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  1. STA ranked above a team that beat them? University ranked above undefeated teams? Poo... Maxpreps gets a lot of rankings from CalPreps, and we know they favor certain teams in their algorithms to futher their agenda.
  2. Wilks was a defensive guy first. Ryan S not so much. Cocoa could not stop the run in the semi against CG, but had no problem getting the ball into field goal range. Cocoa didn't have that RB that could drive for 3 or 4 yards up the middle on 3rd and 3. CG defensive front was just to big.
  3. Cocoa could not get going at all. Penalties didn't help either. Gibbons has a special team this year.
  4. Cocoa had a 54 game winning streak back then I believe.
  5. I heard Holy Trinity only had a roster of 22 players. Something like 15 at the end of the season.
  6. That should have been Edgewood and not Edgewater.
  7. Palm Bay fell victim to several schools opening. Note; Palm Bay is ranked #1 for wrestling and looks strong for the next few years. Eau Gallie has had athletes but lacked coaching. Merritt Island pushes for Baseball now, but can put up a good game but again, coaching is the issue in my opinion. Rockledge and Cocoa Fight over talent that transfers for football. Most of the problems with the other schools... administration pushes sports aside. Edgewater and Westshorewould be 2A but do not have football, baseball or basketball.
  8. Cocoa vs. Cardinal Gibbons should be on spacecoastdaily.com
  9. just thought it would be good to watch the brackets... crazy season. https://fhsaa.com/sports/2020/10/1/FB_2020_1Abracket.aspx
  10. What an exciting game tonight TD's were traded back and forth in the 1st half with Rockledge starting off with a TD after stopping Cocoa's opening drive. Cocoa then came back and kicked a FG. Rockledge fumbled and Cocoa recovers. Two plays later Cocoa fumbles and Rockledge recovers. Rock punts/ Several plays later Rockledge intercepts a Cocoa pass and takes it to the house. Cocoa then drives the field and scores making it 14 - 10 Rockledge. Cocoa stops Rockledge and scores after going 90 yards. Half time score is Cocoa 17 and Rockledge 14. Cocoa and Rockledge fans are pumped making lots of no
  11. And say bye bye to the onside kick.
  12. From what I've seen FSU needs a QB that can see receivers that are coming open instead of trying to bust out and run. Blackman is to slow making the reads. Transfer in a QB asap.
  13. Brevard teams live. https://www.facebook.com/79bcd68f-8cbd-4b75-b482-59f25ed9c854
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