks. Hbu?
  3. I don’t know who ranks their SOS, the only team they’ve beat that pretty good is Palmetto. They beat a down BTW, a pathetic Carol City, Brendan(?), Key West (?), 1 win Jackson, 2 win Norland. Hmmmmm........
  4. I think your top 25 is good. Don’t know if I’d have Killian that high, yet. Edgewater is inconsistent but have a lot of talent. 26-50 is harder to figure out, but no glaring “They don’t belong there” remarks.
  5. Might b Gibbons requested it on Saturday because of their Saturday game vs STA? Leaving the usual 7 days between games, let alone playing Aquinas & Venice back to back.
  6. Still don’t see anything on tickets.....
  7. I wouldn’t count out Lakewood from the south, esp if they get Region 4 visiting them.
  8. Been following them. Yes unbeaten. Univ OC, was undefeated as well(weak sched), & Hawks put the beating on em. Interesting game vs Cocoa.
  9. Special Teams. Let me say it again! Special Teams!!!!! 3X’s.....Special Teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Agreed! With all those shut outs, that would not be good!!!!
  11. Agree. Huge games this week all over the state!!!!
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