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  1. Gotta question for any Lakeland fan. I have a gentleman that comes to my PT office in So Flo. He’s a Dreadnaught. He graduated in 1967. He goes by the name, “Speedy John Rachel”. He’s gotta thousand(interesting) stories. Great guy. anyone know him?
  2. Oh & btw, no head coach or assistant coach is gonna “recruit” any player. It’s the “feelers” that will run into a highly touted player by accident & make suggestions. The way kids post EVERYTHING today, a coach would b a fool to “recruit”......jus saying.
  3. So since we squawking bout recruiting, you’ll like this story: I was strength coach at STA, mid to late 80’s. I was at a track meet & talking to an 400 meter runner from Miramar. I told him that speed would b great at Aquinas. Tongue in cheek, NOT recruiting! Walk in the door of my house, my wife says Coach Smith has called u a few times & wants me to call him ASAP! The kid I joked with told his track coach who got ahold of the football coach, who called the Miramar AD, who called George..... For 30 min George was on me like flies on dung!!!! I’m from NY & learn
  4. Don’t get discouraged VIF. YOU add a lot to the forum. We all disagree on different issues. As long as we producing testosterone, we gonna lock horns from time to time. No one respects Venice(outside of Venice fans), more than me. Last years game vs Aquinas & the final score, was incredibly misleading. Looking forward to seeing the Indians compete in 8a! Rays a good dude too.
  5. It will count nationally, if you’re ranked, although not in the win-loss column. I like the KO Classic. If it counted as a win or loss, we might not see the good out of county matchups. I like a practice game. Jus my opinion.
  6. For me: Venice @ NW bulls or Chaminade @ Dillard! Only chance to see Venice.....
  7. Lotta talent. Gonna see their kick off classic vs the Bulls. See what they got.
  8. How important will the seeding be?Last place u wanna go is Venice....
  9. Bucks not blowing out the Naughts. They haven’t had a balanced offense in a while. Defense usually keeps them in the big games but the offense panicks & mistakes them outta THE big game........
  10. Beast is right! D will b better than last years. TC always loaded.
  11. It’ll b a good game again but I wouldn’t put $$ on consecutive wins vs AHP.
  12. Sanford Seminole. Apopka. Kiss Osceola. West Orange. Vero Bch. Venice. Treasure Coast. Deerfield. Columbus. South Dade. (really reaching huh! Lol)
  13. TCA made me a believer by beating AHP & Chaminade, from Broward County!!!!
  14. Didn’t Venice score 77?
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