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  1. Who Was This FL HS Superstar? Andre Reese/Pierson Taylor

    If my memory serves me correct.
  2. Who Was This FL HS Superstar? Andre Reese/Pierson Taylor

    Cool stuff OldSchool... My son played safety his freshman year (JV 2000) against Seabreeze. Xavier Lee was exciting to watch and you knew he was going to be special.
  3. Where Is the Talent in Orlando/Brevard in 2019?

    Your post seems to be on spot. South Florida players like to gravitate to an open poistion to a good team that will use them as soon as they dress out. They want to make a name for themselves before their senior year. Central Florida players transfer but usually the players are not in the spot light like in south Florida. Until a program makes the playoffs for several years in a row and wins a championship, most of the players get little notice. I know Brevard will have a lot of talent once the season starts. There are several at Cocoa besides White and Holmes that should have 3 stars or more. Losing to Rockledge and Raines didn't help them, but they will have a chance to fix that this year when they play Hoover. North Florida is the sleeping giant for HS football players. A lot of N Florida athletes go to good colleges, just not as much hype, IMO.
  4. 2019 Miami Central Talent

    St. Francis Is supposed to be rated in the top 25 in the Nation while MC comes in the top 50. Should be a very good game. Ny Homer pick takes MC by a TD.
  5. Who Was This Electric Player? Chevelle Buie

    That was a special team.
  6. Who Was This Electric Player? Chevelle Buie

    Chevelle SS, 1071 Horse Power.
  7. I'll bring my wife, she gets kind of nervous when I get ta runnin around with Joejer fellars. Her ex lives just outside Atlaner.
  8. Could someone give a scouting report on Trinity Christian?

    Recruiting is not allowed in Florida High School Sports even though some schools break the rules. We get TRANSFERS... When you say So in So recruits athletes you better have proof otherwise it's False Accusaitions, and you can get in trouble for making a False Accusation.
  9. Or... as mentioned above. Larry Gergley at Winter Springs.
  10. This one was bugging me. I thought I should know the answer, but I just couldn't drag it up. I cheated and looked it up. Maybe this is the correct answer and if not, still an impressive run. Bill Gierke With a career mark of 258-73-1 at Edgewater (2000-10), Dr. Phillips (1998-99) and Evans (1982-96), he only trails former Winter Park coach Larry Gergley (274-109-2) in victories.
  11. Could someone give a scouting report on Trinity Christian?

    Now why did you have to go and bring that up? I was leaving you guys alone and then BAM, Cocoa is brought up. We were cancelled in the 11th hour because of Jealousy. The Brevard County School Stuipitentendent cancelled Cocoa's game because Cocoa played too many OOS games in the previous years. The real reason is that he wanted Viera to have more county bragging rights. All the Anybodies sons go to Viera and they are a proud lot. It sucked for Cocoa and the Hawgs. Now leave Cocoa alone Rab or we will have to reschedule and you don't want nothing to do with Cocoa... PS, Cocoa beat TCA and MadCo everytime we played them. Maybe CC can do the same.
  12. I would love to go to that game. If my schedule is clear maybe I can meet up with you Rab. BBQ and a beer? I send you a haller if'n I get the ok.
  13. Cocoa has five players entering the NFL draft in 2019

    Cocoa tied for most drafted in 2019 with Allen Tx. Both drafted 3 players in 7 rounds. Allen draftee's. 1. Cardinals - QB Kyler Murray / Oklahoma / Allen TX 37. Panthers - OT Greg Little / Ole Miss / Allen TX 97. Rams - OT Bobby Evans / Oklahoma / Allen TX Cocoa Draftee's 35. Jaguars - OT Jawaan Taylor / Florida / Cocoa FL 94. Buccaneers - CB Jamel Dean / Auburn / Cocoa FL 105. Saints - S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson / Florida / Cocoa FL
  14. Cocoa has five players entering the NFL draft in 2019

    NV, I got Folsten to Az. as a free agent. I'm not sure that counts as drafted though.
  15. Cocoa has five players entering the NFL draft in 2019

    Who was the 4th from Cocoa? I got Jawaanie, Chauncey, and Jamel.