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  1. Double elimination is absolutely STUPID!!! Who da hell came up with that? Oh, never mind……..
  2. I’m up in Lake City(getting da hell outta So Flo) for a week. Stopped by Columbia to see the school & stadium. Luckily the players were there doing conditioning. As usual they have some big boys, tall boys, fast boys, & many boys. Would like to see them do well.
  3. Don’t throw in the towel yet Columbus, rumor has it, off the street, not from the administration or coaches, that Central & Chaminade are holding a recruiting seminar , of course for pay. Topics like 1) How to recruit the Nation & make it look like “your team was sought out”. 2) How to get over 20 transfers without the FHSAA questioning it. 3) How to reach over to Naples & other out of countyFlorida non powers & snatch their best players for the betterment of high school football. Etc……
  4. I’m glad those recruiting rules don’t apply to Broward & Dade county…….
  5. Yeah then everyone’s alarm clock rang & woke up from dreaming to the state governing body, the FHSAA.
  6. Lol!!!! Make St Thomas & Chaminade earn titles???? Wow. Glad the Aquinas haters didn’t get to come on here & celebrate. Well that’s every year, I guess. The final score will always be the bottom line. Woulda, coulda, Shoulda, if & but have never beaten AQUINAS! The FG kicker never had the chance, the arrogant coach took away any chance for victory with his dumb decisions.
  7. “Could've. Would’ve. Should’ve. If. But.” all the way to 15 State Championship Titles!!!!!! The most hated team in the state of Florida, without a close 2cd. The FINAL SCORE IS ALWAYS, ALWAYS THE ONLY NUMBER THAT MATTERS!!!! OPINIONS HAVE NEVER WON A STATE TITLE……
  8. Dunbars offense couldn’t do anything all game. The only chance they had was to get it in their athlete’s hands in open space!!!!! When Naples was at AHP they never kicked it deep because of the Pat’s athletes. They kicked a high 20/30 yd kickoff forcing AHP to fair catch or take a chance of fumbling it. Worked great……….Horrible way to lose.
  9. Agree. Creek has the defense to hang with Aquinas. BUT if Aquinas scores quick, wins the field position game(which they almost always do), excels, as usual in every phase of special teams, & win the turnover Battle (which they almost always do), the defense will wear out. STA has improved incredibly since the beginning of the season.
  10. Yeah just like Creek’s claim to fame. Losing to Chaminade by single digits…..lol
  11. Both teams have to play better this Friday than the regular season game. That was an eyesore!!!!! Especially VB. OMGOSH!!!!!! Hard to think there’s an “underdog here????” I guess by seed or homefield…….I’m staying with Treasure Coast to advance. Indians looked like a bunch of 3-4 star misfits, playing their individual game…..
  12. I agree but todays youth don’t……
  13. If the Panthers lose again to Ely, they’ll b bringing in new coaches again….This is probably the best game in So Flo. The rest of the games gonna b Beatdowns. I’m going to the West Boca @Atlantic game. Haven’t seen the Eagles this year. I don’t expect bullets to b whizzing by my head either……..If Dillard loses to Ely again, there may b trouble. If Ely gets eliminated by Dillard, there may b trouble……
  14. Jullian

    4S Region 2

    This ain’t the usually tough Mitchell. Very mediocre.
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