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  1. Region 1, 8A 4

    I believe Cocoa ran the single and double wing on Jones most of the times they played. Cocoa seems to have had their way when running it against Jones. If Apopka is decent with the wing and has the defense to stop Jones, I see them winning. The wing requires a capable RB and O-line to be successful. Gonna find out just how good Jones is this weekend. Best team I've seen defending against the Wing was Booker T Miami 2011-2012-2013. They had the speed on defense to close holes real fast and cover the screen.
  2. Central Fl State Final Trivia

    Brevard Seminole Marion blind guess
  3. RPI Week 8 Classes 1A-4A

    1A - 4A Only play 4 playoff games. Cutting it to 8 teams in the playoffs would result in 1 less playoff game. Not going to happen. Remember that the FHSAA get a lot of that gate money in the playoffs.

    Baldwin (7-1) Chaminade-Madonna (6-1) American Heritage (Delray) (5-2) Madison County (6-2) Cocoa (7-!) Dillard (8-0) Don't let me down. St. Thomas Aquinas (6-0) Tampa Bay Tech (5-2) Mandarin (4-3) Riverview (Sarasota) (5-2)
  5. Final 4 Trivia Question

    Where has Jessica been? She would have answered CCC in a hot second.
  6. Week 8 pick em results

    You end up 5-5 or 4-6... lol.
  7. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    Yep, and most of us like to see his chit stirring. Otherwise the site gets boring.
  8. Columbia vs Lee

    Thate reads as a vote of confidence for Columbia.
  9. Columbia vs Lee

    He might be in the head throwing up?
  10. Need the boards help

    Now there is a thought that never enters some peoples brains... Sometimes even I forget class size and elite don't really balance out.
  11. Need the boards help

    If it were me I'd just have 5 elite good average badd and terrible
  12. Georgia get Florida again Marietta romping Edgewater

    Noles team... After a year of fights and arrests, Wharton High hopes for calmer times ahead https://www.tampabay.com/news/education/k12/After-a-year-of-fights-and-arrests-Wharton-High-hopes-for-calmer-times-ahead_167094052/
  13. Teams with Bad Records Who Could Make the Playoffs?

    Mainland is not that bad of a team. I could see them winning 1 or 2 games in the playoffs.
  14. Rockledge Gets Pounded by St Ignatius

    Oh my... too funny.
  15. RPI is a joke

    I have a feeling this is the Year you guys make it to the semi's at least... Would be cool to see Dillard lay the wood to some of those other team in the playoffs.