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  1. My thoughts on Columbia vs Colquitt

    Maybees Y'alls new coach was a suckerin Columbi into playing em a few times... Ain't that how y'all train y'alls womens? Tells em how good they does, give em some bacon, and see if'n they come back?
  2. 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    Always like Winter Park and C Case is a QB any team would love to have. Hopefully they have THE breakout year after coming so close the last few.
  3. Florida vs OOS

    Bold rep's my picks.That's streching my 50/50... It's all about having fun and going out on a limb... Don't be shy guys, show us your picks.
  4. Florida vs OOS

    Lucky if Florida comes out 50% on the wins...

    Miami Central at Traz Powell (Saturday) De La Salle, Calif. Deerfield Beach IMG Academy Columbia Armwood Jones Vero Beach Miami Northwestern at Traz Powell Lakeland
  6. Board Pick'ems

    Just in case... \NM
  7. Board Pick'ems

    I'll wait for Josh to post them.
  8. 12 Teams with the Most Wins over the Past 3 Seasons

    madison county, columbia, Rockledge, Venice, University... of those not listed.
  9. My thoughts on Columbia vs Colquitt

  10. Top 30 Games of This Week

    Raiders have some talent... It should be a fun game. Not sure they win but wouldn't be surprised. Go Rock.
  11. Top 30 Games of This Week

    Why do you think Venice is weak this year? You bring back 2 very capable running back and your leading wide receiver. Graduated a lot on defense but also have some decent guys coming back. May not win state but Venice will make it to the semi's at least. In my humble opinion. And I see you have a transfer coming in at QB... Mister Overstreet I believe... How can that be a problem? Plus, Venice has an above average coach so that will be a big plus.
  12. Top 21 Kickoff Games

    Are we doing a pic'ems this year and was that the start of it?
  13. Seeking out a board moderator and a couple of changes...

    Oh Dang, Now we in trouble... lol. Welcome to the Mothership Peezy.
  14. Any KOC Games tonight??

    Cocoa finished the night with a 4th quarter run by Holmes to go up 37-7. Tigers looked balanced with some rust in the first half. All in all they should do very well this year. No predictions on the next few games, but should be good games to attend. Rockledge looks like they put up big numbers on Palm Beach Lakes, 44-0 was the score on the board. Got there to late to see any of the game. Maybe someone can update the game. Special thanks to Tim for giving me updates after half time at the Cocoa game. Appreciate it Sir. Wow, it is finally here... Cool Beans.
  15. Any KOC Games tonight??

    The game is at Bayside