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  1. Florida with 17 teams in Jeff Fishers National poll. Most in the nation. https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/mater-dei-california-named-national-champ-in-final-2021-high-school-football-rankings/
  2. Cocoa Cardinal Gibbons article. https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/cardinal-gibbons-wins-back-to-back-florida-4a-state-titles-in-showdown-with-cocoa/
  3. Nice article on CG vs Cocoa final. Plus the national top 100. https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/mater-dei-california-named-national-champ-in-final-2021-high-school-football-rankings/ https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/two-weeks-to-go-until-the-crowning-of-the-2021-high-school-football-national-champ/
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates it. And happy holidays to everyone else
  5. y'all. I do have a lot of respect for Madison. They do have a ton of heart. I'm playin back ya bro. I SEE Madison and what they have to work with. A lot of peeps say 4A but they don't see how spread out Madison is. Not so easy for some of them athletes.
  6. If Cocoa is to weak what does it say about yall.
  7. Don't be stupid. They might beat astronaut. When they beat Bolles or Cocoa get back to me.
  8. Anyone at the game? Or watching it on spectrum?
  9. Hope it's close too. I have a feeling Pune Forrest isn't going easy.
  10. Apopka is hurting pretty bad right now. Thought it would be much closer.
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